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>>174421363Mid. At best

>>174421363It's sadly better off dead.



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Get this shit off my screen

>>174421363I don't get it.

>>174421363Nice nose.

>sticky thread>only 5 replies/tv/ is dead

>>174421363Did it better

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>>174421363Overrated Whedon trash

Why would you do this? This show wasn't even good. Buoyed by dr who losers

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>>174421429More like "did it first".

>stickykys nigger

first for chuck

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overrated show

Don't reboot it you Jews

>>174421363It was fine.


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The day jannies were based.

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>>174421363shitty show

reddit the show

We missed out on kino bros..

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Fuck I haven't watched Firefly in like 5-6 yearsshould I rewatch? I fucking loved it in the 2000s

why is this stickied

You now remember Christina Hendricks episode.

>>174421363>sticky for one of the most overrated shows of all timewhere was the fucking sticky when the sopranos turned 20?where was the sticky for hundreds of acclaimed actors and directors?mods have the shittiest taste

Really jannies?

>>174421501The series turn 20 today.

>>174421363Ripperoni. Average at best though

Fun show but they will fuck it up in the name of current year.The show was basically about outlaw confederates wanting to rise again and take out the union but also too busy with their adventures and too outgunned to do it.

>>174421363Get this trash off my screen

>>174421363no drip

>>174421363God I hope the troons take down Holla Forums next.

>Firefly was so good, it was before its time at least we got a movie

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>>174421363This is EXTREMELY reddit. Nigger no one likes this shit. Who the FUCK stickied this retard nigger show? >rip off cowboy bebopwow!!!nigger show

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>>174421539who cares

>>174421477Bootlicking faggot

if this is just an attempt to piss off the entire board then bravo.

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This isn't funny or quirky. Just like the Morbius sticky

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>>174421568mods are tranies




>>174421580I do.

>>174421595>>174421587They're niggers. Uncreative niggers. Nigger until it dies.

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the whore was hot

This show is the reason the shitty hack Joss Whedon got a career. Fuck off.

Opinion has still not changed. This show is garbage

overrated shit

>>174421363The fuck is there a sticky for some old gay ass show that only got one season cuz is sucked so much?

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>strong, black woman character>married to a wimpy white dude and constantly calls the Chad white captain "sir"What did they mean by this?

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>>174421429>>174421451More like "both".

*sharts on you're thread*


it was incredibly fun and refreshing when it came out and it had a lot of heart as well as good worldbuilding.it's easy to hate on the quips after everything became oversaturated with that shit and it's somewhat understandable but i still have a soft spot for it and angel and to a lesser extent buffy.ironically enough enough i never watched enough of the other quipshit to get me to hate firefly, though i understand why people who did would hate it. even less annoying stuff like lynch or fincher or scorcese or guy richie or quentin tarantino just doesn't hit as well after the 10th time so i can't be upset at people who are sick of quipshit of all things.but if you're still able to enjoy firefly like i am, consider yourself lucky

>>174421539yeah but when does it turn good?


Lexx was better. Just goes to show you what shit taste the jannies have. Also: if you have Ublock, you can just click on that stupid gif following you around and block it directly.

Why is this a sticky and not a much better show?

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We have done the impossible, and that makes us mighty.


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>>174421700The moment Adam Baldwin's character is introduced.


Oh god, there's sound now too. Go to hell

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this is reddit this is memes

>>174421363Why did you make a thread for my birthday?

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>>174421558this but for all of 4chan

Based mods

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faggot show

new firefly?

proof jannies are r*dditors

>should we improve board quality?>nah just make a sticky for a shitty, forgotten showreminder mods are literal trannies


>>174421451First AND better>>174421674Yes.

gas trannies lynch jannies

>>174421453This and this>>174421479

The Queen's funeral, one of the most televised events didn't get a sticky but this soi shit did? Fuck off mods.

>>174421425More like the mods are out of touch boomers. No one watches this trash.

>>174421363Tranny show for trannys where was Farscape or SG1s stickie? Bloody basterd mods.

I don't think I sanctioned this. Jannies, shut this down, immediately, thank you.

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>>174421375>>174421412>>174421429>>174421441>>174421442>>174421451>>174421453>>174421455>>174421479>>174421482>>174421501>>174421522>>174421526>>174421543>>174421543>>174421551>>174421554>>174421561>>174421568>>174421580>>174421583>>174421587>>174421596>>174421610>>174421617>>174421641>>174421643>>174421645>>174421654>>174421700>>174421733>>174421752>>174421822>le Holla Forums contrariansgb2/thedonald/ tourists

>>174421853>>174421854>>174421867>>174421869>>174421870>>174421873>>174421875>>174421885>>174421893summer tourists

>>174421854This is the best thing I've seen on 4chan in decades

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>>174421913No one asked.No one cares.No one read.You will NEVER be a real woman.

>>174421363what is the significance of this sticky.

>>174421936kys tranny

>>174421873>the queen

>20 years alreadyJesus, time flies.

not my queen lmao

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>>174421913Die oldtroonNo one cares about your reddit oldfag humour or yot-soi-boy


>>174421937who's the grandma


>>174421936There are plenty of other shows whose birthdays deserve a sticky far more than this crap.

Firefly is terrible. I tried watching it a few months back and the first episode is some nigger and some whore (literal whore who sells body). Instant turn off. Forgotten show and i can see why it got cancelled.

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>>174421363is this the most pointless sticky that's ever been stickied?

moot is drunk again


>>174421980Yeah, you should go back

>>174421937I always liked her, its a shame her career never really went anywhere

Serenity isn't cannon

youtube.com/watch?v=7DiWxcilWtU>Take my love, take my land>Take me where I cannot stand>I don't care, I'm still free>You can't take the sky from me.>Take me out to the black>Tell them I ain't comin' back>Burn the land and boil the sea>You can't take the sky from me.>Leave the men where they lay>They'll never see another day>Lost my soul, lost my dream>You can't take the sky from me.>I feel the black reaching out>I hear its song without a doubt>I still hear and I still see>That you can't take the sky from me.>Lost my love, lost my land>Lost the last place I could stand>There's no place I can be>Since I've found Serenity>And you can't take the sky from me.

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>>174421984seethe troon

>keep hearing cowboy music>no idea wtf is going on >notice there is a firefly stickythe fuck?


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>>174422044you will never breed

>>174422009"Please do not spoil endgame :(" is still number 1, it reveals how pathetic the mods are.

>>174422058>t. troon who fantasizes about naming their kid malcolm reynolds

>stickyfor what purpose? seriously. between this and literally who dead celebrities Holla Forums mods are the most incomprehensible faggots. it's not like there was any announced new content for the series.

She looks like a peanut

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>>174421363>Troony Joony expects discussion>Gets people shitting on the show and the mods instead Lol

>punished, waifu enriched show谢谢你

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>>174422062I 100% believe mods were paid by Disney to use that shit as an advertisement.

>>174422087t. wishes he was malcolm reynolds but isnt even a washburne

Firefly is actually pretty good, just a bit overrated. Serenity is kinda shit.either way, Farscape is better

>>174422120>they DON'T work for free

I swear these fucking faggot ass tumblr mods need to be purged. this site needs a complete fucking overhaul nobody needs these breeds of scum around

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only good part of firefly was prime Hendricks. fuck jannies kill trannies

>>174421969This. Oldfags were the goodest goys around. Nothing to be proud of being.

>>174422097Reminder that no matter how beautiful your 3D waifu may be, at the end of the day, she will always be PD.

>she has leaks

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>>174422130No they still work for free but Hiroshima probably made a nice little bonus.

>>174422097hideous slag

>>174421363this a the new jak thread

>>174422120>implying marching orders didn't come from hiroshima himself after he filled his pockets with yidsney protection money

>>174422123>>174422167samefagging tranny


What the fuck is wrong with these jannies seriously

>>174421873nobody gives a fuck about the queen.

lmao, what's it gonna be like next year for the BSG anniversery? Are all these newfag shitposters gonna pretend Holla Forums didn't like BSG just because there are niggers in it and Starbuck is a woman?

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>>174422199why was this deleted? jannies are watching the thread...

>>174421363Joss Whedon ruined an entire generation of american media

ReminderDidn't get a sticky:>Anna Karina>Anita Ekberg>Sue Lyon>Doris Day>Diana Rigg>Lauren Bacall>Maureen O'Hara>Olivia de Havilland>Anne Wiazemsky>Mary Tyler Moore>Danny Aiello>Michael Cimino>Agnes Varda>Harold Ramis>Dennis Hopper>Chuckle Brother>Bruno Ganz>Bud Spencer>Carol Channing>Albert Finney>Zsa Zsa Gábor>Mike Nichols>Milos Forman>Seijun Suzuki>Nicolas Roeg>Brian Dennehy>Jonathan Demme>Jacques Rivette>Andrzej Wajda>Andrzej Zulawski>Vilmos Szigmond>Ettore Scola>Abbas Kiarostami>Tobe Hooper>Jeanne Moreau>Miguel Ferrer>Sam Shepard>Martin Landau>Juraj Herz>Vittorio Taviani>Michel Piccoli>Nelson Pereira dos Santos>Ermanno Olmi>Shinobu Hashimoto>Neil Simon>Scott Wilson>John Singleton>Stanley Donen>Bernardo Bertolucci>John Mahoney>John Dunsworth>Don Rickles>Tim Conway>Glen Campbell>Scott Walker>Robert Forster>Rip Taylor>Mr. Peanut>Sam Lloyd>Terry Jones>Troy Sneed>Kelly Preston>Stuart Gordon>Rocky Johnson>John Witherspoon>Queen Elizabeth>E-I-E-I Annoyed Grunt's 20 year anniversaryGot a sticky:>Gay nigger from HBO's vampire soap opera>Gay nigger who made gaming reaction videos>Gay nigger only known for a black fantasy superhero flick>Mom from some old American sitcom>Dad from some 80's kid comedy>Dog from Bush's Baked Beans commercial>Junkie retard only known for some faggy normie "musical" show>Billy Crystal>George Clooney>Midget from Austin Powers>Old Jew from the Battletoads show>"pl0x dont spoil Endgay or else">Logan Paul and KSI>Some K-POP slut>Some dude who made a video game cheat code>Some retired game show host>Some gay TLoU2 memes>Random Bane anniversary>some arthouse director

>>174422225Redditors and literal trannies. Nobody has posted or given a shit about this show in decades.

>>174422274Based reminder poster

>>174421363imagine being a moderator on Holla Forums you have to be a fat pedophile castrate yourself you fucking reddit kike

>>174421363firefly was a great show, serenity was a great movie and whedonspeak is a great writing style, suck my nuts zoomoids

I thought there was a crack in my screen. Fuck this Halloween bullshit. Not everyone's an American, you know. Your filth hasn't completely permeated the fabric of my society. Go carve up a melon, if you can get away from your dilator.

>>174422289you'll burn in hell you millennial ape

I'm glad this shit was cancelled LMAO

every episode someone "dies"then is miraculously savedrepeatshitty show.

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>>174422289>and whedonspeak is a great writing styleYou overplayed your bait.



>>174422274>EIEI Annoyed Grunt didn't get an anniversary sticky>faggot-ass Joss Whedon's Star Trek ripoff show didjannies the fuckAlso you forgot when dumbass Pickle Rick got a fucking sticky despite being the undisputed most Reddit shit of all-time.

I give it a solid 6.5 out of 10I gave up watching the pilot on my first viewing and had to revisit it laterTerraforming entire planets is something only precursors should be able to do, a civilization capable of that wouldn't send colonists out to live like cowboys

>>174421375No cap and thats ommCaptcha: BDWAP2 where my bardi stans at pull thru

based rape supporting jannies

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So how do I solve this, short of throwing some jews in the oven. I go to settings and do what?

it was always gay and everyone who likes it also gay

>>174422391This reeks of Star Trek autism. Terraforming is completely possible, even with modern technology. The main problem is just one of scale and time.

lmao this reminds me of that time the mods made that sticky about not posting spoilers for the latest marvel soi kino lmfao bruh

Jesus chirst hiroshimoot please purge these milennial sjw faggot plebbit jannies. Go make a plebbit thread about your gay show

Alright taking bets on how long this sticky will last

>>174421363Came here to ban evade and laugh at this failed sticky thread.

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Gayest sticky this yearDaily reminder mods are faggots

I guess it's better than a black screen. I had to reboot my computer before I realized it was a prank.

>all these tryhard contrarian newfagsdelete Holla Forums already

>>174422421solve what

>>174422097Do you think she escorts at conventions?

Eh, it's p good.The whedonisms can get fuckin hurl-inducing but I genuinely like the cast and the feel, it's the one american show that at least "gets" the Space Cowboy vibe as well.Unfortunately I really dislike the Summer Glau plot and her storyline, which is why I dislike the movie so much.Replace Glau with Hendricks' immensely funner character and the show wouldn't have been cancelled. You're telling me the ship has all western archetypes BUT the con-artist? Instead we get some fuckin teenage assassin mystery box bullshit? it's fuckin gayNo idea why there's a sticky tho LOL

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reddit showreddit thread

>>174422582>it's the one american show that at least "gets" the Space Cowboy vibeAmerica literally invented space travel and cowboys

>>174421363Never liked this show. Always thought Joss Whedon was a mediocre writer. Also, I blocked that stupid little ship because this show sucks.

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>>174422620Both German Cope

>>174422459>dude what if they got paid to ship a bunch of fucking cows in the cargo hold of their spaceship from one earthlike planet to a different earthlike planetholy shit this is so lame

>>174421539Wow, jannies must be big Whedonheads

now the shitposters will ruin every firefly thread because its mod sponsoredgreat job

>Hire new jannies>This is the resultRough

>>174421873The Queen can go fuck herself

>>174422560This fucking thing.

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>>174422718Jannies SEETHING


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>>174421937Uh, hey, are we doing glauposting again? Phrasing?

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>>174422743>Le quirky Ecks-Dee awkward badass female characterNo

>>174422582>You're telling me the ship has all western archetypesFillion and Torres were white-hat cowboysJayne was a black-hat cowboyBook was the town preacherDoctor was the town doctorWhore was the town whoreEngineer girl was the town mechanist?Wash was ?????and glau was a trope from an entirely different genreyeah, some characters really feel out of place in the whole western setting, never thought about that. they're expected to mix because it is still western and sci-fi tho, but I kinda get what you mean.Whedon should have gone all in and added a snake-oil salesman, an indian, a mexican bandito and maybe made glau a chinese rail worker or something

>>174422620This lol

rip firefly thread on 4chang

>>174422725if you're on Brave just use block element, I'm not sure how to do it in other browsers

>>174422620and they still made live-action Cowboy Bebop feel nothing like a western show or a space show

>>174422725>he cant block element

>>174422620*invented western and space moviesthe real life achievements, as always, are from other countries. Americans are good at media tho

>>174422659>dude what if a bunch of space truckers ran into an alienholy shit this is so lame

Attached: alien-costumes-11.jpg (800x502, 47.14K)

>>174422620>>174422784that was the soviets, America just panicked and jumped on board a few years later and after communism collapsed they stopped giving a shit

Attached: iu[1].jpg (3116x2244, 1.72M)

>>174422847>>174422860Got to the moon and mindfucked foreigners so hard they became tin foil hat schizos

>>174422687I will call everyone who mentions Firefly janny now on.

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>>174422889Just be an actual american and say you guys didn't invent space travel but perfected it, why even waste time trying to convince people you invented it? it's just nonsense

>>174421969zoomie scumyou will never be able to retire

>>174422919>russians shot some shit into space firstLol great achievement. Something every shithole country can do easily.

people complaining about new jannies as if old Holla Forums didn't like firefly lolboards change culture, it happens

What mediocre, overrated show will get the next sticky?

>>174423014True Blood

>>174422919>>174422971Spaceflight began in the 20th century following theoretical and practical breakthroughs by Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Robert H. Goddard, and Hermann Oberth. First successful large-scale rocket programs were initiated in the 1920s Germany by Fritz von Opel and Max Valier, and eventually in Nazi Germany by Wernher von Braun.[2]Germany did it first, fuck the both of you.

>>174422971>Something every shithole country can do easilyand yet they didn't? lmao this is just bitter copegoing to the moon is a great achievement ameribro, it's what won you guys the Space Race. Isn't that enough? You don't need to have invented it too

Janny are you ok? Firefly died a long time ago.

Attached: 1616251899105.jpg (720x539, 45.71K)

>>174422977Old 4chan>hehe we will destroy tradition and wear fedoras to spite the christian soccer mommies hehehehNuchan oldfags>NOOOO STOP GOING AGAINST OUR EPIC TRADITIONS!!! WE LIKED IT BEFORE SO YOU MUST ALWAYS LIKE ITawww pretty sad

>>174422889>Americans steal every piece of german rocket technology and kidnap their scientists>Those kidnapped scientists get them to the moon>We did this!Americans did nothing and the inability to recapture a shred of what they stole proves it.

>>174422889>mindfucked foreigners so hard they became tin foil hat schizosMoonlanding hoaxers are almost exclusively mutts.

>>174422889mfs win the space race, get the golden medal, and still seethe about the fact they weren't the ones who started it

>>174422725Nigga, I got no idea how you watch streams with at least Adblock Plus installed.It's fucking free, and kills all of the ads on this site, and most others.Not only that, you can right click and straight up block elements.It even kills all youtube ads.

>>174423040You had to have been around when this show started airing. I was seething when it got cancelled in favor of reality tv garbage that was plaguing the airwaves in the 2000's. Firefly doesn't stand out nearly as much with genre streaming shows being a huge thing now, but it did back then.

>>174423022>>174423034Any shitty country can do that now and even back then all you had to be was subhuman not caring about the lives or money lost to do it, America was the first country to travel in space and was able to walk around on the moon. And this turned foreigners into complete schizos.

>>174423055>In 1947, the US sent up the first animals in space although not into orbit, through a V-2 rocket launched from White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico. The animals were fruit flies.[19][20][21]AMERICA LAUNCHED A FRUIT FLY INTO SPACE THEY WIN THREAD OVER

>>174421487Who took this from us?

>>174421363Redditflykys yourself mod faggot


>>174423099Sounds like a good decision. Love me some reality shows. Let's talk about that instead.What's the latest Bigfoot kino currently airing?


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>>174423061Space travel isn’t just sending a rocket to orbit the Earth, user. Travel implies landing in a new destination. Which nobody can seem to replicate.

euro hours filled with subhumans

Attached: Serenity in 120s.webm (320x136, 2.97M)

>>174421733Smellin' Cunt

Seconding the user who said it's probably just better for it to have that gone-too-soon cult status and live on in our collective imagination. Seriously read about some of the ideas Whedon had if the series had continued. Stuff like Inarra poisoning herself to kill rapey reavers. Kaylee was waifu material tho

Attached: 89387376_109008140714933_3597433812214087680_n.png (541x533, 539.79K)

>>174421363Why is this stickied? Also this is the only good thing Whedon has ever done so I suspect most of the important creative decisions were made by someone else. Whedon probably just added the stupid quips.

>>174423103did they died?

Firefly was overrated as fuck

>>174423234yes, they lived long and... fruitful lives

>2022 i am forgotten...

Attached: 73975773b88233a39005ba620b61adf4.jpg (640x854, 73.9K)

>>174422274How do you even know that? There's no respectable way for you to have that information.

>>174423080>Adblock PlusThe name alone. I've had two computers that lasted for over seven years without installing an antivirus. I knew that was bullshit from the beginning. If you're not a Mr. Hackerman there's no reason for you to get that shit. An anti-virus was maybe handy in the wild west years of the internet, now there's literally no reason for you to get it. Same with Ad Block. There's too much ads? It means it's turned to shit and I'll look for something else.


Attached: 1643843202319.png (888x526, 341.53K)

>>174421568this janny finna get fired for this cringe shit fr fr no cap

Toasting in sticky breadI have never seen firefly

>shitterflylol it was cancelled early for a reason retard

>>174421873fuck the globo homo whore. I spit in her grave.

>>174422391By terraforming something, you are by definition a precursor.

>>174421429Firefly would have been better with cat girls.

Attached: Aisha pretends she knows how to use a computer.gif (500x374, 797.66K)

>>174423042>Old 4chan>atheista forced memeall my fedora memes are from old 4chan, it's the place where I was introduced to the reality of those lard-assess, they were always made fun of

>There are "people" on here who don't remember Glauposting


>>174423370Yeah and those memes were created on 4chan, by based anons, mocking the older equivalent of faggots like you

whats that other sci fi show with the hot bitches

>>174423389I remember when the mods started a movie club and it failed and everyone made fun of them because they kept trying to show arthouse films. kwab.

>>174423399this lmao

gonna take the opportunity to ask why mods sticky the commemoration of this show but instantly delete the popular avatar 2 threads, doesn't really make sense to me

Attached: Neytiri_4660.jpg (1934x1088, 198.45K)

At least the Kaylee actress isn't retarded and didn't get a horrendous tramp stam....

Attached: stupid_belly_and_back_tattoos_09.jpg (550x733, 73.07K)

>>174422805They still made live-action Cowboy Bebop feel nothing like Cowboy Bebop

>>174423447And at least she's not a mega whore and the tattoo hasn't aged horribl...

Attached: 7ngcchch24q41.png (1069x1069, 1.1M)

>>174423203I would saw my own leg off to fuck her.

Terrible reddit show. Why is this stickied?

sticky for this shit what the fuck

>>174421363Based stickyContrarian zoomers get the rope.

Attached: 1524032910270.jpg (400x400, 23.39K)

>>174421363Oh so tranny mods get to promote whatever they like?

>>174421363why are the mods so fucking reddit. The show isn't bad but it doesn't deserve a sticky.

>>174423289because she is old now

>>174421363I liked it, it was comfy

>>174423465Wow that looks bad.

>>174423308You're trolling, right?It's a free program.It's not virus protection either.It fucking blocks popups.

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Let it be clear- You can burn the land- You can boil the sea- You can't take the sky from meThat's all there is to it

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maybe the worst fucking showing from jannies

>>174423576You are a fucking terrible human being, you realize the only reason this site is alive today is because of ads right? By blocking ads you are effectively killing Holla Forums idiot.

>>174423447I miss when a little rose or something on their ankle was sufficient rebellion.

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>>174423608Jesus Christ you're very Jewish and it's gross. Promoting advertising is evil.

>>174423608When vapid shit like this and "pl0x no spoil le endghey :(((((" gets stickied, Holla Forums deserves to die. "Long painful boring death!"

>>174423609Oh don't worry user she has many more tattoos now and has completely ruined her body

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>>174423608Actually this site is a honeypot or worse, being used by government scientists to study meme warfare and brainwashing. By rights all the servers should have ended up in a basement in Quantico years ago.

>>174423608Please tell me that you are not stupid enough to actually click on any of those ads on this site or put in credit card information.No one with any goddamn sense would trust the services those ads are offering.Just how fucking long have you been coming to this site?

>>174423709>>174423705>>174423640>>174423634Holy shit you fucking retards

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>>174423728Nope, I'm incredibly intelligent and correct. Be mad about it it Hebrew-abloo-abloo.

Joss Whedon sucks

>>174423728Is donkey kong okay....

>>174422029 Firefly and the Sarah Connor chronicles are more then the vast majority of young, pretty men or women get in that sodo-pedo industry. She did alright, even better the average on her run.

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contrariannies mad lmao

some kind of anniversary or is whedon finally dead?


>everything I dont is redditredditors breathes air too you know

>>174421583not the entire board. just the post-election zoomers.

>>174421539There's a reason why it was canceled. It fucking sucked.


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>>174423967>thing that's the definition of reddit isn't reddit because uh.... my oldtroon feelings say so OK?!Kek, stupid tranny

>>174421383Yeah well I don't care, I'm still free, you can't take the sky from me.

Firefly was good.

>>174424021>he doesnt agree with me therefore its a trannylmao

>>174421363Why is this garbage pinned?

>>174424043It also would have been even better for at least two more seasons.

>>174424054firefly was 20 years ago

>>174422725It scared the shit out of me

The mods truly are retarded.

>>174423389Glauposting was cancelled

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>sticky for an old show I never watched

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>>174421583>geniuely thought it was blade movies>umbrella mark in the backgroudmotherfuckers

>>174424137That's your problem

As a kid, I loved KayleeAs a teen, I loved RiverAs an adult, I loved InaraThen still as an adult, but also a racist, I wanted to have an affair with Zoe.


why is there an alligator on my screen?

fuck firefly and fuck whedon. gay show for faggots thats only remembered because of intro song

>>174421363I don't even know what network this show was on

>>174423399But I'm a Christian.Are you retarded and can't keep two ideas in your head while reading and making a logical connection?You're extremely confused and obsessed with homosexuality.

>>174421801Rygel continues to be the best character in science fiction.


>>174422770She's literally brain damaged user.

>>174424207Fox, and they fucked it up so hard it was hilarious.The pilot was the third episode they aired I think? Third or second.


>>174421363>the biggest and greatest live kino moment in the history of the planet >firefly. I wonder what will get a sticky. This board is fucked and the mods & nannies should hang themselves.

why is this garbage stickied?

>>174424254just like fireflyniggers

I watched Firefly a long time ago back when I was a wee lad. It was a good show as far as I remember and the movie was good too. I can understand the cult status because of the Universe they created. I don't really have much of a dog in this fight though because alot of the shows created around 2001 and 2010 ish have aged poorly for whatever reasons.

>>174424292they did it with a lot of shows back then, reason why was that they thought their audience where too stupid to understand those episodes so they deliberately aired them later

>>174421363Should I watch it? Is Morena hot in it?

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Firefly is not even that good desu.

Post canceled kino

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>>174421363Firefly was shit and only Joss simps watched it. There is a reason it only got one season.

>>174424424only reason she got casted

>>174421363Why is this stickied? OP isn't even dubs.

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>>17442444620th anniversary

>>174421363They had to sticky it or it would have fallen of page ten.


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>>174424483they did it with x-files as well, even did it to the x-files reruns

>>174424483There was nothing incoherent about it.