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/\ PEAKE /\

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Got a pretty cool place here, Corlys.

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why did they have to change actresses

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Why is the cinematography so shit compared to early GoT? All grey, murky and empty. Barely any people around, it makes it look so cheap. Also there's a shitty netflix filter that that gets on my nerves.

>>174421273>here's your new littlefinger bro

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Did he deserve it?

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>Daemon has ED>wages war in the crab infested StepstonesHmmmmm.

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So do we all agree that Greens are the good guys and a woman should never rule because it spits in the face of natural law

>>174421323He's just a bit tired. He's gonna be back next episode!

>>174421323he was a faggot so yes

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>>174421304>doesn't greet him at the gates>doesn't greet him inside>doesn't even get out of his chair til the King has walked into his throne room>waits til he's standing in front of the dais to descend>then bows to the KingThere are a lot of levels of passive aggression going on here

>>174421346No because the king's words are clear regardless


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>>174421354nah it's just ugly


>>174421346Well every single female ruler in ASOIAF sucks at ruling. Including Rhaenyra. So maybe that's the message GRRM is going for.


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>>174421356shouldn't Viserys be well within his rights to have him whipped for that shit

Friendly reminder that Jaehaerys was a shit father and shit grandfather Why marry all his daughters to some old fat bastard who already several heirs, they are fucking Princess and not some frey to get married to whatever lord who lost his wife

>>174421323he was a homosexualthe real quest is what are the diplomatic repercussions for a kingsguard slaying a noble? this show seems to gloss over things in favor of casual ultraviolence.believe it or not the medieval world was not a lawless wasteland, people did not just murder others wantonly and get away with it.

I'm forcing myself to sit through ep5 right now but holy shit this is so boring. Bratty girl that doesn't want marriage conveniently has the most politically advantageous marriage be to a gay black kid so they can both have their secret affairs. Handsome knight guy goes from stoic and dignified to completely schizo over shitty monke sex. Handsome retard knight confesses having monke sex instantly. People have no political sense whatsoever and threaten to murder each other and also murder each other randomly. Fucking hell it's bad.

>>174421372Nice cherrypicking, other than that one scene everything about GoT looked infinitely better, especially how each region had a different look accordingly.

>>174421323Just wanted to be friends with Cole as they both supported their lovers and kept their secrets. Cole is a deranged murderer.

>>174421313GoT was always grey and murky it fucking sucks when you compare with the books

>>174421371The king is a retard

>>174421416It's time to take off the rose tinted glasses already.

>>174421401who would you give Daella too theninb4 myself


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>>174421413Same. 4>2>1>3>5 for me


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>>174421313It isn't

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>>174421399Not when he's trying to both get Corlys to wed his son to Rhaenyra, AND have Rhaenyra rule AND have Rhaenyra's heir still be called Targaryen. AND get the Velaryons and their fleet back in his corner after being estranged. He knew he had to eat some shit to get it done.

>>174421323Scheming sodomite begone!

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>>174421388>Who is Nymeria>Who is Khiara the Great>Who are Rhaenys and Visenya Targaryen >Who is Alysanne Targaryen>Who is Johanna Lannister >Who is Bathi Ma Lo

>>174421416GoT season 1 has lots of great writing. It's also very noticeably lower budget than later seasons with smaller sets, smaller crowds, smaller scale. You're full of shit.

Daily reminder the reason why Rhaenyra's faction is called BLACKS is because...because...well watch the fking show.

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>>174421490If a prince fucked a septa and she was tearfully asking him to marry her and he went "no way fag" these same hags would despise said prince more than fucking Joffrey

>>174421313out of all the shit you could actually nitpick on you pick the one thing that they are actually doing an ok job with

>>174421490who is that dude on the right? he seems based.fuck if it isn't impossible to know who is who in every scene without reading the books.

>>174421371The "King" ruled over by right of conquest, any rebellion that defeats him is just as legitimate. >>174421380Yes.>>174421388That message flew over the retards in this thread apparently

>>174421388Rhaenyra doesn't even get a chance to rule (don't start with the taxes, they had no choice because of the treasury theft). Alysanne was kind of a co-ruler and she was great. Yellow Toad of Dorne btfo the Targs despite dragons. There are just not enough women who get a chance to rule to base opinions on.

>>174421530So now you're demanding men and women be equal?

>>174421372GRRM said this is the his least favorite scene of the entire series, which includes the final season

>>174421309can you to the crying raging man meme with this >>174421323

>>174421407Yea, someone mentioned that in the book Criston kills him at a joust. They should have stuck with something like that which could be explained as an accident

>>174421548Rhaenyra went from the Realm's Delight to Maegor with tits in 6 months, she sucked more at ruling than she did at sucking dick, that's for sure. Alysanne did ONE thing worth a damn (abolishing the first night). The Dornish War was Mary Sue shit.

>>174421444Her nephew Boremund, or the Blackwood heir. I mean for fucks sake, when I played with Aegon V I had so many Princess around that I went and married them to Manderly, Darklyn, Hightower, Darry, Connington, Lefford, Dayne; and they were all heirs so all of these houses were connected to the Targaryens and were loyal

The realm’s delight. All the cocks, all the nights.

>>174421600>bashed his brains out with a morningstarYep a convincing accident

>>174421399That wouldn't be very smart when you're trying to get back in the Velaryon good books and arrange a marriage.

>>174421490>be a 10/10 Chad knight>all whores cream themselves over you>act like an incel sperg>their pussies immediately dry up

>>174421520>Khiara the Great>Bathi Ma LoLitterally whos?



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>>174421535That's bizarre, how bad it looks was one of the first things that jumped out as I was watching. I guess if you're used to junk food you can't tell when you're eating shit. >>174421428It really wasn't, there was a lot more vibrant color and appropriate use of extras and CGI


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>>174421627In the case of a joust it is just fine what with people just starting fights left and right in them

>>174421458i dont like seeing her smoking. please dont ever post this again.

>>174421530Why? Everyone would get that a prince wouldn't throw that away to be with someone just because they fucked once.

he should of done it

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>>174421651who is this mad lad??

>>174421656Ah yes GoT which removed as much color from costumes as humanly possible, later just having straight up black costumes for everyone. The Goldcloaks in GoT had dull brown cloaks, in HOTD they're actually gold.

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Sorry what happened in episode 5? Cristen decided to kill the gay guy because the gay guy wanted an alliance with him? And he was allowed to just walk out? And no guards stopped him? And nobody from the powerful Valerian house stopped him?

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>>174421320he's more Varys than Littlefinger

If they have Daemon kill Laena I'm going to be so pissed off man

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>>174421609Rhaenyra had no time to do any ruling and had an empty treasury so wtf was she supposed to do. People also rioted over blaming her for Helaena's death which she had no reason to cause.

>>174421684Ser Harwin "BREAKBONES" Strong. Father to Rhaenyra's three boys

>>174421540A man with Strong seed

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>>174421701he's kingsguard, so I assume before investigation everyone would just assume the guy he punched to death was starting trouble or trying to attack someone et.c.

>>174421682He never should of come to the Red Keep

>>174421651>character is strong>last name is StrongBRAAVOS GEROGE

>>174421541Shame this "rebellion" defeated nobody

>>174421525I didn't say season 1 retard, I said early GoT, but even season 1 looked more expensive than this garbage.>>174421437Sorry for having decent taste, you're right this show looks amazing. Especially when the king compliments the glamorous halls of the seasnake that look like a haunted mansion with literally not one person in them or around them.

>>174421323>know a secret that can get a person killed if found out>go talk to that person that you know about his secretwhat did he expectalso>pulled a knife at a feast>a word of a dead nobody vs a kingsguardJoff was a retard

>>174421701It was difficult to tell whether the guy was trying to threaten him to keep quiet for mutually assured destruction, or trying to establish an alliance of "let's keep everything quiet for everyone's sake", but either way Cole was already filled with pent up rage and resentment at being rejected and humiliated and snapped.

>>174421701If you saw a cop beating someone without context, would you question why the cop is allowed to walk away?

Good morrow, sers

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>>174421684Harwyn Strong. Any resemblance between him and the Princess Rhaenyra's children with Laenor Velaryon is purely a coincidence, and likely a mere quirk of genetics.

>>174421705>He's like Varys so give him his name but change the the V to an LBRAVO GURRM

>>174421682fuck, this got me so hard

>>174421755Your Grace

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>>174421659>Targ womenYou just know

>>174421728Because the fatass couldn't have the epic valyrian womyn lose

>>174421701house velaryon is ok with the future king consorts gay lover being bludgeoned to death


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>>174421659Looks like she's just sleeping next to a pig at the start kek

>>174421651they really should've shown him just tossing fucks around out of the wayhe's supposed to be the strongest dude alive

>>174421715I don't think they will, wasn't it established in the book that he actually liked her pretty well? Whereas him hating Rhea was right out of the book, all they added was that he arranged the "accident" that killed her (which seems to have genuinely been an accident in the book).

>>174421755she and her scenes with matt will be missed

>>174421718This is false and slanderous

>>174421651they shouldn't have cut the fight with Viserys' bleeding, I didn't notice until rewatching this webm 3 times that Strong 'rescued' Rhaenyra

>>174421778But he kills her. And other Valyrian womyn too in brutal ways. So it's moot

>>174421684>>174421372>>174421390Sure it did, bro.

>>174421715That would ruin Daemon's character even more than they already did, they're very close in the book.

You're still dreaming of me, user? That's sweet.But it's time to wake up. Time to move on.

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>>174421827Meant for >>174421735

>>174421789What workout routine do I need to look like Harwin "Breakbones Strong" ?

Why did Gael Targaryan go full retard for no reason anons?

>episode shows daemon murdering his wife in cold blood>female viewers are infatuated with himwhat is wrong with modern women?

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>>174421816Go sit down Larys

>>174421735>even season 1 looked more expensive than this garbageIt really didn't

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>>174421838Love you milly, be my wife ?


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>>174421816Pure Valyrian blood

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>>174421816Oh user, we should just accept it. And even if they are bastards or no, it doesnt change the fact that these boys were more worthy to the throne that any of Alicent's kids or Daemon's

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>>174421323What the fuck was the fag trying to accomplish by taunting him like that?

How small is the dick of the average HoTD hater?

>>174421520>Nymeria>Khiara the GreatMythological figure. Who knows if she was actually competent.>Rhaenys and Visenya Targaryen Both kind of sucked at ruling. Their husband was the one who unified the realm>Alysanne TargaryenQueen consort. Didn't really do much except spreading feminist ideas and PR stunts.>Johanna Lannister Just a lady, not a queen.Her greatest achievemnt is putting on armor during a charge (what you would assume to be default behavior for any male lord) and then letting a man save her failing rule (Leo Costayne of the reach and his fleet)>Bathi Ma LoWho? Really digging deep here I see

>>174421401I don’t understand any Targ king willing to spread his blood around. The women are broodmares for more potential dragon hatchers and dragon riders. Keep them busy enlarging the clan, don’t get yourself diluted away.

>>174421323Christian is a based retard.If you try scheme with him he'll just kill you.

I unironically think, aside from Daemon taking a back seat, this was either the best or second best episode yet.

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>>174421886Tiny, twisted and craven. Like a misshapen twig of the most gnarled tree.

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>>174421849>"Every time a new Targaryen is born, the gods toss the coin in the air and the world holds its breath."Jaehaerys and Allysanne tossed the coin 13 times and only 1 got the short end of the stick.

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>>174421905Targs should take pureblooded sister and daughter-wives but also 2nd wives from other noble families in order to introduce genetic diversity to offset future inbreeding.

>>174421768every scene with these two gets me hard desu

>>174421852The colossally bigger issue is how she's in armor, and armed, and on a horse, and yet she panics and starts shaking when she realizes Daemon is there to kill her. Dismount the horse and stab the retard, what's he going to do, he's in a flimsy robe and you have armor on. Oh no, conveniently the trained rider had their horse throw them off and break their spine or something so the unarmed retard could pick up a rock and unga bunga them to death.

>>174421852He did it for LOVE, user. Because he loves Rhaenyra and wants to be able to marry her.

>>174421838No. Not yet.

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>>174421852>women are animalsgee

>>174421905After the dragons died, it didn't really make any sense to keep marrying each other, and Daeron II showed that. His marriage to Myriah and Daenerys to Maron gave the Targaryens their greatest ally. Marrying his son Rhaegel to Alys Arryn also brought the Arryns and their army, which destroyed any chance of Daemon Blackfyre finding allies there besides the fishes and their isles

>>174421952This to be honest, their breeding program sucked.

>>174421735>I didn't say season 1 retard, I said early GoT, but even season 1 looked more expensive than this garbage.

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>>174421905I'm curious, was it mentioned that maesters in Planetos knew about the dangers of inbreeding? Targs probably didn't know.

>>174421943>>"Every time a new Targaryen is born, the gods toss the coin in the air and the world holds its breath."Friendly reminder that this is bullshit. Fuck you Jaehaerys II

>>174421883This unironically except Daemon's daughters would have also been great.

>>174421934It was really hot watching her go from cocky over-extending herself to reduced to whimpering.The cinematography was also good, keeping her on her 'high horse' and then having her flat on the ground beneath his literal heel.

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Why did Ned talk to Cersei before the King?

>>174422032Well, they would've married Jace and Luke anyway

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>>174421755will never forget my queen

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>>174422059Maybe she had a good reason why his theory was wrong. Then he would have embarassed himself in front of the king.

Clean yourself up, user

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>>174421701This would be more of a plothole if he was anyone else besides a Kingsguard in the same room as the king. They have impunity to do basically whatever they want under the assumed directed of protecting the king, and if you try to stop them you need to be prepared to fight to do death with a top tier fighter.Really it should've been the king himself or another Kingsguard who detained him, but nobody else was going to.

can anyone tell me what the thought process behind simping over characters in a show is, like people ITT do over Rhaenyra or women on twitter over this one knight in the wedding?

>>174422116Look at this dude who’s never had a waifu

>>174422065Could have been the best timeline.

>>174422091More napkins, your grace?

>>174422140Meera is the one true waifu.

>>174422116its fun

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Who is the best targaryen king or queen?

>>174422116It's essentially roleplaying as a pickup artist without actually going outside. They call her "monke" to neg her while also wanting her sexually. Because they feel like they're being "given" something when they see her sexualized in the show, it's like their pickup artistry is succeeding. Deeply mentally ill, but comes with the territory.

youtu.be/uOgh1CcRZ0w>no understanding for ser Criston's masculine mental struggle against having broken his vowsigh.

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>>174422116>like people ITT do over Rhaenyrapersonally i just really like the actress, and her scenes with matt smithbut the character herself is not a good person, im not delusional

>>174422206Monke is entirely affectionate and not derisive

>oh nice old rhaenyra looks qt, lemme google her actressI really shouldn't have lads god damn it

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>>174422211>expecting women to understand such conceptsonly got yourself to blame

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>have been seeding Upright for 2 weeks straight>last night the upload tripledmillybros are really missing her

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>>174422211Is she lonely bros? She's always in the back.

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>>174422253I cant get over that dress and entrance

>>174422116Do you think anons like these are mentally stable?

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>>174422256I could understand the women, but the basedjaks present all cheer and groan in unison with them. furthermore regarding your post I hate how Lannister is literally just "haha like he's misygonistic and everybody hates that xDD dude he's like kinda yikes isn't he heehee", he's such an interesting take on the hallmark Lannister character of the show otherwise.

>>174422285she's ugly so of course she is

>Strong kick

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>>174422311I’ve said it many times across many boards:The amount of mental illness you casually expose yourself to on 4chan is dangerous. Be sure to take at least 4 waking hours a day away from any screens.

>>174422353Trim down those wigs, Jesus


Nettles according to AI.Taking requests.

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>>174422353is that Aemond?

>>174422353His wig is terrible

>>174422211If a woman did this and killed some other woman for wanting to be friends as they're both lovers of important people, you'd just call her a crazy murderous whore.

>>174422393Yeah that's the scene where he loses his eye

>>174422256>tfw still no dragonpit at casterly rockso who will end up marrying this rich wasp douchebag anyway

>>174421651He's a good actor but the casting sucks. Harwin is literally Gregor Clegane tier in the book when it comes to size. This guy just looks like any other Westerosi, I don't buy him as the strongest man alive.

>>174422353that wig

>>174422379the normal people wigs have looked better and better for each episode, I wonder if they look back on the first 1-2 episodes and groan at the way they looked then in comparison to the current episodes.(except for muh Valyrens ofc, when we watched the most recent episode my dad burst out "bleached dreads, he looks like a common mop!", made me kek)>>174422415I would say "damn that was fucking hot" just like I did whenever Cersei would get all catlike like that

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>>174422311I wonder why this hasn't been made a pasta. Anons have empathy now?

Who's this guy?

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What episode do we get to see Jon Snow?

>>174422389Aegon II post injuries

what are some ASOIAF quotes that hit you hard? for me it's from Bloodraven's>I have my own ghosts, Bran. A brother that I loved, a brother that I hated, a woman I desired. Through the trees, I see them still, but no word of mine has ever reached them. The past remains the past. We can learn from it, but we cannot change it.It makes me think of my life and my chest tightens

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>>174422482did a little flea bottom trolling

Attached: Well of course I know him, he's me.jpg (800x450, 73.42K)

>>174422389ayy lmao

>>174422485he dun wan eit

>>174422482why that's just House, he's diagnosing some prisoners

>>174422493>>174422389This. Make him fused with is armor.


Okay so daemon is now sexist because he killed strong and indepented woman? I hate normies so much.

>>174422206Have sex.

>>174422506do you think a man can learn to write novels just from reading others?

>>174422536Daemon is just bad whatever you make him into.

>>174422211>masculine mental struggleThere was nothing masculine about anything Criston Cole does in episode 5. The masculine thing would've been to a. turn himself into his commander and accept whatever punishment is dueb. immediately seppuku himselfc. try to restore his honor by carrying out his duty and holding to his vows as best he can going forward (Ser Barristan would disapprove, but this is probably what most Kingsguard would do)Instead his solution is to bring vastly more dishonor to himself. The much more important part of the Kinsguard vow isn't full chastity (it's kind of an open secret that many of them frequent whores), it's to not get married or have children. Cole proposing and then bringing up his honor only after being rejected was an emotional response not a logical one.


>>174422536Everyone loves Daemon. Who are you talking about?

>>174422458For a huge guys IRL you have to choose between basketball lanklets, or trolls from icelandic swamps. Usually they're dumb as bricks and can't act too, like the 3 Gregor actors.

>>174422506Expect everything he said was a lieBran proved you can change the past

your new queen

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>>174422536women across the spectrum find that Daemon "killing off Rhea so that he can be with Rhaenyra" is """romantic""".

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>>174422506Aemon talking to Jon about love and duty hit me hard>What is honor compared to a woman's love? What is duty against the feel of a newborn son in your arms ... or the memory ofa brother'ssmile? Wind and words. Wind and words. We are only human, and the gods have fashioned us for love. That is our great glory, and our great tragedy.One of the most human moments in the saga.

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>>174422519And Bobby B?

>>174422192frogfu you mean

>>174422590Reddit is seething because daemon likes women traditional

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Daemon>Trades his First Man wife for a Lyseni whore[Mysaria had skin pale as milk. She was lithe and lissome in her youth]>Trades his Lyseni whore for his 15yo niece[Rhaenyra had her family's Valyrian looks, wearing her silver-gold hair in a long braid in the manner of Queen Visenya Targaryen. Beautiful as a child, she was later declared by her uncle to be the most beautiful maiden in all the Seven Kingdoms]>Trades his niece for Laena Velaryon [Laena had a great mane of silver-gold ringlets that fell down past her waist. It was said she had inherited the beauty of her mother, Rhaenys Targaryen, By two-and-twenty, Laena had grown into a tall, slender, and beautiful woman. According to Mushroom, she "was almost as pretty as her brother.]>Traded his cute wife who died by his 22yo niece[Rhaenyra never lost weight gained from pregnancies, and she had grown stout and thick of waist at the age of twenty after her third pregnancy. Rhaenyra had a large bosom]>Traded his niece-wife by a black girl from Driftmark [Netty was a small brown-skinned girl with black hair and brown eyes. The skinny girl had crooked teeth and a scarred nose. According to Gyldayn, she could not be called pretty]

>>174422631No because they are shocked about incest. They hate that strong woman was killed.

>>174422634Tragic character. Exiles himself to the edge of the world and gets to watch from a distance as his entire house gets snuffed.

>>174422285She's so emotionless the whole time.Bros, is this love?

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>>174422605Even someone of the hound's stature would have sufficed. Most of the actors in HOTD are unknown anyway, would have been relatively easy to find a big and good looking guy with acting chops I imagine

>>174422536Women love Daemon, most of the talk I've seen was him and Rhaenyra at the wedding.


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Jon Snow was a dragon rider lmao

>>174422337>>174422701She's not real. They just put an Asian mannequin in there for """diversity""".

I saw the first episode tonightIs it the worst episode or are they all that bad?

>>174422689Lol no, they fucking love "Daemyra".

looks like the Lannisters used to be fun dudes, it's only Tywin who was born with a stick up his arse

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>>174422734It gets better later on

>>174422353>Which Velaryon boy is he kicking?

What a dumb horse.

>>174422506Except that's pure bullshit from Bran's Eren Yeager moment with Hodor.

>>174422734the first episode is the weakest desu

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>>174422689who is "they"?

>>174422734Each one is better than the last IMO, except 4 > 5.

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>>174422741why are shippers so fucking mental?

>>174422741No I haven't seen one post where they like that.


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What does Daemon really think about house Velaryon?

>>174422820oh user...

>>174422748Tywin was forced to be like that or have his house collapse

>>174422767>Velaryon boyUmm user ...

>>174422767Probably Jace

>>1744227342 is the best episode

>>174422837Nothing most of the time. He does think Laena is hot.


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>Ser Joffrey a fag, big tourney knight... heh, when he was always talking about greasing the Blacks who knew THAT'S what he meant

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>>174422820idk what happened but my Facebook feed is full of HotD and Ive seen images from Twitterhags about Daemyra.

>>174422506>"Are they ever coming back?" Bran asked him.>"Yes," Robb said with such hope in his voice that Bran knew he was hearing his brother and not just Robb the Lord. "Mother will be home soon. Maybe we can ride out to meet her when she comes. Wouldn't that surprise her, to see you ahorse?" Even in the dark room, Bran could feel his brother's smile. "And afterward, we'll ride north to see the Wall. We won't even tell Jon we're coming, we'll just be there one day, you and me. It will be an adventure.""An adventure," Bran repeated wistfully. He heard his brother sob. The room was so dark he could not see the tears on Robb's face, so he reached out and found his hand. Their fingers twined together.

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>>174422866Mfw my future paramour comes back to camp covered in blood with a side of bacon

Who is the most powerful character in this show?

>>174422767>VelaryonJace Strong

lol the paki bashed a queer

>>174422866This guy is too small for HarwinWould have made a good Cregan though

>>174422932Aemond is so powerful he defeated Daemon's plot armor

>>174422932Our guy VissyT

Well aren't you going to ravish me?

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>>174422932Whoever rides Vhagar

>>174422952The only thing he defeated was the surface tension of the lake

>>174421552The scene isn't actually that bad.He's just a sperg and got triggered by the historical inaccuracy

>>174422955>30 year old virgin

>>174422389Kermit Tully

>>174422932Boars apparently

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Alright lads, who is the superior edgelord, Aemond or Daemon?

>>174422963Hey he also captured Daemon's sword with his skull bones

>>174422952>lost his eye to a nine year old

>>174421887>Both kind of sucked at ruling. Their husband was the one who unified the realmRetarded showfaggot doesn't know Aegon did hack shit to actually rule and just conquered. It was her sisters who managed to keep the realm after unification

Was Jaime the only Kingsguard who argued for protecting Rhaella from Aerys' abuse?

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>>174423006Its a tie

>>174423018Guess what dagger was used to take out Aemond's eye?

>>174422839and then he ensures the collapse of his house because he's a shitty father, bravo

>>174423046A Song of Cats and Paws

>>174422482Prisoned and tortured for slander about princess Rheanyra

>>174423033Yes>>174423049Tywin and his kids arent the only LannistersTheres tons of them, varys even kidnaps one during the riot of kings landing to put in place after young griff takes the throne

>>174422955This just shows that none wants feminist wife.

>>174422059Because he knew cersei and her kids would be killed by Bobby Boulders when he found out. He was giving her the chance to bail to casterly rock.


>>174423046Daemon's bone

>>174423031Cute headcanon sweety, where can I read your fanfiction about it?

>>174422955I think she's cute

>>174422482The horse cock (you) spammer from yesterday. Channitor finally did his duty.

>>174423104Bail to essos, if they went to the rock hed just demand them returned or have war

>>174422932The Iron Throne


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>>174422955bookfags: why did daemon didnt like her? why didnt she like him?

>>174422177the most mutted timeline, you mean

>>174423158She was butt ugly in the books

>>174423113Fire and Blood/World of Ice and Fire.>>174421887>Queen consort. Didn't really do much except spreading feminist ideas and PR stunts.>Cares for the North and the Night's Watch>Cares for women>Cares for smallfolk"didn't really do much"Another retarded showfaggot moment

>>174422493>>174422532Went a bit anime but greenchads,here he is.

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>>174423158>why did daemon didnt like hershe's a verified uggo in the books. Remember Daemon is a horndragon so she's really that ugly.>>174423158>why didnt she like him?He probably told her that their (Vale's) sheep are prettier than her.

>>174423158I doubt she was as cute in the book

So how are black velaryon explained?

>>174421651What the actual fuck are the kingsguard doing that the hand's son has to go save the princess?

>>174423194Its canon. Expect an Aegon's Conquest series casted by mutts

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>>174423194There is nothing to explain, racist chud. They are 100% pure valyrians.

>>174423189>>174423188>>174423169seeing as daemon is a huge cunt and a rebel, how come he married her in the first place?

>>174423194They don't even try.But fans did it for them. Valyria was a giant empire. Theoretically there could be some black Valyrians somewhere.


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>>174423212But valyrians were not black? Is is summer islands black?

>>174423216Daemons granma is the retard (Alysanne) but those 2 are the biggest retrads since they can just petition the High Septon for a divorce. Will he though? Better than keeping the sham.

>>174422634This isn't as dramatic as it would be because it does not hold true irl. No job requires you to be celibate.

>>174423216Arranged marriage, he was forced to and tried to get it annulled.

dayum… dat white boy be cute

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>>174423257He asked Viserys for a divorce more than once but he refused

>>174422955Daemon clearly suffers from erectile dysfunction and no one ITT wants to admit it

>>174423280But the High Septon should have the last say, shouldn't he? And I think Rhea herself didn't petition the king, as least thats what I remember in the books.

>>174423274I would breed her. My jungle fever is getting worse.

>>174423260>No job requires you to be celibateCelibacy is a hard requirement for computer programmers, network administrators, etc.

>>174422564The fuck you talking about? Do you even understand what a struggle is? He felt guilty so did A. By confessing to Alicent with the intention of facing his punishment. He tried to do C. But ended up breaking mentally when the faggot approached him. and he was about to do B. Until Alicent stopped him.He was having an internal struggle trying to cope with the guilt and figure out what to do next.

>>174423180I hope they make Aegon II fully Baldwin-mode in the show

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>>174423313That's the involuntary kind though

>HotD is better than GoT season 4 onward and at its best moments rivals season 1-2 in acting, character, and qualityWhat say you?

>>174423216He didn't want to, it was arranged for him. As noted in the show, he didn't even consummate it, and they hadn't seen each other in years before this episode.

>>174423260Not that true in universe either, it's more don't get married and don't father bastards (that people know of). Asking her to marry and run away with him was worse than just fucking her (because moon tea).

>>174423361Would agree that it's best moments are as good as season 1-2 so far. However it's worst moments are season 7 tier so the overall quality isn't up to the first seasons yet

>>174423361i cant compare the two since its been a while and the corona bs caused my brain to rotbut i can safely say these are my 2 favorite tv shows to date


>>174422955I know she's a chilly woman from a chilly place in the Vale, but come on, she's cute, you could at least bang her, Daemon.

>>174423321>He felt guilty so did A. By confessing to Alicent with the intention of facing his punishment.After trying to break his vows again you dumb cunt.

>>174423361It's about S3/4 level with inklings of S1 at times, yes. It's clearly better than later GoT on every level, from writing to acting to costuming


>>174423361It's weakness is it's dialogue, since they couldn't lift any of it from the books like they could with early GoT.Otherwise it's a decently made show and that raises it miles above the fanfic seasons of GoT.

>>174422506>"Did you love him?" Jaime heard himself ask.>His aunt looked at him strangely. "I was seven when Walder Frey persuaded my lord father to give my hand to Emm. His second son, not even his heir. Father was himself a thirdborn son, and younger children crave the approval of their elders. Frey sensed that weakness in him, and Father agreed for no better reason than to please him. My betrothal was announced at a feast with half the west in attendance. Ellyn Tarbeck laughed and the Red Lion went angry from the hall. The rest sat on their tongues. Only Tywin dared speak against the match. A boy of ten. Father turned as white as mare's milk, and Walder Frey was quivering." She smiled. "How could I not love him, after that? That is not to say that I approved of all he did, or much enjoyed the company of the man that he became . . . but every little girl needs a big brother to protect her. Tywin was big even when he was little." She gave a sigh. "Who will protect us now?"The quiet grief of Tywin's siblings after his passing always hits me hard for some reason. We have so many people who have terrible relationships with their siblings in the story, especially in adulthood, yet these three of all people genuinely loved and respected each other. >"Your Grace," said Davos, "the cost . . .">"I know the cost! Last night, gazing into that hearth, I saw things in the flames as well. I saw a king, a crown of fire on his brows, burning . . . burning, Davos. His own crown consumed his flesh and turned him into ash. Do you think I need Melisandre to tell me what that means? Or you?"Fucking Stannis, man.

>>174423361It's entertaining

I only consider got to be 1-4 seasons. Season 5 is too normal fantasy for me but could maybe be okay if it was last season.

>>174421943The best king ever ruled. His story is worth telling desu.

>>174423446the show improved Tywin a lot. Book Tywin seemed nothing more than an extension of GRRM's already present daddy issues

>>174421852Because women pussies go wet when man is toxic but somehow they cannot admit that. Like every feminist still wants to be dominated by man.

I'd actually enjoy going to weddings if they were half as eventful as the weddings in GOT/HOTD.

>>174423562But Daemon's appeal is that he does it all for Rhaenyra.