>man gets a perfect sex robot as his wife>AHHHHH THIS IS LITERALLY SLAVERY...

>man gets a perfect sex robot as his wife>AHHHHH THIS IS LITERALLY SLAVERY, RAPE AND MISOGYNY This film failed to convince me. Why were all the women in it so mad that this guy had a sexbot

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>>174419366Here comes the bog standard replies and circle jerking

>>174419366They realized they were good for two things and failed at one of them.

>>174419366Her nude body was perfect art

>>174419366>women think a robot has the same rights as women>women view themselves as robots


If I thought I was God's gift to men and then found out some bucket of bolts could replace me I'd be pretty steamed too.

>>174419481Here’s the traileryoutu.be/VRUixPv9Bro

When I get a sex robot real women better watch their step.

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>>174419469Fleshlights with extra steps.

>>174419366>>AHHHHH THIS IS LITERALLY SLAVERY, RAPE AND MISOGYNYOkay, so why do women have dildos?

>>174419517>they need rights! NO MORE SEX SLAVES!Lmao I thought you were exaggerating op

>>174419469Every single film with this trope is stupid.People didn't build robots or hammers or chainsaws so we could give them human rights. The first thing a real inventor would do is make the robot enjoy being a robot. Moral quandries are for organics.

>>174419520She’s a sex symbol and an icon. Look at all that beauty

>>174419517interesting premise but yeah looks like propaganda seed to ban sex bots in the future

>>174419553Incel argument

>>174419366>women hate movies about men preferring to fuck machines >men hate movies about women preferring to fuck minorities D U A L I T Y O F M A NUALITY

because it replaces womenwomen will become obsolete

>>174419366the disgusting thing is that women still insist upon being whores. 8 abortions? Dress like a slut in public? Post your half naked body on the internet? Have a partner count of 150? We're meant to celebrate this, after all, we're in a post sexual liberation period. Any criticism of a woman's sexual behavior is taboo. But if a dude fantasizes about a robot wife, he's sick, twisted, dangerous, you need legislation and government intervention to keep women 'safe'. I can't believe we're the same species, how can we have such different conceptions of what equality is? It's tyrannical

>>174419553I think it's because women are threatened at the idea that a real doll could replace them. It doesn't work the other way around, unless you can invent a mandroid that has a high-paying job and a BDSM fetish.Personally I just want someone who won't leave me.

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>>174419514>God's gift to menGod created Eve to curse Adam.

>>174419603>Incel argumentCunt counter-argument, how about answering the question...?

women know that their only worth is their smelly slitif men can get it in the same, if not better quality from a machine, then women might as well just stop existing

>>174419366those whores have obviously never watched Cherry 2000

>>174419366>women have huge industries dedicated to to sex toys >nobody cares>men have something made for them>women get upset

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that's not his wife, he killed some woman and copied her t. saw the movie

>>174419626In the ideal future women will all be part of Chad Thundercock's harem and the rest of us will have happy relationships with femdroids.

>>174419716>film can’t come up with a good reason for why having a sexbot is EEEVVVIIIL>umm well... the guy who bought it was a murderer!Bravo, women


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>>174419716Does the copy include big inflatable tits and a vibrating vagina and butthole?

Attached: 1658134338518.png (812x631, 773.93K)

>>174419626Anon, I know you are underage, but nobody in the real world celebrates any of the things you are talking about.

>>174419726>implying chad thundercock wouldnt also go for a fully customizable fembot that never talks back and does everything he wants

>>174419517>has a chance to make a movie about Tay with a body >makes girl power movie insteadWhen will america be cool again?

>>174419683>cunter argument Damnit user

>>174419774>Tay with a bodyESL

>>174419769it makes so much sense that an emotionally stunted fin types this

>>174419772t. living under a rock in a bubble in outer space

>>174419773That's the delicious irony.Only once women are truly without options they will consider being better people.


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>>174419366what movie?

>>174419811>not knowing about TayLurk moar. And the sentence is fine

>>174419726Chad would prefer a robot's perfect artificial womb if he happens to have any taste

>>174419820>emotionally stuntedAre you being stupid on purpose? The image explains why his emotions are withheld.


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I'm horny

some feminist bitch will declare robot rights = human rights and you wont get to have a robot gf you can fuck any time you want

>>174419873Do the androids have buttholes

>>174419603>Incel argumentOkay so the score is: Incel kills/rapes women, because he doesn't get sex, the solution is either hookers, or by miracle the invention of the sex-bot. Women then push to ban the sex-bot because of "wah wah misogyny", leaving the Incel to rage and commit more misogyny and violence against women.....so what'll it'll be? Let the Incel fuck you, or let him fuck his robot.

>>174419873Any woman can prance around like she's some prize.I'm making my fembot pull weeds and bake bread like someone who knows they can't coast off their looks.

>>174419822>>174419845>t. does not live in the real world

>>174419933t. does not live in the real world

>thread about this movie made 1 hour ago has 6 replies>this thread with naked still from the movie without even movie name made 17 minutes ago has 50 replies

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>>174419626>how can we have such different conceptions of what equality is?Because equality is a communist concept and just the fact you think in such terms means their propaganda was successful.

>>174419773>>174419842>>174419870Chad already can treat women like shit and pick the best onesHell, just on kinky sites there's an endless supply of sluts that wanna be mistreated and abused, some with perfect bodies

>>174419971HAVE SEX

>>174419366We need to go back to the days where women were gambled over in games of Ur.Ah, those were the days!


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>>174419971Know thy audience.

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>>174419640>Personally I just want someone who won't leave me.Sounds like a sexbot would be ideal then.

>>174419603Stop projecting

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>>174419640>Personally I just want someone who won't leave me.Single mom roasties love a guy like you

Gentlemen, our most proeminent scholars haven’t solved the question of ‘What is a woman?’ yet.How are we to create an artificial version of something we cannot define?

>>174420104Like this

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>>174419811Jesus christ, user, how can you be so fucking embarrassing? Stop trying to be le cool and sardonic 4channer and shut the fuck up.

>>174419769>cutting>punchingWtf finland

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>>174420103They also love fucking Chad Thundercock on the side.

>>174419872nta, op was autistic, his explanation isn't valid, relationships aren't so black and white, you guys are retards

>>174419520For me, it's Jodelle.

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>>174419726I already do my friend

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>>174420189Perhaps you aren't ready for sex incarnate

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>>174419811Spotted the newfag

>>174419774When Mexicans take over

>>174420263>most dudes think it’s perfectly acceptable to look and dress like thisLife is literally so easy

>>174420223is this the same slut?

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women deserve to be genocided

>>174419769Holy shit... I think I'm fucked because this makes perfect sense to me.

>>174420294I mean the look is fucking sickening but the clothes? It's literally just a black tshirt and jeans.

>>174420302No, it's not your mom

This movie doesn’t look good. Reminds me of that Will Smith movie. It’s hard to make android movies.2049 and the Vikander movie were good.

>>174420384LolLmao even

>>174420491Incels amiright lmao

>>174419769Asian women love sappy shit like this though


>>174419366because leftists are so divorced from reality they forget the elementals of dialectics or just basic fucking conflictthe main burden placed on women in "the patriarchy" is the responsibility of child rearing and all the societal and cultural expectations that are built around its action and enforcing ittake that away and you have just "boys rule girls drool" or incoherent bullshit as "oh no you want sex, in a sexual relationship"take away pregnancy youve taken away any otherwise inescapable issue women would have hindering their agencytheres that dogshit gender episode in that star trek ripoff seth mcfarlane made where theres an alien race of seahorse people that can reproduce asexually, are born one sex but can switch sexes biologically at will, problem is, culturally the race thinks "boys rule and girls drool" and so everyone reverts to male as default, with a legal fight over turning a newborn male, however, this species can change sex whenever the fuck they feel like>"i dont wanna be a guy">"okay then weirdo, go morph to a girl, and morph back to a guy when youre done being weird"inherently there is no actual conflict, the species doesnt need a specific sex fulfill any duty in society other than fitting, its ulikely any such preference would even occur in the first place, theres no consequence or issue unresolvable

>>174419665See, whenever someone says God is infallible, I'll remind them that he fucked up when he made women. TWICE if you go by the jewish mythology with Lilith as Adam's first wife.

>>174420203Chad Thundercock doesn't bother with roasties, ya virgin.

>>174419769I do all that to my girlfriend, but then again, I am also unapologetically masculine and do not hide the fact that I have a high capacity for violence. It evens it out.

>>174419366>Why were all the women in it so mad that this guy had a sexbotA sexbot means a guy out of the dating / marriage loop where he's forced to spend millions of dollars on years of his life energy on a hoe that simply tolerates him.

>>174420263>Kimber dollAll things considered, she's the best bang for your buck if you need an affordable full-sized doll.


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>>174419772everything he said was 100% accurate and you eat my asshole for dinner

>>174419769holy shit this will make women obsolete

>>174419873Nice ass

>>174419366Let me guess, the guy ends up being a robot

>>174419820how stupid are you honesty lol

What's that movie where a guy has his daughter drown and gets a replacement bot?


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>>174420993No, he actually ends up revealed to be an incel type that kidnaps a woman to be his wife, then murders her. THEN he gets a sexbot in her likeness. Of course, since his job is at the sexbot making place, you'd figure someone would notice. Then again, for extra irony, After his sexbot wife murders him and rejoins the sexbot resistence movement, the news reveals the sexbot company creates a robot version of him to hunt down the rogue robots. With his memories installed.

Attached: Elena Kampouris Wifelike 2022 [11.13-11.26].webm (1920x803, 2.97M)

>>174421049This is so fucking retarded.

>>174419366Because that’s their job and atomisation makes them irrelevant.

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>>174421049That's really bad writing user

>>174421075It felt like a decently schlocky movie up until the twist. If they had played it as a straight sexbot romance, this might have been a good movie in spite of itself.

>>17442110010/10 bod

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>>174419366>>man gets a perfect sex robot as his wifeShe is not only overweight but also looks 40. It's fucking movie for femcels, they will never cast attractive woman.


>>174421049Sequel following the incelbot when?

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>>174421153It's called Blade Runner

>>174421130>10/10 bod>no titsok homo

>>174421143She is perfect. How fucking pathetic are you to pretend she’s overweight or old lol

>>174421184She IS gorgeous. But a pair of DDs wouldn't be a bad upgrade.

>>174421100girl power/feminist themes aside, they provided me with enough material to make a better movie in my head.I'd watch a lot of stuff with feminist bullshit in it if they also displayed exquisite female bodies naked

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Attached: Elena Kampouris hairy.jpg (1536x2048, 281.85K)

>>174421201Honestly, there's enough movie here that I wonder if some clever editing might be able to make a whole better movie out of it.

>>174421100>can make robot gf>gives her male kids bodywhat did homos mean by this

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>>174419366Imagine making a sex robot look like a bloody woman though when you could have mag wheels, fully immersive 3d and mechanical suction. You could even get a tax write off on it if you used it to hold tools.

>>174421201>I'd watch a lot of stuff with feminist bullshit in it if they also displayed exquisite female bodies nakedThere used to be a website by an organization in New York that was literally just about feminists going around in public spaces being topless or just straight-up nude. MANY photos uploaded. To them, it was a display of power. To men all over the planet, it was prime spank material.

>>174419769You could just do that with a real girl schizo

>>174421270Bullshit. What's it called?


>>174421248do males even have those sweet sweet back dimples?

>>174421287Most men have a bad experience with this. Where the woman loses all attraction to him after he opens up.

>>174421248how i know you're a virgin

>>174421293Toplesspulp. The website was baleeted a while ago, but the organization still exists.

>>174421248You’ve spent too long online if you think boys look like that

>>174419769Women actually want all of that, both the beta sensitive side and the chad that just treates her like a doll. Society made them wary of what the poster called beta shit because it is a red flag of low value, if you are in a relationship with a woman worth a damn you can and will be rewarded for doing that stuff as long as you are still manly in spite of that.

>>174421332Most men are pussies who don't know what a real problem is like.

>>174421293There's an archived versionweb.archive.org/web/20210303003426/https://toplesspulp.com/

>>174421381This is just “there are kids starving in Africa!” Tier argument lol. Ok Karen

>>174421049why the fuckjesus are hollywood writers really this fucking incompetent now? They can't even stick to one premise and have to ruin a movie just so they can le heckin subvert the entire fucking story.

>>174419366for all of time and especially since the sexual revolution women thought they were equal to men and that men truly respected and loved them. turns out the only reason they ever got attention was so that they could be fucked

>>174421143>overweightyou are blind nigga

>>174421100>>174421041>>174419366It's insane a woman can be this hot

>>174421471She’s a 7/10. See better women on the street every day

>>174421471I see hot women all the time at work, but she certainly is exceptional.

>>174419769>>70276181Come join us user.

>>174421422If they stuck to the premise they’d have to explain reasonably why a man having a sexbot is inherently bad. That’s too difficult because they have no argument reallySo easier just to make the guy evil

why is country music playing on the catalog

>>174419366Holy fuck those legs are gorgeous


>>174419517>ending card>my taxes are going to fund anti wifebot propagandaI fucking HATE this province

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>>174419366Someone post the "you now live in a world where you peered into heaven and there is only sadness" greentext with the robot waifus and its basically 100% correct

>>174421132>>174421100>>174421073>>174421041I was about to go to /s/. Now I don't.

>>174421213cute canine teeth

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>>174421100I've seen this movie before. She short circuits when the washing machine overloads and floods the flat with sudsy water. Then he goes searching for a replacement robot body with the help of a crazy maniacal pixie girl and ends up falling in love with her instead of getting his sexbot back. Weird ending.

I had an idea for a movie about sexbots. This guy has a high-end sexbot built for him, but on the day he's supposed to pick her up, he goes missing. The sexbot has been programmed to anticipate his every need and want, and literally knows him better than he knows himself. So she goes looking for him. Things get tense when she must team up with someone who also knows her owner very well, and that's his wife.

>>174421717Man. If only there was a gym I could attend solely to ogle, and maybe take a few pictures.

>>174421132>>174421100>>174421073>>174421041nice. been a while since a species-tier coomer movie had come out.

What kino is this? Please do the needful good sirs.

i am about to buy a realdoll

>>174421100holy anterior pelvic tilt

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>>174419769>I want a sexbot so i can experiance a relationship that isnt grounded on sexI dont know how to take this as an ultimate irony or a proof of the utmost insanity we are living through


>>174421792its not nearly as pronounced in other shots...she is exaggerating it

>>174420104we've been throught thisXX chromosomes

>>174419441What’s the other

>>174419928> two choices: rape/murder or sex robotInternet was a mistake. You people shouldn’t be allowed contact with each other.

>>174421248nigger moment

>>174421824Good movie

Can she cook, though?

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>>174421904>> two choices: rape/murder or sex robotThis but unironically

Attached: Elena Kampouris ass.webm (720x720, 2.74M)

>>174421049There is no way this is the real plotthen again a movie that would ever so slightly hint at a negative trait of women wouldnt be allowed to exist

Someone post that webm of the chink in robo expo

>>174421908niggers dont like tits so youre the niggerand homo

>>174421100My god her skin is literally perfect. I'm assuming they CGIed it because no living woman on earth could possibly look like that

>>174419366Is the ending good? What does the filmmaker conclude about this conundrum? Thing looks like a pile of shit technically so probably not spending the time or money.

>>174419366Just saw the trailer. If that movie interests you, then I recommend picking up the Infinite audiobook by Jeremy Robinson. Both books are quite good.

>>174421982>looks at hot female>thinks of little boysyou are the faggot lol

>>174419366Even though there are obvious ethical problems regarding this situation, i am reminded of that scene in the sequel Douglas Adams wrote to Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, The Restaurant at the end of the universe, where a sentient cow is their waiter and asks which part of himself they'd like to eat. The protagonist objects, mentioning that this is barbaric, and Ford Prefect says, "You'd prefer the cow NOT want to kill and serve itself to you?"That kind of shut me up.

>>174421073Do people actually fuck like that? I been doing it all wrong...

>>174422024homonigger moment

>>174421049>>174422003Question answered. Verdict is: Who fucking cares.

>>174421132how is this not porn?

>>174421947How unfortunate to turn out both ugly and stupid.

>>174422063stop projecting, nigger faggot. go jerk off to little black boys

>>174422079Arguably, it's softcore.

>>174421100Lumbar lordosis

>>174422079production values?

>>174422093youre the one who likes non women bodies homo

>>174422089>uhm you can't just kill/murder okay???

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>>174422066seriously.if sex bots existed, you couldn't afford them.

>>174422141>you couldn't afford them.I am crypto millionaire. I think I can :D

>>174422110i remember there used to be some high class porn company making very cinematic videos mostly about young girls doing anal in some luxury suitethey used to start with the well dressed girl walking through some big city at night before going to the suitethe production values were similar

>>174422141In world where anyone could afford a sex bot we’d have solved the problems that create a necessity for them.

>>174421100Perfection from head to toe. Literally a goddess

Attached: 1661571263931248.webm (1280x536, 2.55M)

>>174422161>crypto millionarieDoesn't exist crypto isnt money.the money isnt real until you cash out the cyrpto...at which point you no longer have crypto and become a simple millionaire.

>>174420221no, OP is totally right, even women themselves literally admit that we are right, they hate simps and "nice guys", he has to be a gangster or a rich businessman or a psychopath or something or he's "boring", morality and even misogyny plays no role in attraction, women stay with boyfriends and husbands who beat them to a bloody pulp and defend them when the neighbors call the policewhy are you in such denial about such a basic facet of human nature? women want "confidence", the signal that this is an "alpha male", chimpanzees would only breed with the alpha, in pretty much every mammal it is the same, why would we expect humans to be differentif you want to spend hours on Holla Forums shilling for feminism or whatever, do try to come up with decent arguments

Attached: full circle.png (960x2786, 189.91K)

>>174419769What the fuck is this retard incel rambling Does this idiot seriously think that NO GIRLS enjoy being told "I love you" Is this actually what you people believe?I think this is trolling because everyone knows at least one couple (Or has been in one) where love is very evidently expressed. What.

>>174422277Women lie. Women cheat. And they use your expressed fears and insecurities against you. At the drop of a hat.

>>174422276>or women are lying to save face

>>174421073im making this phenotype for my sex robot

>>174419517It has a GOAT actor like Jonathan Rhys Meyers but the trailer makes it look like a B-movie.

>>174422276They don’t like people that lie to get close to them or have no self respect. Those are low bars to clear.

>>174419517So it's just a ripoff of Blade Runner with some Stepford Wife ripoff thrown in. No thanks.


Attached: 1_6-MPRi55oBECO6mrZEQfAg.png (974x1138, 1.41M)

>>174421182>>174421248As soon as I saw that webm, I knew there would be some user complaining about her tits and bringing up little boys for no reason. Every fucking time.

Attached: 1663604983896472.gif (286x258, 1.03M)

>>174419366WHERE THE FUCK MY ROBOT GF>wake up in 2022>no robot gfWhat the fuck

this actress is TOO sexy to get naked!

>>174421182>>174421248Sorry to break it to you, user. But most normal people don't find fake tits attractive.

>>174422246That UI looks retarded. Should just have terminator vision with small plain text.

Attached: DiXwmdAUYAAHTeG.jpg (1200x675, 131.65K)

>>174422246why would you make sex droids strong enough to overpower your customers?

Guys are sexbots coming in the next 10-15 years? Idgaf about real women. I want to fuck a 10 and then do what I want for the rest of the day

>>174421041>>174421073>not gripping her ass at allimmersion RUINED, i don't care if it was awkward for the actors, that ass needed to be fondled

>>174422534>>174422617>homoniggers still seething 30 minutes later

>>174422617the entire robot is fake retard


>>174421075I just want to coom.

>>174419366In real life, once realistic fuckdroids are ubiquitous, the average one will look like Christina Hendricks, yet these sorts of movies never reflect this...very unrealistic

>>174422217>Stop Ruining My Giant Ass Fantasyoglaf.com/fully-fleshed/Fuck me, but your right.Always nice to appreciate some wry wit and good insight.

>>174422246mmm rape.so fun and sexy to fantasize aboutso utterly unpleasant in real life

>>174422961>ass, blood and guts everywhere!

>>174422277Those couples aren’t having sex user. She might be, but with someone else. Women are programmed to go after abuse. Grow up.

Attached: Screenshot_20220920-010339-977.png (1080x1335, 856.09K)

>>174419366>Spend a bajillion dollars on a sex robot>Get one with an ugly bowl cut

>>174422276ta, that cap has nothing to do with your assertion. unless you are trying to tell me that attractive guys don't have feelings, or that you can have feelings and still be masculine or borderline psychotic even. you're just a stupid defeatist retard.>WAAAAAA I LITERALLY CAN'T EVER OPEN UP TO ANYONE EVER BECAUSE SOMEONE ON THE INTERNET TOLD ME IT WENT BAD FOR THEM IT'S OVERget a fucking grip, females don't like pussies. expressing your emotions, ever, is not being a pussy. >>174422277exactly>>174422344>fears and insecuritiesunder no circumstances should you ever admit to a woman you are romantically interested in that you are afraid, or have personal insecurities about your physical self. and if this is the depth of your feeling or emotional suffering or whatever, then you deserve it. glad I'm not a normalfag for once

>>174422162I need a link, dammit

>>174419514I still love you user.


Attached: 1652329232399.png (640x357, 310.46K)

>>174423081>starting at just $899You just know the base model is going to be dogshit. It's probably "ad-supported". Stopping every 20 minutes to tell you about SquareSpace.

>>174421974name of movie

>>174421732>>174421732cherry 2000

Attached: 511SJQZGNSL._SY445_.jpg (306x445, 28.4K)

>>174422806>I GOTTA LIKE BAZILLION SILICON MILKERS>otherwise I will be a homo!!!you sound insecure as fuck, faggot kys

>>174423733>coming back an hour later to seethe incessantlylol at your life homo, lmao even

>>174419769Fucking gaySexbots are for sex, not muh feelings

>>174422079It’s art, fool


>>174422079do you see a penis anywhere you dumb motherfucker?

>>174421942What manga is this

>>174423401Jupiter's Legacy

Attached: Elena Kampouris Jupiter's Legacy.jpg (1920x1280, 452.92K)

>>174422344Maybe the skanks you've been with but I have never experienced any of that shit

>>174423081>$900Yeah, add 2 zeroes to that and you'd probably have a realistic price for a real one.

>>174423913Boku no tsuma wa kanjou ga nai

>>174423124Her hair isn’t going to grow so having it be long would be bad

>>174423955>I have never broken my leg, therefore you cannot break your leg >WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DONT WANNA JUMP OFF THE BUILDING YOU PUSSY


>>174421167you lost me here. why would a robot need to give voice commands to itself?

>>174423955maybe try dating adult women instead of little girls

>>174419894It's because of the Female-Gaze. Women are obsessed with 'the Male Gaze' when society is run by the female version. You are a 'success object', you have to be enslaved and devote your life to an inane pursuit inside the Beast system to couple up. The Female-Gaze is the Mark of the Beast.

>>174419366 Women will only tolerate sexbots if the government enforces a bachelor tax. They only want our cash

>>174421049Why the fuck would he give the sexbot her memories

>>174419366anon. the movie was not about sexbots.it was about real women being turned into sexbots against their will.

>>174421100No tits

>>174421974the most surprising thing here is that the floor of a greenscreen room is hard enough to break a bottle with a weak throw like that

>>174424195>how can we make sexbots bad?>ah yes, the most nonsensical reason possible

Wouldn’t men be embarrassed when people see they own a sexbot because they’re an incel

>>174424205Most likely stunt glass.

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>>174420555Trips and personal experience confirm

>>174424186That's the central conceit of the movie. The Wifelike company can replicate your deceased spouse and program their memories in. He, somehow, edits her memories before she's programmed, but she ends up remembering anyway. Which makes no sense whatsoever because whoever does the memory extraction WOULD WITNESS HER KIDNAPPING AND MURDER

>>174424201wouldn't have it any other way


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>>174421100Literal perfection.

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>>174424272Greek goddess

>>174424340you = gay

>>174424376but I don't like dicks

>>174424205in movies, glass for breaking is often made of sugar/glucose something like that.

>>174421100i don't think we're supposed to know women like this can exist. we're meant to stay in our tiny villages and see like one semi-cute girl in our entire lives. i'm going to kill myself

>>174422698because some may like it ?

>>174424363>meanwhile in Greece there are no good looking womenWhy?

>>174424344Looks like an ugly boy. Get taste incel

>>174419626Your mistake is thinking they care about wether or not they're being hypocrites. The concept of "fairness" means nothing to them they think about society only in terms of power. The fact that they can get away with something and you can't means they're stronger than you and that's a good thing in their eyes. They will take everything they can and try to shame you into giving them the rest. The moment a leftist starts talking about "equality" "responsibility" or "historical debt" is the moment you punch him in the teeth. They're the political equivalent to pic related.

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