I get not taking hard drugs (see Philip Seymour Hoffman) but why are superhero movies such a no-no?

I get not taking hard drugs (see Philip Seymour Hoffman) but why are superhero movies such a no-no?

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Legendary actors don't do superhero garbage

>>174419067>superhero - a benevolent fictional character with superhuman powerslooks like he didn't listen after all.

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>>174419105kek christian bale is no longer a legendary actor

>>174419201Is that Willie Wonka? How many more times are they going to remake the original?


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>>174419067Because capeshit tends to kill your career after you’ve done a dozen movies.

>>174419067Capeshit actors aren't taken seriously.

>>174419067shit like Dune might as well be. Same for LOTR

>>174419244until pedos make it acceptable for wonka to groom charlie into his boy lover and heir to the chocolate debaucherythat'll be the definitive version

>>174419067Leo was talking about what happened to Tobey

>>174419067What the fuck is wrong with Tim's face?

>>174419067phoenix still going strong after cape movie just hire decent agent so you dont have shitty role


>>174419289inception is capeshit too.

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>>174419067Nerd shit isn't actual art so you're seen as a lowbrow loser only fit for disposable genre pieces. The only Star Wars actor who managed to escape that fate, for instance, is Harrison Ford. Guinness was the only legitimate acting star and Cushing was a B-movie genre guy while James Earl Jones was more a theater guy anyway.Look at Star Trek as well. Nobody from there became big stars for anything except Star Trek and then cashing in on being personalities except for Michael Dorn as a voice actor (because he wasn't able to get "real" acting work). Doing nerd genre shit means you will always be associated with nerd genre shit and never be taken seriously as an actor.

>>174419215>bale>legendarysince when?


>>174419510the joker is an exception. See nicholson. he's such a kinomatic character it's worth the risk of being in superhero garbaggio

>>174419510Joaquin Phoenix was already a star and well respected actor and Joker isn't a traditional superhero movie anyway. You can only get away with nerd shit if you've already got an established and respectable career doing "real" films because it's basically your retirement plan.

>>174419353he is a jew

>>174419289>anything sci-fi/fantasy is superhero555-come on now. might as well include horror as well.only small indie dramas aren't capeshit.

>>174419853Have you not seen the Fighter?

>>174419105>Oldman>Mads>Hopkins>Bale>Von Sydow>Hauer>Blanchett>Redford>Hurt (John AND William)>Norton >Douglas>CloseI could go on but you're a fucking retard

>>174420067All hacks and very reddit

>>174420067Was this supposed to prove something?

>>174419215batman isn't a super-hero

>>174419510Joker wasn't a superhero movie. No benevolent hero, no superpowers. Not superhero.


>and no girls over 25.


>>174419067Because to real thespians capeshit is just the equivalent to hallmark/tv/ or soap shows now.

>>174419510>phoenix still going strong after cape movie just hire decent agent so you dont have shitty roleJoaquin might still going strong but River isn't. So at least half of that advice is seems pretty sound.

>>174419067>no superhero movies>instead do garbage like DUNC

>no superhero movieso getting mawled by a bear and surviving is normal then

Paul Atreides is more of a superhero than Batman

>>174421783Well it actually happened to someone, so yes it's achievable by a normal person, unlike wearing spandex, flying around and spouting quips non stop without being called a faggot

>>174420067Gene HackmanJack NicholsonAdam West

>>174420176He was in the goyslop thor movie

>>174419067No hard drugsNo superhero moviesNo commercial flights to climate change conferences

>>174419067Why do all modern Hollywood male stars look like they take dick?

kek all the beta goy redditors seething about superhero movies

>>174419067Has there been a single actor who got big with superhero movies and went on to do anything else significant? Actors who were already famous before slumming it for capeshit bucks don't count.

>>174419244Mad Hatter

>>174419067Probably because it’s an easy route to a fast paycheck. Look at the one Hemsworth brother. Couldn’t name a single project he’s in beyond milking Thor for a decade + for $300 million. It’s like a boxer who gets the big payday then isn’t as motivated to leave it all in the ring anymore

>>174419244its not a remake. more like a prequel. no factory no kids.

>>174419067good advicestick to pussy and novels

>>174419250>kill your career>done a dozen moviesif you still need a career after a dozen movies you either didn't get paid shit or you are beyond irresponsible.

>>174419853have you not seen these digits?

>no hard drugsWho the fuck is gullible enough to think Timmy Chalamet isn’t snorting coke on the regular?

>>174422520he only said that goatman gave him the advice, not that he took it.


>>174419885Joker wasn't done to sell toys. Once your face is on toys you're their to sell merchandise on top of the movie. Leo had never been an action figure. Once you pick one too, you can't do a 2nd without working out deals. So just never do one.

>>174422448>no factory no kids.Who wants to watch that?

>>174422103Because they probably do

>>174419067that's rather baste advice, thanks leo

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>>174419510being a bad guy doesn't count duhhhhhh


>>174422103>Why do all modern Hollywood male stars look like they take dick?I know the answer

>>174419067Well...we saw how that turned out for Twink Chalmut. Great advice, Leotardo.

>>174420067>no jack Nicholson >no Christian Bale >no robot Pattinson

>>174424215Excuse me?

>>174419105Based. All capeshit is trash.

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