Finally, she's gone

Finally, she's gone.

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Who gives a fuck

You're a closet fag of you watch this garbage

>>174418476Good actor but ugly

>>174418476ugly cunt

>>174418476Not gone

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>>174418476she looks like that dude Woozuh

her mouth area makes me angry

>>174418476>>174418615I love monkeHaven't even watched GoT desu I just hang in the monke threads

>>174418615what movie? looks kino

>>174418615She got that trailer park look about her.

>>174418647An Australian tv show Upright

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>>174418645monke is pure

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>>174418476Strange facial deformity. She has a long chin, but it doesn't jut out like a normal chin. Makes her head look like a potato.

>>174418476constantly looks like she's smuggling a piece of gauze inside her mouth


>>174418615sexo sexo

>>174418643She has that mouth like a 14 year old with braces. Now that I think of it, do braces exist anymore? I haven't seen anyone with them in years.


>>174419242your just older retard. does china not exist if you dont see it infront of you? if i hide a box behind my head did it disappear?

>>174419242>do braces exist anymore? I haven't seen anyone with them in years.Yes, obviously. You probably haven't seen them because you're not a child anymore.

>>174418476So how much do you think little gretta sturmburg went on the open market before landing this role as a child whore?

>>174421050shes just lucky she didn't get sold to the arabs.

>>174421083I know, right? They don't give a FUCK about global warming!

The absolute number of kissless virgin incels in this thread.Get it straight. Monke a cute. Cute!

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>>174418476>>174418615my god i want to break its jaw so much

>>174421149almost as monke as mara

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>>174418476Makes me sick just looking at her abnormal negroid face.

>>174421192said the white monkey lover kek

>you will never fondle monke's perfect breastswhy live

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>>174421192I’d think Asian because they’re the ones who brutalize animals for fun

I bonered

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>>174418476Thank god she sucked


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>>174418476she looks 12

>>174418476>white woman who looks like a niggerWe're reaching diversity hire levels that shouldn’t even be possible

>>174421534Kek an albino black person will play a white character in the future. Bank on it. Literally, bank

>>174421518Her character in House of the Dragon was 14 in the pilot and in the latest episode she's 17 or 18.

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>>174418476We have a chance to compete now, ROPEsisters!!

Somone post a webm of her death or else I don't believe it.


>>174418615the daughter i never had

Are they related?

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>>174419417>>174419242They've also got those clear things now or wtv they are. They existed back when I was a kid but they were crazy expensive, but also I'm completely talking out of my ass because I was blessed with perfect teeth.

>>174421261Looks like a basic whore in this one. Return to monke

>>174421829from the same chimp pack that copulated with jane goodall, yes

time to drop show

>>174418476the audience will decrease until monke is restored to her throne

>>174421829They do look similar desu

>>174418476She has face of very ugly boy.


she is the most dangerous type to fall in lovethe type that you thought was ugly at first and you slowly falls in love as you see her qualities in the light: as you pity her at first and this makes you forgive her personality flaws and when you mix that with finally understanding her beauty, you're done

>>174418476They took this from you...

>>174418476>>174418615>ywn lick her scar from where they cut off her tail

>>174422572She has the face of a very cute girl

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>>174418700Holy fake hairline, Batman!

>>174421241>he doesn't know of south american pity monkies

>unironically watching this piece of absolute dogshit to own the chudsshiggy dig