Why is she so Butthurt Witcher is one of the most popular shows on Netflix

Why is she so Butthurt Witcher is one of the most popular shows on Netflix

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>>174418325malding roast

>>174418325Because she’s based

>Henry>mediocreHe's good. He just stars in mostly garbage.

>>174418325I coomed to her butthole. Anyone else here coom to JLaw?

>>174418325>another fake tweet thread episodeyawn

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>>174418325That has to be fake. No f-I guess way would she call HC mediocre, even though we all know he is.Also how can a show be bland and edgy?

>>174418325Thank you for making me remember that 3 year period where they relentlessly pushed this skank on us before moving on to the next chosen one.

She’s probably up there with the worst actors in modern Hollywood. American Hustle is like a school play tier performance. Glass houses butthole lady, glass houses.

>>174418325She’s judging other people on their acting talent? Holy raging bitch. What did Henry do?

>>174418325...bitch doesn't do one fucking bit of acting in the movies I've see her in. Looking grumpy at the camera is what she does IRL too

>>174418361Cant talk shit after the entire world seen your asshole.Sorry miss Lawrence

>>174418379>>174418399poltards are running out of outrage drama so they are manufacturing it oneI knew this would happen. Supply and demand. poltards are now the woketards.

>>174418325She's a fucking terrible actor herself who only got roles by being a whore, and then complained about afterwards when it wasn't enough to keep her career going. Sounds bitter and grasping for any reason to justify her failure.

>>174418325link to the article ?

>>174418459Idc nigga

Cavill is a pretty shitty actor but he's /ourguy/ so i like him

>>174418366many times, friend

>>174418459>running outa texas gov just sent illegals to a politicians home

>>174418325kek she is such a fucking cunt

>>174418352>>174418361>>174418365>>174418366>>174418399>>174418412>>174418414>>174418445>>174418450>>174418458Its fake you gullible tards. Holla Forums truly is the dumbest board


>>174418459>someone using the term poltards unironically talking about someone else creating fake dramanice bait

>>174418543Don’t care, still hate this stupid cunt

>>174418459(You) farming and its consequences have been a disaster for the anonymous race.

>>174418458Her asshole was based and her performances are based. She’s based.

>>174418487It's all over the internet now. Just google it ya spoonfag.

>>174418543I don't care. I don't like Jennifer Lawrence

Posting wholesome Cavills

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>>174418589she does have a fine butthole and a tight little puss I give her that/

>>174418325She didn't say anything wrong, Caville may be Good loking actor but he's mediocre

>>174418325>she played a shapeshifter who only made 1 face the entire series

>>174418325This bitch is nothing without weinsteins cock

>>174418543>>174418459>>174418379It was all over twitter a couple days ago. Why are gaslighting chuds trying so desperately to frame it as "fake"? YES your show is edgy and mediocre. Touch grass

>>174418325she's right. but should also namedrop Kaley Cuoco or Lily Collins to balance her claim.

>>174418399>>174418487>>174418543Summerfags extending their stay

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>>174418325That's rich coming from someone who is famous from the X-Men movies where she ended not even wanting to put the blue makeup on when Rebecca Romijn was far more dedicated to that role while considered a less talented actress.

>>174418623Was it clearly tight? I'm trying to recall if it was a point t of focus.

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>>174418459>poltards are now the woketards.what you mean they're completely politically irrelevant and are responsible for turning back the gains of the french fucking revolution??? lol

>>174418325>bland and edgyThis is why you aren't getting paid more sis

>>174418459>poltards are now the woketards.Oh boy, is it that time already? The leftoids realise their bullshit has inconvenient truths and it's "parties switched" again time?!

>>174418365Man of Steel is a masterpiece

lol fake but made me check

>>174418508Eh I haven't seen him do anything impressive but I never found him awful in anything.In Witcher he did a better job then everyone else and I know that means nothing since everything else is bad but who cares.


The harvey roles have all dried up and now she's having a public tantrum realizing that she was only an asset as a free use toy for fat jew execs and not the big, celebrated and loved star she thought she was

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Someone please make a Jennifer Lawrence "Acting" Compilation this dumb bitch really acting with way too much fool hardy gumption and not even the slightest bit of guff to back it up, I reckon.

>>174418325Burn them bridges girl.

>>174418325Only one of these people has pictures of their butthole out there so....

>>174418325She did NOT say that.

>>174418458Not only that but globs of jizz on her faceTry to maintain credibility after that, whore

>>174418366Who didn't, user, who didn't...

>>174418325The witcher is trash but this whores last good film was Mother so she can kill herself too

>>174418325I hate her but she's right about Witcher being bland

>>174420220Yes I did.

>>174418907It's been summer for more than a decade,retard.Summer was the good times,people such as yourself did not have inte access at home during the summer.

>>174420386Shut up, chud

>>174420264I thought it was confirmed that it wasn’t her? Or was that just an attempt to disassociate herself from the most shameful picture in the collection?

>>174420343Nope Witcher is good

>>174418365he's the only good part of the witcher kekand the poo in the loos titties i guess

>>174418325She has absolutely no right to call others mediocre.

>>174418325Getting Weinstein'd into winning an oscar at a young age absolutely ruined her

>>174418325The cast of Friends got 1 million an episode

>>174418325What in the goddamn fuck?She can shut her fuckin' mouth about /ourguy Cavillio Estevez. Henry is alright, we got no problemo's with the Henry Repeater.She has had a string of head injuries if she thinks those nudes and her asshole photos are going to carry her thru absolute fucking slander and defamation of H.C.

>>174418325Didn't the Lawrence hype die out like 5 years ago?Don't know a single new movie she have been in.

>>174418325>lawrencelmao whatdoes she even have a single good performance?

>>174418325>paying an actor is the problem>not the awful woke writingYeah, she's jealous.

>>174418325From a woman that wanted $50mil to show her shitty tits and only got gigs because she sucked Harvey’s weird cock. It’s pretty stupid. Also his hands may not be as big as hers but he is light years ahead of her in acting skills.