Do you quote television and film in real life?

Do you quote television and film in real life?

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I only quote Taxi Driver.

>>174417971I don't have any interactions with people in real life. When I did, I'd quote movies from time to time, about as much as I would poems or books.

>you cheated on me? When I specifically asked you not to?>yes

>>174417971>the aftermath wasn't murder What a cuck

>>174418053what a crabs in a bucket shithole this place is

>gf tries to initiate sex>Some mother fuckers always trying to ice skate uphill

>>174418053When someone mentions a movie, I don't do quotes but I'll start to talk about them in depth about it and every time their eyes glaze over. Fucking normies.

I quote Rust all the time

>>174418119But every now and again, I have a somewhat civil conversation. It's the only way I can be social.

>>174417971>Do you quote television and film in real life?yes, I quote this video all the time.

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>>174417971I don’t remember what she was annoyed at me about but once when my first gf said “what are you doing?” I gave her the old “GIVING YOU YOUR REWARD. Your ETERNAL rewaaaard” in the Jafar voice loudly. She was not pleased.

>>174417971>not ex-wifepeople who take back cheaters are above and beyond the most pathetic people in captivity even voluntary cuckolds are in a league above them because at least they enjoy it

>>174417971He knew she was cheating, he anticipated it but waited just to say that line.

I once told my friend to use the force when his girlfriend was withholding sex, but typically I just think of appropriate lines and keep them to myself. Everyone I know loves Blazing Saddles, but quoting it in public is a risky affair.

>>174418111You've been watching too many music

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>>174417971How many users plebbit has?

name one practical reason to even quote your favorite movie in real life

>>174417971I don't watch the Office, but my ex-gf did. Now I know why she randomly burst out laughing when I confronted her over cheating on me

>>174418201You sound autistic.

>>174418316"I don't have time" is actually a great excuse for literally anything you don't feel like doing. Thanks, Bimmy!

>>174417971I only quote Link, from the legend of zelda

>>174420247>hu hut hut ha hyaa ha ha shyaaa duoh-WAAAAAAAHHH aiii...chyeh

>>174417971I only quote the room>good doggie

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>>174420247>Sheesh, it sure is boring af around here

>>174417971i quote rick and morty like a boss. Women love it

>>174417971When I was young I'd always walk into clubs and yell 'Where the white woman at' as a pasty white guy myself

>>174420202>someone asks something of me/expects something of me that I don't want to do>give them a sob story about how bogged down I am IRL, start going on a fictional tangent about family problems taking up all my free time>they get annoyed and give up>later on I'm wasting my precious time on earth posting herehehehe

>>174418119Take a look in the mirror

>>174418053I bring up plotlines from Mad Men in conversations daily

>>174417971god imagine posting that and acting proud that you quoted a shitty office line when talking to the wife that cucked you

i quote television from time to timelast time my friend told his grandma diedI told him I TURNED INTO A PICKLE MORTY I AM PICKLERICKhe doesn't talk to me anymore i might not be good at this

>>174418119you can leave anytime bro, its the losers on here that gives this place heart

>>174418119That's not what that means

>>174419920>name one practical reason to even quote your favorite movie in real lifeto bring yourself amusement. I often quote movies and tv shows, most of the time no one has any idea I'm quoting anything. But every now and then someone notices is, and we share a moment over kino

I've used "I'll show you what happened when you find a stranger in the Alps" on numerous occasions

The highway was jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive, also the Lou Gerig joke.>>174419920to make a point in a way that amuses oneself?

Where tha scotch at?

im biding my time for the day I have enough balls to stand up on a table or bench or whatever and yell "THE ONE PIECE IS REAL"

>>174420756>>174420844talk like a normal person

>>174418243A psycho's fear?

People don't want to actually talk about anythingThey want to say their thought and then say their next thoughtIt used to amaze me how I could get people to open up to me. Its just asking them about themselves. That's fucking itIts also extremely lonely because no one else fucking cares

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>>174417971I remember when I was younger thinking it would be cool to memorize where movie lines came from and the year they came out to bring up as a quirky thing in social conversations until I saw a girl on Cash Cab do it once and she looked a fucking cringy retarded autist.

If you have to ask your significant other not to cheat on you then you've already lost.

>>174417971People who live their lives through TV characters and references are absolutely cringe



>>174420938yeah its amazing how hard it is to find people that are actually interested in what others are doing outside their top 3 people or whatever, ive got 2 friends who actually listen and I fear ill never make another

>>174420349>anyways how’s your sex life?

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>>174417971I love to do it in situations that allow for comedy. Unfortunately, my gf usually doesn't understand the quotes because she's not a dimwit who watches movies and shows all day. Still, it's funny to me to quote shit without anyone understanding what I'm talking aboutDoing it in serious situations is weird as fuck though.

>>174418155top kek

if appropriate throw in the unforgiven 'deserves got nothing to do with it'

>>174418155>>gf tries to initiate sex>>Some mother fuckers always trying to ice skate uphillOK user, made me sensibly chuckle

>>174417971I quote spiderman"With great power comes great responsibility"It's an easy one that almost always has someone who gets it

>>174417971I have done this successfully one time. Old gf was bitching and complaining about our relationship while I was rummaging in the fridge, she asked, "What do you want from me?!!" Exasperated. I shut the door, stood up straight and said, "I want pizzza Steve" in the retarded voice from Multiplicity with Michael Keaton.She chuckled, call me a fucker. I later actually ordered a pizza.

you only need one quote>i drive

>>174418243>if you get the opportunity, you should kill yourself

>>174418360This you have to be the ultimate loser to give them another chance after they pulled that shit.

I say Sneed regularly

>>174418201Deep talk is the perfect test, no airhead loser has passed mine

I got banned from entire reddit for making fun of trannies

>>174417971I quote YTPs with my friends

>>174422358I got permabanned up range banned from Holla Forums for doing the same

>>174422376That's pretty gay...yaaaay.

>>174417971I was cooking hamburgers earlier today, and my wife asked me for two of them, and why it was taking so long.I said:"Okie dokie lady, hold onto your potatoes"She looked at me confused, and asked me what the hell that meant.I then realized that she had never seen Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.I introduced that movie to our daughter when she was eight, years ago. Daughter likes scary movies, as long as there is a little kid in it. She loved Short Round. And Newt in Aliens. And so on.As I thought about it further, I realized that our daughter is far more like me than my wife, and that answered a lot of questions about the friction between her and mom.She sees it too, and hates it.

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>>174419920I quoted Al Pacino to impress a chick once. Didn't work.

>>174423418Your daughter sounds based. Keep her away from weirdos.

where you at dog

this guy only

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>>174423451I love history like my Pops does but it's not like he forced me to take an interest in it. Hope she managed to break free. That wouldn't be a Mormon family would it? wouldn't Mormons think harry Potter shit is blasphemous?

>>174423451How fucking based she has been forced to becomewe really are a product of our enviroment

>>174423491I fucking wish i had enough conflict in my life to quote this guy

>>174423573quoting this guy is whay escalates the mild differences into conflicts. try it. it is very freeing.

I quote the lines from Full House all the time.

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The jew from Entourage

>>174423451Poor kid.

>>174423962Gonna have to be a bit more specific there, champ.

>>174418243>le average IQ

>>174420875I saw a guy in a one piece shirt the other day and I started singing "ARITAKENO YUME WOOO KAKIATSUME, SAGISHI MONOOO" and he chuckled and said "ahh I only watch the dub" fucking loser

>>174418345Based sorcery poster

>>174417971>Last year my wife>Not ex-wife

>>174423085The funny thing is that I made ONE (1) post since making the account. It was enough for them to permaban me

>>174423459The GREAT ASS line, I hope?

>>174424296Nah, the I WOULD TAKE A FLAMETHROWER TO THIS FUCKIN' PLACE one from Scent of a Woman.

>>174424208I started my divorce one year ago, still hasn't been finalised yet. Asking her in the first place is a red flag anyway.

>>174423459GREAT ASS or little friend?