What is Holla Forumss's verdict?

What is Holla Forumss's verdict?

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>>174417710>5 foot nothing 100lb Jew bitch as Norse God of Thunder>black "Valkryie">black dude as bridgekeeper in Nordic taleDidn't watch. I don't support anything that intentionally shits on the source material like that.

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Holla Forums didn't watch this kek. where do you think you are?

Too many characters. Christian Bale and Russell Crowe are barely in the movie. It's especially bad because Christan is the villain and he only has like three scenes.

>>174417710i liked it. people just hate fun these days

>>174417710dont know dont care stop spamming capeshit on this board

5/10 barely watchable

>>174417710They doubled down on most of the criticisms of the MCU.

>>174417710turned it off after 5 min.Somehow even worse than most new marvelshit

>>174417710Pretty much unwatchable with the constant lame jokes.Also Thor is a bumbling idiot who has to be carried by his two female companions who are of superior intellect and composure.

>>174417710christian bale was the best part of itI don't keep up with marvel but I've seen all the thors

>>174417710peak Reddit

>>174417710I liked it reasonably well, but I expect for it to be a "turn off your brain" experience and judge it that way. Much less funny than Ragnarok, but enough of the jokes still land. Bale is great as Gor. As "turn off your brain" entertainment it's a 7-8/10.

>>174417710the hammers and shit having emotions and personalities whose fucking idea was that?

Leaned too far into goofy comedy. There are only a few serious scenes that aren't ruined by stupid jokes. Which is a shame because I think the scene at the end when Gorr and Jane die and Gorr's daughter appears as a starry silhouette is genuinely beautiful and could have been way more emotionally impactful under different circumstances.

>>174418206this I don't get the hate, also my wife wants me to join a gym to look like thor what do

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>>174417710Very bad. Bizarre having her die, bizarre having the villain flip flop between cartoonish and relatableSword comes out of nowhereThe one God seems "bad" but the others seem good/bad/indifferent?All gods exist or only popular ones or what?Little girl ending is weird and their relationship at the end is unearned and strangePace is bad, comedy beats fall flat, The whole cast is nothing but supporting actors leaving CGI rock man to try to carry the movie (Portman isn't a string enough actor nor is she allowed to)5/10, maybe 6/10

>>174418830Cohen whytitty

>>174417710Wasn't as cringe as I was expecting but still trash

>>1744177102/10 until after Zues then 6/10

>>174418830Yeah a bad joke carried too farUnintentionally undermines the characters too since they are 100% their gifted powers.Iron man is "nothing without his suit" except he can cobble one together out of used car parts in the desert while suffering from the flu

>>174419094>The one God seems "bad" but the others seem good/bad/indifferent?disney rewrote it youtube.com/watch?v=SzgNCRN9hlI

>>174418830stormbringer slowly coming into frame gave me a good chuckle but the joke started wore thin quickly and then it started to actually show up in the final conflict. Christian Bale and the whole black and white segment were the best parts of the movie.

Marvel is dead and that's a good thing

>>174418854Start roiding NOW

>>174419094And I hate that sheep rooter taika but what happened to his face? They entered the black and white dimension but he went missing

>>174419286Weird, how do they not have the story for these billion dollar movies 100% locked down before they even start filming?

>>174419286>Feige forces rewrites and reshoots>changes entire structure of the movie>movie is disappointing, word of mouth spreads>movie underperformed, director is blamed>director let go, people who fucked up keep their jobsThis is gonna happen again.

>>174417710It's post-Endgame MCU, it's not even capeshit, it's just shit....

>>174419396He got his by Zeus's thunderbolt so his body was destroyed except his face. During the first visit to the shadow realm he called the goats so they could escape.

>>174419286Wow that explains why it felt like such a disjointed mess

>>174419509Yeah but one minute he's quipping as a face then our 3 heroes get fucked up by bale. I guess he was left on the ship or something


>>174417710Well, since even normies hate it, I guess we need to find some reason why it's "based" and actually good, right?Can't think of anything, though.

>>174419426This is not the artistic work of a lone and mistunderstood genius. Its a corporate product that is tested and modified before full release.

>>174417710I hadn’t watched a MCU since Far from Home, so I actually really liked it. Would have hated it if I was up to date on everything

>>174417710>I'll ruin your mythos in a minute baby.Kevin Feige's face in the background of the article where Taika delivered that quote told me everything I needed to know.

>>1744177102/10 wouldn't torrent again


>>174417710Is it up on torrents yet?

>>174420017been up. Get the YIFY rip

Where did New Asgarde come from? Was that set up in one of the spinoff series or something?I hate how these movies assume you have seen EVERYTHING but then also sometimes they just forget to tell you about something or it was going to be set up in something else that got cutAll these movies have these disjointed bits

>>174417710I hate Tessa Thompson and Taika Cohen so I gave it a pass.

>>174419913>wouldn't torrent againthat's every singel capeshit movie, except the Batman ones by Nolan.. also saw the one with the AI machine a few times

>>174420086fucking Endgame. If you didnt watch that wtf are you watching this

>>174418702>christian baleyes he was. Tehy basically wasted him. Gorr is a Thanos level villain, he should have been a bigger threat that just a single movie. It would have been cool to spread him out over a few movies....like he could just pop up out of the ground at random points like a mini-boss.

>>174417710The side on wide shots of Thor jumping before smashing someone while 80’s rock played were way overused. The immigrant song one in ragnorok worked as a climax that felt earned but in this one that shot just kept happening.The whole movie felt like film students tried to make their own ragnorok, where they just cobbled together the bits people liked without understanding how the rest of the film supports it

The floating head was still strange

>>174417710The jealous girlfriend axe shit was awfulCap wielded the hammer without turning into a copy of Thor...so why did Jane?Gorr the god butcher kills one god on screen.Also, did Gorr make a reference to the christian God while talking about Jane to Thor? "You know who wont save her"

>>174417848the source material is a series of garbage comic books written by a pervy jew for an audience of prepubescent lonersit deserves to be shit on

>>174417710it was alright.i really hope this is the last one, tho.


>>174417710>CapeshitDon't care, won't watch. lol

>>174419286>>174419426>>174419515>>174419444Crazier still is that Russel Crowe was meant to portray Satan before it was changed to Zeus. It's as if they make these movies on the fly.

>>174417710Actual 0/10 movie

>>174417710>literally who villain>same jokes over and over (anyone who unironically liked the screaming goats should hang themselves)>Thor being insecure in front of his crush is fucking retarded>making shit up because the plot demands itI like the movie posters though. 8/10

>>174421243Fucking based.

>>174423116Pretty much my assessment, too.

Taika Watiiti is one of my fave directors, he's done much better though.

>>174417710I didn't watch it. Don't care to. I laughed when I heard it bombed.

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>>174417710made it to the >cancer, lolscene, then went back to watching Korean dramas.