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>>174417635Why do the jannies hate blehposting?

Watching NIght of the Demons 2. It's not quite as good as the original but it's still a good movie. 8/10 (Great)

Here’s the official 5 best zombie filmsDawn of the Dead (1978)Zombie (1979)Day of the Dead (1985)Night of the Living Dead (1990)The Return of the Living Dead (1985)

>>174417741>No Dead Alive

>>174417741Good list desu

>>174417741I think Zombi 2 sucks, but great list otherwise

I love Scream. I love Ghostface. I love that it is a moniker that others can pick up.

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>>174418090Scream is one of my favorite movies

>>174417741Terrible list.

>>174418152Post your list

>>174418261You offended the guy who really likes the original Night of the Living Dead.

>>174418261ZombielandZombieland 2Shaun of the DeadArmy of the DeadWorld War Znuff said

>>174418368Shaun of the Dead doesn't belong in that pile of shit.

>>174418090This poster makes the movie look waaay better than it is lol. Wouldn't think it's a teen dramadey

>add psychotic women>movie becomes 10x more enjoyableIt's that simple.

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>>174417635What is the comfiest horror

>>174418500Telling that you said enjoyable and not better. Your fetish is showing.

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>>174419004Camp horrorSleepover horrorMall horror

Who are the most creative killers?

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>>174419016>Your fetish is showing.Yes, but it also makes the movie better.

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>>174419004All horror comedies are comfy.

>>174419041>Mall horrorbased, got any examples of mall/department store/supermarket horror that aren't zombies?

>>174419229chopping mall

>>174419229>mallChopping Mall>supermarketIntruderAlien Raiders

What have been the best and the worst movies you've seen so far this season? First time viewings only.

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>>174419402Best: Night of the Living Dead (1990)Worst: Men (2022)

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>>174419229Phantom of the Mall: Erics Revenge but it's just alright. Chopping Mall is much superior but speaking of comfy locations we need more horror movies set inside of a museum.

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>>174419402Have an easy top 3>a chinese ghost story, pretty girls, KINO battles, fantastic monster effects>peeping tom, fascinating atmosphere, seedy but not grimy, sympathetic killer>tenebrae, my favourite overall giallo i've seen, just really good (also pretty girls) but deep red had my favourite killWorst>i dunno probably moloch, absolute shambles of a movie that never focused on one idea

>>174419055dr. lecter>>174419004the ring

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>>174419402Hard to say. Since September my top 3 is probably (in no order)>the fly (1986)>psychos in love>the last house on the left (1972)Haven't seen anything I really disliked.

Would you let him into your home?

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>>174419575>we need more horror movies set inside of a museum.I don't know a single one besides The Relic

>>174420008I will have to check this, the only one I know of is the one I posted which made me want more

>0 days>I'm about to watch it

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>>174420070It's a pretty fun creaturekino

>>174420073Oh wait there's only camrips available, scratch that. I thought it was straight to some streaming platform.

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>>174420073>>174420137Why would you bother, fren?

>>174420227Because it could still be fun and at least it won't be self aware or elevated horror trash slow burner

>>174420227Maybe it's goodI mean probably not, but you never know. More surprising things have happened

>>174419402Best>Ring, but I wish I had watched it last year when the dates lined up>Hobo with a Shotgun, not really horror but I have to mention it, fucking incredible, can't believe I slept on it for so longWorst>Attack of the 50 Foot Camgirl, total garbage, not worth it even if you have a giantess fetish

>>174420284The trailer made it seem really self-aware. Everyone knows about the creeper and shit.

To the guy that told me about the Hannibal series, thanks. It's such a pretty looking show.>>174419402I wouldn't call it horror but Dawn of an Evil Millenium was decent for what it is.Event Horizon was campy but funWorstReAnimator, I think

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>>174419402>bestDon't Go In The House is up there>worstX

Tubi has a VHS version of Day of the Dead for those extra comfy vibes tubitv.com/movies/298350

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>>174420765>Don't Go In The House is up thereIf you like Don't Go in the House check out Killing Spree. Very low budget but I really enjoyed it.

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>>174420601>To the guy that told me about the Hannibal series, thanks. It's such a pretty looking show.Not him, but nice taste user.

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>aahhhhh I'm European ahhhh I'm kind of making friends as a parentHope something happens in this film soon.

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>>174420942>every single serial killer of the week apparently also has an art degree

>>174421565Graduating with an art degree and finding out you've just wasted your money and have to work at a mcdonalds would turn anyone into a psychotic killer.

>>174420769That's really cool. Do they have anything else like that?

>>174421565let's seehobbs: hunter, no art, just cannibalism and hunting principlesstammets: weird scientific experiment with fungi, no art involved again, just curiositychild kidnapper: just a crazed aunt looking for foster children, murders were simple headshotsangel maker: ok i give you that onetotem killer: another one for you, quite ludicrous in its entiretyorderly: trying to imitate will/unknowingly hannibal, doesn't countgideon: another hannibal imitatororgan harvester: he harvested organsmadchen: nothing artistic about her murders, quite brutalhuman mural guy: a third for you, also ridiculous but very kinoquack lady: the human headhive was silly but she also wasn't artisticrandall tier: a fourth for you, the murders weren't artistic but his fossil suit was borderline goofyi think i win user

>>174420601Why didn't you like Re-Animator?

Just Rewatched my bloody valentine 3D for the first time since it came out. I would say it's still one of the better modern slashers

>>174422444Still need to check out the original

Alright which one of you cunts tricked me into watch this. Fucking hell.Under no circumstances watch this film. Actually if you are some kind of sadistic european liberal wracked with neurotic guilt about your upper middle class life and somehow need an ironic release through which to punish yourself further, go for it. Otherwise do not watch.

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>>174421019>THEY'RE BEING RUDE TO ME I'M GOING INSANNNNEEE!!!Soi horror at its finest lol

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>>174422901What made Scandicucks into such pussies, serious? I get Germany bends over as a result of looking "evil" from ww2. But what event made all the nordbois into such cucks

>>174423005>4.0Damn, don't see this edition often.

>>174422444Nice trips but I was thinking about this sort of recently. Is it right to even consider movies like My Bloody Valentine, RZ Halloween, F13 Remake, Hatchet, etc as modern slashers when they are all well over 10 years old and were a part of what I'd consider the third slasher boom, possibly even the still part of the second. There was literally a period of like 6-7 years with hardly any high profile slashers.

>>174420376>I wish I had watched it last year when the dates lined upFuck I hate it when that happens. Really triggers my autism.

>>174423110Yeah those films aren't really modern anymore. "Modern slashers" are things like Halloween 2018 and Scream 5.

>>174423110Stop trying to make us feel old user lol

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>>174423200Yeah I'm trying to think of the years really for slashers. 1st wave: 1978 (Halloween)- 1992 (Dr Giggles)2nd wave: 1996 (Scream) - 2011 (Scream 4)Current wave: 2018 (Halloween)

>>174423373Could break it down further>70s-early 80s early slashers>mid 80s-early 90s slashers>post-scream mid 90s-early 2000s teen slashers>post-tcm remake 2000s-early 2010s slashers>modern slashers

>>174423590You could I was just trying to pinpoint certain films/years to separate them off. There is hardly any early tens slashers, they were basically done by 2012 but good pinpoint on the tcm remake being the catalyst to that wave of slashers since the scream revitalization of slashers was killed by Halloween Resurrection.

>>174424036Pre-1978 - Proto-Slashers/Giallo1978-1984 - Original Slashers1984-1992 - Golden Age of Slashers1996-2002 - 90s Revival2003-2012 - Slasher Remake Revival2018-current - Slasher Remake Revival Part II

>>174424036>but good pinpoint on the tcm remake being the catalyst to that wave of slashers since the scream revitalization of slashers was killed by Halloween Resurrection.The TCM remake definitely triggered another slasher wave, mostly other remakes.

>>174417741Dawn of the dead remake is better than the original in terms of zombie action and gore and suspense


>>174419524I'm so in love with her.I'm sure she was the inspiration for Jill valentine

>>174421826They have all the Full Moon movies. Like 200 80s horror movies. A bunch