NEW SUPERMAN SUIT for Superman and Lois season 3

They finally got rid of that awful printed on S and gave him a proper S crestComfy kino is back lads.. Hopes for season 3?

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Where would you rank it among Tyler's past suits?

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Printed on abs is a far worse offense. Idk why they still do this. S2 was shit compared to S1 and I imagine S3 will be on a similar trend, the Jonathan Kent recast doesn't help.

>>174417158post his magnificent plump ass pls

>>174417181dogshit colours but don't mind the design, passable, okay, okaywhy do they make it look like a jumpsuit, pants should be more separate

>>174417181Wtf they have the original suit? I might have to watch this.

>>174417158who the FUCK is this twink? where's Cavill?

>>174417158I don't know what it is about this guy's face but he just doesn't look like Superman to me.His jaw is unimpressive, his chin is uninspiring.

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Not enough shirtless scenes

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>>174417158>Hopes for season 3?23 full length episodes of Melissa's neckI had an idea for an episode where Brainiac shoves a Kryptonite dildo down her throat and it glows so you can see through her skin. If you've ever seen those super bright dildo deepthroat videos you know what I'm talking about

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>>174417158That big Superman bulge Zod better watch his wife because Ursa wants it.

>>174417348I'm 'mirin

>>174417333Lol you poor based retard. His jaw and chin are great

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>>174417428Congrats you found a decent angle but in that picture top half of his head looks like Steve Carrell


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Just started watching it. Just finished the 4th episode of the 1st season and it's honestly wholesome Superman kino. Why did it take this long to get a Superman show off the ground?? Smallville doesn't count as it wasn't "Superman"Shit it's been decades since fucking Lois and Clark. Which I aslo need to rewatch. Wonder if it still holds up on the comfy meter. Any anons rewatch recently?

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>>174417286they have it on screen for literally 3 minutes, the show isn't really that good

>>174417181First suit was better. Put the S from the second on the first one and you have the perfect suit. Where the fuck is his spit curl?

>>174417525>I-it doesn't c-countCongratulations lmao, you gave me another opportunity to call you a retard, and gotta say... I'm loving it.

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>>1744175731st season is pretty good. It has issues with Lois' arc and any action scenes but like you I watched for comfy factor. 2nd season is god awful anytime Bizarro isn't the focus. Weird morals, bad writing, annoying villain, just bad

>>174417158looks shit. trying to make it look like cavill's but his suit actually was made to reflect light differently in certain areas, at least in bvs and jl. this is just painted on garbage, and why does the shield and S have a fucking shadow?

>>174417525Face blindness is a sign of autism, seek medication

>>174417641>"you gave me another opportunity to call you a retard">posts a jawlet photowhat did he mean by this?


>>174417573Recently thought about getting the Lois and Clark box set>>174417709He likely meant you're a retard, said it a few times

>>174417158why does he look mexican?

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>>174417709You don't know what jawlet means dumb dumb, you're trying too hard

>>174417181they're all shit

>>174417573Did Lois and Clark get an HD release?

>>174417860A lot of Mexicans are spaniard mixed with native americans. He apparently is part native so that aspect is what you're probably recognizing.

>>174417158>>174417181looks cheap

>>174418349This, desu

>>174417355Not happening. They already stated Superman and Lois is in a totally different universe. Hes not the same Superman that was in her show. Her show and character are gone. Accept it.

>>174417158>Superman and Lois season 3not watching it

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>>174417247>the Jonathan Kent recast doesn't help.LMAOBoth the kids fucking sucked, but he's the one who got replaced?! OH NO NO NO!DC is a failure. Always has been. If you're a liberal Biden voting faggot, you still watch these CW shows like a braindead fucking loser with no friends. Kys.

>>174417158Don't care he's a pajeet looking motherfucker. Terrible casting

>>174417247Jon is gone?>>174417286Colours get changed in post.It is a jumpsuit.>>174418602>They already stated Superman and Lois is in a totally different universe.Yeah and they still brought in OG Diggle before changing it to New Diggle with the same shtick.

>>174418766>>174419127Allegedly the original Jon Kent actor was antivax and got recast. Idk how true that is kinda sound like bs, it's weird timing. News of the recast was buried under everything else DC getting canceled by Discovery. The character isn't gone but the actor replaced.

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>>174417158Hell yes. Looking forward to it.


>>174419196Weird. He's the one of the only kids on the show I liked.

>>174417573>>174417663Yeah, 1st season is the strongest and they weirdly kept retooling the concept each season like that was going to boost ratings.

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The weirdest part about this show is that people are still acting like it's not just a normal ass CW tier garbage.

>>174420358Is there a point somewhere?

>>174420469The point is the show sucks

>>174420523>Why do people like what I don't like REEEEE!

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>>174417158>>174417333He looks too semetic and too gay to play superman.

>>174417181Wtf that first one is based and classic I’ve never even heard of this show

>>174417158Needs underwear.

>>174417158The printed ab shit is beyond gay. Pic related is what Superman is supposed to look like. He isn't supposed to be some bloatlord body builder. The whole point is that he's just a normal looking dude that can pick up cars and shit

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>>174422355‘Normal dude’ in america means either a truck driving lardass or a flabby limpwrists.And >implying that this guy is even that big>>174422187Yeah he just looks off. No clue why they cast him

>>174418766Can't believe he was the kid in DC's Road to

>>174422355Supes films don't have a soul for a long

>>174422760Absolutely based

>>174422665>europoor endlessly seethes about Americalol what shithole euro country do you live in?

>>174417158does he have a baseball for a dick? lmao

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>>174417181What’s the purpose of the black suit?

>>174423105Where do you think this show is made

>>174417158>Superman's character is the most praised part of the show>show's quality elevates tenfold each time it focuses on him>instead like half of Season 2 is focusing on some retarded drama and a literal NTR subplot with LanaLmao