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post whatever u want but i was wondering if any famous people enabled him

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>>174416719the chippendale sketch supposedly fucked his self esteem up. i recall chris rock saying how he thought it was fucked up because the ending just completely trashes farley. the guy who wrote it was robert smiegel aka triump the insult comic dog


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>>174416765Smigel said that’s bullshit and that Farley didn’t have an issue with it

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This was the first SNL I ever watched at my friend's house that his parents had taped and I had never laughed harder in my life until that point.youtu.be/CYeEAx-0sGg

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>>174416719he was just a fucked up person. simple as. all fat people are unhappy and fucked up on the inside, they just cope by being funny or cool

>>174416925Wrong skit, fuck the Farley one is hard to find.

I mean everyone in his life knew he was a heavy drug user and Odenkirk just wrote about him in Aspen and thinking it'd be the last time he ever saw him. I know a good bit of addicts, but the best I can relate to this is a really close friend who killed himself. There's almost something to the guilt that makes you feel in control. There's some part of your brain that would rather be a bad person who failed his friend than accept that you had zero ability to stop it or other bad things in the future from happening.

>>174416765Boohoo he's a fat comedian, what did he think people were laughing at? It's an automatic +30% humor factor to anything he does by being a fat guy.

>>174417588those are useless and selfish thoughts

Tommy Boy or Black Sheep? For me it's Tommy Boy.


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The Farleykino that filtered millions.

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>>174418257It's qino

>>17441825738 years and i've still never seen this movie. i'm gonna go watch it now

>>174416719>i was wondering if any famous people enabled himeverybody knew, but they wouldn't do anything to interveneyoutu.be/RTUwjLj0xsI?t=8

>>174418219Because faggots like Rock and Odenkirk want to virtue signal about fatphobia

>>174417040archive.org/details/saturday-night-live-s-19-e-15-nancy-kerrigan-aretha-franklinI know it’s from the Nancy Kerrigan episode don’t feel like skipping around to find it but it’s in that links video somewhere

>>174416800i'm glad someone is familiar with the original shrek book.i had that shit a 15 years before it became a movie.

>>174416878>Smigel saidyeah but he's a real piece of shit if you've followed his career and interviews over the years so yeah

>>174419643And Chris Rock and Odenkirk let Farley die of fat drugs, only to pretend to care when it became trendy. Both had sketch shows with jokes about fatties.

Loved Farley but he was a self destructive drug addict. He knew what he was doing and nobody could help him. He wanted to die young and be a legend. He idolized Belushi and died the exact same way for a reason.

>>174416719>post whatever u want but i was wondering if any famous people enabled himAndy Dick

>>17441947044 minute mark

>>174419888we never knew how good we had it back then bro imagine is SNL was anything like that today, id watch it every saturday

>>174419941even urethra franklin as the music guest beclowns anything they have now

>>174419941This era was back when it was an actual comedy show the difference is night and day, the show is unwatchable garbage nowadays I don’t know how anyone can watch it.I miss watching these 90s episodes in reruns constantly on Comedy Central, it was always either then or Kids in the Hall reruns. So much better than just shitty office reruns or whatever the fuck they play now.

>>174416719Every single celeb who interacted with him has claimed the opposite - that they tried to help. Sure. Regardless, he chose his path. Miss him.

>>174416719>post whatever u wanti remember when someone posted about his death pics and how he had rosary beads in his hand which means that he definitely knew he was dying, not like he just nodded off to death

>>174419470It’s from the “Chuck McGill randomly joins the SNL cast for a short time despite already being famous” period of the show!

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>>174419643Also broke into the Capitol with Colbert staffers in order to ambush a specific conservative pol, was caught and filmed and experienced zero consequences - unlike the "insurrectionists" who did nothing more and got multiple years and solitary confinement - because they're all leftist shills. Is he funny? Of course. Doesn't matter - he's a subversive propagandist and part of the problem.

>>174420640>FOR ME TO POOP ON release this man!

>>174416719Yes. A number of his friends were also into drugs, which made it hard for hard for him to stop. It says in the book about his life, that towards the end it was difficult to keep him sober and that right after he got out of rehab some guitarist from a band had run off with Chris and they did heroine for several days. When Chris returned he hadn't slept the entire time he was gone, just constantly on drugs the entire time. Chris's family and friends were pissed at the guitarist for making Chris fall off the wagon.Chris also OD'd in front of a hooker who he begged not to leave since he knew something was wrong. She then took photos of him as he was dying on the floor, later claiming that she thought he must often pass out on drugs. She then left him to die and when Chris was found dead, his brother put a rosary in his hand, which is one of the popular photos that circulates online. People then defended the prostitute for letting Chris die and not getting him help.

>>174421122I remember when he hosted SNL two months before he died even watching that live as a kid I didn’t have a good feeling he’d be around much longer he looked like shit and could barely breath in most of the skits

artie lang's joke story about farley doing drugs with andy dick and norm thinking they were having sex is funny

>>174421174He blew his voice out in rehearsal for that and Chris Rock was on the show as a back-up guest in case Chris couldn't perform. Everyone behind the scenes thought he shouldn't be there and needed to be in rehab, and he had special handlers on set to try and keep him from doing drugs. Jim Breuer said that he smoked pot with Chris on the set and then moments later Chris was acting crazy and Breuer got interrogated by staff about the incident, since Chris was clearly on something else. He's also very bad on his All That appearance and Leno. And in the Leno one Chris is possibly intoxicated during the appearance. youtube.com/watch?v=FHy1HIZL6q4https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_UUKwPWj80

>>174421310David Spade said that once he was dating a Playboy model, and that Chris then approached him onset and asked him to come back to a dressing room to see something. When he entered the room, there was a copy of Playboy that his girlfriend was in and Chris had ejaculated all over it.

>>174421349I remember even Norm adlibbing at some point during weekend update “yeah that joke wasn’t that great, but try to laugh at some of these a bit longer, it’ll help give Farley a little rest” which got a big laugh people couldn’t help but notice how out of breath he seemed in every skit. Almost seemed cruel having him do a new Matt Foley on an exercise bike having to deliver lines being in such rough shapeyoutube.com/watch?v=oQvUv-uti68Yeah I remember noticing as you said his voice sounded bad didn’t know if that was how bad he sounded at that point or if he just blew it out that night just added to his overall unhealthy looking appearance all that night

>>174416765Yes, Chris Rock and Odenkirk. 2 comics feeling offended in someone else's place, kek. It was probably the mean jokes that killed Farley, yeah, that's what did it. For fuck's sake. To be fair, if I had to stand next to Swayze, I'd probably kill myself too. Farley pulled it off with swagger and style. At the end of the day: he's still a fat dude who won't get any chicks. Nothing mean about the sketch. Maybe they feel guilty because they weren't good friends, but that's easy to say after he's dead and burried and they've made their money. That's on them, not on the sketch or mocking fat people.

>>174416719Look at the pose

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youtube.com/watch?v=F3D0OTS-ypUThis clip of Tim Meadows taking about Farley was really sad to listen he seems to have taken Farleys death harder than most of his SNL friends I’ve heard discuss him

>>174421506Odenkirk laughed when Farley damaged his organs and back breaking a table during his written sketch, probably laughed it up when Farley got shitfaced at parties. But pretends to be outraged for good boi points on the fat sketch.

>>174421506>he mean jokes that killed Farley, yeah, that's what did it.Chris was like Jonah Hill. He didn't like being fat and was sensitive about it, and would often say that women only wanted to fuck him because he was famous. At the end of his life he was even dating a model who appeared in the movie Tommy Boy. It was the lady who skinny dips at the motel. He and David Spade got into a fight over her, because both of them wanted to sleep with her, and Chris begged David to let him have her since David always got women for being thin. She was dating Chris, but a lot of people said she was a gold digger-- she claimed otherwise.

>>174421577Real schizo hours

>>174421603He was friends with him before SNL (both worked at 2nd city).It's pretty crazy they just let him wander off after he hosted, when he was clearly in a bad place. You'd think atleast one of them would have tried to help.

>>174421730i'm just ahead of the curve

>>174421668I always thought SNL was shit, but me and my brothers liked 'Beverly Hills Ninja'. I'd have to rewatch it to see if it's aged well. He was hilarious. And while different from James Belushi in style of comedy, it was always clear that they were both guys with a big appetite. That was never going to end well.

>>174421981SNL had a lot of comics who used the movie as a jumping board and went on to do some great movies that still remain. But SNL has always been shit to me, I never got it.

>>174422061>who used the movie*the show

>>174421603Sandlers song about Farley is wholesome kino, sounded like Sandler was kinda trying not to choke up at certain pointsyoutube.com/watch?v=25IOsvWPQGQ

>>174422504I love Sandler.

>>174422504Damn this made me tear up like a fag towards the end. Grown Ups woulda been so much better if he was in it instead of that unfunny fag Kevin James


>>174416719They enabled each other. People have agency and their action are most of the time the outcome of their own decisions. Nonsense such as "enable" and "groom" are pointless because they attempt to transfer responsibility and the reality is that people make choices.

Can someone post that really brutally honest thing Dan Aykroyd (I think it was Dan Aykroyd, not sure tho) said about Chris Farley in an interview a week before his death. Something about him slowly killing himself and not even having a legacy to die with

>>174416719Bros… >On December 18, 1997, Chris Farley was found dead by his younger brother, John, in his apartment in the John Hancock Center in Chicago. He was 33 years old [51]. An autopsy revealed that Farley had died of an overdose of cocaine and morphine, a combination called a speedball [52]. The lethal combination caused enormous gas pressure to build up in the intestines, blocked by years of heroin poop, nearly 11 lbs coroners estimate [53]. The stinky poop blockage forced noxious gas to blow out Farley’s ears like steam whistles [55]. When Farley plugged his ears with candy circus peanuts the fart steam rushed into his lungs and tasted like fart poop so bad he coughed his eyeballs out of his head [56]. When Farley saw his scary popped out eyeballs he laughed so hard that he had a stroke and he died. Upon death the 11 lbs of heroin poop slid out of his butthole onto the floor, the heroin poop ball was roughly the size and shape of a baby. The coroner’s report formally states “it stunk real bad” [57].

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>>174423873>in his apartment in the John Hancock Center in ChicagoI thought it was Herbie

>>174419739>Both had sketch shows with jokes about fatties.Ah, I miss the 90's, bros :(

>>174421122>some guitarist from a band had run off with Chris and they did heroine for several daysJohn Frusciante?

>>174416719He had tons of enablers.It's only in retrospect after a horrible death, do enablers flee the scene of their crimes, to claim later they never knew what was obvious.Don't feel bad for Farley.He had a good run.He chose to end it.

>>174419863Andy Dick is behind the scenes in a surprising number of Hollywood tragedies. He basically murdered Phil Hartman too.

>>174421981>Beverly Hills NinjaBeverly Hills Ninja is still fuckin great. Have a couple of beers when you watch it and laugh your ass off again.

>>174419374>everyone he knew knew he was a criminal engaging in criminal behaviour that would kill him>yet nobody cared as long as the checks kept on coming...this is your brain on Hollyweird, people.You are expendable as a commodity, with very little value.

>>174423735Chris Farley's legacy is basically equal to Dan Akroyd's.


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>>174423467Most "people" actually don't have agency and are just non-sapient NPCs. Drug addicts are nearly always in that category.

>>174421668>would often say that women only wanted to fuck him because he was famousOh the horror

>>174424290Don't get all emotional and make stupid statements like that.

I heard he was in talks to do a dramatic comedy biopic on Fatty Arbuckle. He reay wanted to break out of the type cast comedy, and I think inhabiting the progenitor of the funny fat guy bit could have helped him come to terms. Plus it would have been silent-era kino. If only that hooker wouldn't have let him choke on his own vomit