I still think he's funny sometimes

i still think he's funny sometimes

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You think he's funny? Name one joke.

>>174416383Trump is Putin's cockholster

>>174416383the desantis gag he had about kidnapping the migrants was pretty good


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>>174416340broadcast comedy neutered him, and it's always really bummed me out. The Colbert Report was some of the sharpest shit out there, a perfect searing of the talking head format, but now Colbert's stuck with a writing room that has to censor spicy puns

>>174416456so rent free in your head you can't even post your copypasta properly

>>174416340I miss these lads like you wouldn't believe. You could actually just relax and hear some jokes about celebrities

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>>174416523Nobody even knew Johnny Carsons exact politics. He would give hints sometimes during specifically important events, but otherwise had an apolitical show all those yearsmadness to imagine today where late night is predominately politics.

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Why'd he go from doing satire, to doing shit that is cringy enough to feel like satire despite being entirely unironic?


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>>174416703shift in political climate over the years and also making it onto big broadcasting channels sanitized himor the Holla Forums reason is hes just pozzed for the sake of it

One of the most loathsome human beings on the planet.

>>174416787Imagine thinking this was a good idea.

>>174416340>Welcome, welcome to The Late Show. I'm your host Stephen Colbert. Tonight's story, anonymous Holla Forums poster and "man who has not had sex" has just posted yet another thread claiming that the former Cheeto-in-Chief will be reinstated by the end of the year. It's always interesting to see these brownshirts, who left the brown stains on the capitol on January 6th, have such grandeur delusions. It's like watching Stormtroopers brag that there's gonna be another death star even after Chud Vader throws Emperor Palpateenyhands down the trash chute. Isn't that right John?>AHAHAHAHA SHEEEIT DAS RIGHT DAS RIGHT AHAA

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this video is as old as you are if you are going to hate him for the sake of it at least find new material

>>174416523youtube.com/watch?v=TyBzqhz6n_MBest Conan skit?

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>>174416383IS LE POTATO

Sometimes I will watch clips on YouTube and marvel at how anyone actually sits through this garbage. I also read the comments and I swear that most are bots. If not, they’re written by people who are effective human bots.

>>174416566>Nobody even knew Johnny Carsons exact politicsThat's because the only politics to disagree on back then was abortion and guns.Hard to bring those up when you're not a woman and also school shootings aren't regularly in the news.

Just goes to show if the bigwigs hand you a big contract you become their bitch. Granted maybe Stephen relished the opportunity to be a shitlib but it's sad to consider whatever humanity he once had left the building when he became another fountain of propaganda.Not even a Trump fan. When Tulsi Gabbard was a guest and Stephen just insinuated that her merely talking to Qadaffi was threatening to America I knew he became another dog on a leash.


>>174416340It was funny when that he some black SJW on who said the only reason he has a show is that he's white and you could see him actually contemplating standing up for himself but realizing that keeping his job is more important.

>>174416936My boomer dad still watches The Daily Show. I guess he comes from a time of innocence when a foreigner telling him white people suck doesn't ring any alarm bells. I made it halfway through the first post-Stewart show and tapped out. For being such bitter rivals it's funny how Tucker Carlson is the one carrying John Stewart's torch of actually criticizing the establishment. Well, him and Jimmy Dore.

>>174416340I used to watch his opening monologues on youtube every morning—thought they were always pretty entertaining. But all his neolib bootlicking started to grate on me and now I can't listen to him

I appreciate that he's a massive Tolkien autist. I hope RoP is making him seethe especially after endorsing it.

>>174417124>Tucker Carlson>actually criticizing the establishment

>>174416844Are you actually a writer for his show?

>>174416340Even a broken clock is right twice a day they say.

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>>174417176He probably loves Rings of Power.

>>174417124I list respect for Tucker after his Russian groveling during the Ukraine invasion. Not really because he's pro-russian, he has that right, just because he was so fucking wrong.Remember when he claims Ukrainians were being decimated and the war was over and like a week later Ukraine took like 2000 square miles and the russian lines collapsed? He's too pussy to even bring up Ukraine again after that

>>174416841It's not meant to be. It's meant to indoctrinate and brainwash the public. Before people had a voice on the internet to expose lies, there wasn't a need to use every single form of media to attack some schmuck journalist who wrote a newspaper article complaining about some cover up.

>>174417379This is the kind of low-IQ American who embodies pic related. BTW, the Ukraine "victory" reclaimed 3% of the land Ukraine lost.

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>>174417330With this face the whole time I'm sure, ready to crack

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>>174417560>haha tucker is right putin is winning because Ukraine didn't reclaim THAT much territory

>>174417560not him but bruh, russia is supposed to be a superpower

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>>174417582The image he posted is a perfect depiction of what you are.

>>174417640I'm not american tho. the world laughs at russian bumbling.

>>174417618It’s all a scam to get amerimutt and eurocuck tax money


>>174417669based putin-san sending thousands of russians to die just to enlarge the pockets of my country's defense contractors (of which I own stock).

>>174416340Him and Bill Maher are funny here and there.

>>174416523If Leno were still hosting he would be destroying them in the ratings.

>>174417618The only people who unironically still think Russia is a superpower are the democrats who have been blaming them for every evil under the sun since 2016. Everybody else knows its a backwards regional power completely irrelevant to the interests of the US.

>>174417768I agree, russia is a joke and I laugh at their blustering or attempts to appear intimidating. Dems use them as a boogeyman when they're weak cucks.

>>174416340He was funny when he was playing a character, but then I realized he still plays a character. That man wears a mask of lies.

>>174416458Colbert report was liked by both sides, pretty sad Steve let his politics ruin him

>>174416412The shit they come up withThey literally just invented the Trump/ Putin connection completely out of thin airFucking wild

>>174417768Russia can beat Ukraine, they're neighbors.Russia can't beat the U.S. in a traditional war unless it's an all-out nuclear armageddon.The only reason the U.S. is involved at all is because the Ukraine is a vassal state for globalist interests and the MIC makes money with quagmires we have no business in.The minute Stephen admits any of this is when I watch him again.

>>174416822I think my Mt Rushmore right now has him, Zelensky, Fauci, and maybe Merrick Garland. Just of people who are evil and also grotesque on a visceral level.

>>174417905if russia can beat ukraine they should get to it already, it's getting boring watching them fuck up over and over.

>>174417866Maybe it was 44D chess and the DNC was doing it so Amerifats would be okay with another war since they were primed to hate Putin.

>>174417180I think you meant "Jon Stewart." He was the establishment even back then. Lefties have been the overdogs for decades.

>>174417931Maybe wars are complicated and not the>LOL PUTLER LOST!!!!!1!Oversimplified shit you trolls post all the time.

>>174417654t. media consumer

>>174416863Paul Rudd is legitimately one of the few actors who I think is probably a cool dude.

>>174418017>>174418028agreed, victory in 2 weeks. Nazis are FINISHED.

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>>174417946The left has hated Putin ever since he decided not to turn Russia into another globohomo trannystate. They've been engaging in proxywar against him since 2014 and arguably before. It was natural they'd associate him with Trump.

>>174418017somehow I doubt you'd be using this argument if russia didn't lose a bunch of territory recently.

>>174418092I used to think he was based but I just can't take him seriously anymore. His fuckup in Ukraine have demoralized me further.

>>174418139Sort of like how you used to be a big Trump supporter but the [latest thing] is just a bridge too far and now you're voting Biden, right fellow rightwinger?

>>174418271>being this defensivelel Biden is senile pedo cunt, doesn't change putin fucked up big time.


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>>174418408trump lost

>>174418108>"a bunch"Wow what a great rebuttal>>174418139Guaranteed is just trying to create the illusion of consensus like all the bots on Twitter. "I was a Putin fan but now bla bla bla he sucks now, right fellow Comrade?"

>>174418427Comey is our ally. Comey was always our ally.

>>174418311He still killed trump in the debates.

>>174418601and it's been smooth sailing since


>>174418601*debateBiden hid in a basement all summer while his handlers did deals with Dominion and brought home the ice cream

>>174418601If by that you mean he didn't lose his train of thought every two sentences, yes.

>>174418059>chiefs fanhe's a cocksucker


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>>174418465>haha we didn't lose THAT much!state of russia shills

>>174418733Russia gained a lot of ground. Your side lost a lot of ground. If the war ended today Russia still won and you still lost.

>>174418733There's a very good chance you're talking up pic related as the point where Ukraine turns it all around. I see a lot of people screeching about this but not a whole lot of reason to think they've suddenly fixed their catastrophic strategic situation.

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>>174418733I'm against needless bloodshed to protect a country hardly any of us are from. Tossing bodies into the meat grinder to "own" Putin isn't my idea of foreign policy.


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>>174416340what does he think of Rings of Power? i remember he's a self professed lore nerd but does his commitment to being a good corporate goy preclude him from publicly voicing dissatisfaction?

>>174416456Anyone have a link to when he got mad at them for clapping? Can’t find it.


>>174419485>it's okay when we do it

>>174418851russia has gained zero ground of relevance since like march bro. It's ogre.

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>>174419466youtube.com/watch?v=RCVBEE1SfXIIt’s real wtf

>>174418894>2 more weeks>it's just a feint>putin is luring them into a trap, that's why they're retreating!

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>>174419188So Putin can just stop invading then. He's sacrificing tens of thousands of russian bodies for his meat grinder for more mansions. He failed to take over Ukraine, time to call it quits and end the bloodshed.

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>>174419956>>174420040Since we have an user providing sources, anyone have the original video for this rant? I've always wanted to see it, but I can never find it.

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>>174416458I saw an interview of him, and the way he pauses to answer questions showed me he is actually a thoughtful person. Makes it even more hilarious that he’s trapped in a fever dream of a SJW propaganda show and he has to tap dance for his masters. I don’t feel bad

>>174416787Shilling for big pharma

So what does he talk about most nights now?

>>174420175Jan 6Republicans = nazis

>>174420087Is this from the famous Putin cock holster video?

>>174420175I'm genuinely intrigued about how he'll explain away these clips when the Democrats back-flip on the vaccines and blame Trump for all the problems with them. Do you think he'll just straight ignore it, or just stick with parody/satire gaslighting angle?

>>174416340Good LORD, stop embarrassing yourself.

>>174416340The only funny night host is Conan

>>174416822Im not psychic or a body language expert but he really seems unhappy or something, dead in the eyes

>>174416340This guy cant stop thinking about Trump when he ran for president

>>174416948He was on during the entire Vietnam war you gigantic retard

>>174416412>>174417866All his jokes are written by a disgusting Jew called Opus something or other. Look him up on twitter

>>174416340The problem with Colbert is that he's an 'I am the main character of reality'-extremist

>>174416841>>174417402It's meant to humiliate you. All politics is a humiliation ritual

>>174416844>>174417241the 'jokes' are written by a jew named Opus on twitter

>>174418601Biden was fed the questions/answers