Um... Arcanebros...?

Um... Arcanebros...?

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>>174415741arcane is a little better than thisi base my judgment solely on the fact that this is a sloppy-ish job from trigger, ive seen them do a much higher quality work on original not contract animea lot of characters dont even walk naturally

>>174417713can you provide any examples of what you're talking about

Arcane is better, art is more interesting, and edgerunners kinda deflates by the end

I don't feel like watching it.From the screenshots spammed around 4chan it looks like asian tranime even if it's done by a western studio (maybe) therefore I don't really want to waste my time with that.I already assume its' going to be just dumb gore and sex, coomery shit all over.

>>174415741don't even try, anime is trash

>>174419443It's very blatantly male fulfillment fantasy but it's decent

>>174419443It's a Japanese animation studio doing a story by Poles.

>>174415741Arcane has the better animation but Edgerunners has better story and characters.

Do you guys remember when we theorized that Vander gave young Pow Pow alcohol to drink because the bottle was identical with the alcoholic beverage one as implied after the time skip?But then we hand-waved it to irrelevancy because we assumed it was just a re-used 3d plot?Turns out it was 2d drawn, all backgrounds were 2d drawn.. the artists went as far as to make every nut and bolt unique yet decided to draw the exact same bottle (DRAW I must stress) across episodes, in a show where you're meant to be autistic about every symbolic thing and re-interpret everything.Maybe that's why Zaun is so poor.

>>174415741arcane was goodbut this was pure fucking kino

The only thing negative about arcane is that like Cyberpunk its a glorified ad for a game. Doesn't take back of what an acheivement in animation it is. If through Netflix platforming these shows we get to enter a new animation golden age for mature audiences it would be amazing. Hollywood in comparison looks so amateurish and even childish in comparison to both shows. There is no moraly grey characters or moral complexity explored in Hollywood anymore, whereas this was the point of both edgerunners and Arcane. But artistic creativity and ambition is still alive in the animation industry.

>>174419519Define your operating concepts. I might not be part of your twitter circles.From what I know most of these studios animate for Japanese neets that masturbate everyday to lolis.

>>174419929>the only negative thingbut not the LGBT promoting?you do have a point, both of those are wrong - promoting a retarded time wasting video game but promoting homosexuality is way worse

>>174419929>The only thing negative about arcane is that like Cyberpunk its a glorified ad for a game.>ad- every adaptation of anything and everything ever made. Brilliant deduction, Holmes. You finally solved it.

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>>174415741I dropped it as soon as the race-mixing propaganda happened. Didn't think Japan would stoop that low, and yet, I nearly convulsed when I saw the black guy mooching off the white woman. Regardless of the show being written by poles, this was fucking disgusting. It's only a matter of time before wokeism destroys the Land of the Rising Sun. I can only hope the doujin market survives the coming apocalypse.

>>174420106>le chud falseflagyeah no fuck off. this anime is far from pozzed

>>174420106Japan was always destroyed.They're the epitome of nihilism. They fucking applied concepts from post-modernism and edgy Jewish circles ahead of everyone else, even in their animation.Literally almost everything cancerous is born there, a random example: gacha games and the whole micro-transaction, gambling like thing.

>>174420145Keep telling yourself that, faggot. The nog's GF looks like a fucking dyke, too.

>>174419179Only the loli gets deflated.

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In arcane the flat manic pixie dream girl survives so it’s better

Trigger never made a good anime. Why would this one be different?

>>174420232 I don't think she'll make it beyond s2 tho.>killed dozens of cops>nuked the council, probably killing the daughter of the Empress that puppeteered the whole cityVi might be the one to kill her.

>>174420230...thanks for that, user. I now feel depressed once again.

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>>174420230dat undead loli thick

>>174420250Because its written by a depressed pole

>>174420212i assume youre talking about maine. This is how i know you're not who you're posing to be. stop pretending. i know you're angry nobody like rangs of powa, but youre going to have to live with the fact that your side cant create anything good.

>>174420336Is this the power of tranime?it makes you this delusional and this big of a failure in terms of rhetorical skills?

>>174420274It’s fucking league of legends, they can’t kill any of the main characters because they still exist in the game

>>174420375sorry, you leftists cant meme. cope, seethe, etc

>>174420336>i know you're angry nobody like rangs of powaOn the contrary, revisionist cunt, I despise RoP just as much as everyone else. Not sure what you're trying """win""" here, champ, but it ain't working. Edgerunners is pozzed shite, just like its source material, and it's a damn shame Trigger is starting to fall to wokeshit.

>>174420402Given the tone of the show, the imitation of ancient tragedy in form and themes (the pathway thing, the misunderstanding bla bla) and the fact that this is a parallel universe as stated by the show-runners a character or two dying is almost 100% guaranteed.This show has no bearing on the game's lore.

>>174420420I'm a monarchist tho.You will never be a woman.

>>174420426calling this anime pozzed is outing yourself. keep acting. nobody gives a shit what you think about it.

>>174420489>nobody gives a shit what you think about it....he says, responding to me.

>>174417713>a lot of characters dont even walk naturallyChromed up hulking walking meat tanks, and this guy expects them to prance around like ballerinas. I mean come on. Needless to say, it's far better than Arkane, because while that show looked great, the story was boring AF. I gave up on it after maybe three episodes. I just didn't give a fuck about some lesbian and her issues, or whatever the fuck that show was about.

I don't like modern anime look.

>>174420559The psycokoticness of the one female lead was insuffable, I kept hoping she would die.

>>174420559>Chromed up hulking walking meat tanks, and this guy expects them to prance around like ballerinas.Moving your goalpost isn't doing you any favors, fag.

>>174420613> Hulked up roidheads walk differently to twinks.> YOU MOVED THE GOALPOST!No. You just didn't think it through properly. Do better

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>>174419990just leave internet.

>>174420106kys. 48iq moment

>just leave internet.>>174420763>>174420733>1 minute apart

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>>174420426Why you mindbroken retards are always spamming this same shit. Why are you so obsessed over sucking dick.

>>174420838>Why are you so obsessed over sucking dick.Projecting a bit much there, fella. Keep your homoerotic fantasies elsewhere.>>>/lgbt/>>>/a/

>>174420312nah, it's still trash

I Really Want To Stay At Your House

>>174415741>Holla Forums calls Arcane a tranny show>They praise Cyberpunk a literal and unironic tranny show from the first game to ever show naked tranny dickLol fuck off Cyberpunk tranniesLol

>>174420701Primal is the only cartoon I've genuinely loved in a long time

>>174421940Tarkovsky is just popular, he's not doing anything good, it's just that normies would behead you if you said otherwise.

>>174415741Arcane is a lot better.Edge runners is good but it's overrated.

arcane is tranny shit

>>174419990I didn't saw arcane, but edgerunners is not promoting lgbt at all

>>174415741>Halo, Resident Evil, Cowboy Bebop, Avatar and Dragon Ball got shit adaptationsLooks like you must let the japs do the stuff.

>>174422671That's just common sense at this point.

>>174422664>Trigger is overratedftfy

Western writers + Eastern Animators is a god tier combination.

>>174422747trigger is overrated because everything is overrated, from the last things I saw from trigger>kill la kill overall great and fun show, good characters design and style, most people would like it >little witch academiapretty wholesome and fun, a good show overall>grindmanit was interesting and not boring but I didn't really like it, top tier thighs tho>darling in the franxxxis really great until the go nonsensical in the second half and shit all over it >Promareboring story, but good animation, maybe the worst on the list from what I saw>edgerunnersoverally great, from characters, animation, to story, could they have done it better? For sure, like every single show here, but is still good trigger always makes decent entertaining stuff and good designs, if it didn't it wouldn't be popular, naturally there are cultists that put trigger as the second coming of christ, but saying that everything they do is bad put you in the same category of the obsessed fanboys

>>174423028everything popular*

>>174423028Trigger is overrated because all their shows are fucking shit. Most anime in general is shit, but they were supposed to be the return of Gainax.

>>174422797That really depends on the western writers and their intentions when writing a story.

>>174423051I know but people would tell you that gainax was overrated too and evangelion is overrated or gurren lagann is overrated, people are never happy everything that is popular is overrated so is shit even if the story is decent

>>174423186Gurren Lagann is overrated, but if Kill la Kill is the best Trigger anime then that's pretty fucking sad as it's just a bad copy of Gurren Lagann.

>>174415741Arcane is still better by leagues.

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>you'll never have a cyberpunk gf hacker to rope you into a life of crime >You'll never assimilate into a comfy Merc crew >You'll never go insane trying to live up to the dreams of your parental figures>You'll never sacrifice yourself to save your cyberpunk gf so she can live out her dreams of going to the moonWhy even still live? i'll just rope myself now

any r34 yet or what

>>174422597>>174422664Cyberpunk literally has trannies in it though. And you see their tranny cocks in it.

>>174423619Not either user and not going to argue either way but just wanted to get out that Arcane is adored by westernized asian Holla Forumsirgins which are easily the largest demographic of closeted/unaware trancels on the planet, decade is about to bring a lot of English-speaking asian trans girls.

>>174420106Anon... Japs always had a massive boner for cheating, blackmail, cuckolding etc. It's why NTR is one of the most common tags in existence and why half of those doujins and hentai animations involve some tall, tanned/dark guy cucking the husband with the sheer power of his dick.

>>174423619>Cyberpunk literally has trannies in it though. And you see their tranny cocks in it.The tricky point is that in 2077 you can be whatever you want so if you're a tranny it's to fulfill a market demand.

>>174423845Why do so many 4channers suddenly pretend that Japan and its output has been and still is extremely pure.It's been a nihilistic hell-hole since forever.

so, should i watch the sub or dub?