If Bam stays clean do you think he could get the next CKY movie into theaters since be burned the Jackass bridge?

If Bam stays clean do you think he could get the next CKY movie into theaters since be burned the Jackass bridge?

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>>174415666he's currently getting sued by gearbox for leaking duke nuke forever so I doubt it

>>174415709Randy should die

It's almost 2023, I'm just sayin'.

Lol no. The CKY crew wouldn't want to be a part of it.

>>174415889He can find new people all the cky people ar eold and washed up anyway like the jackass guys

>>174415666You guys know this motherfucker is someone's dad right? Imagine having to bring this fat alcoholic sack of dog shit to parent teacher conferences or having him chaperone your 8th grade trip to your state capitol building, drunk off his ass talking about earth rocking and making up languages. Doesn't he realize that he's got more than his own shitty life to look after? He's got a wife and a child, how the fuck are they gonna make money and survive if Bam drinks himself to death? Is she gonna get a job at Burger King? With her 12 tackle box rings? Yeah right. What about his parents? They're getting up there in age. It won't be long before God forbid Phil needs daily help or April has a bad fall or something. How in the fuck is Bam gonna take care of them in their old age? He's certainly not gonna be helping his parents get on and off the toilet when they can no longer walk.At this point he's just being greedy. I'd be mortified if I were a useless piece of shit who gets wasted all day and my child, wife, mom, dad, and the entire world is just waiting for me to die. I would do anything to not let that happen. I guess he really just doesn't care anymore.

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>>174416078u are not in a earthrocking state pf mind and sound like a fag desu

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Why does Bam need to get "Clean" ??? That's what those chucklefucks over at paramount wanted for him to do to get on the Jackoff movie. Well how'd that work out for him? Pretty great actually since that movie fucking sucked and he's probably pretty fucking happy he wasn't in it.Fuck getting sober for a bunch of clowns who're retards. That's all water under the bridge now anyway. If you want to get sober you do it for yourself or Jesus. NOT for a bunch of retarded clowns who just want to make a buck and to stay relevant. If anything Bam needs to drink more alcohol, take more drugs, and party even harder. Pussies slow down.


>>1744161472 pump chump crew

who here earthrocks?

>>174415666That washed out drugaddict can't even get 20 posters in a thread, and you think he can fill a theatre?KYS hasbeen groupie

>>174416060Like Bam...

>>174416580its 12 30 am on a tuesday night on a weaving board


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>>174416113I want to take this picture and show it to Bam in 2004 and see if it changes the future somehow.

>>174415666Lol no. He's a fuckin loser.

>>174416656without Bam there is no Jackass

>>174416078Bam is not allowed around his family anymore because he doesn't want to be a father. He had his choice during covid and chose to be a homeless alcoholic. His kid will remember him but Phil is already stepping into the "dad" role and will effectively take care of him. Bam won't be regarded as his father and, if things continue, by the end of next year he will loose custody.>He's got a wife and a child, how the fuck are they gonna make money and survive if Bam drinks himself to death?Since day 1 all of Bam's money was put into a trust managed by his father, Phil. Because of this his fortune still exists, as his ability to access it is limited. Even if Bam were to sue for control, Phil would probably win because Bam's career is over and he'd have to split it with his wife anyway. Because his parents side with his wife, there's no way he'd ever get the whole pot back. Even if he did, his wife cleaned herself up enough to have a job (and live in Bam's old house, ironically) whereas Bam would destroy his money quickly and die. The money would just go back to his wife anyway through his will, which was also written by Phil.

>>174416599Why don't you and Ban get a job?

>>174416708jess was the better child

>>174415666>stays cleanlmao, nope

>>174416690Jackass is over. What Jackass was can't exist in the Internet era. Instead of moving on to something else like Steve-O did Bam kept trying to continue a stale meme.But really the truth is, if Bam was in any way intelligent or capable he'd stop partying and make something new. This would require him to stop drinking, stop doing drugs, and plan something out. He can't do this because he didn't graduate high school and also didn't want his GED or college. And since he made that decision, he has nothing else to do because he has no other skills. Can't even drive uber due to the multiple DUIs.

>>174416823do u not know ho wmany die hard cky fans who are still out there who still listen to cky and derons band and would pay for a new cky movie

>>174416893A lot of the cky cover band and derons fans are old enough to the point they don't care about another cKy video.

>>174416823Fuck off Steve.

>>174416893is that you bam? go get a job buddy

>>174416966deron crowdfunding a few years ago and raised like 20k bam could do way more than that

>>174416759Pretty much. I don't think fame and fortune was what killed Bam, he would have always ended up with a substance abuse problem, but being #1 for so long warped his sense of self and prevents him from just being a normal person who does normal boring things. He needs activity and his body can't handle it in his middle age. Lots of athletes end up this way too, and to Bam's credit he was (effectively) an athlete during his Jackass days. He uses drugs because it keeps him awake and active like he used to be. He also can't handle becoming fat like Phil, it's why he's bulimic. Between both of these he won't live long, the human body can't handle the sorts of stress drugs put on it (especially the cheap shit Bam is undoubtedly using) without a sufficient nutritional intake. Hence the extended rehab stay because Phil knows fully cutting him off would actually kill him.He couldn't handle becoming Tony Hawk. Say what you want about him but he's at least a well-adjusted adult cruising into an easy retirement.

>>174416690Pure cope. Big Brother puts out their second video featuring Knoxville doing stunts a full year before the first CKY. The truth is that skate crews were doing similar shit at similar times across the country. Jackass or something like it was an inevitability because it was a cultural accretion. Convergent cultural evolution. Not to mention that the real brains/talent behind CKY was DiCamillo anyway.

>>174417030That was for an album.

>>174416893I was a hardcore CKY fan and I now have grandchildren. Bam's a rocker, and he's going to die like a rocker. If he was smarter about this he could go back to directing Clutch videos, or just do music video production in general. Most record labels are willing to tolerate a coked out producer so long as deadlines are met, and Bam is a skilled photographer - enough to know what sells anyway.

>>174417128DiCamillo was based but his own worst enemy because he wouldnt travel or play the corporate game

>>174417137and its for an album for deron in a new band, imagine what bam could draw for a new movie and being bam, bam is way more popular than karen miller

>>174417184>>174417184I don't know dude, I think it's time to let that shit go. They're all in their 40's now.

>>174417207never let ur childhood and what u love go

>>174417263I think there's a time for that too, and you've clearly passed it.

>>174417299whp the fuck are u?

>>174415666fuck jackflop

>>174417337go to bed bam, I don't know what's sadder your drug addiction or that you're using 4chan now. Did you find this place through kiwifarms?

>>174417369im a bam fan not bam u prob wish u could talk to bam

>>174417155honestly that just makes him even more based

>>174417398I probably could given that I also live in Florida and could talk my way into a rehab center with free pizza. And given choices Bam has made, I could probably see him face to face if I had a bag full of uppers and some whiskey.

>>174415666>If Bam stays cleanlmao. If I magically grow six inches overnight do you think I could pull more girls?

>>174417414he was very based just saying his attitude would have prevented him being bigger than he was


The Steve-O podcast with Bam was really sad from all angles. The first thing that annoyed me was Steve-O being holier than thou and just generally being a condescending piece of shit to Bam, his "friend." I've had friends like that before, who think they are better than you to the point of literally telling you how to live your life. Fuck off. And then there is Bam, completely in denial about his addiction, and powerless to control it. Not even CLOSE to acceptance yet, he has a looong way to go to get to a good place, but Steve-O could never help him. The whole podcast was a depressing waste of time.

>>174418666steve-o fucking sucks

>>174418701Yeah, the sobriety thing really revealed an ugly side of him. He literally thinks he is some kind of guru now, who can speak on what you should do with your life with absolute certainty. Seriously hate the guy now.

>>174417128>Big Brother puts out their second video featuring Knoxville doing stunts a full year before the first CKYDoing flat shot stunts with no music or fancy editing. Most of the Jackass show was CKY with different music put in. CKY was jackass. Big Brother wasn’t.


>>174416113Of course he not in an earth rocking state of mind,he's not even a musician.

>>174418818andrew stramburg isnt a musician



>>174418666>>174418701>>174418730To be fair Steve-O was a huge drug user, it just seems like his drug use was different from Bam. Steve-O used drugs the somewhat healthy way, which is when you get high because you're partying and like to get fucked up. He def fucked himself by doing too much nitrous and whatnot, but it seems like he would party hard then just smoke weed and recover and be like "lmao that was crazy bro I got so fucked up". Bam seems like the more dangerous kind. The drug user who is a legitimate addict and does drugs to escape from their reality of being a depressed, sad person. Someone like Bam does drugs not so much because they like to get high, which they do, but because they enjoy not being sober. It's not about being high and feeling weird sensations, it's just about not being sober. This is more dangerous, because someone like bam will use drugs until they die or go to jail. Hopefully he gets sober, not because I want to see him in another Jackass or anything, but just so that he doesn't die

Remember when he just posted a pic of his dick with the caption "fuck yeah"Caption (earth) RAWKD

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old bamheads know the sitchparty hard brothas

>>174417048>He couldn't handle becoming Tony Hawk. Say what you want about him but he's at least a well-adjusted adult cruising into an easy retirement.There's nothing bad to say at all about Tony Hawk. Legitimate genius who made bank as a teenager, had some years in the sun during which he made a shitton more money, now has a happy little family in his 50s while still practicing his hobby and being more athletic than most people half his age. Is generally affable about the fact that his glory years are behind him, and unlike some of his peers never got brain damage. There are several American dreams, and Tony Hawk is living one of them.