What are some shows/movies that can transport me back to the early 2000s

what are some shows/movies that can transport me back to the early 2000s

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>>174412737Take me back

>>174412737>early 2000sthis looks more late 90s

I never got into the fashion but I fucked a lot of mentally ill women with dad issues.

>>174412737i hate that those dumbass pants are back in style, albeit subdued.

>>174412737Fucking 90s, man, best shit ever. Bet your ass, man.Alice in Chains fucking rules. Nirvana. Smashing Pumpkins.Then that Whibley pussy had to come around and ruin it all. Like there's something wrong with wanting to have a good time.I'll tell you something. I hated the fucking 2000s.2000s fucking sucked.

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>>174412737JNCO shit is 90s. Fashion is highly dependent on the economy. There was more wealth to go around because it was one of the greatest times in recent years thus, fashion companies could do things like this as they had more clothing material. That's why everything became so tight fitting in the 2000s when the recession hit.


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>>174412737Reminder that JNCO Jeans were never cool. In the 90s and 2000s there were only a small group of kids at each high school that wore them and they were bullied relentlessly for being fags. Any hit of them being cool is revisionist bullshit.

>>174412737ah yes, the white guy with his gf and 2 self hating spics to follow along. peak early 2000s


thanks for the suggestions you dumb faggots

>>174413123((They)) took this from us

>>174413139>Any hint of them being cool is revisionist bullshit.correct

>>174412737Clone High

You wore oversized pants because you thought they were "hip"I wore oversized pants because I'm poorWe are not the same

nobody dressed like that you faggot zoomer

>>174414087i've always worn pants that fit

>>174412737I don't really remember people dressing like this 20 years ago, but then again I was already in College. What I do remember are the Goths.

>>174414134I'm in my 30s I'm not a zoomer

>>174412737SubUrbia 1994 imdb saysyoutube.com/watch?v=gwdCyxvfGtA

>>174412737god i had these stupid street sweeper pants and bleached my hair like some little faggot ahh fuck i cant even think about it i want to go back and punch myself in the face

That recent doco about the 99 Woodstock had really comfy vibes

>>174414087Did you also wear one of these?

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Rocket Power

>>174412737Rescue Me.

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>>174412737I was in high school from 1999-2003. Nobody dressed like this.

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>>174413093Generation x was a mistake

>>174412737Third Watch.

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>>174413139In HS it was considered outsider fashion.it was "cool" in a insular way.it was "cool" because your parents/the jocks didn't like it.If you went to a Korn concert in 99 you would have seen thousands wearing that shit.It was "cool"

>>174415093die faggot die diewe popularized homphobia

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>>174412737Clockstoppers. Its one of the most 2000s movies ever.>>174413326Who is they?

>>174414134t. zoomer

Ginger Snaps

>>174413139Back then everyone called everyone a faggot so that's not really saying a lot. And cliques were much more divisive than they are in todays schools.

>>174413139>>174415162At my school those were the pants that all the "rave" kids used to wear before they dropped out because they got addicted to drugs. Nearly every one I remember wearing those OD'd and died or went to prison.

>>174413000there was a lot of late 90's left in the early 2ks

>>174412737I've been watching MTVs Downtown. It's awesome.

>>174412737Grind, Max Keeble's Big Move, Eurotrip, Big Fat Liar, Final Destination,

>>174415921jncos stopped being worn in 1999. They were a 96-98 thing

Nothing good came from the 2000s. Including most of you.

Buffy and Angel

>>174415175I saw that movie.Still remember that music at the end.

>>174414062don't forget 3-South, which aired alongside it, and also died after one seasonMTV almost became good for a second there

>>174412737This shit was 100% 96-98. I remember. I wore them.

>>174412737The anime FLCL. It's god awful and the epitome of 2000s era cringe, especially the editing/sound effects and overall writing/tone.

>>174412737>zoomers think 90s kids actually dressed like this in real life

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>>174414989[ska punk intensifies]

>>174412737Malcolm in the middleyoutube.com/watch?v=p2PL5u3RA18

>>174413093>Alice in Chains fucking rules. Fag>Nirvana. Smashing PumpkinsMost over rated radio shit ever kys

>>174413000Nah, the flares was distinctly 2001-02ish.

>>174413123>Nami but IRL What a time it was to be young and in shorts.

>>174412737I cant believe I wore shit like this

>>174415921I graduated in 2002 and nobody in his right mind would've worn those by then. in '97-98 sure.

>>174413093I preferred genres like ska, industrial and folk punk which got totally pushed out by emo and screamo/hardcore. I was a bit annoyed at the time because I worked a local venue but it was pretty cool seeing two genres explode.Could the problem be your lack of sex in the 00's that make you so bitter? I had a great timeMy only regret was not snagging an enormous or goth twink.

>>174413139Based early millennial poster.

>>174415037EJECTO SEAT CUZ

>>174412737these are the kids that drive around all day trying to scrounge up $20 for a bag and then go play hackey sack in a parking lot while listening to 311


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>dude the new slipknot is out, lets go to circuit city!

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>>174415291Ginger Snaps still feels like a holdover of the 90s.

>>174412737This was a pretty solid show along with Reaper. Reaper is definitely more early 2000s. The only show that probably beats both is Malcolm In the Middle.


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>>174413123i can't tell you how sick i am of seeing tight jeans and tapered sweatpants>>174414543now you look like a queer who has been watching PUA videos

i bet you like the films of Nolan and QTyoutube.com/watch?v=YcT8WAzr1U0

Smallville's whole run sums up the whole millennial experienceyoutube.com/watch?v=oP5xFL7nwak

>>174417773This is entirely wrong. 95 to 99


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Ancient YouTube youtube.com/watch?v=qZ9weWC3g3c

>>174418405i have photos from 2008 and 2009 where most random strangers in frame are wearing bootcuts at least, but this is in the UK so whatever


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>>174413326stop acting like a nigger

>>174417600Kek I never saw anyone IRL wear this shit.

>>174417498Watching FLCL while stoned is a lot of fun. Otherwise, I mostly agree

Last decade where every teen film is full of white people doing white people thingsyoutube.com/watch?v=8gFCW3PHBws


>>174413139Sounds like you got made fun of by the group of kids who wore Jncos and were finger blasting girls at the middle school dances while you were still telling people that you didn't like music, but you like the TMNT theme song, so if that was music, that was the kind of music you'd like.T. Had unspoken bond with my homies to increasingly buy even more retarded huge pants to see who could wear the hugest most retarded pants ever. It wasn't cool, you just didn't get it, you were too busy being a chud back then and still to this day.

>>174413139>Reminder that JNCO Jeans were never cool.This.

Dead on the most early 2000s popular move including the soundtrackyoutube.com/watch?v=oDU84nmSDZY


They like the films of Wes Andersonyoutube.com/watch?v=HNUAnjUwnF0

>>174418519>tfw I can officially recognize this as "old" now due to picture quality and fashionGrim.

>>174412737Swordfish, Mean Girls, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Sopranos, & Breaking Bad. Oh, and Chappelle Show

2000s crazeyoutube.com/watch?v=S-icvtXseBg&list=PLd6menFp35OuyK8S0CaaVhmSTPEwA04qq

>>174418855Never watched a single show of that garbage.

>>174412737"Orange County" starring Collin Hanks and Jack Black

I used to go to shows dressed like this in late 90's early 2000's, didn't get me laid

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>>174413123>girls uses to love showing off their tummies and belly buttonsNow, it's all pants hiked up to their fucking tits. Absolutely disgusting,. but then again, girls are too fat to be showing their tummies, so...

>>174418974the ska aesthetic was always fucking lame as shit LMFAOwhat a dork

2000s Naomi Watts remake trilogyyoutube.com/watch?v=AYaTCPbYGdkhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzR2GY-ew8Ihttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3o49aoh8t8

Biggest name in the early 2000syoutube.com/watch?v=uGsWYV2bWAc


>>174419061>Skanks are around youPsssht nothing personal kidyoutube.com/watch?v=zLcHfGQU3ZY

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>>174418974I'd have gone to your Skamitzvah fellow gOI!


>>174418974I knew a guy who dressed like this in high school. He was considered a loser even among us "losers". Sad. Poor fucker had a shit upbringing from loser poorfag parents, had a miserably failed music career after graduation, became an alcoholic shut-in, and then died a few years back. RIP. Such a sad life.

>>174419276could you post anything more bitchy and judgmental?


>>174419199ywn go back and have a cute skaifu

>>174412737Seeing that picture, I am so glad I was in my civil servant stage and skipped that whole generation of clothing.

>>174419487>civil servant stageHuh?

>>174419621It means he sucked Dad dicks in HS

>>174419383Kek. It's partial mockery but I do indeed feel quite a lot of sympathy for the guy. It's like 30% mocking and 70% genuine. My high school memories of him are funny as fuck, but obviously his later issues are not funny.


>>174412737X-FilesTwin PeaksTwin Peaks: Fire Walk With MeTerminator 2: Judgement DayHeatFalling DownForest GumpEnemy of the State (will smith)Clear and Present Danger (Harrison Ford)Patriot Games (Harrison Ford)honestly fuck nevermind, I saw the image and thought you meant the 90s. I don't know why you'd want to go back to the early 2000s. It was a gay retarded time, not quite as bad as now but still sucked. I guess go watch Bicentennial Man or some shit

>>174413093All of the bands you mentioned sucks big polish cock you faggot.And that is the quote from the wrestler you bitch. Rourke shat on the 90s talking about kunt cobain

>>174420608broccoli head

>>174412737Only thing i could think of is the matrixFast and furious 1 and tokyo driftCollateralOng bakThe protectorNew police storyJumperHulk 2003AnimatrixBatman begins SpidermanKids next doorBen 10

>>174420669Im From that generation, but i dont have that retarded haircut

>>174420608Depeche mode is the only decent bandAnd rammstein

>>174412737why in the hell would anybody want to go back to the 2000's?it's like the service held for the funeral of America. it was tasteful and the brunch was nice, but still past the point where everything you loved and care about was already fucking dead.

>>174420867>Im From that generationthe absolute state of it>>174420901>rammsteinok good

>>174420951 the prodigy and cirrus are my favourite bands. And any music from fifa 14

>>174414494SubUrbia (1996)

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>>174418536nice gaslighting attempt

Why would you want to go there? The 2Ks were shit. Civilisation peaked in 1992. It's been downhill ever since.

>>174420711good list>>174421195fuck how have I never seen this? is it any good?

>>174413093This. Except Techno for me. Good times. Fuck I miss it.youtube.com/watch?v=TJmvNmphqWM&list=RDTJmvNmphqWM&start_radio=1

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>>174415199>Who is they?Corporations.

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>>174421368>is it any good?not him but i've seen it a couple times. if you like ensemble dramas you'll enjoy it.

>>174421368I watched it a few nights ago. I enjoyed it. Surprised it came out three years before Dazed & Confused. It feels like it's a lower budget film Linklater would have made a few years before Dazed.

GoEmpire RecordsDoom GenerationLate 90s were kino.

>>174413093He said posting an actor who said the 90s sucked. Nice reference.

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>>174412737This always looked fucking stupid.

>>174413093Really, it has all been downhill since the 1950s.

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>>174413139Oh nonono, yo jncos were SLAMMIN’ bitch. Dey brought da flava

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>>174422871Weird how some decades are so profound they produce instant nostalgia. As early as the 1970s there were people nostalgic for the 50s. George Lucas and American Graffiti, and then Grease, and then Happy Days, all glorified the 50s. Even in the 90s there was nostalgia for the 1980s with "80s radio" stations commonplace in the 90s. And even by the mid 2000s with games like GTA San Andreas, there was ample nostalgia for the 1990s, and rightfully so. But now...it seems like there's no recent nostalgia anymore. No one is nostalgic for the early 2000s, even twenty years later. Even modern shows that take place then aren't nostalgic at all. Take Better Call Saul for example. Season 1 of Better Call Saul takes place in 2002, twenty years ago. 15 years at least before the first episode of BCS aired. And yet nothing about it is nostalgic. Yes the characters use flip phones and there's the odd mention of the Iraq War, but nothing about it is nostalgic. Even The Big Lebowski, which came out in the late 90s, managed to make a nostalgic portrayal of the early 90s, a truly special time. But BCS is just not nostalgic at all. And I wonder if there will ever be any media that is nostalgic for that time or the 2010s. Even aside from the depressing reality of 9/11 and the Iraq War...it just seems like such a bland time. I think youth culture was sufficiently fragmented by the mid 2000s that nostalgia for that period is impossible. People can be nostalgic about the early 90s because there was certain music and stuff that everyone was into. But by the mid 2000s, subcultures were so isolated that there's no commonality. Even now, I can get nostalgic if I hear a Lil Wayne song, but at the time I hated Lil Wayne, so if I'm nostalgic...what's it for? Sure people who are still into screamo metal might be nostalgic for the emo scene of mid 2000s, but most people won't be, same with scene girls. There will never be mass nostalgia for the 2000s, only isolated nostalgia

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>>174412737Ed, Edd, and Eddy remake lookin fresh.