I Am Jazz

This thread is for the discussion of TLC's smash hit I Am Jazz.Season 8 not yet confirmed. Filming should be done by now if there is one.I wonder how Jazz did at school? Are Naesa and Noah still together? Did Sander finally get the thong out his bussy?

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>>174411839jesuschrist wtf happened

>>174411864Wouldn't stop eating

>>174411839Straight up gorging on those emotions.

>>174411839tranette no passto

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It's over.

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She's a big girl


>>174411913For you.

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>>174411839Hands in pockets with gaze cast down, double chin flaring. He knows he fucked up. He knows there's no going back. But he's too cowardly to end it. Jazz will either be a big fat man or be bed ridden. In any case I'm pretty sure his brother has stopped fucking him. So he's bound to get even worse.

>>174411839That guy needs to lose some weight.

>>174411908lel based

>>174411864people stopped caring about his freakshow family so the network is gearing him up for my 600 lb life

>>174411999Why did the digits consent to your post?

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>>174411864he mistakenly took latina hormones.

>>174411969Jesus Christ, save us.

>>174411999donut judge

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>>174412107Oh, no tears please. It's a waste of good suffering.

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She's a big girl

>>174411839She’s so hot I want to finger her belly button.

>>174412587For (a) jew

>>174411839Is this Body Type B?

>>174412848An explorer in the realms of furthest experience. Woman to some, man to others.

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>>174411839How recent is this? user said he had lost some weight...

I can't wait for the new season

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>>174412107i laughed more at your post than the surgerythese threads are always pure gold>>174412977this guy gets it, jesus has no power in /jazz/

>>174413169/jazz/ never dies.

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>>174412140you can see the fear in jazz's eyes. His fear of what he will become. That is the face of regret of the highest magnitude with abit of cringe

>>174411864He’s a big guy.

>>174411969Does anyone know exactly what they’re talking about here? It seems too vague to really make sense of it.

Anyone have the "feed me jew jew cum" webm where it slaps its belly to indicate the feeding ritual?

>>174411969>carving out a fake vagina wound>"what's best for the patient"These "doctors" are fucking ghouls.

>>174411839Does he ever show his big fat fucking milkers or what?

>Born too early for gene therapy gender confirmation treatment>Born too late to be a scheming eunuch in the Ottoman courtLife is suffering.

>>174413563Are you saying it's unethical to make bank cutting the tits of girls of minor age and then go roll molly in the club and get bottle service with your slut sister?Do better, user. Be an ally.

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>>174413500>Anyone have the "feed me jew jew cum" webm where it slaps its belly to indicate the feeding ritual?my god, are you serious? i thought i've seen all these threads have to disturb me but apparently it never ends

>>174413665Why are they showing off their dilators?

>>174413765Jazz's patience has its limits! >She will shut your lying mouth!

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>>174411864Standard Mexican male obesity combined with Mexican female goblinization.

>>174413765>to indicate the feeding ritual?

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Is that a recent photo? Haven't seen any Jazz photos since Kiwi Farms got wowza'd.

>>174413887It lost a lot of weight, actually. Disappointed. Will not be watching any more of it. I only wanted to see how big Jazz could get.

>>174414117That's a bummer. Did Sanders get raped yet?

Dear God. Dude was already fat as hell and if he went to college and gained the freshman 15 I'm legitimately worried

>>174411864Decades of abuse

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How's my girl Ari doin'? Any of you homos have insta?

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>>174414516>Like finding a madman who has summoned a great evil

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His mother is quite possibly the most evil piece of shit that have ever lived. I sincerely hope she does jail time.


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>>174411969>this is a disfiguring scarYou got that right.

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>>174414648Most mothers are incapable of realizing how they messed up their kids.

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>>174414648Jeanette is a loving mother.

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>>174413409If I took away your HRT, would you die?

>>174411864Too much red in the rainbow

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>>174414889>father in blue, as in "i'm feeling blue", meaning sad, symbolizing the sadness and pain he endures seeing what his son has becomebravo lynch

>>174414997>Ari is green as she is envious of her lost destiny as the princess of the family, doted on and protected by a house of brothers Jesus Christ Raimi

>>174414889>>174414997>sander in yellow, symbolizing the cowardice that kept him from standing up for his brotherThis is masterfully done

>>174412140The dude with big boobs unironically passes better than any of those guys.

>>174412211Is that his prolapsed anus?

>>174414889>Jazz in red, symbolizing the inflamed, bleeding wound between his legsLIKE POTTERY

>>174411839does she still have her bf?

>>174411864Hegel and Marx were taken seriously in the 19th century. Also refined carbohydrates, lots of them.


>the average school in 2022

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>>174415489Jesus christ has he never heard of a sports bra?

>>174414997Feeling blue?

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>>174415553The answer to that question is no.

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>>174415489I forgot about zippertits getting mad because guys want kids of their own

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>>174415489The fuck is this?

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>>174415677That's your daughter coming home from therapy.

>>174415677A pooner.

>>174415677a mutilated, mentally-ill woman


>>174411912wtf are you trying to say with this post? stop spamming the board with your gay shit kill yourself


>>174414580A moment of silence for that chair please

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>>174415677coping.>look, I can take my shirt off now too. because I'm a male, just like sander!

>>174413841He's pakistani retard


>>174414889>>174414997>>174415081>>174415107>jeanette in purple, the colour of royalty and privilege, symbolizing how she is the despot of the household, responsible for jazz's forced conversion and therefore the reason the family is the way it isVince works through subtlety and every detail is there.

>>174411864>>174411936>gets castrated >gets fat afterIt also happens to cats

How do more people not know about this show? I swear every time I happen to bring it up in conversation literally no one has heard of it.

jazz isn’t even fat anymore these threads didn’t age too well

>>174415830what's wrong with nana's eyes in their commentary?

>>174415968because nobody but weridos watch TLC shit.

>>174416008She's had a stroke.

>>174415677He played that pregnant chick from that movie with Michael Cera

>>174416008The human suit is wearing out. The demon within yearns to be free.>>174415661>Yes. If you wanted kids of your own you'd get it, so I won't bother explaining it to you.>I don't answer to your outrage

>>174414889>>174414997>>174415081>>174415107>>174415226>*transcends kino*

>>174412078only caribbean ogres got fat like that, on inner cities on latinamerica we dont have that kind of landwhales, trust me, as a colombian i can guarantee you our women will not degrade like that


>>174415768based jazz threads are truly the last remaining haven for oldfags

>>174411908why do 'men' do this?Imagine some faggot handing your meal with those hands.i think i'd throw up


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>>174414117I bet he got surgery/professional help with that. No way that tard Sanders' workouts did anything. By the way Sanders is porking up now.

>>174415806U gay nigga

>we'll never complete the true big jazz arcFeels bad. It's not like he has anything else to live for other than being a walking advertisement.

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>>174416352Back when i was in high school (mid-2000’s) if a guy wore fingernail polish to school they’d most definitely get beaten up.Wtf happened in less than 20 years?

>>174411839Jazz is genuinely the best way to blackpill normies on trans shit. Normal people might think it’s cute when the little boy wears a dress and likes mermaids. It becomes a lot less cute when his baby dick is used to make a neovagina that is an amalgamation of different types of tissue that cannot hold and leaves him with massive scars on his thighs. The clip of Jazz asking his doctor how to have an orgasm because he’s never had one, aged 17, should be required viewing for anyone who is in support of transitioning children. Absolute kino

>>174411839>I sexually identify as “biggun.”

>>174411839They’are going to memoryhole the fuck out of this guy.



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>>174416745>different types of tissue that cannot hold and leaves him with massive scars on his thighsdo mention the intestinal tissue, the dilation, etc

>>174411913For eunuch.

>>174411969>googles "which books did the nazis burn"

>>174416739Culture is sine wave that peaks and troughs every 15 years. A decade from now 4chan will be full-blown liberal again and will shit all over conservatives, and the cycle will repeat until heat death inevitably causes the universe to collapse in on itself.

>>174412107don't rope Jesus into this mess

>>174411969>My God … it’s full of scars …

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>>174411969Does anybody wish that Jesus would come back and save us from this jewish nightmare?

>>174411999Trips of pure truth.

>>174415447He speaks truth.

>>174416998no, since jesus is jewishi would rather long for ragnarök instead but i have no faith and modern paganism seems cringeworthy

>>174416998I wish Jesus would save me from *your* Jewish nightmare.

>>174415489>>174415677man the future sucks

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>>174416008Running low on adrenochrome

>>174413841>goblinizationIs that the official medical nomenclature?

>>174416998two more weeks bro, trust the plan

>>174416618He probably got that surgery where they reduce your stomach capacity, gastric sleeve surgery, and make it impossible for you to eat hardly anything. Jazz is too lazy to actually lose weight by not cheating.

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>>174415489>jazz talking about how he used to be super good at sports, a natural athlete when he was younger >couldn't cope with being unathletic as he aged (read: fat)do you think that had anything to do with being male in girls sports

>>174417214God more surgery? He's just Frankenstein's monster by this point.

>>174415447>this is communists fault>and also cheap shitty American food which exists because of... something...


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>>174413266That mural is one of the funniest fucking things I’ve ever seen. I’d have thought it was a a troll if I hadn’t seen it on my own tv.

>>174415677It's called "Hell on Earth"

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>>174411839No way people actually watch that stupid tranny show

>>174416998>From the black of space I will create>earth and in my image incarnate>heaven is to be a place of rest>earth is for the people I will test>Six days have passed>on the seventh I will render myself to a day of rest and to contemplate what is to be>Mankind begins its fateful journey faced by trials and tribulations, war and peace>Of my presence to this end my work is donesalvation and rest aren't if this world, it's going to only get worse.

>>174417567It is dystopian horror kino. My favorite scenes are when the grandparents forget they're not allowed to show disgust.

>>174416998Yes, but I'm afraid I wouldn't be worthy of Him

>>174414720This pic always makes me kek.

>>174416745Totally agree.

>>174417662Those and when the normal chicks who show up on the show have to act like they think Jazz is anything besides batshit insane.

>>174411969wew even the doctors don't know what a tranny "pussy" is

>>174417662>>174418307any scenes with jazz and friends are the best

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>>174416352It's called peacocking, it gets girls attention og pua do that>>174416739Woah tuff guy here

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That poor man



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>>174417296>Tranny shitHegel and Marx>fatness refined carbohydrates


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>>174417296>Commies c. beginning of the 20th century Poor people are starving because of capitalism!>Commies c. beginning of the beginning of the 21st centuryPeople are fat because of capitalizzuumm!!!1

What happened to Noel?

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>>174419101The princess putting trannies in their place

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Will Cement-Head be back for season 8?

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>>174419101just look at the veiled contempt jazz feels towards that other manthat's the true xisterhood trannies have among they/themselves

>>174419257She was wise beyond her years

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>>174411839This fat man has no penis and no testicles

>>174415677>tfw you have to protect your nipples at all cost because they are just slapped on top of flesh and can just fall off

>>174419207Astounding rebuttal communtard

Blocks your Path

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>>174419101Like totally.. like. What is with women and padding sentences with words such as “like”

>>174419490It's a mystery

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>>174411839Is that jazz? Looks like the op made him look more masculine.

>>174419257>>174419101I love this clip because it shows female socialisation so well, and the mutilated men don't understand it.>No Billy, you cannot sit with us.

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>>174419526He wasn't wearing makeup in that pic

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>>174417323Fucking hell my sides

>>174419051>that fucking bloatmaxing

>>174416961>A decade from now 4chan will be full-blown liberal again>4chan will be full-blown liberal again>4chan>liberal >againGet a load of this newfag

lol at all that to become a basic fat Mexican woman. Have to wonder how the titties look though. Pre surgery Jazz with that little cock was probably amazing looking. I wonder if anyone opened him up. Not really a guarded secret but the boy thing is huge in the gay world. They love that shit and grooming is 100% a real thing and encouraged.

>>174419551>too busy living my own fantasyTrannies in a nutshell

>>174411839He's a big guy.

>>174415298This, Jazz can't have anything resembling normal sex, probably can't even masturbate, doesn't really have a job or any way to occupy time, is too young to be a drunk and presumably has no access to hard drugs (yet). It's food or nothing

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>>174419794For you

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>>174419703Lol you really have no idea, user.

>>174411864People deal with trauma in different ways and the environment plays a factor in that. Luckily Jazz uses binge eating instead of drugs or alcohol to deal with the fact that his parents, the very people supposed to have your best interests and guide you in life, have sabotaged, gas lit, manipulated, abused and publicly humiliated him on an international level. As it stands, Jazz lives in a bubble where everything is relatively peaches and cream and is fortunately wealthy enough to keep playing pretend.Sooner or later, he will realise that he has been the butt of the joke the entire time. Used by his parents who have crippled him so that he always relies on them, TLC for ratings and viewers waiting for the inevitable meltdown. Its fucking sick and everyone involved should be put against a wall.


>>174419839It's possible that Jazz never fapped in his entire life.

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>>174419708You don’t have to wonder. They’re tuberous. He calls this a “deformity,” but the truth is they’re just mantits - pendulous, shapeless, and nothing at all like a woman’s breasts, because it’s a completely different type of tissue that a man’s body was never meant to produce. The presence of a Y chromosome precludes it and no amount of hormones will change that.

>>174419905Start with the Grand Moloch Witch herself

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>>174419937Not just possible. He basically confirmed it. He’s been chemically neutered since the age of 11 and literally neutered since the age of 18.

>>174411864He is Big Jazz now.

>>174416003does he still have those fat juicy man milkers?

>>174419551Why does she have the best reactions?

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>>174419937>>174420014what a ridenothing beats the elderly tranny who got dementia, forgot/resented being mutilated and tried to undo the work then had to be restrained

>>174420081>ive made a huge mistake

>>174420014That's utterly horrifying and depressing

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>>174416003No way? So he actually got a gastric bypass at his age? Holy shit this kid is a ticking time bomb.

>>174419980Just like Keffals' moobs!

>>174414889>the other brother Griffen, in orange, caught between the two more prominent siblings. Orange being a color most people overlook. Red and yellow are *primary* colors, orange is merely a *secondary* color.

>>174420081She is Our Lady of Perpetual Disdain

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>The Eunuch knows no happiness but food. They indulge in the vice as they lack the ability to enjoy any other. They will never know the pleasure of being with a women or raising a familyThe Chinese knew this 3000 years ago

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>>174420081i dont know but i like it

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These men are gay

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>>174420286me on the far right

>>174420276>Black hole sun, won't you come, won't you come?

>>174420266All Praise Our Lady of Perpetual Disdain

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>>174420316Where'd you find a disposable camera?

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>>174419551Anyone have the one where it plays in reverse too? It always makes me kek.

>>174420360oh my god sammy, why?>>174420363if i told you, i'm afraid you wouldn't believe me

>>174411969This reads like a scene from some kind of horror artsy film about trannies

>>174411839Damn. And this is with a 20 year old's metabolism. You have to wonder what people this huge in college will look like with a 35+ year old's metabolism and stresses from stuff like work and parents dying. >Season 8 not yet confirmed. Filming should be done by now if there is one.What's the viewship like? I mean, this would be the perfect time to pull the ripcord since the halcyon days are over. I assume the goal of the producers is to glamorize troondom and Jazz binge-eating and getting friendzoned by dudes goes against the narrative.

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>>174420397Why what, bro?

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>>174420499>I assume the goal of the producers is to glamorize troondom and Jazz binge-eating and getting friendzoned by dudes goes against the narrative.No my friend, this is TLC. They exclusively make freakshow shows. They do not care if Jazz is doing well or poorly, as long as people keep watching. Last season they showed Jazz being shamed and humiliated every episode.

>>174420554>They exclusively make freakshow showsThey should call it "The Freakshow Channel", just imagine if they did a show on Chris Chan.

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>>174420609It would beat all ratings records

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Nice work anons.

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>>174411839He's a big guy

>>174420504why yous did that with your eyebrows sammy?>>174420713at last i'm immortalized

>>174420713even in the off season. /jazz/ still producing kino

>>174420771Look at Sander's TikTok. Absolute horror kino.

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>>174420768Which color were you

>>174420948blue and purplesorry for samefagging

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>>174411839His inactive dick and balls got choped off and weight gain followed... so the balls weren't entirely non-hormone producing?

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>>174420713I'm flattered>>174420948I was yellow

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>>174421118More like he could no longer feel any pleasure so he started eating

>>174421257He said he was unorgasmic before tho. It's a mess

Is jazz's social media still a year behind the real world?

>>174419889I know that 4chan “back in the day” was apart of an internet subculture which like all internet subcultures emerging out of the 1990’s was Technoanarchist, diametrically opposed to central banking, and other forms of state intervention aka the opposite of modern liberalism which praises government centralized monetary policy in saving us from covid, Trump and the ebil Russians.So there’s that.

>>174414889>Ari in green, symbolising nature. She is a natural woman, something that Jaron can never be.

>>174411864A literal lifetime of perpetual abuse of a servere magnitude

The weirdest thing about the show, to me, was the shear lack of mention given to Jazz's friends. Jazz has new friends every season, and all they do is extremely boring things for kids their age (like kicking a ball around in a park) while discussing Jazz's transgender status. It's very obvious that the kids are paid actors because Jazz doesn't have any real friends, but the show makes absolutely no attempts at hiding this. Jazz hanging out with friends is peak uncanny valley.

>>174419551Yeah sure wear a headband, it totally doesn't draw attention to your receding hairline bro

Heard some rumours that Jazz's surgeon is getting sued

Who is this show for? If it was attempting to normalise transgenderism I think it may have turned more people away

>>174411864Pumping your body with all sorts of big pharma and frankenstein drugs is unhealthy. Surprise surprise.

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>>174416003you liar I just checked his socials and hes still fat

>>174420713I cannot resist....I am inspired to draw this outt. Bored artist on bedrest. Fuck surgery desu. Sorry if my art is shit, this is just a sketch

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>>174419490Not comfortable with silence. Thinking of what to say next takes time, and any gaps in conversation give other people opportunities to interject. If that happens, an insecure person feels like they have no option but to submit to the interjection. If you pad your sentence with likes and umms and other habitual sentence fillers, you fill those gaps and are pretty safe from interjection. Then by the time you've finished talking, people have usually forgotten what they were going to interject with, or can't be bothered addressing all 2000 points that were made in the one sentence or rewinding to a specific point, etc.

>>174421814Yes, do it. Jazz has inspired so many.

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When did 4chan start hating transfolk? Is this a Holla Forums psyop?

>>174421921Probably when it started being shoved down their throats

>>174414889>mother being last showing that her kids don't listen to what she has to say>yellow is the brightest colour people usually do not pick, it fits because Sander is attention seeking and doesn't know or show his real emotions. It is the colour for those who don't feel they belong in the other colours>red cause Jazz has to be first always>orange and green are the softest colours of the bunch, don't stand out and are more normal>Ari's eyes are downcast, Sander's eyes are downcast. Only Jeanette looks like she's enjoying this dance monkey dance entertainment.


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Feed her till she pops.

>>174419535Females are fucking monsters man. I will never be 1/10 as crazy or evil as the average woman, and im nit playing with a full deck for sure

>>174411839She really does pass to be fair. Seethe all you want.

>>174421921We don't hate. We empathize with the little boy who was manipulated and controlled into thinking he was a girl by the horrible Moloch witch.

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>>174421921Timeline got broken in the late 00's. They were once a handful of small gay dudes who were eager to please dudes and knew basic stuff about picking outfits and makeup etc. Channers were obsessed with "traps" back then. No one really talks about it but a lot of nerds are basically prison-gay to varying degress. The current crop of them are mostly straight guys who basically look like a bunch of neckbeards raided a Forever 21. I mean, sure they mostly hassle lesbians(they're porn-brainwashed and totally -obsessed- with the idea of hidden sensual stuff going on in women's spaces like spas) but I think a lot of us find them repellent because we're haunted by the idea that could be -us- if we'd watched a bit more porn and tranime.

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>>174411839Wtf he transitioned into a Guatemalan

>>174422263Maybe Askhenazi Jews really do have Mideast origins. Always figured they were actually descended from Khazars because of the timeline of when they started getting mentioned in the historical record. Also they'd get more angry about that then outright Holocaust denial so I figured it was on the right path. >>174422174Yeah, she basically neutered her gay son. Maybe it's an ancestral memory or something? If your son is gay, pack him off to join the court eunuchs so he can gain influence and help support the family.

>>174422263Buenos Dias

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>>1744222394chan launched one of the first trans pornstars, BaileyJay. 4chan only turned when the site became mainstream. Now it’s just conservatives that are too online with a few oldfags mixed in.

>>174422346Or maybe the horrible cunt is just plain evil.

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>>174422142Women can be truly cruel for sure. They compete in different arenas than men, but they compete all the same.One of my favorite things is seeing MTF perverts say that they are so happy that a real woman gave them unsollicited tips for their hair and make-up. A woman would never do that to another woman, it's like spitting in her face. But the troons just don't get it.

>>174419889Libertarian stoners who then became racist once enough crime stats were posted lol

Will anyone be held responsible when Jazz inventibly offs himself?

>>174422563the sister (female)

>>174422563Kiwifarms, of course.

>>174411969Did they seriously cut that dude up?

>>174413470Seems like the one cutting wants to do some 'cosmetic improvements' of a scar, while the other is arguing that non-essential cuts are just an added risk factor with little to no benefit. One scar isn't going to make a difference since the whole thing is scar vs 'just let me do it'.

>>174411864He discovered the true secret to trans passing. When you're not even remotely human shaped people will just have to take your word for it.

>>174413563>These "doctors" are fucking ghouls.They should be publicly executed. The males should have their genitals cut off and shoved down their throats in the public square.

>>174422612Yes. And he's not the only one. It happens every fucking day.

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>>174422764This cunt is a sociopath who should be in prison

if she was actually trans at birth then she is the luckiest girl in the world.

>>174420229Fuck yes.

>>174420120>I’m no Superman

>>174422788She is true evil

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>>174420713Absolute kino.

>>174422967You have to wonder what the fuck happened to this woman to make her like this. What kind of insane childhood trauma or mental illness created this

Shame kiwi is gone. The tranny threads kinda sucked because all the terfs but it was wild reading the surgery regret thread. Best part was looking up their reddit accounts (the trannies ot the kiwis) and seeing it deleted or just dead for months

Why are you hating on the surgeons? The (((psychiatrists))) were the ones who legitimised the surgical treatment.

>>174421888I will user. For now, I'll stop here. I'm sleepy.

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>>174414889By measuring the red shift we can see how much the universe is expanding.


>>174423010She might simply be a sadistic psychopath. She simply enjoys hurting people.

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>>174421921Always, you psychotic piece of shit. ALWAYS.They are insane and should be segregated from society so as not to pass on their insanity to the weak.

chud turd angry about elden ring topic #54905784, why is this still up?

>>174422764People really should start burning down the homes of these butchers.

>>174422239That image haunts me. The guy detransitioned seemingly for attention. He now has two Reddit accounts. One pretending he's detransitioning and one where he literally keeps going and recently posted photos of himself with a butt plug. He's mentally fucked.

>>174414117>>174416003is this the latest tranny psyop against this thread?Jazz has continued to balloon and looks about as fat as that thing from DEM RAAANGZ nowtiktok.com/@jazzjennings/video/7136362087550373163?

>>174422263Fucking hell.

>>174411839Does overeating count as suicide?

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The Jennings family is the real life Hereditary family. Jeanette simply made Jazz into a proper vessel for king Paimon, the demon that's canonically a man with a woman's face (sorta).Now they enjoy the company of good familiars and many riches.

>>174422706This thread is pure gold.

>>174423057They choose to perform the actual physical mutilation, user, and standards haven't fallen so far just yet that they're too stupid to know that's what it is. A lot of them are also just genuinely deranged. Can't post it on a blue board but look up Christopher Salgado.

>>174423163Ah yes, clearly the eyes of a sane person.

>>174423386The Jazz Live Game Threads were the best threads ever.

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>>174423303Man, it must be awesome to be so immune to criticism that nobody will even tell you you couldn’t carry a tune with a bucket.

>>174423377That’s spookily accurate.

>>174411864The only way for him to experience pleasure is from food. His dick has been completely mutilated. He can't feel sexual pleasure anymore so food is all that's left. And he's a young man barely out of his teens so his hormones are still raging.

>>174423416Blocks your path

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>>174411864Skinny queen won, chud

>>174423513His testicles have been severed. All his hormones are artificial.

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>>174423057Because while watching one of Jazz's surgeries we literally had surgeons squabbling during the procedure and Jazz's mum literally said she thought about not telling people about the dangers of surgery in case it put people off.They are the worst snake oil salesmen, they don't even move on to the next town. They pretend like things are effective but you push them for stats and even their own stats are in 60%. They like to pretend they are warning people and giving them the facts whilst also over promising on results.They are butchers. The psychs were more or less yes men who went along with it. The surgeons are the ones that finalised the horror.

>>174423679That shit was surreal.

>>174419447>blocks you hormones

>>174423899>>severs your breasts

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>>174424004Fucking butchery.

>>174424004Tfw she dries them and makes titty tents out of the breast skin (she feeds the innards to her pets)

>>174424004whats the time frame for culture to look back in reflection and question whether it was ok for children to start hacking off body parts before there brains were fully developed?

>>174424085Literally now. Detransitioners are everywhere. People are getting taken to court.

>>174415947Many such cases!



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>>174415677Moderators, ban this man. He has posted a topless woman with her tits out. This is a blue board.

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