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Asian Leap premiere thread

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>>174411343He'll never outdo Bakula. That shit was fire.

>>174411343>>174411507Guys, I just turned the channel on and it's a literal fucking tranny...

>>174411682its just a gay guy you triggered idiot

>So you leap into other people's bodies then have to solve a problem within a time limit?Why doesn't this numbnut just stop leaping?

>>174411754Oh good. More faggotry in my TV shows

>>174411772He doesn't control it

So they're already doing the final episode bar scene... except in the first episode?

>>174411507True, and this lady obviously going to be nowhere as fun or charismatic as All.>>174411772>we still haven't figured out how to fix the problems with the original program, but fuck it let's do it anywayYes, that is a huge flaw right out of the gate.

>Making their Sam and Al equivalent a coupleWho thought this was a good idea?

>>174411874A better question is why they let this guy get in to this scenario if the exact same thing happened to Beckett years earlier and they already knew this. That's definitely an unsafe workplace lawsuit waiting to happen.

They really had to dumb this down and spell it out for the new generation

>>174411960charismatic as *Al

>>174411343are people going to watch this? i have seen so many trailers for this shit

>>174412040Yes but only because I am bored and I want to complain about something I could easily ignore anyways.

They also got the timeline wrong, the "present" in the original series took place in the future.

>>174411682what god damn channel is this on? i went up and down the satellite over and over and cannot find an NBC or Quantum Leap except for Comet and Syfy, the original series

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>>174411343I'm bored bros...Also Screencast this:The Asian girl is evil.

>>174412115Yes and also the future's culture was much different. 2022 in this show should be the 90s version of the future to keep it consistent. The one with the aerodynamic future cars and silly, bright colored clothes. Basically what it was like in that one ep where the home burglar leapt into Sam's body and escaped the facility.

Who's the black guy and why do they have security footage of her on the laptop if she's invisible

>>174412129It's 188 on my TV.

>>174411907They revealed it was "God" causing Sam to leap in the very first episode? The original built that up over time, WTF are they thinking.

>>174412153>Also Screencast this:The Asian girl is evil.duh>>174412212>Who's the black guyA soldier Sam leaped into in the original series

>>174412276>Channel 188 on your tvOH! There it is. Ch. 188. Should have known.

>>174412153>>174412342An evil... Leaper? Based!Those were my favorite episodes as a kid.

>>174411343This looks so generic.

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>>174411874He can't just shoot himself and hope his consciousness leaps back?Also is there ever an episode where he leaps into a version of himself right before he tested the machine and decided maybe not to be a retard?

Are people actually watching this slop? It’s just shitty nostalgia bait based on an actual good show.

>>174412548>an actual good showlol

>>174412276i found it on channel 2, i missed half of it though, oh well hopefully it reruns along with the next episode though?

>>174412568>>174412548The joke is that it was never goodI tried watching a marathon of it on syfy and it was shit.


This is so bad

Have they had a Bakula cameo yet?

This is now a Stargate thread. All posters of non-Stargate related content, take a leap

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>>174412548>>174412434>>174412019>>174411907If you're over 30, you need to close all your 4chan tabs and get a life. You're pathetic.

>>174412745>>174412751Boomers, leave NOW

>>174412705No but they did mention that the original Beckett went into the same machine and never returned. Why they let someone else get stuck in the same scenario is anyone's guess.

>quantum reap

>>174412705No, they just dropped Sam Beckett's name several times a holographic picture. But, you just know it's inevitable. Bakula could probably use the money.

>>174412751I'm 43 years old watching tvYou're the one who needs to get off the computer and get a life

>>174412568It’s the single greatest televisual event in history, and I don’t say that lightly.

>Ben and Addison are a couple>Addison doesn't even have cool outfits like Al did >Addison is the one that was supposed to leap, not Ben >It takes place in 2022 instead of the future like the original series didBoring.

>>174412751I sleep in a big bed with my wife.

I've never heard of "Generation" wristwatches. Is that a fake brand or real paid shilling?

I could have sworn he was Asian Jim from the trailers.

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>>174412965he's not?

>>174412933Yeah, I'm sure you have a large automobile too.

>>174411682>oh zir

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>>174412965I thought he was that guy from Selfie from the trailers

>>174412912GROSS>>Addison is the one that was supposed to leap, not Benwhat's the story here? I assume the woman was a historical genius and her boyfriend was just a dumb male janitor who fell into the "Quantum Leap Accelerator and VANISHED. Waking up to mirror images, not his own. His only companion this journey is his bitch wife, a hologram the chink can only see and hear. So he bounces from life to life, putting right which was already fine, and hoping every leap, is his leap home back to 2022".How close am I?

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>>174412705>>174412851>Bakula has been making social media posts and whatnot, talking about why he decided not to be in the new show. >This is either garden-variety misdirection or a negotiating tactic. twitter.com/ScottBakula/status/1570530814781452288?s=20&t=_KuOA-I-weJjIiAEHq2JnQ

If this show tanks will they choose the nuclear option and pay Scott Bakula to do a cameo?

>>174413194>twitter.com/ScottBakula/status/1570530814781452288?s=20&t=_KuOA-I-weJjIiAEHq2JnQ>I wish them all good luck but I still can't fathom why they'd replace me with a pan-faced gook. Especially considering Al's views on them.

>>174413128Not even close. Ben is the genius physicist that speaks multiple languages, just like Sam. Addison is just an Army vet. Unironically, the dynamic would've worked a lot better had they actually switched places.

>>174413291Al was the exact opposite of you racist you queer

OMG THIS SHOW WAS SO FUCKING BORING!Why would they start with a stupid fucking heist story for the pilot?

>>174412548yes, first time that they rebooted a good series with a non-black

>>174411754No, it's literally a tranny in a blonde wig and problem glasses. They just showed IT in a teaser for the next episode.

>>174413357Hahaha!!! WHAT??Are they even keeping the "traveling through one's lifetime" or are we getting shit like going back in time to save Lincoln like "Timeless" (another shitty liberal time travel romp).

>>174413554>Are they even keeping the "traveling through one's lifetime" or are we getting shit like going back in time to save Lincoln like "Timeless" (another shitty liberal time travel romp).They just showed a preview where's he in the wild west and the crew back at the lab are like "wtf he just traveled outside his own lifetime???"

>>174413608to be fair, Bakula did it once or twice too

>>174413608He's going back in time to build the Transcontinental railroad.

Ziggy says the Twinkie is thirty-five feet long and weighs approximately six hundred pounds.

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>>174413391>Al was the exact opposite of you racist you queerRice-burned paws muddled their way through this post.

>>174413653Personally, I think the "traveling only within one's lifetime" thing was too limiting anyway. I was just telling user what he wanted to know.

>>174413778It wasn't about limiting, it was nostalgia bait literally for the baby boomers. Pretty much every epsiode is a reference they would be familiar with.

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>>174413861Yeah, and that's lame.

>>174413861Yeah, the thing with that limitation is would people want a 1987-2022 restriction that following that rule would lead to

it wasnt bad just felt boring

>>174413861One episode was a shot for shot remake of parts of Lina Wertmueller's Swept Away. It was literally titled "Leapt Away."

>oh boy

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My mother fell asleep. It's over Quantumchads..

>>174414167>Ben, Ziggy says there's a 99.9% chance that in order to leap you have to make sure Seth McFarlane gets on that flight.

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>>174414347I think I may quantum leap from the cringe when that episode airs.

>>174414131It was bad.

>>174414467felt so rusheddude is giving a speech at a party then leaping the next scene?wtf

>>174413194They probably offered but then he read one of the scripts and noped the fuck out. This way he can divorce himself and his show from whatever gay shit they end up doing.

>>174414347Ziggy says there's a 99 percent chance you are there to make sure Timothy and Raymond never leave the island and that their mad passions are allowed to overtake one another in the tropical heat.youtube.com/watch?v=_3Wv-a7wG8s

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>>174414542I thought the premise was that they were trying to find Sam. It would have been cool if you had a Bakula episode where he sets things right, and then the Worst Korean leaps in after Sam leaps out and screws things up. ofc Sam's episode just wouldn't really work without Al so it's not surprising Bakula passed.

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>>174414498It was almost all exposition. I have no idea what the characters are like or what their personalities are. And Ben and Addison being a couple is so boring and needlessly dramatic. >>174414670Already saw a review that brought this up, but the way they structured it, with how much they kept mentioning Sam and Al the reboot just doesn't work unless they bring Bakula back. They even set up an arc at the end about Al's daughter and honestly, I would've rather watched a reboot that was Al's daughter and Sam. Her going rouge and trying to get Sam back for her father or something, that'd be infinitely more interesting than this.

>>174414542>They probably offered but then he read one of the scripts and noped the fuck out.A bit like the new Macgyver reboot huh?

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>>174411343It was okay. Kind of felt like all the other action adventure shows they have nowadays instead of something like the original show that was more slice of life, but could go into any genre the writers wanted which made it a lot more interesting. Like one episode was more like a family drama, another more comic, another more action adventure. This has a lot of the sort of mystery box stuff that so many shows have ever since Lost.The dynamics of Sam and Al are hard to beat with Al pushing Sam to do a lot of daring things he wouldn't otherwise and Sam being put into a lot of funny uncomfortable situations. In the original show Sam leapt into someone in the past's body and they leapt into his body in the present. Does that not happen in this one?Also I guess they retconned the dark neon cyberpunk "future" of 1995 and beyond

>>174413532No, it's a guy. His name is Ian. He just happens to wear eye shadow.

>>174416438He would've been a better Al than Addison

>>174413660...do it and make the Hell on Wheels O'Brien time traveled into the ancient past to become Thomas Durant meme a reality

>This is the man you're trying to emulate.>Ziggy says there is a 94.7% chance that this series will be canceled by spring.

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>>174416438>>174411754the actor is nonbinaryWhat makes you think the character identifies as male? It's very metro or whatever the fuck.

>>174417167I dunno. He just looks and sounds like a gay guy who wears makeup which isn't terribly unusual, but many "non-binary" people are like that too, so maybe the character is, I guess. I don't recall them using whatever pronouns he's supposed to prefer or whatever so until that happens, if it looks and sounds like a man, then it probably is one.

>original cast: 100% white males>new cast: 0% white malesThey really badly don't want any fans watching this.

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>>174411343>be named kwon tum lee>end up in a quantum leapbravo vince

>>174417288nodoby wants to see some plain dudes

>>174412129It's hard trying to figure out how to watch TV in 2022.

>>174412212>why do they have security footage of her on the laptop if she's invisibleI guess I can't blame you for speedwatching this while checking your phone.

>dead-eyed asian male leadLel this shit won’t even make it to season 2. What was NBC thinking

>>174417288Oh damn, losing the decomposing 55 year olds who watched an old show that ran from 1989-1993 before it was cancelled with no ending demographic, crippling.

more like quantum cheap lol

>>174412851>Bakula could probably use the money.he starred in NCIS New orleans for a few years, he's doing okay fren

>>174413060>how trannies literally see themselves.webm

>>174413194> In that spirit, I am crossing my fingers that this new cast and crew are lucky enough to tap into the magic that propelled the original Quantum Leap into the hearts and minds of generations past and present. I wish them good luck and happy leaping!Yeah I have low expectations too kek


>>174414143no it wasn't

>>174416154>Does that not happen in this one?good point. Where's the leapee? Where's the "waiting room?"

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have they remade the wonder years yet.will ching chang chong leap back to vietnam and shoot himself?


>>174417335nobody wants to see Ian


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>>174418038>have they remade the wonder years yet.yup

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>>174418154forgot that happened.when is the world ending asteroid coming?

>>174417426um, yeah? those are the people who watch tv the most. But they're still going to watch anyways even if there isn't a single white because they're boomers sleep at the wheel

>>174417886It wasn't titled that but some of the scenes were almost shot for shot.

>>174418038yeah with Gus from Psych. Narrated by... I don't remember who narrates it.

>>174417999Yeah, they acted like he completely disappeared and I was thinking shouldn't his body be there at least? Maybe it does happen, but just wasn't relevant to the story. Something that would've been kind of neat is to show the perspective of the leapee more,and the fact his GF is attracted to his physical body which is still there, but he inhabited by someone else and it leads to some weird feelings.

>Kwan Tum Lee

>>174420127If it works like the old show, then the observer/hologram character is the only one who can see the Leaper in the past, and the Leapee in the future. Everyone else should see Ben in the waiting room though.

>>174411343Anybody got a link where those who missed it can stream and watch it ?Thanks in advance !

>>174411343Hoping the next leap will be his last.

>>174411754 They prefer to be called faggots !

>>174418038Yes, but they called it The Goldbergs.


>>174411343Quantum Leap was an amazing show. This is just (((them))) milking nostalgia. If they actually brought back Bakula, it could have been kino. But its just soulless goyslop.Will be canceled after one season.

Here's how it should of gone.Pre credits sceneIt's February 29 2028. Leap Day.It's big day. Quantum Leap is about to become operational.But just as they are about to launch the project something goes wrong. The machine start to malfunction. It's as if someone or something has switched it on. It's now acting as if leap has occured and five minutes has already passed. The scientists working on it are puzzled.Suddenly a man appears out of nowhere from waiting room. He somehow manages to take down surprise guard and captures his gun. He starts ordering people around and fires gun. A bullet hits one of machines processors. Sparks begin to fly. It's about to blow. To shut it down someone needs to go inside quantum chamber and fix it.Suddenly our protagonist begins to leap only to find him looking in the mirror. He shares same face as the man who was shooting at him and his experiment moments before. He then looks down to see what he is holding in his hands. It's airline ticket for Mr Habib Uzazi for United Flight 93, September 11, 2001. "Oh Boy !"End Scene. Cue Credits

>>174412745Funny you say that cause I'm pretty sure the guy he was there to save was the guy who played kid jack in that asgard abduction episode.Anyway this show is painfully generic and bland. Literally feels like some shit from the early 2000's in terms of style and direction.Something my grandma might watch if she were still alive, bless her soul.

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>>174412439Its single mom kino like 911, the dome and other shit. Its for women working 3 jobs and coming home dead tired, hoping love will knockayg444 at the door.


>>174424198>Literally feels like some shit from the early 2000's in terms of style and direction.Sounds comfy.


>>174424343fucking captcha man

>>174424362Some b-tier shit.

Just watched the ending or the original Quantum Leap recently. Really hit hard how good the show was. Still don't like that "Sam never returns home line". They could've easily rectified that if they brought Bakula back for 1 final extra season but I guess they couldn't make it happen.Will they do the cross-dressing for the Asian guy like they did for Bakula or would they be considered problematic nowadays?

>>174411343I forgot this even existed.

>>174412912>It takes place in 2022 instead of the future like the original series didDidn't the original take place in 1995 for whatever reason? It's been a while since I've watched the original. and no, I'm not watching this new shit.