It still holds up for the most part

It still holds up for the most part.

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not really

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Batman animated series was very noir

>>174411474Of course it was, it was drawn on black paper.

>>174411259Yeh, the good episodes are really good, but the bad ones are BAAAD.

>On the commentary track for "Heart of Ice" on the Batman: The Animated Series, Volume One DVD, producer Bruce Timm stated that Spectrum Animation was responsible for airbrushing Mr. Freeze's helmet in every frame that featured him. Such attention to detail ultimately drove the studio to bankruptcy; most of their staff members are now working for Production I.G.Well... it's certainly a nice visual effect, but was it worth it?

>>174411259To me, it's kinda cheesy and goofy in some places and doesn't have an endgame going for it. It can get formulaic at times recycling the same Monster of the Week plot for some of Batman's rogues. Batman also tries too hard playing psychotherapist with some of the rogues later in the series, particularly with Poison Ivy, Two Face, Harley Quinn, and Ridler as examples. The best examples are the ones where there isn't any happy ending or resolution and Bruce continues to be Bruce. Cases like Baby Doll, Heart of Ice, The Demon's Quest, The Two-Face Two Parter, The Laughing Fish, and to an extent, The Joker's Favor are some of the best the series has to offer.

>>174411550Couldnt even go three posts without mentioning the heckin black paper

>BTASboring and chintzy, typical manchild fodder.

>>174411259This show did not have a good Catwoman.

>>174411746>endgameWhat would that be? It's an episodic series.

>>174412190Catwoman is a bad character.

>>174412303I respect your opinion. Good day, sir.

>>174412303Catwoman is the classic female fatale trope, you twit.

>>174411259>>174412536My dick still holds up...... to your chin

>>174412251Just like have Batman be prepared for passing the cowl to a successor, build up his rivalry with the Joker, and prepare himself for the likelihood of a Justice League with Superman and other heroes.But there's little-to-no continuity for a couple of DCAU-related shows and comics in the 90s, so who's gonna care?

>>174412791It did have Zatanna and a crossover with Superman. And Batman Beyond eventually. The DCAU built a connected universe better than Snyder.

>>174411709That was only one of like 8 studios that they outsourced the animation to.

>>174411957Dark Deco is based

>>174411259It's an excellent series and the robin episodes were extremely well done. Only trannies who swallow goyslop and other dogshit will complain about this show.

>>174411637Which are the bad episodes?

I just rewatched the whole thing and its better than today's shit like Arcane, better than any superhero films. The balance between humor, adventure, and drama is perfect. Overall the truest look into Batman's rogue gallery with the truest batman depiction. Also characters like Roxy Rocket, Harley, and Poison Ivy are as sexy as cartoons get and likely the reason I turned out straight.

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>>174411746>no endgameThats a dumb complaint, not every show needs this. Baby Doll is top notch, so is the Clayface one where he dies at the end.

>>174411259It does. I slightly prefer Beyond over it. You can't have Batman Beyond without BtAS, and I think Beyond was a real good continuation. That is, as long as you ignore the bull that Bruce Timm pulled for the very end 'twist' with Terry that ruins everything Beyond stood for.

>>174412791it does not make a better show by having connection to other DC things, thats like saying Marvel movies are better films because of the cameos at the end, just cause it makes people do the soi face doesn't make it a better film. Batman is always at its strongest when its standalone. Anyways between Night Wing, Robin, and Batgirl there was an obvious future being alluded too.

>>174415928I wouldn't call any bad but some of the early episodes feel dry and boring ones with forgettable villains

>>174416290I love Beyond but the original Harley and Joker from TAS is my favorite depiction of those characters and it keeps the show above Beyond for me

>>174416419It still blows my mind how Harley originated from the cartoon. She fits in so seemlessly that you'd think she came from the comics before. Same for several other original characters like Baby Doll and The Rocketeer.

>>174411259Yeah it does. Especially if you watch Batman Beyond right after that.

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>>174416066how can 3D even compete

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>>174411746its called Epilogue

i've never bothered with it because most western caroons are episodic - self-contained stories every episode - and i absolutely despise that. same reason i can't get into cowboy of the reasons i think the last airbender is fucking amazing is that most episodes involve the characters making progress on their journeys. even in the "filler" ones (which help flesh out the characters so i'm ok with them). i wish there were more action/adventure cartoons like this in the west. especially with more adult themes. unfortunately anime seems to have a monopoly on this type of animation right now.

>>174411259I never got a chance to watch this, but I do have fond memories of being like 8 years old or something and watching pic related kino on Saturday nights.

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Mask of the Phantasm is one of the greatest movies ever conceived and I still rewatch it from time to time.

>>174416548agreed, Baby Doll especially impressed me cause her motivation is so believable, when the episode ends with her hugging batman by the leg my heart sinks

>>174411746>doesn't have an endgame going for it.The endgame is Bruce becomes a bitter old man and passes the torch to Terry.

The first season and Mask of the Phantasm are high points of animation and always will be. After that it gets a bit dicier and becomes more of a "cartoon".

>>174416740needing continuity is autistic, BTAS is better off with its barely continuity otherwise it wouldn't make sense Batman having to put away criminals who break out so quickly constantly

The entire Art Deco/Noir fusion art style is still my favorite aesthetic of all time and the only things that scratch my itch to see more are Bioshock and The Big O and both of them are primarily just Art Deco. Gotham was always portrayed as a gothic/noir/art deco city, at least in the modernish era of Batman, but none of the other styles grasped that mix of the high life and crusty switchblade filled alleys at a glance like BTAS, with maybe Tim Burton's Gotham coming the closest but constrained by live action sets. An Art Deco skyscraper backed with a dark red sky and a black facade sets the tone instantly.The intro is downright perfect too, Danny Elfman was composing out of his fucking mind back then.

i have a major crush on Batgirl. Harley as well but thats everyone whose seen the show

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>>174416740How many western TV series in the early 90s had serialized plots in general? Literally fucking just like, soap operas.

>>174411637I can smell your edge from half way across the world

>>174416740>one of the reasons i think the last airbender is fucking amazingYou're a manchild and you need to grow up. There's more depth to single episodes of Bebop and BTAS than the entirety of ATLA. And I don't even rate the former 2 as highly as others.

>>174417088depth alone doesn't matter. i thought episode 5 of cowboy bebop was artistically amazing in all aspects but i could barely watch beyond it because episodic stories just suck. i don't care if you write the deepest short story you can - i want something bigger and more epic. i'm reading dune right now and i can say for a fact it's far deeper than cowboy bebop and btas but it's also a long running story.

>>174415928The ones you don't like.

>>174416740This show does have evolving plot points, though it is mostly episodic.

>>174411259The early Batman episodes were great but as the series went on Batman as a character got flanderized and he became a mean spirited edgelord. Compare how he behaves with Baby Doll and how behaves with even his companions like Batgirl in later episodes. I maybe misremembering but I think this change occurred during the TNBA run or at least sometines before that. Conroy also became lazy and stilted.

>>174411259This episode was garbage.

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>>1744171515 individual stories with complete and concise stories is every bit as good as 5 episodes that lead to a resolution/climax for a continued story. They both have strengths. Anyways Dune is fucking awesome and I had an amazing time reading and thinking about the first 4 books when I read them a year ago. Im thinking about reading the last 2 though Im worried about the cliffhanger.

>>174417192>got flanderized and he became a mean spirited edgelord.It's not getting flanderized. It's literally his character development. The longer he's Batman, the more he ostracizes others around him until he's just a bitter old man living in a mansion with nothing as his legacy.

>>174417057Bruce Timm was a huge coomerMystery of Batwoman was basically a haram anime for Bruce

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>>174417211I always found it comfy as fuck

>>174417192i never thought of Batman as mean spirited and typically I find that quality a deal breaker

>>174417151>i'm reading dune right now and i can say for a fact it's far deeper than cowboy bebop and btas but it's also a long running story.Completely different medium but Dune is vastly overrated. You realise that the most acclaimed novels aren't novel series right?

>>174417057All the girls in that show were sexy. Ras' daughter, the Mad Hatter's Alice, and that actress with the hormone disorder that kept her 9 years old forever.

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>>174417211nah that shit was cash

if they had brought back Harley's original VA and kept the costume for the new show every single BTAS fan would have watched it, would've been that easy

I liked that episode where they spread a virus through cryptocurrency,

>>174415928For your consideration... The Underdwellers.

>>174417280Dune is the best novel series there is imo. I mostly read non series stories but Dune was enriched by the connective stories forming a sort of legend/bible like quality that most fantasies fail to have

>>174417228>. The longer he's Batman, the more he ostracizes othersCharacter development needs to onscreen and it needs make sense. There aren't particularly any episodes of BTAS that "broke him". He's mostly sympathetic throughout the series and then starts being a dick to his own comrades.It also defeats the entire purpose of having characters like Batgirl and Robin. They're in theory supposed to make Batman open up more and for him to become an even bigger asshole for no specific reason after their arrival makes no sense.After looking at some of Bruce Timm's other works, I'm inclined to assign this to bad writing from him(he seems to love edgy/asshole Batman) than some smart character work.

>>174417449I Am the Night broke him. The one where Gordon gets shot.

>>174417381yea that's what i like about it so far. it doesn't have the deepest characters but the worldbuilding is crazy.

It's good, but Justice League/Unlimited is better

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>>174417449>It also defeats the entire purpose of having characters like Batgirl and Robin.The origin Robin left Batman cause Batman was fucking Batgirl. Then the second Robin got tortured and brainwashed by the Joker. You see that by the time Justice League comes around he's all alone.

>>174417279Just compare early BTAS Batman and JL animated Batman. You'll know what I'm talking about.

>>174411259Definitely, Thalia in that belly dancer like outfit = I cum buckets

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>>174411259Watched a bit recently. It's kinda shocking how much better the writing and animation is compared to just about every anime tv series ever made.>>174412536Retards think "person i don't like in a tv show" automatically means "bad character" not realising that a really good and well written character can actually be someone you absolutely fucking hate.

That soundtrack bros.

>>174417088Bebop isn't even in Watanabe's top 3 shows.


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i like it, but JL/JLU is better.

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>>174417628Except that person literally said "bad character ".

>>174417691now you're just talking crazy

>>174417536Justice League > Batman: TAS > Batman Beyond > Superman: TAS > Static Shock > Zeta Project as far as DCAU goes.

>>174411259It does more than hold up, you fucking retard. It's great.


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>>174417526it takes a long time but both Paul and his son are built up to very deep by the end of their stories

>>174417283This is an edit right?

>>174417736i dont remember JLU having the emotional weight BTAS had but its been many years since I watched Justice League

Crazy how good Batman is when the show focuses on more rogues than just Joker. Now if only Reeves would listen.

>>174417966It was mostly just GOTTA SMASH. There was that one episode with Ace.

>>174417057Babs was always hot in most portrayals. Hence Nightwing dicking her (and Starfire).

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>>174411259His best suit was in the later seasons including justice league.The yellow emblem does not make him look intimidating he looks very campy

>>174417757For some reason I could never get into BeyondI think it was the cringeworthy fake future lingo. And Terry was just unlikable to me>>174417966It certainly didn't have the emotional weight, but it was a million times more fun and allowed itself to get creative (i.e. Superman time travelling with Vandal Savage)Which when you're talking about kids cartoons I'd take that over elevating Mr. Freeze's backstory

>>174418178SEX asideHow many abandoned amusement parks does Gotham have?

>>174417904>he doesn't knowthat show was lewd AF

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>>174418178Oh that reminds me. It got an HD release right? I might re-watch it.

>>174418190it's biggest industry is abandoned industries

>>174418186In the comics it's explained as a target to shoot rather than his exposed face.

>>174416755I don't like the intro. The music sucks arse

>>174417283Poison ivy in the new adventures looked alot sexier. She had the goth girl look

>>174417283>>174417904There were spin-off comics and they were allowed to get a tiny bit more dicy.

>>174418269Never thought of it that way.I still don't like it. Because it looks too flashy

What is the purpose of batman having a cape when he does not glide in the cartoons?


>>174418431Misdirection. Hard to tell where the arms are.

Why is the HBOmax version of BTAS out of order? I didn't want to dig out my blu-ray of the series but I might need to, the convenience of it being on there there is worthless if I need to keep looking at the release order.

>>174418431Intimidation. Makes him look bigger.

>>174417543>The origin Robin left Batman cause Batman was fucking BatgirlWhich is precisely my point? This isn't the cause of him becoming a dick, this is him being a dick to his family.>>174417523He ends the episode with a renewed sense of purpose with one minor criminal boy becoming reformed because of Batman's kindness. So no, that episode most definitely didn't break Batman.

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>>174418516Ah. I guess he's going for the dracula look

>>174418273>I don't like the intro.The intro deadass slaps. Listen to the cleaned up

>>174415928Pic related.>>174416066Watched it again recently and Poison Ivy is ridiculously hot.

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>>174418606It did for a bit. You can't have a truly broken Batman because he's the star of a kids cartoon. For that see Batman Beyond.Oh, also Perchance to Dream and Mask of the Phantasm.

>>174418648Meh, i like batman beyond more. And x men evolution intro

>>174418758And the times he got hit with Scarecrow's gas.

>>174417526looks like someone didn't read God-Empetor

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>>174419198I cannot remember if the two face penny is part of the backstory or is from a specific episode.

>>174419278Almost Got 'Im. Comic origin is different.

>>174417377I liked it. Always freaked me out as a kid. Yes, it was a cartoon for children. You are not analizing it as an adult product right?

>>174411259I've tried to get into it recently but it's just very dumb.Sure the animation looks high but in a shallow way as it also cuts corner with every single thing it cans and that kind of makes it dull and repetitive once the novelty wears off.The horrible looking Justice League ones are slightly better because they have a better script/story.

>>174417057Could you blame Bruce? Could you blame Barbara?It was the logical conclusion and the characters speaking by themselves. It would be bad writting making it not happen for any retarded reason.

>>174419368It did have some more adult stuff I found boring at the time. Things with Crime Alley and mafia and redemption and stuff.

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>>174419368>You are not analizing it as an adult product right?What a crock of shit handwave excuse that is for a bad episode. Most of the early episodes you can analyze as an adult product even with it being aimed at a younger demographic, you can't say genuinely that episodes like Heart of Ice, Beware the Grey Ghost , and Feat of Clay have no merit because the show was a cartoon aimed at kids.

>I threw a rock at him!

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>>174416740Ur gay and everything in your post is wrong

>>174419652Well, it freaked me out as a kid so it managed to accomplish what it wanted. You sure you watched those episodes when you were less than 12yo?

>>174418187>kids cartoonsee thats just our difference, between sexualized characters, tragic backstories, and plots as deep as any superhero film I don't consider BTAS a kids cartoon

The worst episodes were the ones that really tried to push some social commentary. Catwoman episodes were bad for this especially.

>>174419754Haha, the Catwoman episodes were all written by the same person mostly.

>>174419754Thanks god HBO new ceo dropped that new batman cartoon. It was probably going to be tranny nigger shit: the series

>>174417526>no deep charactersbitch leto II wants to have a word

>>174418653that episode is cute

>>174417889>>174418977>>174419844yea i haven't gotten that far though i know leto II exists. and i've been spoiled on one or two things.

>>174419495Kill yourself zoomer.

>>174419754Catwoman had to be the most poorly utilized character, also her redesign like many others was shit

>>174417889>>174418977>>174419844oh one last thing. i want to complain that whenever i see chani's name this ugly gorilla comes to my mind because i saw the movie before reading the books.

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I've yet to see an anime series as good as this.

>>174420048most of mal's top 10. dozens from mal's top 100. go take a look.

>>174420048That's a bit harsh.

>>174419852This. its a kids show. what's wrong with having an episode with kids?

>>174420048Dragon ball super

>>174416066arcane turned into complete garbage after episode 3. couldn't believe how awful that story became after the timeskip.

>>174411259It’s still the best overall adaptation of Batman.

>109 episodesyep i'll pass.

>>174419754The homelessness episode is pretty memorable. Sweet music too.

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>>174418494HBO does this with a lot of shows it’s fucking baffling. Not only is Tom & Jerry out of order but it’s also divided by seasons (?)

>>174420213Haha, it's episodic.

>>174411259Reminder that DC is out of their minds for not making a Batman Beyond movie yet

>>174420065Who is Mal?

>>174420394that dude's wife from inception.or myanimelist. ranking/aggregation site for anime.

Best episode coming through.

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>>174420435The theme still pops into my head every now and again. The music for BTAS was incredible.

>>174420435My favorite is the Clock King. I don't know why. I think it's because I'm really into being on time and if someone fucked with that I'd probably kill them. I can relate to the Clock King so much.

>>174417536But what was the question

Oh wow, turns out they made a bunch of direct to video movies that continue the continuity that I wasnt' aware of? I knew of Mask of the Phantasm already since it was a big deal and a feature film. The 2003 one is just really weird since it's so late, and I had never heard of it. That they were making 10 years of Batman shows set in this continuity is nuts for me. I guess I'll go ahead and watch them now?>Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero (1998; direct-to-video)>Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (2000; direct-to-video)>Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman (2003; direct-to-video)

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>>174420591It's like the show was good or something. Imagine that?

I really like the Art Deco aesthetic, where you're not sure if it's supposed to be the 20's, 50's, 90's, or near-future. I mean yeah, he's got a supercomputer in the batcave but the cars look ancient. So what went wrong with Killing Joke anyways? Even aside from understandable padding out the runtime, they made the city look way too modern and Kevin Conroy sounded so unenthused and tired.

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>>174420650>It's like the show was goodIt wasn't. Fuck off nostalgia cuck.

>>174417536>I knew it...32 flavors.

>>174420524>The theme still pops into my head every now and again. The music for BTAS was incredible.Also want to say that both directing, sets, and especially music has incredibly degraded in the last few decades. For instance the classic meltdown sequence from "Homer Defined", not only features good directing but a fantastic score. This kind of direction and music are completely lacking from modern productions, most especially The Simpsons. But it was pretty standard back them.

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>>174420683I want to FUCK that train, holy shit

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>>174420048Hajime no Ippo's initial run is pretty good

>>174420650It's just that for kids shows they tend to run on cycles. They produce a new show that replaces the old one and they just go on forever. After Batman they did Superman, then Justice League, but no new Batman for ages until the 00's. That gave a lot of time. But by 2003 Batman TAS would have long been off the air even for re-runs, replaced by the newer batman shows. Thus a Batman TAS direct to video in 2003 seems weird. Batman Beyond ended like 3 years previously. It's just weird that the last Batman TAS production is some weird direct to video 2003 movie is all. "Return of the Joker" feels much more in-line.

>>174420683neither Kevin Conroy or Mark Hamill can do it anymore like they used to

>>174420524It was. Oodles of soul.>>174420551>Clock KingNice. Probably because they absolutely nailed it by making him a believable, if kooky character. Previously as far as the Adam West era went, he was just the weirdo of the week. I'm assuming there was some development in the comics since, but I dunno, I'm not really sure.>>174420741Very true. Like the weird thing with the Simpson's for me is that I generally really dislike musicals. But I really enjoyed the Simpson's musical numbers. It just worked.

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>>174420683I feel so old even thinking about this. I was gushing over the show with a high school chick like 20 years ago, and we talked about this very point. The series looks 1940's, with even only black and white tv's, but then you get super computers and advanced tech? It's weird. All of this is completely dropped for the sequel series. Even weirder, Batman Beyond moves this faux 1940's within someone's lifetime to supposedly the far future technology that we haven't even gotten to yet.


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>>174411259I'm sorry but after watching The Batman(2022) this feels like shlock.

>get lost in the wiki>manually remember all those really minor recurring characters

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>>174420228That music takes me back to my childhood. It was really badass. I watched persian dub of this

>remember this ep>they straight up kill the villain at the end>he gets like the worst death imaginable, in that he's trapped in a block of ice and will slowly suffocate as his life support systems fade over

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>>174421238Cool man Persian is a beautiful language.

>>174419754you mean the harley ones (cept for harleyquinade)

>>174421238>>174421698i don't mean to sound racist but when brown people talk about being brown on 4chan it shatters my illusion of this being a cool place for white brethren to discuss things (i can't identify/empathize with brown people). i'd appreciate if you kept your race to yourself next time. thank you.

>>174419936Ywnbaw auto gynopholiac.

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>>174422266What a cringe psychopath.

>>174411259It absolutely does not. The VAST majority of the episodes are shit. The peaks and valleys of this show are the greatest distances apart that I cannot fathom. You have to wade through 5 episodes of shit just to get one good episode.

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>>174422316Do not read this post batman sisters... you'll get an aneurysm.


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>>174418653Jesus that one was shit. Even the Penguin couldn't save it and I fucking love the Penguin.

>>174411259I've watching it since I watched a bit as a kid and man you're not wrong, it's not perfect but man if it isn't just a good ol' time. Very happy I went back

>>174411259I don't know why they put so much effort into a kids show, but I'm glad they did.It really was something else.

>>174422699Its like somebody said, "I got this one shot, it ain't much, but I'm going run with it. Lets burn this motha down!"It was just sort of crazy how good it was.

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>>174422531>harley, you have five second to get off my bed before i put my dick in you.>you've been warned.

>>174417211>not liking fun

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>>174417839you know this isn't official art right?

>>174417536How did he get away with it?

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>>174422814no fucking shit lol

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>>174416740Yet another avatar the last airbender fag.Yes the show was good. Did it deserve the fanboy worship. No It isnt deep, it makes a lot of tearjerking stories and real life situations but all of them dont say anything important. Its a good story but its for kids, avatar the last airbender and adventure time are the same thing. Strange world where a kid grows up. And it touches on childhood emotions like jealousy and relationships not working out.Its nice but it has the story depth of a kids show. Only manchildren a die hard fans who would bring it up unprompted in a batman thread like a fucking faggot. You are pathetic, and deserved korra.

>>174423190that's all fine. there's nothing wrong with masterfully executing time old themes that appeal to people of all ages. korra is flawed but underrated, and easily one of the greatest cartoons ever made because cartoons are just that awful. batman included (episodic bullshit).

>>174417151The last two episodes of Cowboy Bebop make the entire series worth it.

>>174417151>>174416740This is such a narrow-minded outlook on cinema mainly because Bebop is miles ahead of ATLA. Not every story needs to start with a simplistic character becoming slightly more complex after going through a character "arc". Bebop is a story about characters fully formed and fleshed out from day 1. We don't see them grow a lot (but we do see them grow closer together) but rather the show reveals what kind of people they're, their traumas, their quirks, what compels them, and whatnot as it goes on. It's simply far more interesting than anything ATLA offers.

>>174423681>It's simply far more interesting than anything ATLA offers.i wish that were the case. also why are you dipshits responding with some generalized idealized concepts? what you're saying sounds good in theory. but the reality is that cowboy bebop's self contained stories mostly suck ass and aren't as enjoyable as atla's fully fleshed out lengthy story. bebop's handicapped by its shitty format unfortunately.

>>17441592890% of the episodes revolving around kid characters, and most of them after they redesigned and tweaked the tone to make it fit into the Superman cartoon universe

>>174423190I get you. ATLA is a bland white bread show. Hardly anything visceral about it. The circlejerk around it is weird and reminds me of Star Wars man-child behavior.

>>174411550>>174411957>>174415145> Kids WB once told Bruce Timm that his show was so dark he was about to reach the legal limit of how dark his show could be.What's the legal limit then?

>>174419278It's shown in the clip episode with all the different villains. In BTAS it's Two-Face's coin, but in the comics it's a trophy from a different villain.

>>174419368BTAS is good because the art style, writing and tone mean that a lot of it is palatable for adults even though it's clearly not targeted at them. The kid-centric episodes suck because the kid characters are too annoying so it only appeals to kids.

Tyger, Tyger is an absolute masterpiece in animated programming.And while few agree, Moon of the Wolf is spectacular and has incredible scenes during the construction area fight.

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>>174423720>responding with some generalized idealized concepts?Because your entire argument hinges on one(arc/grand narratives vs episodic). I don't care whether you find it personally interesting. I mean I don't care about Avatar's "world-building" or "Character development", it's for kids.

>>174419754The worst episodes are when they focus on some crap villains/characters and there's no intrigue in the story, e.g. the furry episode, the episodes with the recurring ninja from Batman's training days.

>>174422862DCAU is absolute kino and I will not entertain arguments against it.

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>>174423843>I don't care whether you find it personally interestingyes but this applies to all the dumb shit you're bringing up in response, including what you're saying about world building and character development. i similarly don't care. most braindead casuals share your opinion. dumber/less mature people tend to like the media you like more than they like the media i like. that doesn't make one better or worse in some objective sense, though obviously one kind of enjoyment is more respected in the abstract than the other.

>>174420683>So what went wrong with Killing Joke anyways?The batgirl subplot is absolutely terrible for ways that have been described a million times.Setting it in the modern day with smartphones etc. takes away a lot of atmosphere.The animation is lazy. The comic is incredibly expressive but all the characters in the animated movie have blank faces the entire time. Zero artistic value - very plain location designs and flat, boring lighting with no interesting coloursThey just do the basic plot elements seemingly without understanding what made the story interestingHamill and Conroy completely phone in their performances. Everyone has been wanting them to do this for years and there's not a single memorable line delivery. There are impressionists on Youtube who've done far better fan readings than in the movie.

>>174423850>the episodes with the recurring ninja from Batman's training daysI actually like those episodes.

>>174421089She was actually in the show quite a lot, which is weird considering that nobody ever remembers her.

>>174421582How come not-Walt-Disney managed to find a way to Mr Freeze himself without losing his hair?

>>174422862>that one time user pretended to know something he did notnow that's what i call cringe

>>174420228wow, he's literally me!

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>>174422728I hate that Joker design. The Blue Meanie-esque one from the early seasons was so much better.

>>174423964I think it's just the fact that there are too many of them and they all have very similar basic plots.

>>174424058The only one who 'improved' from the newer designs was Scarecrow.

>>174424095I can only think of two, and unless memory misleads me, they share the same villain.

I'll never take Heart of Ice seriously because of fucking chicken soup.

>>174422108>(i can't identify/empathize with brown people). that's your problem brah. If you travel and talk to people you'll find people just like yourself all over. I hopped on interpals and chatted up a thai girl who likes all the exact same video games, anime, and tv shows I like. She might as well be some chick from Toronto or something she's so westernized.

>>174417246>WasBruce Timm is probably the biggest coomer working in animation to this dayNo one can stop him, he will cram his fetishes into any project he works on.