What I expected: Fun animated fantasy movie.What I got: An ineffable sense of forlorn longing and existential dread

What I expected: Fun animated fantasy movie.What I got: An ineffable sense of forlorn longing and existential dread.

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I think this is free with ads on YouTube. Is it worth watching with a 750ml bottle of vodka and snacks?

>Moon rising, disguising lonely streets in gay displays>The stars fade, the night shade falls and makes the world afraid>It waits in silence for the sky to explode>Here I am on Man's road

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>>174410187Yes, but pay attention.

and the harpy was a bitch!

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>>174410514>Oh, she'll kill me one day or another. But she will remember forever that I caught her; I held her prisoner. So there's my immortality, eh?

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>>174410103This used to be a family movie I’d watch with my siblings. I watched it when I was like 6 or 7 and I had nightmares afterwards, especially about the giant eagle that killed people, but the whole film was like a fever dream

>>174410187It's a fucking insane movie. Go for it. OP for once is right.>>174410219I think this is legit America's best song.

>>174412099I still prefer the title song, but they're both great.

>>174412240Honestly, most of their songs are greatNOOOOW THAT I'M A WOOOMAN

>>174412099This is now a "how the fuck did this get marketed to kids" threadyoutube.com/watch?v=QP8QdFttugg

>>174410219Fucking chills, man.

>>174410103I rented this on VHS as a kid.Don't remember much except sometimes feeling sad and sometimes thinking somebody will try to hurt something I alone love.

>>174412722Not even the best sceneyoutube.com/watch?v=PuJB_kQZuxUOr how about being dying on camerayoutu.be/d7Q3J4rxrgk?t=127(and that 90% of the crew is killed off in the first half hour)

Is the knight a fucking autist? I give you dead thing, why no gf?

>>174410103>find vhs in a box>laugh with brother at gay unicorn movie>dad walks in>talks about how cool the unicorn movie is>shrug>pop it inDad was right again.

>>174410103the thing that gets me is when unicorn turns human and imediately starts talking about feeling herself dying, and then later when they're changing her back into a unicorn she is crying and protesting she doesn't want to go backpure woman.

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>>174410103Kinda how i felt going into When The Wind Blows.>oh nice! an animated film about an elderly couple with David Bowie and Roger Waters on the soundtrack!>oh wow...i wanna die after watching that

>>174410103I turned this shit on for my five year old and had to turn it off. It's not for little kids full on harpy titties and almost naked magic unicorn lady boobs and fuck man what a dreadful plot so fucked. I mean I liked it but this was before proper ratings on films.

>>174413198did your little boy wanna suckle some harpy titty?

>>174413255>did your little boy wanna suckle some harpy titty?i'm sure the mother is around somewhere

>>174413105Your dad was right about you and your brother being gay?

I don't know what this is, but those eyes..

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>>174413283you're whipped bro, afraid of the old lady

>>174410103>the last unicornkino animation that is no longer made

>>174410103>What I got: An ineffable sense of forlorn longing and existential dread.because they really knew how to make stories with fucking impact in the 80s. Brilliant film

>>174413145I know. She wanted her snatch poked I guess. But nothign is stopping the knight from doing it still... unicorn pussy.

>>174413165Oh shit, that sounds great.>>174413198>Nudity will ruin a kidBro... Nice bait.

>>174413198>this was before proper ratings on films.There was always "proper" ratings. Just for a long time there was only two ratings, then there was three, then they made four. They always knew what "adult" content was, but they could never figure out what was appropriate for everyone else.Also people were way less stingy about "adult" things in general back then and didn't mind that your kid's movie was full of innuendo, violence, and existential dread.

>>174413499>Also people were way less stingy about "adult" things in general back then and didn't mind that your kid's movie was full of innuendo, violence, and existential dread.They were less stingy about adult concept in a fairy tale moral sense. They were more stingy with sex. Now it's have all the tits you want but you better not think too hard.

i see the unicorn emoji often on dating apps and fetish sites, but what does it mean?


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>No, it can't be. Can it be? Where have you been? Where have you been? Damn you! Where have you been?>And where were you twenty years ago? Ten years ago? Where were you when I was new? When I was one of those innocent young maidens you always come to? How dare you! How dare you come to me now, when I am this!This just reminds me of my wasted youth.

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>>174410103>Molly Grue: Then what is magic for? What is the use of wizardry if it cannot even save a unicorn?>Schmendrick: That's what heroes are for.>Lír: Of course — that is exactly what heroes are for.Shaped my fucking life.

>>174410763Great shit. Absolutely amazing.


>>174414041This movie is a goddam masterpiece.

>>174414041>wanted to stay pure for the unicorns....bros...

>>174414449Fuck you, I'm getting too close. I might rewatch the goddamn movie.I wanted to hate it because its about faggy unicorns but damn, it's a baller.It has fucking Odo from DS9 as a drunk skeleton.


>>174410103Same here, and I watched it in the 1980s. It may be a small contributor to why I'm so fucked up today.

>>174410103You are the last!

>>174412722It was the 80s, even R-rated movies got cartoons & toys for kids

>>174413625Well, back then they certainly could better tell the difference between artistic nudity and sexuality. But generally even stuff that was technically meant for kids and families could get away with a lot more stuff than they can nowadays.

>watch a movie as a child>it still impacts you to this day>mfw "people" think this is a bad thing, and would rather have children watch 3d cartoons made by a demented asian with a sweatshop

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>>174412722Man I love the Great Mouse Detective.

>>174412722The real “how did this get in” is the dancehall scene when the mouse woman sings about taking her clothes off.

The skeleton scene in this was kino as fuck.

>>174412722Films with this kino: The Rescuers (also down under).

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>>174416774I like the Rescue Aid Society song, but this movie is really depressing.

>>174416853It's about how the UN is going to save all the abused kiddies.

>>174415583Yeah, I had an ED-209 toy from one of the most brutal scenes of all time

>>174410103>What I got: An ineffable sense of forlorn longing and existential dread.I don't trust anyone that says this shit anymore. Because literally everyone said it about "made in abyss" and what i got with that was a terrible, generirc and horribly written shounen with some underage girl piss fetish scene for tacked on for absolute weirdos

>>174417793Christopher Lee vouched for Last Unicorn. He liked it so much he did the German dub for free.

>>174410103Yep.I watched this when I was about eight or so in the 80s.It mindfucked me for years.It's over thirty years later, and I can still remember watching it, staring intently, in a giant house on VHS in a room, by myself, during a family reunion.Dozens of cousins running around outside, around 11 at night, aunts and uncles getting drunk and and likely a little bit high. It was late summer, and probably 75 degrees or so outside, we had a huge cookout with burgers, hotdogs, beer, oysters, mounds of chips.The tape was my cousins, she was a year older than me, and her little brother was same age I was, and we hung out, but he said he didn't want to watch it because he had already seen it a bunch.This movie blew my frigging mind as a kid.I've seen it a few times since, tryin g to recapture that feeling, but like any good drug, it never happens. I just feel a ghost of it.I have not tried rewatching while drunk. It may be a thing to try.

>>174414743That skeleton was fucking scary and funny.

The same studio did the hobbit cartoon which is my mothers favorite


>>174413440Ngl I’d 100% fuck some unicorn pussy especially if the bitch can talk. Imagine the bragging rights

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>>174410219soundtrack was beyond great

>>174413145yeah, it's almost like they were writing about the duality of man or something

>>174413198I watched this when I was 5 or 6 and the Red Bull scared the everloving shit out of me, rest of the film was fine. I saw harpy tits and almost nude human chick but so what, left no impression

>>174418832he HAAAAWWh

>>174416774Down under was shit and an embarrassment to the original

>characters that you are slowly becoming

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>>174413440I mean, they did not skimp on giving her a fat fucking horse ass

>>174419069> the Red Bull scared the everloving shit out of meYou too? I saw it in the theater when I was just barely four, and that's really the only thing I remember about it. I haven't even seen it again. Probably should for the 40th anniversary.

>>174417793It doesn't give you dread, but it is a remarkably touching film with some excellent music that takes a lot of turns (not twists, necessarily) you wouldn't expect

>>174414041Molly is my favorite character. Her design and voice really just sells her as this jaded woman who is breaking down over the fact that her childhood fantasies only came true long after she gave up on them

>I've had time to write a book>About the way you act and look>But I haven't got a paragraph>Words are always getting in my way>Anyway, I love you>That's all I have to tell you>That's all I've got to say

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>>174410219>>174412692>>174413818>>174419932>Do they knooooooooow>Where do unicorns go?>Where winged horses fly?>Narwhales lost at sea and never seen again

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>>174413343Go watch it, then go watch Unico the Unicorn

>>174419709>Each time I see the shitposts, MY shitposts, it is like that morning before the newfags, and I am truly young, in spite of myself.

>>174410103youtu.be/aV--HzX9__IThe skeleton was based

>>174418757Based mom.

>>174418757The animation here is Studio Topcraft, before they became Ghibli.

>>174420219Unico is also depressing.

>>174412722>haven't seen this movie since I was a kid 30 years ago>still remember all of thisman, imagine all that lost potential for learning wasted on perfectly integrating kids' movies into permanent life-long memory instead of something useful

>>174420628Not as depressing as Ringing Bell, as long as we're talking about sad children's movies.

>go over to girl's house for date>talks about how this is one of her favorite movies>thinking holy shit this is cringe>I don't really want to watch a unicorn movie>watching on 15" CRT in the dark>cat comes in and takes that nastiest smelling shit in litterbox>half drunk >everytime I see this movie, it's conjures trippy cat shit

>>174410103>Fun animated fantasy movie.>from the 50sthere is a sequelshe finds him and he gets injured by a monster and she lets him die and she criesthere is no rest from this nightmarish hellThe book is amazing thonever got around to watching the movie

>>174422669The book was written in the 60s, not the 50s.

>>174420461>a masterful thread has no made me happy. I will see what a bait one can do.

What about this one?

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>>174410103Yeah.The movie isn’t even that sad, but it leaves you uneasy. It depresses me to watch it as an adult, as if it makes me remember something I lost when ai grew up. It’s the shity music>I’m alive>mans road

>>174415583Scene relatedyoutube.com/watch?v=4J_eB_ocTCs

>>174418524reading that took me back to the time i watched a scooby doo movie at my dad's friend's family's house when i was really little. family went over there to hang out with them. i also remember ninja turtles on their SNES and a toy story computer game.

>>174410514I never noticed she had three tits until recently.

>>174421576do you guys remember watching this shit as a kid? this terrified me. so did velveteen rabbit.youtube.com/watch?v=iaajF5RQLb4


>>174423549Isn't that just Rockefeller propaganda about their poorly conceived rat experiments done by Calhoun and others?

>>174423897No. It’s way, way better than just that.

>>174419709What was his problem?

I rewatched this movie recently and I forgot they showed the unicorn girl's nude butt.

>>174413198>almost naked magic unicorn lady boobsI can't imagine what you thought of Gandahar

>>174423943Its just a coincidence it is named after the national institute of mental health who were involved with rat utopia experiments?

>>174417021dont forget the toxic avenger toy line

>>174410103unicorns are monsters

>>174424366maybe the real monsters were the unicorns we made along the way

>>174424366Bull, pls go

>>174424366I could have sworn they were considered cryptid monsters, but the searches are inconclusive.