Daily reminder that Benjamin Sisko is objectively the best Star Trek captain

Daily reminder that Benjamin Sisko is objectively the best Star Trek captain.

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>>174409312He's the manager of a space mall, not a captain.

>>174409370He's captain of the Defiant.

>>174409312Best captain: SiskoBest first officer: SpockBest doctor: McCoyBest engineer/operations officer: Miles O'BrienBest security/weapons officer: WorfBest helmsman: Nog

>>174409312Does he know Shakespeare?

Does anyone else not like his way of speaking? Like, the actual flow of the way he talks sounds weird to me.

>>174409312And DS9 is objectively the best trek

>>174410623That's because he is a black man.

>>174409312>Black captain>Leaves his pregnant wife at the end of the seriesWhat did they mean by this?

>>174410623youtube.com/watch?v=hnWAcaCMIUghis actor is a weird dude altogether, behind the scenes stuff paints him as a polite and eccentric man. it definitely reflects in his acting


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>>174410833they were aware of that, so they added in a line where sisko says he'll come back eventually

>>174411025>they were aware of that

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>>174409312Riker is better.

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>>174411103>Avery Brooks called Ira Behr and told him he wasn't happy with the scene. He felt that having a black man leave his pregnant black wife to raise their child alone carried certain negative connotations that he wasn't comfortable with. As Terry J. Erdmann puts it in the Companion; "In the 24th century, the situation conveyed only sorrow. However, in the 21st century, there was a secondary social issue that had particular resonance." As such, the scene was rewritten and reshot so as to clarify that Sisko will return some day.

>>174410833The actor actually didn't want to do that.

>>174411025>says he'll come back eventually(x) yeah sure LOL

>>174411720>"he just went out for cigarettes... he be back someday" lmao

>>174409312Sisko is the best and it's not even close. Picard would never start bio-nuking entire planets to capture one rebel criminal

Sweeney is a good man

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>>174409420>OBrian better than Scotty in any wayO Brian consistently fucked up more on transporting than scotty ever did.

>>174412014Kirk would fuck his way into finding him.

>>174409312No he started the dominion war because he wanted to larp as a prophet to ultra religious aliens.

>>174409420>best security officer>WorfI love Worf but his job performance left much to be desired. Dude lost a fight with a barrel one time.

>>174412949Kirk is the best because he's the best at sex

>>174412981That barrel broke his back and he contemplated suicide lmao what a hilarious episode.

>>174412014>Picard would never start bio-nuking entire planets to capture one rebel criminalSo Picard is better?

>>174413232I guess if you wanna keep sucking off the federation like a boy scout.

>>174409312>lets a crazy psycho blow up a romulan general and his crew and covers it upAt least Picard has morals.

>>174413515It's easy to be a saint in paradise.

>>174413515Romulans and the Cardassians deserve far worse.

Sisko was the worst. An unstable, unprofessional man. Antithetical to the ideals of Starfleet and the Federation. All of DS9 was an awful dystopian gateway drug to the dark, gritty sci-fi filth they peddle today. I wish the show had been about Kira’s ass.

>>174409312I agree, OP.

>>174409420Riker is a better helmsmanData is a better first officer>worf best securityLOL, even a random redshirt in TOS would be betterEMH is a better doctor than arthritic Bones (unless you're talking Karl Urban)My actual hot take is that Archer is the best captain. He had no blueprint before him to rely on and was principled enough to call out the Vulcans on their bullshit despite them being our protection

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>>174411232Not canon

>>174409312I prefere Picard. But when i want shit blowm up i take Sisko.

>>174409312TOS is quasi-trek.TMP is real Trek.TNG S1-2 is real trek.TNG S3-7 is quasi-trek.Movies 2-5 is quasi-trek.Movies 6-10 are not trek.DS9 is anti-trek.VOY and ENT are not trek.Nothing newer is even worth typing out.

>>174409312For the Uniform says otherwise


>>174416312>VOY and ENT are not trekyou are just a retarded parrot. Voyager was TNG 2.0

>>174410623I love it, it's very distinct and fun to imitate. Much like Shatner.

>>174413624Good line

>>174416457>season 1 and 2 are the only part of TNG that's "really Trek"He's not a parrot, it's bait.

I don't care what anyone says, In the Pale Moonlight is my favourite episode of Star Trek.

>>174409312sisko was an effective leader because most of the people he dealt with were scumbags so he would constantly blackmail/alpha up on them to ensure they wouldn't fuck around. he punked out Q. he also contaminated an entire planet which is like picking an ultra evil option in a video game. fuck him


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Picard: Met Kirk and got him killedSisko: Met Kirk and saved him from assassinationPicard: Met Q and surrendered, spent years being tormented by QSisko: Met Q and punched him in the face, never saw Q againPicard: After the Borg at Wolf 359 went home and cried in a muddy fieldSisko: After the Borg at Wolf 359 designed a prototype warship to fight BorgPicard: Mistaken for a God by primitive aliensSisko: Son of and emissary to the Bajorian God's

I'm new to star trek and watching TOS for the first timeall the old school sexism is pretty refreshing

>>174419143>Picard: Only got with the old doctor>Sisko: Banged all the hot women on his staff

>>174420846based. enjoy the ride, friend. godspeed.

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>>174409312>sits in chair>tells whoever is currently the pilot of the defiant (anyone can fly it) to fly the ship>wow hes so good!

>>174409420>O'Brien>officerMiles O'Brien isn't a 'sir', he works for a living.

And you will just have to live with it.You can live with it, can't you?

>>174415942DS9 isn't canon, I agree.

>>174412949>>174413028Kirk didn't really fuck that many chicks, it's Riker who's the sex fiend.

>>174409420>Best security/weapons officer: WorfLOL the Enterprise got taken over numerous times by inferior forces while Worf was in charge.

>>174413515>crazy psychoStop running off your mouth or you're next.

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>>174410726Avery Brooks' bizarre speech patterns are a result of autism and other severe mental illness and have nothing to do with his race.

>>174422002Sisko looks like he could beat the shit out of you if you looked at him funny.


>>174413624>>174416570The Federation is paradise.

>>174420967I'm pretty sure Sisko would consider banging Jadzira to be really fucking gay.


>>174415907>My actual hot take is that Archer is the best captain. He had no blueprint before him to rely onYou know, except for the 6,000 years of recorded human history of the exploration of Earth. Captain Cook and all that. (Also, you're a dumbfuck.)

You guys wanted me, you said it would be great...

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>>174422252Sisko did bang Jadzia. It was considered a breakthrough for tranny acceptance.

>>174422254This thread isn't /trek/, that's where all the troons live.

>>174422288Jadzia went through all the guys kek that slutty worm


>>174409312LD is unironically more Trek than DS9.

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>>174409420>Best helmsman: Nogbased

>>174422390>I feel like I'm watching an episode of !not-Voyager on 2x speedno I like it though seriously

>>174422293No one likes you, BF. You're a disgusting troon who needs to die already.

>>174422490Go back to your containment general, no one knows who the fuck you're talking about.

>>174409312Benjamin Sickle-cells-co

>>174413163how many times has worf tried to kill himself? i swear it was like at least twice

>>174422521>no one knows about this wonderful person I wish you'd stop bullying waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhkek get rekt trannycuck

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>>174409312I agree that he was fun to watch, but Picard will always be the herald of the bold, bright new future.

>>174409312Sisko is a cringe blak baby crying about raycissm in a fictional club setting, also far beyond the stars is terrible trek and people who say its good are retards that laud trek episodes that arent trek episodes, just after school specials. Also his acting... isterribleandsporadic... he should WORK... onhisdelivery...That being said, his scenes with Jake-o are really sincere and cute. You could tell he liked being a role model more than a captain

>>174409420Agreed with everything except I’d swap out McCoy for the EMH and Worf for Tuvok

>>174422672More like bald new future


>>174409312But he's black and if I member there was no black representation in TV back in those days so this has to be fake