Bring the /bcs/ back

bring the /bcs/ back

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>>174406746I think Holla Forums's had enough Walt...

>>174406792Bring. it. back.

must be over...

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bring the jeffy back

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was /bcs/ a good general?

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>>174408693post more kim autism

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>>174406857Not my call.

>>174408693My generals are solid.

This is my autistic mother

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>>174410237>Does the chicken dance for no reasonWhat a weirdo

>>174410237KIM IS CUTE

>>174410576Rhea is adorably enthusiastic and 50 years old and I love her.

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he shoulda lived

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>>174410576Its documented fact she browsed /BCS/, Shes playing up the autism.


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mommy... stay a little longer... please...

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you guys were my only friends..

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>>174406746I can't wait for the realization 4-5 years from now that Better Call Saul was a mid-tier show at best that really went off the rails when Chuck died.

>>174414092low iq



>>174411780No she doesn't

>>174444444soonit won't be in this thread, however. it's been arranged

>>174414553/bcs/ will be revived if one of us gets them.

I didn't enjoy the last season at all. I just kept watching for the memes.


>>174414807Have to agree, besides the mall robbery episode which was pure kino. The rest was pretty unengaging even if it was by design cos prequel and all that.

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>>174408027why couldn't they get this guy back? or was this a different character?

>>174414807I want to know how much of it was the writers being hacks or if AMC meddled with it because they weren't even on the same page of the ending. Peter said "at least they have each other's love" then wrote an episode where Kim is still stuck in a civil lawsuit that will end all wealth she could ever own and Jimmy is in federal jail that's depicted incredibly stupid and incorrect. Because while they make a lot of misses Season 6 is the most mediocre and disjointed. I will never forget the waves of cope when anons brought up that the break up/divorce was glossed over too fast, character deaths were for shock value. The first half of Season 6 drags incredibly slow even for the show regarding Jimmy and Kimmy, then the second half decides that we don't need to see the characters process the life and death situation or upending their entire lives. Kim is about to kill someone and we get nothing from her. For a character who's thoughts are on screen to see even if she isn't speaking, they decided to do away with that completely. Jimmy is about to lose the last person on his side and we get nothing from him. And don't get me started on Nacho and Lalo being written out because they had no idea where to go, same with Howard

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>>174415064He was on another show

whats drinking with your dad like bros?

Would you rather get a hand job from Betsy Kettleman or a BJ from Kim Sexler? They are both completely in character.Betsy is shirtless but wearing a bra, Kim is fully clothed but you can come in her mouth/on her face if you like

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>>174415513i dont want to have sexual engagements with kim. i want to be her friend

>>174415513why would i want a handjob? i can do that myself

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>>174415513>shirtless but wearing a brano>braless but wearing a shirtyes

>>174410576LOS POLOS is testing their methrotronic minerals on unarmed skuzbuckets worldwide.They plan to achieve global domination through the methrotrotronic wars, since their 96% pure crystals are outdated, and they do not have 99% pure crystals.The methrotronic war Type C (for Chicken man) is now in preparation by the Daddy Ehrmantraut Administration (DEA), which is a cover for the Los Polos Hermanos. Los Polos is a methriary-industrial complex of the so-called “Madrigal Electromotive” under the control of the Muhammad (Gus) Fring which is engaged in illegal drug sales, illegal drug sales, drug trafficking, human drugging, illegal drugging of humans, and trafficking (of drugs). This Global Organized Crime Group is hiding under the disguise of fast food, germans, and someone with the exact same skill set as my brother in law. It has called itself “the Synagogue of Skyler”.The goal of the self-named “Synagogue of Skyler” is to create Neural Meth Money with the stimulation of the meth center in the brain and the pleasure center in the meth. The distribution of "blue stuff” means the total and final enslavement of humankind, the total and final control over junkies, their total and final sterilization and the creation of a two-caste society, consisting of sterilized humanoid tweaker slaves incapable of child-birth and fully-human slave-owners capable of cleaning the frier.

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>>174411016>>174415195The saddest part about BCS is that it was made after BB, Lalo, Nacho and maybe even Howard would have lived, it pains me that we never get to see Lalo teaming up with Walt to take down Gus, or even have Lalo take down down Gus himself. Sad they had no way to write them out of the story while still keeping them alive.

>>174411780She strikes me as a girl who loved Livejournal


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>>174415784It's both a boon and a blessing, most if not all of the things in BCS would be meaningless without the events of Breaking Bad, and yet it was constrained to Breaking Bad so much that when introducing a better Jesse (Nacho) and a better villain (Lalo) they had to erase them. Howard on the other hand, had the brunt of his development in Season 6 so I'm not that annoyed that he can't exist in Breaking Bad, but the writers love Kim too much that someone had to die to spook her away from Jimmy. Nothing short of murder/trauma would have separated them at that point. And Howard took the fall.

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waltuh. waltuh waltuh. waltuh. waltuh waltuh waltuh. waltuh waltuh. waltuh

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>>174416272I still don't get why people thinks it waltuh, he clearly pronounces it with a -er.

>>174415956wtf is different about this, this is creepy...


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>>174406746not your call

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>>174416363Because in bcs he always looks like he's in the brink of death

/bcs/ returns

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>>174415513I want both user. Why do we have to choose?

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It's ovuh

>>174418888she's actually so cute bros

Bring the bottle back

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>>174416363waltuhr. waltuhr waltuhr. waltuhr. waltuhr waltuhr waltuhr. waltuhr waltuhr. waltuhr

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>>174417395will the secret episode be kino? and will it revive /bcs/?

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>>174419576>>174416272Someone post the picture where mike is a thumb with an ant on his head.

>>>/wsg/4742621How did it all go so wrong?


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>>174406746>05Waltuh... /bcs/ is done. DONE. SOLID. No more half measure... It's not going to happen like you think it's gonna happen. It's OVER

>>174408027I enjoyed Nippy a lot more when I rewatched it knowing Jeff and nu-Jeff were the same character. What the fuck were they thinking choosing such different actors? Are we supposed to believe there’s only a single taxi driver in Nebraska called Jeff?

>>174417743>From "Hey" to "Yo my niggas it's better caul saul"

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>>174420556I got you. post rare mikes

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