>I'll let you in on a little secret, Detweiller. Every adult you've ever known was a kid at sometime in his life...

>I'll let you in on a little secret, Detweiller. Every adult you've ever known was a kid at sometime in his life. You think we don't remember summer vacation? Riding our bikes down the creek. Catching polliwogs in a jar. Camping out under the stars. Well you're wrong! Sometimes I sit there in my office, looking out at you kids in the playground and I think, "They don't know how good they got it. In a few years, they'll be grownups like me and all those good times will be memories for them, too". So go ahead. Put a whoopie-cushion in my chair.Have rough sex with Spinelli in the jungle gym. Put fake vomit on my carpet. Make fun of my "big, saggy butt". But don't ever say I don't care about summer vacation, 'cause those memories are the only part of childhood I got left.

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>FINE speech.

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Randall is a kike lol

>>174406502what uhwhat was that one about the jungle gym

>>174406502>Have rough sex with Spinelli in the jungle gym.Wait a second.

>>174406734>he didn't watch the theatrical version

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Just finished a rewatch of Recess on Disney+, it holds up

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Anyone remember the "perfect kid" episode? What was the point of that?

>>174407007We all had that kid in school we hated for no real reason, thats the point

>>174406502Memory unlocked. Based Holla Forums moment.

>>174406502>Have rough sex with Spinelli in the jungle gymI don't remember him saying that. Seems kinda weird for a kids movie

They wont stop

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>>174406502>Have rough sex with Spinelli in the jungle gym

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>>174406502I haven't seen this thread in a good while.

>>174406502Exactly how I remember it.

>>174407217Imagine your that running across your tv screen back in the 90's during Disney's 1 Saturday Morning.

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>>174407340This is the moment childhood ended

>>174407340i just got off a ten hour shift, about to grind some university coursework. it feels like there's more caffeine in my veins than blood. i've got acid reflux and an ulcer brewing in my gut. my childhood sucked ass, but god i wish i could go back.

>>174406668Recess wasn't memorable or pleasing to look at. But Kids Next Door had some of the best designs, story lines, and humor to make it one of the finest series I've ever seen

>>174407217what was wrong with recess? Only one black kid in the main cast?

>>174407546The line that always kills me is>September is long ways awayI remember being a kid and finishing for summer holidays and how it felt like the next school year was a millions years away, how long and full the summers felt. How many adventures you and your friends could go on. Now September barely feels like its 5 minutes after the start of each year

>>174407217They should just put the warning in front of every show

>>174406502i produced first cum for her

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>>174407007I remember the episode where they were charging money or points they collected to do activities in the playground.

>>174407593They play if before any episode with kindergartners

>>174407340Recess was a damn fine cartoon.


>>174407340>september is a long way offBut not as long as you think.

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>>174407682>>174407700Rewatch the series, its worth it trust me

>>174407672Can't have accurate depictions of kindergarteners.

>>174407761Whole things on youtube, might just do that.

>>174407840Its because they are dressed like tribal people and act like savages i guess, its retarded either way>>174407859Also on DIsney+ if you have it, or online to be downloaded

>>174407590>>174406668362 was after 1's dick. So was 5 actually, AND he had a gf. What a chad.

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>>174407761Really? That's cool when you can go back to something in your childhood and be like, "Yeah, this still holds up." Or find a different level to it.

>>174407935It's not like they represent any particular culture, the joke is literally just "kindergarteners are savage little monsters." Frankly, it's pretty racist to look at crayon-eating savage children and think it maps to some specific culture in real life.

>>174408012Yeah seriously, i literally finished my rewatch of the series last week and its great. It has so many adult scenes also that i just didnt get as a kid>>174408037We live in clown world user

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>>174408138>We live in clown world anonHow do I opt out?

>>174408362You cant

>>174408138"Better just make a blanket generic apology" is almost more offensive.

Did Gus survive Afghanistan?

>>174408362You gotta live in the woods like Uncle Varg dood.

>>174407989That's a basic bitch. Numbuh 86 is best girl.

>>174408456missing leg, disability payments, PTSD.

>>174407217>Payfags get lectured and babied by DisnoyPirate chads win yet again

This show was red pills the show

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>>174408362Go live in the woods. Turn off your internet. Turn off your TV. Don't listen to radio. Don't read the news.If you actually want out, you can do it. If you don't put effort into it, that's on you.

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>>174408456Vince: killed in a gang drive-by at 17Spinelli: Marries Gus and cucks him with many black bulls, forcing him to watchTJ: Becomes unfulfilled NEET after failing to get into collegeGretchen: Kills herself after being relentlessly bullied at highschoolMikey: becomes a top in a gay relationship, and part time bouncer at a gay clubGus: Unwillingly forced into the cuck lifestyle, he thinks about ending it every day. Unfortunately spinelli has conditioned him to become aroused by a black bull pounding her every night. Will eventually raise spinelli 's half black son.

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>>174409012Porn has rotted your brain.

>>174407407They truly were the halcyon days

>>174409149beware the jew

>>174409149>the guy behind those posts

>>174409149We must return

>>174409149>If the ADL was a character

The best episode of any kids show ever

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When I was little, my parents left me at my grandma's house so that they could bone at a hotel in town.I asked where they were going, and they said they were going to see the Recess movie. I am still dissapointed at not being able to see it - thought I did something wrong and they were leaving me behind.

>>174407635>moved back to north carolina in December>excited to go out camping, fishing, make new friends, and enjoy summer to the fullest>I spent almost the whole time doing weekend binge drinking and going on the internet and now summer is officially over in 2 days

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>>174409519They lied, they were actually going out to have rough sex with Spinelli in the jungle gym.

>>174409586>tfw 30 this yearIts over

Why didn't they beat the shit out of Doug?

>>174406502>have roughNo. It's watch Vince have rough sex with Spinelli on the jungle gym you fucking kike.

>>174409865No it isnt you fucking zoomer BBC obsessed shit brain

>>174409653Just hit it a few weeks ago, it was nice hanging out with friends I hadn’t seen in a while but now I just feel kind of old.Feels like the good times have been over for a while and there’s not much to look forward to.

>>174409149Janny as a child

>>174408362You stop the clowns. Permanently.

>>174409988School holidays use to feel like an eternity, those 3 months felt longer than life itself. Now 3 months feels like a blip in time, you can zone out and a year passes before you know it


>>174409988>30>hanging out with friendsConsider yourself lucky

>>174409149>based lawyer>based bagel maker

>>174406502>>174407356>>174408959>not fingering Spinelli

>>174406502straight to dvd kino

>>174410042I know right? Fuck I miss when I would look forward to the summer, now the past three years have gone by so fast.I really want to find out how to make the best with my time because frankly even with the activities I do it feels like I’m never truly fulfilled by anything.

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>>174408362Start killing

>>174407217>Butch mentioning "boys kissing girls" and "girls kissing boys">Vince realistically makes mistakes>Randall Weams = A small Jew nerdHow has the show not been banned?

>>174410218The truth user, for both you and me. Its spending less time online and more time in reality, thats the biggest change since we were kids. The more time we spend in the real world the longer days will seem again

>>174407217Retards here will have a problem with this but it's genius. They don't have to censor the episodes and instead just put a block of text in front of thr screen that nobody is going to read, shifting the responsibility for the people who give a fuck to have meaningful discussions about something they supposedly feel strongly about (they won't). If you have a problem with this for any reason you're just someone who loves to bitch.

>>174407672>They're way of life is ending. By this time next year, they'll be first gradersKino

>>174410312>This is geniusBut they could just do nothing and no one woudl care, only twitter troons care about this shit

>>174410303Maybe but the real world is getting more retarded than the internet by the day, maybe I should just fulfill my dream of moving up north.wish I could figure out easy work to do in wisconsin

>>174409149>LETS TELL FINSTER HE'S A COMMUNISTHe had his moments

>>174408937wrong, you live in the desert, fedniggers will never bother you out there, i think those folks at ruby ridge should have done that. cause there are a community of hippies or something out there i watched on a documentary on youtube.

>>174410395Move to a small town 100%, i live in a town with a population of 6000 people, we dont have the problems of big cities, we dont have insane people. That shit only exists in places with too many people.

>>174410364Taking the complaints in good faith is wiser than them acting like they don't give a fuck, which goes against their brand. By putting up some text nobody is going to read they can continue to pretend to care without censorship. If this upsets you then you're just being sensitive.


>>174410312Or and just bear with me here because I'm going to go out on a limb and try something crazy. What if, what if they just don't. I know right? Wild idea, but what if they just didn't do it and played the show like normal. Probably the world would explode so maybe it's not worth it. Just a crazy thought that went through my head haha.

>>174410222>has taken this long for someone to check these tripswew cmon h4lfchan do better

>>174410333>>174410222>>174410455nice numbers, but check this

>>174410855holyshit what the frick os going on in this freakn thread anons?!

>>174410007>>174410222Thanks, FBI.

>>174410855imbressive but cheg these numger

>>174408773Disney+ has it in high quality. It looks almost remastered


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>>174411080>>174411091You wont win, your time is up troons

>>174410797Part of Disney's brand is pretending to give a shit about stuff like this while profiting off ""good intentions"". This text does absolutely nothing and exposes you a retard if you're crying about it regardless of which side of the spectrum you fall.


>>174411127>Disney showing a block of text for a short amount of time that nobody can read without pausing >retard dies on a hill seething about it existing in the first place You're the reason why shit like this is taking so long to go away.

>>174407989Didn’t he reject them all for some fat girl?

>>174411448You seem to care a lot

>>174411448>Having Disney+Get a load of this faggot

>>174410455>folks at ruby ridgeRandy Weaver knowingly broke the law. Then he refused to go to his court date. Then he got into a firefight with US Marshals. All 3 of those things could have been easily avoided.

>>174411473Yes. And that fat girl ended up being an alien

>>174406677>>174409149>>174410055>>174410272Watch the episode with Randall's dad.

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>>174410668>good faithHow is pretending to give a shit so that people stop reeing at you "good faith"?


>>174406502Wait a minute, he didn't say all that!

>>174407217>Rather than remove this content, we want to acknowledge the PC babies in the room, profit from it and spark conversation to create more customers. Brave.

>>174407217Nothing is fun anymore.

>>174407340I honestly had one of the best summers in recent memory. All my old friends really went the extra mile to spend time with each other despite being in our mid 20s. Beach days, camping trips, just sitting on the porch bullshitting.I havent had a summer like that since I was a kid, and I feel refreshed enough for whatever comes my way

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>>174409586you gotta put the effort in my man. Ive been down that rabbit hole many times, because its ultimately very easy and comfy. Get out of your comfort zone, bug your friends about doing stuff and if nothing else go do things by yourself. I stopped giving a fuck if I looked weird and started taking mini vacations just for me, and theyve been better than vacations I go on with groups of people

>>174409149>The swingset belongs to the chosen kids

>>174410807Lol have fun in your honeypot, incel faggot

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this hits even harder when youre a teacher and you see kids goofing off in class, or going out to recess and clogging up the slides just like you did with your buddies all those years ago

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>>174410312>They don't have to censor the episodesThey don't have to censor the episodes REGARDLESS of there being a trigger-warning or not, retard. It's not a binary thing. Stop buying into false narrative dilemmas.

>>174407217lol if rightwingers weren't so stupid we would have no need for such disclaimers at the beginning of everything. like we all get that racism is wrong, well except of course for those idiots on the right who only seem to be getting more vile as time passes on

>>174410668If you need a trigger warnings on a fucking cartoon you don't get to call people "sensitive", queer.

>>174411187See: >>174413819

>>174413795wow what a retarded take.because it's right wingers crying over negative depictions of negros and faggots?


>>174407217This isnf real. I watched recess not too long ago on Disney Plus. Stop lying Chud.

>>174406502People who work for schools are some of the only adults that also get to have most or sometimes all of summer off too, though.

Do kids even go outside and play with other kids anymore?

>>174406916Tender. I marathoned it back in July

>>174414033the kids I work with talk about playdates all the time

>>174414061Damn what kind of work are they doing?

For me, it's the social value episode.

Attached: MV5BNjhmYTVjOWYtMjEwNC00NzRmLWFkMmItN2Q1YjgwOGZkN2VjXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNDQ3ODAzMDM@._V1_.jpg (891x676, 58.58K)

>>174406502I just started training for becoming a teacher, it's my last semester of Grad school and this speech resonates hard as fuck.

>>174414205So which of the ashleys was best?

>>174414353Ashley Q


>>174414353For me it's Ashley Tomassian


>>174406502>Have rough sex with Spinelli in the jungle gym.I dont think he said this

>>174407935>Also on DIsney+ if you have itWhy would assume user's a streamfag?

>>174411708You ESL or something? They're taking the reeing in good faith. Them putting up a block of text nobody is going to read is definitely not in good faith but it makes it seem like they care to the idiots that might actually do.

>>174411487Yeah I'm deeply invested in this, that's the only reason anyone would ever post.



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>>174411685His dad is nice, can cook, and all the kids think he’s the best

>>174414278Nobody gives a shit.

>>174406502So why the fuck do people have children knowing that being alive is literally a torturous nightmare for most of it?

>>174413774Disney is buying in because it's popular and goes against the brand they manufactured. I'm saying this is the best way to address it if they feel like it needs to be addressed. It's not intrusive in any way and nobody is going to stop to read that shit so what's the problem?

>>174414977I wish she'd use that lead foot on my balls

>>174415314Hey no need to be rude, he was just expressing his feelings

>>174415329what did he mean by this?

>>174413819>>174413847Nobody does, that's the point. If enough people are willing to pretend they do then what's the harm in adding it to keep up their brand of pretending to give a shit about things like this?

>>174415326Ey the antinatalist just entered the thread.Wassup?

>>174415326Because it's not. Find a Church home user.

>>174410312It betrays their fear, and (you) are running a screen-play for them. Why?

>>174411685>Randall's dad's relationship with his wife is the same as Randall's with Ms. FinsterI could never get over the weird implications of that.

>>174410222Rope yourself, glowfaggot.

>>174409012You are 40 years old. Go outside.

>>174414353The one who had the strongest kick in the school. Imagine.

>>174410668Troon enablers like you need to be chopped up by chainsaws. You and scum like you are responsible for the Hell we live in.

>>174415041Good faith doesn’t apply here. It’s just the wrong phrase that fits inexactly definitionally. Like a puzzle piece that’s almost the right shape but not quite.

>>174407007Was that the one where Randall shouts "I say we tell Ms. Finster he's a commie!" Made me kek watching it again.

>>174414977>that cellphone

>>174416341Imagine what? Gettin kicked in the balls? Well I don't have to imagine that. Sixth grade girls are evil

>>174407007If that was made today he would've had a flaw in the end.


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>>174406916Monstickers episode is a personal favorite

>>174418504No you don't. I still get phantom pains from that. Fuck you amanda you fuckin bitch

>>174414033weirdest thing about being a millennial is seeing the transition to like kid prisonI used to ride my bike 5-10 miles away from my house as a kid living in a city next to different city that used to have one of the highest murder rates in the country, go downtown with my older brother, took the bus to moa and other malls with other kids alone at age 11 into middleschoolnow people call the police on a kid walking to the cornerstore alone

>>174412486Unironically, that is awesome, user. I wish the best of luck to you and a bright future.

>>174410668Youre not old enough to remember this, but Disney used to outright sue (not respectfully contact, or acknowledge by public discourse) children's daycare centers in the 80s and 90s because they had the audacity to make badly painted murals of Mickey Mouse on their buildings.Imagine being some tiny, inner city teacher getting paid 12$/hour to babysit suburban toddlers and receiving a summons to court for a bajillion dollars just because you put a cartoon face on your window without paying The Mouse. You dont have to imagine it. It happened.Disney does not give a rats ass fuck about appearing human to normies and never will.

>>174414977>the ball is property of the state

>>174410312imagine growing up and thinking like this poster, god it would be so sad to just live with complete acceptance of defeat

>>174407340god this made me realize how much longer summer felt in the past, even when I was 17. now im 26 and two seasons is how long summer used to feel in comparison

>>174419445Shit man. I remember wrestling the high school teachers for shits. Apparently the Karen’s in school admin groups really don’t like that nowadays

Safety Man! Come back Safety Man! School isn't over yet!

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>>174413795terrible bait

>>174407217What's the problem? The kindergarteners or something question