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how was this allowed

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>>174405360This isn't hot at all. They're so stiff.

>>174405360You could catch fish with that jaw

>>174405360>That wall levelJeez

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Two pints

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>>174405360One of the worst, most awkward looking kisses I've ever seen. Who knew two chicks kissing could actually be boring.

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>>174405360do things like this really happen in the office. Ive never seen it.

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>still being excited by just girls kissingnothing but foids and 12 y/o boys in this thread

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>>174405785Does the body really react like that when you get shot? Wouldn't you just go limp?

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>>174405360well they do look like realistic lesbians

>>174405931Una vera, autentica farmiga.

>>174405565Holy fuck I forgot about this. I jacked it to this so many times as a kid. I still think it's hot

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>>174405360This movie sucked.

>>174406674The one and only except for her sister

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>>174405698how can i be like him

>>174406576She shot herself in the temple, not the brainstem. A twitchy body, maybe even one that's gasping in excruitiating pain for its final moments in life, is quite possible.

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>>174406245did they really do a mr bean joke?

>>174407344Yes. Thought i'd seen it somewhere before

tomodachi janai

>>174405567Kek source

>>174407501Father Ted

>>174405360man, i wish i was a woman.what could be hotter than this?

>>174405785cute corpse

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>>174406827lol, typical woman. If my kid were kidnapped, and the perps were right there, and I had a gun, and I found the lifeless body of my child in their closet, they'd both be dead.

>>174405583women are dumb.they are surrounded by other hot, beautiful women and they want to have sex with men. whats wrong with women?

>>174405785I can fix her

>>174405785well that was a short movie


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>>174407947having a vagina must make you crave cock or something.

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>>174405360>>be Holla Forums>>no sound on allowedshame, for shame

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>>174408006FUCKING BASED

>>174408040>racoon shows up the first time>I roll my eyes and think it's reddit trash>man loses his racoon>I crymovie was fucking great

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>>174406576no, a gun doesn't push your entire body sideways like that. you'll just lump over like a sack of potatoes onto the floor probably face first


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>>174406827>>174408006I watched this with my mom. It was so painfully Tarantino-ish that it bordered on parody, but it wasn't boring and had a happy ending so it was fine.


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>>174408203what is this

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>>174408691>>174408536Love, Death and Robots S03E04 Night of the Mini Dead

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>>174409518Remember the scene, is when the cats meows "Nevermore".

>>174405565now...have you ever eaten pussy?

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>>174409628it's so creepy to see brown people dressed up and living as white people. it's like invasion of the body snatchers or something.

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>>174405785Kek. I hate women.

>>174406702>I jacked it to this so many times as a kidnigga what? that bitch was like 70 years old

>>174409658So much effort put into a joke, nowadays you'd just get some shot reverse shot lolsorandom adlib shit from some millennial faggot from nyc, and then another character going "well THAT just happened"

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>>174409903lmao she mad

>>174406576Depends on what gets hit and to what extent. For a shot with a little revolver like that she's more likely to have a full blown fencing response with slow gradual relaxation over about a minute as she dies of bloodloss. People who drop like a sack of potatoes do so because of massive catastrophic trauma to the base of the brain and spine. Most small caliber handgun round victims will behave about the same as a person who gets cracked in the head with a pipe or large rock. The short term trauma to the brain as a whole is similar.

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>>174405931Do women casually walk around the house with their pants below their ass cheeks? I've never spoken to one before.

>>174405399he's Gomez Addams, it's k

>>174410047what's worse, is they'll go poop and then crawl into bed without underwear on. women are disgusting animals and should be made to sleep outside.

>>174409842Exactly, and the hot girl is making out with her. It's an abstract fetish, like an advanced ugly bastard thing, and it's rare even in porn. My favourite part is that in the outtakes, you see with each take Mia Kirshner goes from being hesitant to being totally into it and even a little overboard.

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>>174406576That's a retarded hollywood thing anonYou WON'T die from that shotYou probably barely scratch the brain if anything, you'll probably end up blind and with some paralysis

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>>174410360NANTM is a comedic masterpiece and i'm tired of pretending it isn't.

>>174405698>gf an I get dunk and a little high last weekend>decide to do coconut oil massage, haven't done in a long time >I go first, she pretty thorough>Doing her after and once she flipped over on her back she passed out>Took me a while to notice but she was in and out of sleep, mostly out>No response moving her arms or even rubbing her clit>Grasp her hands so she was jerking me off for a bit>Finally woke her up with kisses and banged the crap out of herI told her in the car the day after and we were laughing about it. Going back I really wanted to bust then and there cus it was pretty freaking hot. Next time baby.

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>>174407085Where are these coming from?

>>174408798what is this?

>>174410405god i wish i was him and she was my sister and we were lost in space together

>>174409757>living as white people

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>>174410374wtf then how am i supposed to kill myself?

>>174410557Bite the gun inverted in your mouth, that'll traverse diagonally almost all important parts of the brain and could be quickNot affirming it'll BE quick, because noone knows, and anyone that affirm they do is lying.

>>174410557Shot your brain from behind, upwards from the base of the neck. Aim for the cerebellum. Also, probably the most painless way.


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>>174410709thanks yify 10/10

>>174410557Helium tank you newfag.

>>174408151Is this show good?

>>174410698bjork stalker did an inverted gunmouth and he gagged and bled and peed on the floor for like 2 minutes

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>>174409606>>174409658>>174409759>>174409877How can one man be so based?

>>174410848S1 has the silliest ending that is mocked on by all of 4chan whenever it's brought up. DESU up until that point, I didn't mind it at all. Didn't watch S2, heard it went off the rails even more with mulit-vers shit.

>>174409877She cute. What does she look like in currentyear?

>>174408570>It was so painfully Tarantino-ishWatch more movies you dumb fuck.

>>174410889>bjork stalkerWhat gun did he used? That's absolutely very important

>>174411239some sort of revolver. at least a .38. maybe higher caliber. to be honest, he was such a failure that he could have used a .44 mag and still botched it.

>>174410848The first season is absolute spiritual/sci-fi kino with a lot of SOUL and is standalone. The second season is kind've messy but has more crazy elements and was cancelled after a psycho cliff-hanger ending. It is either a love-or-hate show.

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>>174410557Fly to Switzerland. You can make a whole day out of it.

>those Running Scared webmsdude WTF ive never seen that movie because I thought it was lame af due to Walkerthat is some messed up shit

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>>174411744checked and nice filename

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>>174410401That's rape.

>>174411793what happens next

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>>174410047Yes.And the truly slutty ones will do it in front of the male roommates.

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>>174405399He didn't actually kiss the child

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>>174412284u blind

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>>174412318emma watson trying to be sexy/seductive is comical

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>>174412318I wonder how many times her dress fell down due to the wind.

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>>174412420i know the movie name but i ain't tellin you.

>>174412631i'd drink a fart straight from her ass...


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>>174405565She could take a shit on my chest any day


>>174412631I remember how disappointing her tits were.

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>>174411744nice attention to detail on the bullet effects and every 3 rounds is tracer

>>174412880fuck i wish i could watch those two awkward retards slam tacos irl...

>>174412904gunfags are the worst.

Margot was hotter as Harleen. Makes me want a psycho blonde girlfriend.

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>>174412939Just appreciating the dedication to the craft you philistine dog

>>174412880what is this?

>>174412995>Did they get muh clickity-clack RIGHT?!

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>>174413075eurofags need not reply to matters of FREEDOM

>>174413037Official Competition 2021

>>174408040Everything, Everywhere, All at once was fucking great. Totally surprised me too because the first 20mins is painfully slow. Stick with it it's totally worth it, how they managed to make such a weird movie with the premise of "mom and daughter learn the importance of family connection" so good is a mystery to me.They some how managed to make a scene with two rocks talking to each other and a parallel universe Ratitoille spoof someone equally ridiculous and very touching.

>>174413075>purposely make my shows and movies shittier by not researching things properly! Faggot.

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>>174413115Thanks. Now I know, that's obviously Banderas. Little hard to tell with the low res.

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>>174412327No, are you stupid? They purposefully shot it from behind for a reason. If he actually kissed her they would have no reason to do that.

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>>174412631>>174412691what kino is this?. I love geena!

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>>174413537why does this give me a boner...

>>174413075Yeah, just ask Alec Baldwin

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>>174407085Let's see Paul Allen's AI Webm

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>>174406151I'm acting


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>>174405360I would suck dick for the privilege of being a pretty woman. Just to be able to kiss other girls. And I don't even LIKE dick.

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>>174408040I will now watch your idiotic movie.


>>174408203lol wtf is this?is there more?

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>>174408651its like an iron maiden concert on mushrooms


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>>174408798fishnets and crocs?seriously?fuck you lady, you killed my boner.

>>174409471First of all lady, you ain't no meg ryan.Secondly, I'm trying to enjoy my blt and your ruining it.

>>174414168NiceVery impressive

>>174405614deploy tonguechaaaarge

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>>174405931>>174406674>>174406827evening farmigabros

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>>174409518poor kot

>>174405698Not bad acting all things considered. Less cringe than I expected.

>>174409903>how much?dinner and a movie, then listen to her complain about her father for 30 minutes straight.

>>174410401Didn't read

>>174409658One of the funniest sequences in tv

>>174405698>bro, it's just not rape unless you do it with me.

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>>174411600>yfw you wake up, your ass is sore, and there is 20 bucks hanging out your back pocket.

>>174411744lol, why is he using tracer rounds?

>>174411793why would any woman want to be straight when they could be a lesbian?

>>174412318>BONG! FUCK OW!

>>174412545lesbians use roofies too?you wouldn't think they'd need them..

>>174409704>POOP SHOW

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>>174412880bleck. go be mexican somewhere else.

>>174413075Ah yes, The american mahajadeen! Committed to allah, truth, freedom, and the american way! Alluh Akbar, Praise Jebus, and pass the ribs!

>>174415179where is penis?

>>174416143In your butthole

Who was in the wrong here?

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>>174408566Not Another Teen Movie.

>>174416167not yet

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Does anyone remember a british made movie about a female refugee who lives in with a family, and the refugee makes out with the daughter in her bed while the son(who had like a camera or something in the daughter's room) watches frustrated that she's a lesbian?

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Edgerunners teaches the rest of anime what should be done with lolis.

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>>174405785Even when they kill themselves its cringe

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>>174417568The bees are chasing him because he tried to steal their honey.


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>>174417531They should get extra ketchup with their hamburger?

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>>174415391thats incredible, how did they manage to fit a camel into armor made for humansmovie magic never ceases to amaze

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>>174405565the teeth make me laugh

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>>174418731fun fact: she stopped breastfeeding during this movie to make her boobas bigger and fuller looking

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>>174418892It was apprecited.

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>>174412691Transylvania 6-5000. I feel like this is why I like Goth chicks. Watch this and Vibes, and then Earth Girls are Easy and you have the trifecta of early Goldblum.

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>>174410557Bite grenade, pull the pin

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>>174421046Looks more like Pete.

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>>174409658It's funny cause its true

>>174410557double tap to the back of the head

>>174415344LOL its like 2 little kids having an argument>ha ha I can pick up this rock with my magic hand and throw it at you>and it's on FIRE ha ha>oh no! good thing I can magic up a cyclone of wind to break the rock harmlessly in 2 >AND I have a sword ! ha ha!>yeah well I have lightnig bolts so fuck your sword>HA HA but my sword can deflect lighting and shoot it back at you ha ha>jokes on you but the lightnig is actually my sword Ha Ha!

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>>174409658wow he's literally me

>>174421924I literally shouted "KINO!"

>>174407926same except they wouldn't die immediately, I'd first shoot them in the abdomen to almost guarantee death, then I'd more precisely hit their femur, lower down to avoid any arteries which should cause some of the most extreme pain a human can experience


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>>174410519>>174410709She looks like a monkey


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>>174408203Looks like kike garbage

>>174410533Found the brownoid

>>174405931Running Scared was pure kino just for that pedo confrontation scene

>>174416143Kill yourself

>>174423844It is