*huff puff*Once I get to Page 10, Helm's Deep will fall!

*huff puff*Once I get to Page 10, Helm's Deep will fall!

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>>174403448let me help you out

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>>174403577*p(you), p(you), p(you)*

>>174403448the janny will take care of you before that


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>>174403448Is this all you can conjure, Sauron-Man?


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>>174403854do not take me as some conjurer of cheap tricks

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>>174403448Melkor not morgoth ok praise the dark lord

Literally nothing wrong with the scne

>>174403854>Saurons second in command>duhhh I'll call him sauronman>hmm what should I call his base>durrr he uses lots of orcs... let's call it Orc-Tank!Fucking hack

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thread theme:youtu.be/oG8QqkfpJnM

>>174403448Did this simple moment kick start Orcish Marathons? Do future events in Orcish Olympics include Halfling toss, competitive eating, and Orcball(cut of the head of an elf and kick it into a basket before the head hits the ground?

>>174404980The game of golf was invented when Bandrobras Took knocked off the goblin Golfimbul's head and it landed in a rabbit hole

>>174405073tookchads are the most powerful race in middle earth

>>174403448There is always hope for dubs.

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>>174405172A dubsposter is never late, Aragorn Elessar, nor is he early. He posts precisely when he means to!

>>174405172You wish now that your places had been exchanged, that >>174403577 had gotten singles and you had gotten dubs

>>174405073I laughed like a hyena the first time I read this line in the Hobbit.

>>174403448Only trips can stop the Uruk!


>>174405172Is this it? Are these all the digits you can conjure, Saruman?

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>>174405172I was there...the day the strength of men failed


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>>174405629>Their armor is weak at the dubs and the trips.

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>>174405172>Alas that these evil threads should be mine. Where the dubsposters should be banned, and the singles linger


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>>174406271Whatever happens, check with me



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>>174403448LEGOLAS! What do your elf eyes see?

>missed trips>missed quads>no dubs*turns to face camera* For repeating digits


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>>174405554We need more dubs.



>>174406776>>174406778>>174406989Cursed forever more

>>174403448jesus christ it's bringham dahuun


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>>174405629Then take THIS

>>174403448Even the smallest person can change the course of the future B]

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that dumbass orc took a suicide job

>>174403448on your way

>>174408498Outta the way shorty!


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>>174404980Orcish marathons inspired by the naked guy running into helm's deep is a based concept

>>174408804he will gifted 78 elven maidens in orchalla


>>174405172and my monke trips

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>look to my posting at first refresh on the 5th page>at the first digits, look to these!

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good luck orky

I'll stop you!HAAAA-ENK

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>>174403448I finally watched the LOTR trilogy for the first time and I think Two Towers is my favorite because of Helm’s Deep. I liked ROTK but the middle fight at the white castle was really meh compared to HD

>>174405172NOT THE TRUE KING

>>174412522>fav is TT>post gets 22

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>>174412188Based turbohag Galadriel getting dubs.

>>174412629Which one is your favorite user

>>174412719for me, it's fellowship

>>174413268Yeah once I do a rewatch, I think Fellowship will be my favorite. It has the least amount of obvious CG and it’s about a group of dudes getting together to achieve a goal.

>>174413339TT is hands down better than RotK though, a shame too because I really like the last 40 minutes of wrapping up, but the bulk of the movie is just a worse version of Helms Deep

>>174414157What killed me was the ghosts in ROTK. That shit was so bad. The only thing I disliked about TT was the Pip and Merry storyline, which I thought was boring and took away from the fight. I really liked them in ROTK because they each went their own way

>>174414258eh, I give the pip/merry thread in TT a pass simply because I like the ents going to war, but yeah, the ghosts are without a doubt the single dumbeat thing in the whole trilogy, same tier as anything in Battle of the 5 Armies

Love you bros

>>174414813Are the Hobbit movies worth watching? Is the Amazon show worth watching?

you have my bump

Where was Holla Forums when the dubs fell?Where was Holla Forums when there was no sticky for my favorite celebrity?Where was t-

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>>174415001Unexpected Journey is an entirely passable film, a bit goofy but it's the hobbit so whatever, though on rewatches I find Radogast's scenes to be a chore, everything else in it is alright at worst and often enjoyable. The riddles in the dark scene is great.desolation of smaug is okay, smaug is great and Bilbo and the Dwarves continue to be enjoyable if you can slog through all the laketown crap and needless cgi spectaclesBattle of the 5 Armies is a shitshow, though if you've come this far, might as well finish it out. Thorin's descent to madness and his reconciliation with Bilbo is still good, and you may get some laughs at how dumb some of the filmmaking decisions were because it's honestly astounding how bad some of it ishaven't seen RoP yet, not sure if I'll bother, the hobbit films at least felt like a continuation, from what I've seen the show doesn't feel like I would enjoy it

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>>174415001The M4 edit is.

>>174415001No, the second one is only worth watching to get to the dragon, the third is straight up horrible. You will be unable to comprehend the same hands behind LotR went into it.

>>174415599cgi is a hell of a drug

No, thank you! We don’t want any more redditors, newfaggots, or highspeed shitposters!

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>>174405172Not all good digits are repeating, and not all dub posts are based.

What can Holla Forums do against such reckless bait?

I wish Tolkien had written a short story about an elf from Valinor who has never met humans going to Middle Earth for the first time where he befriends some people then casually goes for a walk for 50 years and comes back only to discover that his new friends are either really old or dead.

>>174415001The first one teases what it should have been about, the songs (Misty Mountains Cold, Blunt the Knives) but the series largely abandons the musicThe second one you should just watch the scene where Bilbo meets Smaug, it's absolutely fantastic but the rest of the film mostly sucksThe third has no redeeming value

>>174415935>And what about very oldfags?

>>174415935>And what about very good quads?


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>>174415413>Battle of the 5 Armies is a shitshow, though if you've come this far, might as well finish it out. Thorin's descent to madness and his reconciliation with Bilbo is still good, and you may get some laughs at how dumb some of the filmmaking decisions were because it's honestly astounding how bad some of it is>haven't seen RoP yet, not sure if I'll bothersay what you want about the hobbit films but they at least had SOME redeeming moments: lots of wholesome bro scenes, some good peter jackson'd tolkien-esque humor and dialog, and yes, a ton of cgi action movie spectacle nonsense.... but i have kind of come to love it. the LotR movies were very solemn and grim and serious throughout and having a hobbit trilogy have a lighter, goofier, more cartoon like feel makes sense to me. they just went over board in some situations and missed the mark in others but overall those three hobbit films are still a fun watch, not modern classics like the LotR trilogy, and especially fun if you or someone you want to show them to hasn't seen them yet. if you like lord of the rings there is plenty to enjoy in those hobbit films.now the amazon show.... it doesnt even have the whacky goofiness or over the top action. while also not having any of the solemn, heart wrenching atmosphere of the LotR film trilogy. so far there has been nothing redeemable about the amazon show. it doesnt even have one likable character. everyone is an asshole and none of em can act and all the characters come off "wrong".

take him down

These Elvish bumps, they're not bad.

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>>174417561aye aye captain stubing


>>174418328>captain stubingI want to go backyoutu.be/kBYcyDoh-XI?t=2

>>174415001Bilbos actor was horrible. He makes the same confused face throught the whole movie. He has NO range of emotions

>>174405898And my other trips.

>>174419555The day is saved!

and in the darkness bump them

>>174405172>It's the dwarves that go checking repeating little numbers

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The horn of Helm Hammerhand will sound in the Deep, one last time!

lotr was never good

> lotr was never goodA just post, my lord.Late is the hour when this “trilogy” comes! Inferior adaption, I name you! Watch Amazon’s RoP instead!

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>>174405172there will be a day where the dubs of men fail, but today is NOT THAT DAY!

>>174415998Post with me.

True courage is knowing not when to sage a thread, but when to bump one

>>174418333Well done

>>174421177Looks like dubs are back on the menu, boys!

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>>174416655>>174417000>>174418333>>1744211778:30 at the Green Dragon? Great.

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S-Sauron-man, it's you! You're the Phantom Menace!

You cannot pass.

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My friend is sick! He needs digits!

>>174403448Chariots of Fire plays in your head...

>>174422222You've had a whole quint already!

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>>174404740> Sauronman makes conspicuously evil looking tower.

>>174422222You've been in the Farmer MaGet's crop!

>>174422222impressivevery nice

>>174403448Leithio i philinn!

>>174412475I laughed at this more than I should

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>>174405172what about second dubs attempt

>>174421226What about their trips? They don't need those.

If dubs I watch that goyslop RoPe

>>174403448Legolas, motherfucker, you literally headshot an orc from 1 km away while he was riding a warg, how could you miss this dude twice!!-Aragorn said calmly

>>174422916They think we have the digits.

They were once dubs.

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I asked for one repeating digit at the end of my golden post. She gave me three

>>174420665Love this fucking line.

>>174423134Shh, when they find out we don't we're banned!

>>174423193Technically correct


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>>174403508You have no power here


>>174403448Why uruk-hai is black?

>>174423692Oh my god, user, you can't just ask orcs why they're black!

>>174422222You young rascal! A merry dubs hunt you've led us on, and now we find you... with quints!

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>>174423692Sauronman wanted them to be perfect.

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>>174423692One of the orcs in RoP tells the other orc they'll stay in the sun until they're black as coal if Adar wills it. The obvious implication being that orcs tan to resist the sun like we do. The more comprehensive answer is that orcs are weak to sunlight, but due to thousands of years of selective breeding they gain more and more resistance to this vulnerability, and also become black of skin to resist the sunlight better.



>>174403646good post