Yeah why do you think the writers decided to cuck Jerry again and make Beth more of a piece of shit?

Yeah why do you think the writers decided to cuck Jerry again and make Beth more of a piece of shit?

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>>174403370>I'm a worm.>I'm a cuck.>I have a small, weird dick.Bravo, Nolan. How will white men ever recover?

>>174403370If I knew what goes on in a mind of a female, I wouldn't be browsing this site.

>>174403370because it's 2022

>>174403370I have a better question. Why do you continue to watch trash?

>>174403370I'm checking out after this episode, I'm done. This beneath modern Simpsons in terms of quality

>>174403370>>174403434Why do I have to share a board with you literal retards?Listen to the audio, Jerry explicitly participates.

I can’t believe people are still watching this after the Mulan sauce fiasco.

>>174403774doesn't invalidate what happened and what he said beforehand, you cunt.

>>174403370rick and morty writers also write marvel tv shows and movies its pretty self explanatory

>>174403370>twincestthis show is beyond fucking based, first they do the Morty Summer incest baby and now they have both Beth's smashing off each other? that's legendary shit.

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>>174403774Rick literally calls him a cuckold this episode they aren’t even trying to hide it

>>174403370My favourite part was how they decided to play it straight and their relationship wasn't funny in any way whatsoever

because they're weird porn addicted bean mouth drawing retards

>>174403940pretty sure they stopped hiding it when Jerry's dad got cucked by a nigger.

>hey remember that episode that showed that even if jerry became a successful actor and beth became a successful actual surgeon, they would still long for each other and eventually quit what they were doing to be together?

>>174403804What fiasco? That episode was hilarious.

>>174403370because its hot

It's creepy Dan, it's his fetish or something. I don't watch reddit shows but apparently Community had as much weird shit like incest and he's the common factor. Gotta admit he has balls being an open weirdo while pulling the Weinstein/James Gunn PR move of not dying his hair and coming off as an old fogey after the allegations lol

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>>174403434Lol you whiny faggots can't ever put your retarded politics aside and just enjoy something, can you?

There wasn't a single joke, the show is now too self aware of itself that it can only be le deep reddit science showAlso Rick be like Capitalism le bad but please please PLEASE buy Wendy's bros!!!!!

>>174405069>keeps putting retarded politics shit in a show>NOOOOOO, YOU CAN'T TALK ABOUT HOW WE PUT RETARDED POLITICS IN A SHOWgo suck a cock, faggot.

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>>174403370>>174403370I haven't seen this episode yet but I could have predicted this coming. Space Beth makes a comment in the first episode that regular Beth looks good in her pants or something like that. It was completely out of left field and felt flirty. Plus even though Beth apparently fixed her marriage, they still have been playing with her being a little unsure of her role to play. There's also the fact that Space Beth looks like a lesbian...

>>174405176cuckolding is not political, incel

>>174405533Yes it is, faggot.

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>>174405533oh yes it is. on more levels than you think.

>>174405533>>174405771pol has rotted your brain

>pol has rotted your brain

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>>174403940Oh my God no! Not the cartoon character! My world has been shattered and my tiny white dick will never be erect again! White genocide!

>>174405176Seething bitchboy lol

>>174403370Beth's arc has been since at least the halfway point of season 2, she's just a younger less smart Rick at his worst who can barely keep a thin veneer of being a decent persion.

>>174404805of all things to make of ledditor shows and their faggot fans and creators you chose risky jokes that were the norm on the 00s internet and only soccer moms and sjws seethed atThis is some ncose/moralityinmidia/shapiro incelfaggotry, you lack a ball sack or is a closeted faggotStop pretending you belong here just cause a looney troon made you cry, Karen soccer moms are also not welcome, only real man who like tits are.

>>174406628>buzzwords buzzwords buzzwordsstruck a nerve, Dan?

>>174403940That was BEFORE he joined in. He was a cuck when they were going around his back but he took control at the end

>>174403370What happened to this showThe first-second season were really entertainingWhat the actual fuck happened lol, did they change writters after season 2?

Dan has a hardcore lesbian fetish, he did the same shit with Britta in Community

What is with Rick and Morty and creepy incest undertones? Is it Dan Harmon's fetish or some shit?

So, what's the takeaway here?The white, liberal woman, who was so "progressive" she literally destroyed her WASP family single handedly, is also so fucking narcissistic she got in a hardcore lesbian relationship with a clone of herself?

I do like how the writers aren't even trying to hide their fetishes. Needs more interracial cuck storyline next please and how white men have small penis's.

>>174407032After season 10 there will STILL be people baiting for "it's women writers" replies.I don't disagree, it's just EVERY fucking time. I'm sick of it. Yes it's the fucking female writers they suck. They're awful on every level, YES, we fucking know. It's been like 5 fucking years dude we KNOW. Shut the fuck up already.Here's an acceptable acknowledgement>this was so bad, the female writers are shit and should dieHere's a non acceptable non acknowledgement>man what happened this show used to be good, did they change the writers?Fuck off

>>174404047Sounds like everything everywhere all at once.

>>174405069I think ugly unfuckable Holla Forumscels and their white inferiority complex is pathetic, but I don't see what would be enjoyable about the worst character of the show fucking an alternate version of herself.

>>174407163I was literally just asking what you mentally retarded incelWhy are you so mad, I didnt even know it had female writtersThey added this amy schumer female writters to the show after season 2?Thats literally what Im asking you stupid cuck

>>174407163>Here's a non acceptable non acknowledgementYeah I literally didnt know you stupid fuckin down syndrome retardThats why I was asking

>>174407245>but I don't see what would be enjoyable about the worst character of the show fucking an alternate version of herselfNot with the way they did it. They could've done this plot but funnier and without cuck shit and still have the joke be that the kids are incredibly uncomfortable with what they know. It COULD have been done better. Everyone knew it would happen, because EVERYONE would do it too, but it didn't have to be semi drama about falling in love and divorce and all that dumb shit. Its ONLY fine this time because Jerry retakes control and doesn't become a cuck like his dad. But it could've just been good, and there was no reason it couldn't have been

>>174404805>Community had as much weird shit like incestI thought it was one episode with a first cousin marriage. It was the first time the sides of the family met each other, so it isn't like the family made a habit of cousin marriages.

>>174407291I'm attractive and I have a big dick, you're flabby, disgusting, ugly as a fucking blobfish and no amount of greentexting will ever change this reality, election tourist retard.

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Holla Forumscels are such fucking cancer god damn

>>174407318You're talking to a R&M fanboy.They know every tiny detail including bullshit behind the scenes, so they think that everybody else does too.Deep down they know that the show they love is now complete shit, so when somebody calls it out they lash out instinctively to preserve their ego.

>>174403884It is straight up clonecest. They share almost all their memories up to a couple years ago.

>>174407439Well that show is absolute cancer garbageWomen are completly useless I agree with him on that

Hope everyone can move on from this disgusting retarded showPeople are literally discussing amy schumer the show by now

>>174407318>>174407359>>174407439>>174407490You're seeing this right? Idiots pretending to be you, trying to start a flame war even though I explicitly said it was shit. You see it? This is why I replied to you the way I did, because it's infinite amounts of this shit. Just bait and trolling and bait and trolling the SAME shit over and over. It's extremely tiring. They need new material.

>174407556>t. seething fanboy

I hate their cuckold themes, but at least this time it was creative. Overall 6.5/10 episode.

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>>174407163so they did change the writers after all, thought something was up with the quality going downhill and a few jokes falling flat, all seemed a bit forced.are all the writers women now then? seems a weird choice

Both the lead writers are cucks. Justin Roiland's ex left him to do BLACKED and Dan Harmon admitted to watching cuckold porn and was so pathetic that his wife divorced him even though he let her sleep around

>>174403774They've never had sex. So they have no frame of reference

>>174405382And Sunmer refers to them as 'Moms' like they're a lesbian couple. Which they fight like, with Earth Beth resenting Space Beth for being a bad mom and Space Beth not caring

Would you believe this is the first episode in the season written by a woman? Who could've guessed

I'll just wait for the porn. Stopped watching after season 3 I think.

>>174405732Why are all those trump supporters kneeling?

>>174403370Confirmed for not paying attention to the audio. During the final thanksgiving scene, you can hear Jerry being included in the three way. No, not as a bystander. Things were being done TO him.

Jerry kissing himself at the end was funny

>>174406628Everyone knows Dan Schneider has a foot fetish, and Butch Hartman or somebody working on all his shows has an abdl fetish. Stop making your fetishes so fucking obvious, or write them in a way that's moderately entertaining so nobody cares or notices.

>>174403585>.This beneath modern Simpsons in terms of qualitythis. except it took The Simpsons 10 seasons to go to shit, R&M managed to do that in just 6.worst part is, this was probably the best episode in this season so far

if you enjoy this shit you must be stupid. it’s so unfunny

>>174407792Justin Roiland has minimal input in Rick and Morty, he left to do his own show and his games.

>>174407927>Confirmed for not paying attention to the audio.

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This might be actually a contestant for my most favorite episode standing up against the decoy episode and jerryboree. I don't understand the stupidity of those, who disliked it. It was absolutly brilliant.

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>>174407837>Jerry explicitly participatesDo you fancy me a retard? Obviously he participates but like a cuckold. Beth literally starts the sexual change by commanding Jerry to move away from them.

>>174407927>Yeah dude you have to like listen to the insider audio commentary track from the making-of podcast aftershow and cross-analyze that with the position placement. Are you EVEN a REAL fan???

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>>174403940Well, in the end it was all Rick's plan, right? Or did the Clone and Beth take Rick's lusty drink by accident?

>>174405069>he enjoys cuckshitahahaha, faggotEXTRA EXTRA, RICO AND MORTY FANS ARE IN TO KEKOLDRY

>>174408048I dont fancy you at all but at the end he literally makes cum sound and its hilarious

>>174404047yeah but also remember Jerry the original dad of Morty and season 2 annoying asshole Jerry? It's infinite universe, how do you still not understand this?

What the fuck is wrong with you losers? Why the fuck would you identify with Jerry and feel offended by what happens to him? How pathetic can you be?Of all the reasons to shit on this show (pic related is the writing staff) you retards get mad because you see yourselves in Jerry? What the fuck lmao, soicucks.

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>>174403524thisinsane that some anons here actually still watch this absolute tripe

>>174407737Yeah I vaguely remember people saying Dan Harmon just hired a lot women by merit of having a pussy between their legs and fucked up the whole show. Apparently he did it on Community too. There's a photo of the writers of rick and morty and a lot of them were ugly women and like one pink haired guy with a "smash the fash" shirt or something in the same vain.


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>>174403370if you're going to put fetishes in they should at least be good fetishes

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>>174408096It was clearly done for comedic effect. God damn you autistic fucks have room temperature IQ.

>>174408766>clearly done for comedic effectGreat, except nobody's laughing.Literally nobody.There was nothing funny in the entire episode.

>>174407879Honestly I would have thought that all the episodes were written by women because they're all unfunny. They're not even trying to make jokes most of the time and they all take the characters way too seriously.

>>174408848No, YOU aren't laughing. There were funny parts, like all the dinner table scenes

>>174407879Well it was a bad episode, so, I'd believe it. The first episode was never good for me

>>174408848You're oddly obsessed over something you didn't find to be funny. Many people did, btw.

>>174408920No. The only funny table scene was Morty and Summer sobbing at the end. Your opinion is garbage and you are clearly a philistine.

>>174408920>>174409013samefagging is lame

reminder that anybody you disagree with on this site is one of the following, a federal agent, the creator/producer/director/ one of those involved inn the thing you are criticizing, baiting, a corporate executive or something else that's not a normal every person typing the message

This shit can't even pull 700k viewers per episode anymore.

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>>174403940Weren’t his parents literal cuckolds? Must be genetic

>>174409018>no one was laughing>but I did laugh at this partSee?

>>174409346I am not that user he was originally replying to you pseud.

>>174403370Jesus christ i thought the female writers strong woman self love bullshit was a meme and then i watch the inside the episode and its exactly that

>>174409505>inside the episodeOh gross where can I watch that lmao.


>>174408076bro, you literally just have to open your ears

What the nigger loving fuck

I feel like I'm in an alternate reality when I read these threads.This has been the strongest season since season 2 so far. Everyone I've talked to agrees the writing has had a clear level of quality above 4 and 5. Everything I read, people are loving it.

>>174409646Thanks. They took it way more seriously than I thought. It's a bit nuts that they can take something like Beth fucking her clone self totally seriously. They really didn't intend for it to be a joke at all.

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>>174409860I wasn't the biggest fan of S6E1 for some reason, but enjoyed 2 and 3.

>>174408748>hot wine aunt fucking herself>not a good fetish

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>>174410069noshe should be fucking her son


>>174409860Are you just browsing reddit and twitter where any form of negativity is seen as bad? The negative connoisseurs (like myself) gracefully articulate exactly what they don't like when people who liked it just say vague shit like "it was good haha". Character driven episodes have always been piping hot dog shit. Episodes where comedy comes second to lore are dog shit.

>>174410231Cringe is Indead a delectable dish. And this place is a 5 star restaurant.

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>>174410231Not that user, but congrats for your superior refined taste allowing you to effortlessly pick everything apart and enumerate its flaws.I enjoyed the episode primarily because it made me uncomfortable, and secondarily because it was quite funny.Since it's a cartoon comedy and not some peak high art kino masterpiece, it's difficult to praise on any deeper level than that. It was nonetheless a fun way to spend 20 minutes.

>>174410604Watch rick and morty retard. It’s an actual line from the hellraiser epicode where they enjoy jarry’s lameness. Yes, they actully use the word cringeThe concept rhymes (but is not not the same as) your “negative connoisseur” Line, which is also at the same time cringey as hell.(Get it]

>>174410688>>174410786I know it's dumb to try and convey sarcasm through text but I wasn't being serious when I called myself a connoisseur. My posts are cheeky and fun. Unlike new Rick and Morty.

>>174410869>I was only pretending to be retarded.

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>>174410869>I wasn't being serious when I called myself a connoisseur.I know you were exaggerating in a self-deprecating way, but I think you were sincere enough with your overall point of "people who don't like it can explain why, people who do like it can't".And that isn't as good a point as you think it is, because dissecting exactly why something works is hard, while highlighting specific problems is easy.

Get ready boys the negative connoisseur is about to post more cringe

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>>174405880Why do alt rights still pretend the left supports communism?China and Russia are the biggest enemies of liberal ideology.I hope Xi fucks up like Putin and invades Taiwan next so the commie killing never ends

>>174411053Oh so you do understand. I just think episodes where comedy is secondary to character driven plots suck ass. Simple as m8.

>>174403370This was hands down the hottest shit this show has ever presented. They know what they're doing.

Like for realy do we really need more & more jerry jokes i hate u pol fags but its clear that this is just a way to instill this fuck the father idea inbto the culture

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>>174404805Damn you Richardson you vile contention contemptible lout!

>>174407966>R&M managed to do that in just 6.They managed to do it in 2.

>OH WOW WE HECKIN KEKED THE FATHER FIGURE OH WOW THIS IS SO HECKIN SUBVERSIVE>WHY YES I HATE MY FATHER HOW COULD YOU TELLthis shit hasn't been subversive in like two fucking decades jesus christ can you people find new material this shit isn't entertaining

>>174411205Pretend? Every left leaning person I know is exactly like this. Also most of them also happen to be gay.

>>174409646not even hiding their subversion of nuclear normal families.

>>174403370>giving feminist fantasies attention.

>>174408748oh man Jerry is the perfect candidate for a shrinking/gts dom episode

>>174413457he should cheat on his wife

>>174408239It’s not about the lore, it’s about good story telling.

>>174409292whats the deal with that first episode in season 3?

I laughed maybe once in episode 2 from some diehard thing but in episode 3 i couldn't even get a smirk. There were no jokes at all.

>>174413943They premiered it as an April Fool’s day joke without any fanfare

haha what if like morty gets some aging serum thing and like develops sexual feelings for beth haha that would be a funny joke haha and like he can be more of a man to beth in front of jerry and she would like that haha and like they could cuck him haha wouldnt that be funny haha

>>174403585Me too. It feels like it hit rock bottom.

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I really think this is it, this show was already broken down by the disgusting incest baby, but this really is the killing blow, it will never recover. How was the show so good the first 2 seasons and then nose dive during 3? wtf happened?

>>174403370Why are all of these that fat fuck Hammond droning about sjw shit, but we almost never get the only good writer, roiland to talk about the show?

>noo not our favorite character jerry!he's literally a punching bag for jokes, who cares

>>174414564>hasn't nooticed they're making cucking a running theme in annual thanksgiving episodes

>>174403585yup. I am not coming back for this show too.

>>174407556All me.

>>174414436Dan Harmon approved writers is what happened >>174408341

This is going to be the Slut Dragons episode of this season. Nowhere to go but up!

Dan Harmon watches both incest and cuck

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>>174405732>kneel or get firedclown world

You guys take this shit too seriously. Try to relax and just enjoy something. and if you don't enjoy it don't watch it

>>174415204How about a quick hand soul? I enjoy doing it

Maybe in the next episode, Rick could portal his way to a universe with some humor in it

>>174416605You don't understand internet culture. Holla Forums doesn't exist for normal people to converse about media just like how /sp/ doesn't exist for normal people to converse about sports. If the people here were capable of not watching things they hate the board wouldn't exist

>>174405069It’s called projection, user. This thread exists because they feel personally attacked.

>>174404805Richardson, Goddamn you! The oatmeal’s clotted-but it’s not 45 minutes ‘til the three hours.Stop sprouting jibberish and change the damned oatmeal!(I believe I’ll stay with the bacon)

The last joke was the only funny one to me. It had a setup, a bait-and-switch, and a payoff. Not a big fan of the "jokes" that are characters reciting paragraphs.

>>174403370>people calling every anime that comes out tranime>once again they don't have trannies in there>see every fucking western tv show and you have lgbt shitbrave and stunning

>>174410231You reek of Reddit.

>>174403434I don't think I'd be defending a character like Jerry, if I were you. Is that the sort of inferior piece of shit you White Supremacist Male Chauvinist Pigs really want to break out the empathy for?Oh, right -- beta role model for betas.

>>174409646Ah, there it is. The politics laid bare. Feminist crying over shit they get themselves into, and fags promoting polyamory. So progressive…and expected. Shit was still funny though.

>>174418019Guess where you should go back to you omega faggot

>>174403370the sabotage of the series and fall in quality is directly proportional to the amount of time spent on characters that are not in the title of the series.the mother, the father, the sister, were supposed to be unimportant filler - I thought that was the joke in the first place, to make it an anti it is just the sinps.rixk bows to the skank wine-o mother, so does morty, so does the father.why is it focussed on a boring cunt.

Laughed to myself a little about how little torrent variety it had even hours after airing. It's also on Australian Netflix within 24 hours of airing so they must be fucking desperate.

>>174418019the alcoholic, affair-having, neglecting dried up old skank is your role model. that's clear.i don't remember anyone apart from dan harmon self inserting as the husband though.funny how you never noticed that they were designed to be two highly negative archetypes.

>>174418656She is by far the best voice actress on the series, also has an impressive yell.

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>>174414564>he's literally a punching bag for jokesthat's the problem

>>174403370Because in their world, men exist simply to serve them. They don't see it as shitty behaviour at all. Instead, they want to normalise being a piece of shit because that is what they are, and the only thing they know living in an affluent nation created through the hard work of the very people they openly cuck.

>>174403850I'm so sorry that it triggered you little girl.

>>174403370Glad I never started this season. I don't mind them being edgy and it's fun when done right but it's obvious that this is being done just for the shock value.

>>174409292What happened with seasons 4 and 5? why did viewership drop off so quickly?

>>174409646>The new writers are even more stereotypically feminist then 4chan made them out to be \How is that even possible

>>174423319The show went balls deep on relationship drama like it was pretending to develop like Bojack Horseman. Just watch the inside the episodes and not the show. You can shitpost that way without having to sit through the dogshit.

>>174403370We already know they have an incest fetish. Sex with your clone is normal at this point

>>>Dan talks about cuckold porn >"I'd like to thank the Swedish American hall for having us tonight"

>>174409646This is nothing, it doesn't say anything. It's like watching high-schoolers talk

>>174403370Cant believe you fags are still watching this shit.

>>174403370This season has been weird as fuck. Its cringe 80% of the time with 20% normal funny stuff. Hopefully they stop with the bullshit.

How is this cucking? It's literally just the clone of his wife and it's implied Jerry will fuck both of them.