Lurking Holla Forums for years never seen a thread about this

lurking Holla Forums for years never seen a thread about this

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>>174402330oddly comfy show

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I started using this board at the same time I first saw this show years ago Nostalgic

bunch of fags singing pop songs

>>174402424you have to go back zoomie

I remember there would be threads on Holla Forums a long ass time ago. I watched one episode and it was the one where they just kill rats and I hated it lol haven't watched it since.

>The thing about Ders is, he’s supposed to die tonight That line caught me off guard

>>174402330>Will never be 18 again watching this and Regular Show after getting home from college

>>174402330It’s fairly underrated in terms of vernicular>Tommy move>Stay Up>Future Babes>Leveled>Braj>S'go>Get Weird>Power Medicine>Fully Torqued>Garage/Go Rage>Tight Butthole>Take It Sleazy>Dad Dick

its good background tv. not good as active viewing tv



Jannie is loose butthole

>>174402330Couldn't have been lurking for that long then

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>>174402330Very comfy show to get high and watch in your youth.

not that many years

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>>174402330YOU GOTTA, YOU GOTTA(gotta be fresh)my favourite episodes are the insane clown posse one and the one where Ders and Blake have to do a team building seminar while Adam and getting drunk and playing basketball with Mexicans right outside the window

We don't talk about comedy central shows.

its real i got a call center job that i hate

>>174402330its cool that they sit on the roofits cool that he drives a volvoi watched about 3 seasons its ok

>>174404284do you get to sneak out and shmoke a bewl

Bitch better have my honey!

>>174402486man this feelboth those shows were fucking perfect to watch back to back


>>174404284I know 3 dudes who work at a call center and they're exactly like Blake and Adam, just doing drugs all the time.

>>174404414they just both capture the feeling of working a low wage job you don't like while having no direction in your twenties

Doesn't always hit, but when it does, it's a great time.

I hate that it feels like they lose most episodes. Why watch a show where guys I relate to always lose? like the one where they get the dragon statue stolen and by the end of it they have to let the high school kids trash their house and buy beer at the same party in addition to losing the dragon

>>174405099Stoner faggots lose in real life. It's kino

I never watched all of it, did it go woke?

>>174402330I made a thread about it like 2 weeks ago and it got around 10 replies. I’ve been watching the show from the beginning, it’s decent

>>174402330Great show.


>>174402330stupid meta indie crap

>>174402481Is that the one where they do shrooms at the office?

i want alice to step on my balls and then fire me

>>174405167Lmao sounds like some assuming going on.>>174405099I actually liked this about it, it related to life better. Not for the reason the user above said but because dumb shit always happens and things rarely go as planned.

Are there any similar shows? Something about this show is really comfy

>>174405631trailer park boys has a similar vibe, three stupid friends getting into lots of trouble

>>174402330>you're a member of the foot clan, and not just any member, you're that punk bitch Danny.

Alice's femdom sex with Ders, while Adam cries under the table, gave me one of my life's stranger erections.

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>>174405483very loose butthole of you

My favorite episode was always the one where Ders dad comes to visit and the other dudes are cutting up beef in the house with chainsaws and shit

>>174402543>family should be like buttholes, tight.


>>174405878Meat jerking beef bros.


It actually surprised me that this show was funny. I enjoyed it.

>>174405878>On the Phil Donahue show in 1981, William Atherton claimed that he was once homosexual but changed due to the Aesthetic Realism of Eli Siegel.

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>>174402330Show birthed so many soulless non-white-male ripoffs that wrecked my interest in Comedy Central, was around the time that leftist millennials were becoming the lamest shit in the world. Also a bummer the amount of millennials that are stuck in this time period around 2013, see it on this board a lot and so bad on /mu/ that I dropped it.

I was born in ‘85 and went to college with guys like this and even was roommates with guys like this for a few years. Very comfy watching this and sort of nostalgic.

uh yeah we be clownin

>>174402475thats one of the best parts of the entire show, any episode, and im being serious

>>174402543Yeah. The main issue waa the characters started out as rediculous and were still flanderdized to obscene levels far too quickly.Like the beef jerky episode was just plain lame. There was a lot of week episode where only one line was decent, and not worth a rewatch.

>>174405099you wouldnt like always sunny then

hurr durr burr-weed-o so fucking funny

>>174407765Imagine liking It's Always Reddit


>>174407894my top favorite shows of all time are always reddit and impractical cucksters

>>174402486how old are you now?


>>174407823Where's your half-christmas spirit, dude?

>>174402543Water trash post

It's just not a great or memorable show. It has some memorable moments and episodes, but overall it's completely and utterly forgettable. It's a mediocre ripoff of IASIP with much less interesting characters. It also fell off HARD by the time it got to season 3, most of the shit after that I can't recall a single detail about. The first 1-2 seasons were good and funny for the most part.

You ever like steal a dragon statue?

>>174408008I'm 29. I started college in 2011

>>174403151I never put two and two together, holy shit podcast is kino too

>>174405631Always Sunny

Adolph Shitler

>>174406063The early 2010s were the last time things made sense so I don't blame them. You sound like a zoomer who insists his faggy rap and trannycore like 100 gecs is cool and not totally gay at all.

>>174408480stfu its live action ed edd n eddy but instead of jawbreakers its pussy

>Alice will never ream you out

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I enjoy it

for me it’s jet set

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I actually love it. It reminds me of comfier times.

I like the wedding episode where that dyke wanted to "date" adam so her dad would give her his blessing


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>>174408480>It also fell off HARD by the time it got to season 3, most of the shit after that I can't recall a single detail about. The first 1-2 seasons were good and funny for the most part.I 100% agree, I actually thought I dropped the show after season 2 so went back to watch season 3, turns out I had seen all of season 3 just could barely remember any of it.Also I used to watch this show baked.

>>174411758I had to wear a hat to work for a while and I was strongly considering buying 3 of those hats and stacking them on top of each other.

>>174402330Everyone else wanted to fuck Alice right?

>>174411840God yes.

>>174405099That's episode I (and of course, a lot of others stopped watching). Lost respect for adults getting outdone by high schoolers. They went from bros, to ugh, not those dorks.

>>174404239That's a great episode the guy who made arrested development was in it

>>174411804It'd go well with your Kekistan t-shirt

>>174402330show was great the first three or four seasons then the last few were very bad. the earlier seasons were all killer no filler tho

>>174411840Alice was the hero. Any normal boss would've fired them but she kept giving them second chances, to her own detriment.


>>174411950I don't have one of those but I think it'd be great with my "women's wrestling champion of the world" shirt.

>>174406063That's funny because 2013 was my sophomore year in college and I've been feeling so nostalgic as to get back into A$AP Rocky's album from that year, or Danny Brown's Old. May as well rewatch Workaholics because of you, user.

>>174411953I had the 3rd and 4th season on dvd as a 15 year old and thought it was the funniest fucking thing ever. I’ve almost finished the 1st season now(I’m 24) and it’s not as funny sober but still gets a few chuckles out of me. Ders feels like the funniest of the groupIs that movie they made “Game Over, Man” any good?

>>174411840Yeah, I don't know what it was. I don't think she was that attractive physically, but her attitude was great. My fucking dick, lads. My dick.

>>174412093>nostalgic for ASAP Rockybruh

>>174412168I know right. I'm not even the type to get off on dominant woman but FUCK. She really did it for me. If I watched this show as a young teen I'd probably have an insatiable need to have my balls stepped on and it'd be all her fault.

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>>174412194Only the LiveLove and LongLive. He dropped off hard after that. ALLA was trash with the homeless guy busking on every track, I never bothered with Testing, and I have no idea if he's made any music the past five years.I think I actually ended up preferring Ferg because of Trap Lord and, to a lesser extent, Ferg Forever, but his second LP sucked outside of New Level, which I didn't really like too much anyway.I think the big thing is A$APs Rocky and Ferg reminded me of a time when I had friends and the possibility of a future, but now I've drifted away from everyone and I'm basically working a Workaholics tier job without any bros to make it more fun.

>>174412379LongLive was a good album, it was just so recently I>came out 9 years agoAWWWW. PAIN.

>>174402330i remember that i used to watch this when it was airing on comedy central and really enjoyed it, but i haven't seen it in years

why is one piece episode behind a paywall?

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>>174412573It's a shit episode, too.

>>174402543Don’t forget butthurt

>>174402543I remember when one of our friends got his gf pregnant and we started saying “you gonna have that dad dick now” around him a lot.

>>174411840For me it was Jillian

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>>174412985YEESH, you can keep her.

>>174407727In the first episode they clearly associated with girls and Blake was hanging out with chicks from his stripper class.

Was watching the banned episode the other day and there was a scene with the drama girl from Better Call Saul, can’t even find a pic of her in it but it was when they were at the gym. Never saw her in anything else

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>>174413126Heh, that episode is banned? I only know which one you mean because I recognize her as the gymnast.That's the episode I show people if they've never seen the show. It sets the tone.


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>>174408480> It's a mediocre ripoff of IASIPAccurate. The three leads in Workaholics are too interchangeable so there isn't as much depth to the weird depraved things they get into like there is in IASIP. All three of them are cookie cutter degenerate losers.

>>174413207The Chris Delia plays himself (pedophile) episode was classic

>>174411840I found her to be very hot, yes.

>>174402330It got wayyyy too gay

>>174402330This is the most forgettable TV show ever madeOnly tolerable to watch if you’re high on drugsComplete garbage, no wonder it’s been completely forgotten This show took itself way too seriously and came over as try hard

>>174402395It's one of those shows you assume will be shit, but then happen to catch an episode and realize it's not bad.

For some reason I often think of this scene:>You can't buy adrenaline like that. That guy gave me a real gift.

That shroom episode captures the feeling perfectly

>>174413342>Enter>EnterYour opinion doesn't matter here.>>174413207>>174413126I don't remember the gym episode. I only watched this shit on Hulu.I do remember the Pedo episode >>174413286

Cringe try hard edgy TV show that caters to the humor of 10-16 year old boys

>>174413521The gym part is in the pedo episode, where the guys bring Delia to find an adult woman. They talk to this chick >>174413126

>>174402330It was cool when I was a stoner, but it kinda got me in a bad when I got that they'd get fucked every episode

>>174411804I own the Top Gun hat and wore it to work once a couple of years ago (we had to wear hats, don't ask). One of the guys on my team asked me if I was a Workaholics fan and he said that he used to watch it in middle school. I was 30 at the time and felt real old.I think I liked the show a lot because I'm only a year or so off of their ages. Like, the show is about guys who just graduated from college and have no direction and that was exactly what I was.


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>>174413590>IP count doesn't go up>I'll just stay here and keep talking about a show I don't like>How could anyone like something that I don't like>Why is this happening to meeeeeee!?!?>>174413612Guess I'll just have to torrent that shit for a rewatch and get the banned episode.

>>174413724Bro this a show for childrenAspire for greater things

This show is was cringe and justifiably short-lived

>>174413908>IP count still didn't go up>Bro this a show for children>Aspire for greater thingsWhere do you think we are?

>>174413949it had 7 seasons moron

>>174413990I got a really big laugh in the finale when Ders jumped into the tv.>I was trying to kill myself.

>>174413949>>174414029>IP count still didn't go upUm it's like a heckin bad show ok. Grow up sweaties.

>>174414082>>IP count still didn't go upYeah, I've made perhaps 5 posts itt. I'm discussing Workaholics. I've gotten 4 (You)s. Yours is the only inorganic one.

>>174402330C gradeA few kinos, but mostly filler and early woke propaganda.

>>174408480last season was so insufferable. the stronk women directors/writers really killed it.Women can't write men for shit.

>>174412095Game Over, Man was like 4/10like "not Workaholics, but Workaholics with low hollywood production meets die hard

>>174414762Name 1 “woke” moment from this show. This seems like the most anti-woke shoe since Manswers on Spike

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sex with alice

>>174415177>several shilling for democratic politicians>Jolly African American Dating episode where adam is gay for him and Ders just retarded with bunch of IR plenty more, but not tracking them down. The overly forced advertising in show was bullshit too.

It always came off to me like Regular Show but for people in their 20s-early 30s except Regular Show did that better and more consistently despite being for a younger demographic and with more wacky/surreal plotlines.

>>174402543I say stay up to people all of the time, it’s a great term

>>1744120932013 was the time man. Minecraft was still relatively new and I had a Korean girlfriend who would do anal and I was really good at my major

>>174402330>>174402395>>174402481>>174402543>>174404239>>174405099>>174405445>>174405843Ders was extremely hot. I find it hard to believe he had women troubles.

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>>174402330My favorite episode is the one where they try to steal beer for 3 college girls- the shit they were chirping at the girls was so fucking funny>"C'mon, hurry, move those big asses"

>>174402543So Tommy, dude

>>174402330I recently listened to a lot of these guys' podcast and the podcast from the IASIP guys. I came to the conclusion that these guys are naturally funnier than the IASIP guys. Makes me wanna rewatch Workaholics even though I think IASIP is a better show.

>>174402330That Snipes life.

>>174402330I like the to kek guy but yeah the show gets old real quick

>>174416888He’s a sperg

Why the fuck is kyle newachek in everything? Guy gets around, especially compared to the rest of them

>>174402330>>174402395>>174402424>>174402475Comfy show, decent show. But it was always overshadowed by It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. At the end of the day, Workaholics is basically a ripoff or homage to IASIP. It took the same basic concept, three friends in their 20s getting into adventures but it just took place in Suburbia with stoners instead of urban philly with alcoholics. If IASIP never existed, Workaholics would be considered perhaps the funniest modern sitcom, but as it stands, it's just a show that was on comedy central for a few years. My favorite episode was when they go to Gathering of the Juggalos

>>174404262How's the thread working out for you FAGGOT loose butthole bro here

>>174419884he's a director

>>174406063Go play Kendama you fucking faggot who is gay

>>174405099>why would losers in a show about losers lose?

>>174402330I only really liked the first season. Second season had some okay points, but it already lost it's charm.

>Blaker has a death wish.

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>>174408684Wizard rap is pretty cool


>>174413680They didn't graduate college, there's a flashback episode where they all dropped out to go work at telamericorp

>>174402330Workaholics is the Hollywood Handbook of tv shows

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>>174420096Imagine thinking It's Always Reddit is good

>>174423357First page: Suck jew dick, both literally and figuratively

>>174423423Speak on that

>>174423479I love you and I'm in love with you

Who was in the wrong here?

>>174423841Niggers are always in the wrong

>>174423841I don't even know what is going on here.

>>174412985based taste