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How was your /film/ weekend, anons?Mine had:>SaturdayFear X and Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors>Sunday Finished Too Old To Die Young (didn't like the final two episodes, but as a whole the series was pretty good) and also watched Yeelen, The Ritual and The Heart Of The World.I made some progress in some subs I was working on as well, so it was a pretty great weekend.

>>174377155still using the wrong chart link, OP. it's missing a "j"mega.nz/folder/87xyiJjZ#3B2eXe2lmN2KbFNNEagggQ

>>174377335I didn't watch a single thing this weekend. The last film I watched was on the 13th>I made some progress in some subs I was working on as wellHan Ye?

>>174377155My little sister just squeezed me through my pyjama bottoms.

which of these are worth watching?

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>>174377564Krysar is a 10/10 film.

best movie directed by teenagers?

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>>174377743I'm not sure I know any films directed by teenagers

>>174377335>SaturdayThe Conversation>SundayThe Woman in the Window (1944) and DetourEnjoyed them all thoroughly

>>174377941I think Xavier Dolan directed a few when he was a teenager.

>>174377434>Han Ye?I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. The subs I'm making are for CG and KG. Pretty obscure VHS rips with a great GB value.

>>174378435>Han Ye?>I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.early /film/'s holy grail. the film was found, but we still don't have English subs

>his bird tips him off to the transmitter the police hid in his apartmenthow did Melville get away with this?

>>174379285forgot pic

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>>174379492post the Godard - Varda one


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>>174379691Varda I'm sorry I didn't come for coffee, save me from satan's brew!

>>174379522>>174379721What other directors did he insult?

>>174379492>>174379691Why does everybody hate Godard? Is it just because he was an asshole or also because of his movies?

>>174379879A little from column A, a little from column B.

>>174379879Some hate him because he was a communist.

So everything I read compared this movie to Hitchcock.I liked the performances (even old Cary had amazing charisma) and the script was great but I don't get the Hitchcock comparisons since the direction on this movie was merely serviceable with none of Hitchcock's technical expertise. I was a little disappointed.

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>>174380135The people who compare this film to Hitchcock only pay attention to the plot points of a Hitchcock film and not the technical elements

So, /film/, with Sight & Sound 2022 coming soon, what's the better film, Vertigo or Citizen Kane?

>>174381147I'd rather rewatch Vertigo anytime so that has to be my pick out of those 2.Really though it should be 2001 imo though.

>>174381147how bad is the list going to be? it's going to be filled with capeshit and strong black lesbian films

>>174379285>>174379325/film/sisters, I need more cool kino like Le samourai

>>174381751I know that Get Carter is a completely different kind of cool, but it's kino nonetheless. Or try classic noir. Chinatown is cool in a noir way too.

>>174379879i'm the one that asked for the varda one, and i don't hate Godard. i just think that image is pretty good

Anyone know any good femdom/bdsm kinos?

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>>174382496imdb.com/title/tt9074574/This one is kino.

>>174378754By the name I'm guessing it's chinese, right? Unfortunately I have absolutely no knowledge in asian languages, otherwise I'd be very happy to help.

>>174382590>imdb.com/title/tt9074574/thanks bud ive already seen it a couple times thoughpic related is pretty great too even though the man is the top most of the time

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>>174382722yes, it's a Hong Kong film from 1955. here's the mega if you're interested or know anyone who might be able to translate mega.nz/folder/dDF2BZrb#ej8C-XsdmygClo-q9iFsGQ

why are 1930s westerns not remembered when they made so fucking many of them?

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>>174384100There will be 500 capeshit movies looking back 50 years from now and you will ask why they aren't remembered "when they made so fucking many of them"

>>174384263But 500 capeshit films haven't been made in the last 10 years. Letterboxd has 949 westerns listed for the 1930s, and I guarantee they are still missing some

>>174384429capeshit internet defense forces

>>174385137what? I'm just saying that the quantity of capeshit films is no where near the quantity of 1930s westerns. I'm just wondering how only like 3 of them are remembered today when they made over 900 of them

>>174377564Brother Sun, Sister Moon

what are some other films like Flaherty's Nanook of the North, Man of Aran, or Moana?

>>174385992Hermogenes Cayo (1969)

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>>174386556there are two versions in youtube, in spanish, no subs

>>174382496the piano teacherbelle de jourduke of burgundythe jean-claude brisseau onesempire of the sensesand a long list of pinku films

This is KINOConversation films are the peak of cinema.>no visual cinematography>exist totally in the mental universe>only a master writer can do it so you know you are in good handsConversation films are the peak of cinema.

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lads give us a film to watch tonight will ya?

>>174387168>no subsdang

>>174387780Horror and Hamsters

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>>174387780the man who would be king

>>174387628>Conversation films are the peak of cinema.Are you the one that said that cinema is a written essay art or something like this in the other thread?

>>174387780Give me some keywords and I'll give you 3 films.

For me its:1 - Andrei Tarkovsky2 - David Lynch3 - Sergei Parajanov4 - Stanley Kubrick5 - Akira Kurosawa6 - Carlos Reygadas7 - Martin Scorsese8 - Glauber Rocha9 - Yasujiro Ozu10 - Bela Tarr

>>174389392idk today I feel like watching something that's just very beautiful, very poetic and only about 90mins or so

>>174389733either that or some dumb fun shit like Hard Boiled or summat

>>174389733Sayat NovaPirosmaniGoodbye Dragon Inn

>>174377564And Then There Were None

>>174389880cheers boss

>>174384100Plenty of those are, among people who watch westerns

>>174389554Why overrate Lynch so much? Can't believe you all fall for his tricks. Gilliam should have the respect that Lynch gets.

>>174384429In the 30s they could put a movie together in a week. A lot of ones on that list are very low-budget movies made during John Wayne's awkward period between The Big Trail and Stagecoach. They could make 30 of them in the time it takes to make one "capeshit" movie, so they did.

Should I watch Dekalog: Five or should I replace it with A Short Film About Killing since from what i've read it's just an expanded movie version of that episode.

>>174389341Yes, film is an essy medium, not a narative fiction medium. Before you laugh you must realize that 99 % of viewing is podcasts, youtube shows, and news shows like Fox and CNN. All those are essay filmmaking. Essay cinema utilizes cinematography better than narrative fiction films because the audience never notices the cinematography. That is the sign of great cinematography. >>174390464Jodorowsky deserves the love that Lynch gets because he creates daring, transgressive art.

>>174390561what no pussy does to a nigga


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1. Monicelli2. Tarkovsky3. Sandler4. Kurosawa5. Fellini6. Malick7. Buñuel

What the hell has happened to bynwr.com?

/film/'s thoughts on Tony Scott?

>>174392417wait, copenhagen cowboy is another tv series? when is refn gonna make a film again?

I don't get it. Was this a pro natalist film or anti?

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does meganon have this filmletterboxd.com/film/intoxication-of-an-oasis/


>>174394096it's over

fucking finally

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>>174395211he's back!

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You guys will never ever guess what I am drinking at this very moment. It's a bit early, I'll give you that, but still, never a bad time to enjoy some.How is everyone doing here? I had a bit of a mishap yesterday, broke my HDMI cable, and because I use a laptop as my "PC", I couldn't watch anything on my 27" screen.. Not to fret, I bought another HDMI cable today from the store, so I'm all set again.>>174387628Wasn't fond of My Dinner with Andre, I guess the conversation has to be interesting to enjoy the film.

>>174377564Convoy is based

>>174381751The Fifth Cord Thief Point Blank Night Moves Sharky's Machine

>>174384429>I guarantee they are still missing someYes, according to IMDb there are 1212. Stop using Letterboxd for this.

>>174395211>>174395339based bipolar disorder

>>174390532Watch A Short Film About Killing first.>>174390561None of these are films...

>>174392588And, more importantly, when is the site getting usable again?

Watched Putney Swope on Sunday. I was really irritated by it at first but I came around to it when the US president showed up. Pretty good.

>>174395280>>174395339Lol, redditors get fucked.

>>174395665>Point Blankreally like this film

>>174377155Recommend some kino french or italian 50s-70s crime movies other than Melville

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I've checked to see how many Holla Forums have seen but now I want to tally how many /film/ have seen?

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>>174397114same answer I gave you in your thread. 78

>>174397041The Sicilian Clan

Are any Mao era Chinese films worth watching?


>>174397041RififiBig Deal on Madonna Street

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>>174396182its bad and extremely racist against black people.

>>174398020awful bait

>>174379492>>174379691based Godard is burning in hell poster


1965: Godard: God is dead!2022: God: Godard is dead!

Jean-Luc Godard 1930 - 2022


>>174397041Caliber 9

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>>174400986Mario Adorf is badass

>>174399513so many cases

>>174379879They get filtered from his films and don't know how to react. Intelligent patricians of cinema know he was a genius.


>>174397114not sure if I've seen Tokyo Storyis that Ozu film where Setsuko Hara doesn't want to marry and the elder parent tries to find a husband for her?oh wait...

>>174381751The Driver

>>174397114too many Cassavettes


Does anyone by any chance have a pdf/ebook of the book "Chaplin and Agee: The Untold Story of the Tramp, the Writer, and the Lost Screenplay"? Got really interested in Agee's screenplay "The Tramp's New World". I don't really care much about the book aside from that, but it seems to be the only place where you can read the screenplay.I can't find it anywhere online. It's available on amazon but I'm not from the US and I don't really want to go through all the trouble to get it shipped to Europe.Also for anyone who has read it - is it any good?

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Kino of the highest order. What other Japanese documentaries should one watch after this /film/?

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>>1743775643, 6, 7, 9, 19, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28

>>174406171Took me about five seconds to find a PDF of the book. Where do you live?

>>174377743the most famous teenage director is Xavier Dolan who was 19 when he made "I Killed my Mother"Bertolucci made the Grim Reaper when he was 21John Singleton was 22 when he made Boys in the HoodSam Raimi made Evil Dead at 22.Welles made Kane at 24To me it is Spielberg's Duel though. Yeah he was 25, older than Welles. But Welles had the entire industry behind him, the best of the best. Spielberg made a blockbuster thriller of a master, on no budget with no shooting days. He is simply unparalleled.>filming completed in 13 days (three longer than the scheduled 10 days), leaving 10 days for editing prior to broadcast as the ABC Movie of the Week.Are you fucking kidding. God damn

>>174406686and before anyone is getting jealous of these directors, they were all born rich to highly connected, elite level parents. None of us are succeeding like them, only in our dreams.

>>174406546Kazuhiro Soda's work.

>>174406957Oh, you're one of those kinds of people.

>>174406637Well I couldn't - post itPoland

>>174406981Alright, I might give “Peace” a chance.


>>174377155>the only good Parajanov filmbased

>>174407051the socioeconomic class you were born as is the number one indicator where you end up in life. not education. not IQ. not race. When people are pushed through artificially they do not fit in. this is why Barry Jenkins is directing Mufasa: The Lion King. hollywood pushes through people and have no idea what to do with them.

>>174407586>be minority born on the rough tracks>diversity quota pushes you in.>two choices: race baiting, or... Barry Jenkins : Mufasa the Lion KingAva DuVorney: The Wheel of TimeChloe Zhao: Marvel's The EternalsRyan Coogler: Rocky 10meanwhile, Wes Anderson... born rich... is on his 18th movie with an a list cast and full creative freedom.

>>174407586Sure, sure. Not what I was referring to.

>>174407640>Barry Jenkins : Mufasa the Lion KingIs he really directing it? Yikes.

>>174407706Yes, forever staining his name with it. Very amusing.

Is the user I was asking about surrealism in relation to Lynch and Obayashi still here? Because I'm still interested in discussing it. If they aren't surrealist, what are they? Just "experimental"? >>174236826>Obayashi's Poisson d'avrilAlso, where can I actually find this? On rutracker and other torrent sites. Nevermind, I just found it!

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>>174377155does anyone here had torrent link of maria candaleria?

>>174407798If you can't spell its name right you'll have a hard time finding a torrent for it.

>>174407582Damndidn't think you actually have itThank you fren!

>>174407883No problem, fren ;)

>>174407872already search it even with maria with í still cant find the torrent

>>174377564schizo/contrarian list

>>174409071how so?

>>174407769sent ;)

>>174409901how does that reply even make sense in this context

>>174410420Works on my rig

Bookum is gone.


/film/ died with godard

>>174383128can i ask why this is so sought after? i don't recognize the director and it seems like it would be very niche. i hope you're able to get it translated :)

>>174412547it made multiple "best of chinese language/hong kong" lists with a pretty high ranking and almost no one has seen it. this caused one user to become interested in it. then another user was bragging about being on KG, so the Han Ye user asked if he could post Han Ye. he couldn't. then the search began with multiple anons getting involved and one user emailing the Hong Kong Film Archive only to find out that they supposedly have some of the only copies, but you can only watch it in person. about a year or so later some user found it had recently been uploaded to YouTube, and I downloaded it and set up the mega. the YouTube link has been deleted, so I believe the mega has the only digital copies floating around now

>>174413069thank you for the explanation. i had commissioned a friend of a friend to make subs of a chinese short film a couple of years ago, but i doubt she would be available for a higher level project. i imagine a large avistaz or KG bounty would speed things along. fascinating story nonetheless

>>174411785Ive been watching a few of his films the last few days. The more of them I watch the more I like the ones I didn't like at first. I think he is a director that grows on you.

>>174413548I like Alphaville best due to the robot. It is also most groundbreaking by combining film noir, sci-fi, and french new wave. It is also hilariously amateur, but yet that makes it even better somehow.

>>174414243Yes, Alphaville is perfect. The girl in it is the perfect femme fatal.

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>>174387420>the piano teacheronly the first half

>>174414355It's so boring you're crazy

>>174414412No they were just having a laugh and making a fun detective flick. People take Alphaville too seriously.

>>174414355I got filtered hard by Alphaville. Made no sense to me at all.

>>174414771I see it like he grew up watching detective flicks so when he got to make his own, was just having a laugh. like that is what the new wave is about, a bunch of young people taking over the industry and making irreverent and cool french flicks.

>>174398020Yeah.I'm sure that's what people in 2022 would say.

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Anyone have The Girl I Want (1990)? By DeCoteau.


>>174416068I'm not looking for any film from the same director as Bigfoot vs. D.B. Cooper. You're on your own there

Harmony Korine used to be big in these threads, why has his reputation dropped off so much

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>>174417542Smh I thought you were all real kinosseurs

>>174417908safdies took over the game there are better jewish schizos as well now like schimberg, bujalski and seligman. dude lost the crown

>>174417908dumb pedo director

fucking christ. letterboxd's taste is even worse than I thoughtboxd.it/gCB7Y

someone explain james gray to me. little odessa was good but the rest is 4/10.

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>>174417908he hasn't made a film in quite some time, and his most recent, while fun, wasn't particularly impressive

>>174417908No. He wasn't big in these threads in any point in time.

>>174419226He made one 3 years ago, fuck ass.>>174417994wut>>174407758He sucks>>174407586yes



>>174417908>Harmony Korine used to be big in these threadsno.

I hate you