Woman King has fake audience reviews lmfao

Woman King has fake audience reviews lmfao

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>>174374691Please just stop caring. Just don't talk or think about the film and it'll go away by itself

Imagine the amount of copium which is needed to use bots and fake the audience reviews so lazy.>Wowza!!!!!!!

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>>174374874>10 startswhat did pajeet bot mean by this?

>>174374691>>174374745>>174374935>>174374874Why do all these audience reviews have "verified" next to them, yet every other audience review section doesn't have that?

>>174374745If you don't look at it, it doesn't exist

>>174374874What's wrong with "Wowza"

>>174374950Furthermore, why can't you click the profiles of the reviews?

>>174374691THOSE ARE GENUINE!!!

>>174374691>The Woman Kino

>>174374691I guess Black Panther finna be surpassed.

>>174374691>>174374745>>174374874>>174374935>>174374950>>174374952>>174374972>>174375001>>174375030Try clicking the profiles of the people who posted the 5 star reviews, they literally don't exist

>>174375078Okay but there's nothing wrong with saying "Wowza" in reviewing a good kino

>>174374691Yeah, so what?Anyway, is anyone else watching Woman King Elisabeth's funeral right now?

>Dahomey became a major center in the Atlantic Slave Trade until 1852 when the British imposed a naval blockade to stop the trade. War with the French began in 1892 and the French took over the Kingdom of Dahomey in 1894. The throne was vacated by the French in 1900, but the royal families and key administrative positions of the administration continued to have a large impact in the politics of the French administration and the post-independence Republic of Dahomey, renamed Benin in 1975.Yeh, I'm thinking...KINO

Audience review used to be my actual metric. Now I don't even have that...

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>>174374745>just ignore it bro

>>174374691>watching political show on jewtube>go to comments afterwards for keks >nearly all comments are were saying the same thing but worded slightly differentNot sure if npcs or bots but it doesn't seem natural.

>>174375620Youtube comments are bottom of the barrell. I thought that it was common knowledge.

>>174374691He's so mad lmao I love it that chudcels are on full damage control. This is just the beginning. Wakanda Forever next chudcel

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>>174374691Actually that actress is pretty based. She is the black Mary Louise "Meryl " Streep.

>>174374691>The Woman Kingyou can just say queen

>>174374874This is pretty hilarious, ngl.

>>174374691I can understand it being liked, but that is a bit strange.

>>174374874Explain yourselves, leftoids.

>>174375925no she is a faggot>>174375834Woman King audience reviews are fake, they are verified profiles with no reviews other than this movie.

>>174374691self-hating whites watching a film about the black tribe that literally enslaved and sold all the slaves in the slave trade.zero self awareness but so much virtue signalling you get second-hand woke cancer

>>174375308>Audience review used to be my actual metric.>Posts the most blatant case of bot votingKek.

>>174374691You 4chan users are so fucking racist it makes me sick. Tough black women shouldnt be rwjoiced? You cry when black people are in your movies. Even a fucking mulatto makes you weep.Why cant you juat stfu and be happy foe once that black people are starting to succeed in life.You looked down at us and called us subhuman and now when we are trying tclimb up up out of filth and try to give back to society our accomplishments are a thorn in your eyes.Fuck youFuck you. How will humanity ever reach the stars like this.

>>174376753>How will humanity ever reach the stars like this.It was good bait until this.


>>174374691Wasnt the trailer like 97% likes and 3% dislikes on Youtube? Doubt they are fake, you just mad incel.

>>174374691So Jeff Bezos and Amazon doesn't have the money to pay for fake reviews but somehow Sony does?

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>>174376753>You look down at us and call us subhuman Ftfy nigger

>>174378210"verified" means "bought a ticket through fandango." there's no such barrier for shows, either way.

>>174374691>99%sure ...Even leftists on twitter shit on it as Dahomey were one of the main slave suppliers and still kept slaves and human sacrifice even after the western civilization banned it.In fact the nation was destroyed early last century since it refused to ban slavery so it made enemies out of everybody.But yeah, kikes will rewrite all history if they can.

>>174374691What Recia mean by this?

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>>174378907They're literally shitting on our heads and telling us it's raining.

>>174379344they've been doing that since 2012.

>>174374691>See excelent reviews>Read many comments saying it's good>"Hey it's kino, go watch it!">Go watch it>It's crap, propaganda shit as usual>"Hey you said it was goo-">¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I went to the sub Reddit for box office and people were celebrating this piece of shit doing a $19 million weekend on a $50 million budget (double that with marketing). I mean that's a guaranteed bomb. That shit is not making back it's budget let alone making a profit, yet these black-loving leftists are lying to themselves that it's a big success and calling racists anyone who calls them out. It's an insane cult.

>>174379429They must of changed their diets or something, it didnt use to smell this terrible.

>>174374691This is what real schizophrenia looks like. Remember the same happened when black panther made over a billion dollars. Chuds were convinced Disney was buying their own tickets to inflate their numbers. Everything they don't like is fake, everything they like is real

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>>174379524you're just becoming aware of the fact you're boiling.

>>174376225How do you become a verified reviewer?

>>174380877Nah racsim always gets me boiling.

>>174379556>Everything they don't like is fake, everything they like is realPot --> Kettle

>>174381011buy a ticket through fandango.

>>174379556THE IMPORTANT TAKE AWAYThe film CELEBRATES SLAVE OWNERS/TRADERS/CONQUERERSThere is even a statue honoring themthisisafrica.me/politics-and-society/benins-30m-amazon-statue-honours-the-women-warriors-of-dahomey/This teaches us we should honor our on slave owners as well. And replace all the Confederate statues that were torn down .Time to celebrate those courageous ancestors of our past who conquered other people

>>174379556The Black Panther cope was so funny, Holla Forums niggas were so confident it would flop lolol

>>174379556I know this is bait but i dont see them building a snow ramp in the bottom pic

>>174381422sorry, whites aren't allowed to be honored for anything, ever.

>>174381608little did we know disney would buy millions of their own tickets.oh wait, we did, and they did, and they were brazen about it.

>>174381654Hahahahaha keep going

>>174381612... i mean bottom is clearly an over-saturated propaganda shot

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>>174381707>continue talking about how disney has been openly buying their own tickets since black panther, when it was literally part of the marketing campaignokthis has nothing to do with disney though, or black panther, not sure why you're bringing it up.

>>174381730Muh saturation

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>>174381783yes, saturation makes things look brighter and more colorful.

>>174381783That German airport has a wild amount of gates packed into a tight space. Its square design also allows to straight-forward and easy access to the runways.

>>174381781Then surely they could have bought enough tickets to prevent Eternals and Black Widow from flopping

>>174379556>bottom picture is literally a painting.You're lucky liveleak is down so we can't see all the lack of respect for basic human life that goes down there.

>>174382023those weren't as good for their ESG score.

>>174381783Shouldnt there be a liveleak logo on the chinese one?

>>174381783>Chinese airport.Imagine all the walking, and all the long lines.

>>174374874>>174374691>>174375078its for people who bought tickets and were asked to review it elsewhere which is why they dont have accountsstill obviously fake reviews but thats the reason

Since it is derived from real history, the Woman King story is more complex than a simple hero’s tale — and the accuracy of the film has been a subject of speculation even before its first public screening. In mid-August, The 1619 Project author Nikole Hannah-Jones tweeted, “It will be interesting to see how a movie that seems to glorify the all-female military unit of the Dahomey deals with the fact that this kingdom derived its wealth from capturing Africans for the trans-Atlantic slave trade.” The film does tackle that subject — Davis’ Nanisca objects to her king’s practice of selling war prisoners into slavery, and advocates for a different policy. “When I came aboard, those were some of the first conversations,” Prince-Bythewood says, of the depiction of the slave trade. “But it was, ‘We’re going to tell the truth. We’re not going to shy away from anything.’ But also we’re telling a part of the story which is about overcoming and fighting for what’s right. And I think we got it right.”In assembling a crew for the five-month, South Africa-based shoot, Prince-Bythewood prioritized department heads who were women and people of color, including cinematographer Polly Morgan, production designer Akin McKenzie, costume designer Gersha Phillips, visual effects supervisor Sara Bennett and editor Terilyn Shropshire. For makeup, she hired a local, South African artist, Babalwa Mtshiselwa. “The thing is for women and people of color, often the résumés are not long because it’s about lack of opportunity, not lack of talent,” Prince-Bythewood says. “So when you’re in my position, it’s important to look past that résumé. There were a couple of people who’ve never done a film of this size before, but what they brought into that meeting,

>>174383444Davis had the unusual (for her) experience of getting mixed to negative reviews for her last TV project, Showtime’s First Ladies, in which she played Michelle Obama. When a BBC News interviewer asked her about the negative reviews, Davis said, “Critics absolutely serve no purpose.”avis had the unusual (for her) experience of getting mixed to negative reviews for her last TV project, Showtime’s First Ladies, in which she played Michelle Obama. When a BBC News interviewer asked her about the negative reviews, Davis said, “Critics absolutely serve no purpose.”

>>174383495 Schulman left STX in 2016 to return to producing, and she, Bello, Davis, and Davis’ husband and producing partner at JuVee Productions, Julius Tennon, pitched the film around town. Studios didn’t see the film as likely to earn enough to warrant the budget it required, or they wanted to cast light-skinned, well-known actresses, which felt historically inaccurate to the producers and likely to take the audience out of the movie, Davis says. “We talked to a lot of people and got rejected. We were trying to reason with them. What is it that is standing in the way of you saying yes and accepting this movie and giving us a proper budget?”In the summer of 2017, at Sony’s TriStar label, Davis and her fellow producers met with the studio’s then-chief, Hannah Minghella, and Minghella’s then-senior vp, Nicole Brown. Within two years, Minghella would depart for a job at Bad Robot and Brown would ascend into the studio’s top role, making her the first Black woman to run a live-action label at a major film studio. When Brown became the head of the company, she made The Woman King one of TriStar’s top priorities, and the film secured a co-financier, eOne. At the time of that first meeting, the film didn’t have a script or a director, but, Brown says, “I could see the movie. I was so mesmerized by the thought that these women existed in the world and I hadn’t heard of it. It had all the makings of a huge theatrical story, epic emotions, and incredible thrills and hero moments. And it had landscapes that I just wanted to see. And it had never been told.”

>>174383889We don’t always want different or new, unless you have a big star attached, a big male star. We didn’t have that going on for The Woman King. [Hollywood studios] like it when women are pretty and blond or close to pretty and blond. All of these women are dark. And they’re beating the shit out of men. So there you go.”The process of making The Woman King coincided with and contributed to an era of personal reinvention for the actress. “I’m in a period of redefining myself for myself,” Davis says. “My Blackness, my womanhood, my nose, my lips. I reject everything anyone ever said about me. And I didn’t know that I had the power to do that.” In 2015, Bello traveled to the West African nation of Benin, formerly the Dahomey kingdom, and learned the story of the Agojie there. Bello came home to L.A. convinced there was a film in that history, and enlisted producer Cathy Schulman, then head of the organization Women in Film, to help her realize it. “We wondered if it was possible to make an all-Black female action movie, which is really what we wanted to do,” Schulman says. This was before Marvel’s Black Panther, which fictionalizes the Agojie as the female warriors of the Dora Milaje, broke box office barriers in 2018, and before the Black Lives Matter movement sparked a new urgency in Hollywood’s sometimes halting efforts at inclusion. In 2015, Bello used a moment when she was presenting Davis with an award at the Skirball Center in Los Angeles to tell the audience the story of the Agojie general and suggest that she’d like to see Davis play the role. “Instead of just presenting the award the way you normally would, she pitched the script, just this whole story,” Davis says. “And then when she finished it, everybody started cheering.” Davis was in.

>>174383925Marvel released Black Panther, which would go on to gross $1.3 billion worldwide and be nominated for best picture, disproving one of the more pernicious pieces of Hollywood conventional wisdom, that movies with Black casts don’t travel. “When I heard that movie was happening, I got a little nervous,” Brown says of Black Panther. “Like, ‘Oh no, did we not move fast enough?’ And then when I saw it, it only emboldened me more to make sure we made this movie. There’s absolutely room for both stories. That’s a comic book, fantasy experience, and this is inspired by real life. This is real people and a real part of our history.”

>>174383444>>174383495>>174383889>>174383925>>174383981no one is reading that shit

>>174381783>real pic vs cgi render

>>174381422DAMN! That's a huge bitch!

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>>174384396No bullshit. I thought that was Daisy Ridley from nuWars for a second.

>>174381783>Chinese airport>All roads and no runway accessGenius design!

>>174381783>designing in a place where you can't even disturb/displace 10 million people to build an airport VS>designing in a place where you could fucking murder 10 million people if you wanted to build a government airport


>>174374691...what if it's good?

>>174384907Glorifying slavery is never good.

>>174375113Nobody says wowza except maybe cartoon characters from the 1950s

>>174376753>How will humanity ever reach the stars like this.Unironically by getting rid of black vermin


>Holla Forums complains about companies complaining about review bombing>also complains about positive review bombingWhat is this idiocy?

>its objectification when men look at sexy women>its empowering when women make themselves sexy>its morally reprehensible when white people enslave black people>its empowering when...i think i'm noticing a pattern.


>>174379556They were confusing thier opinion with having an authority on the subject, mouth breathing retards :^)

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>a destined 95%+ critic / 60-70% audience is somehow 95% critic / 99% audiencethey aren't even trying

>>174386010BAD GOY, BAD!

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>>174374691Is that Michelle Obama?

>>174374691>Woman King comes out>Queen diesThey can't get away with this.

>>174385900Because they pretend it never happened

>>174374874Creating a bot for black reviewers must be so easy.

>>174376172>ideology is the inversion of realityIt starts to all make sense when you realize they’re being indoctrinated into a soft-satanic “do as thou wilt” but for cattle being led to slaughter.

>>174376753We could have terraformed mars four times over with the amount of aid used to keep niggers alive the last 60 years.

>>174375834>oy vey, chudcels

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>>174374874>2-3 paragraths where people complain about how bad this film portrays the slavers making them into heroes.>FUCK YOU! HATERS BOMBING REVIEWS! FAKE!!>WOWZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 STARNTS!!!>Actual honest and intelectual review.

>black 'men' are so low t that black women have to defend their nation sad

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>>174374691I’m curious how well it’ll do though, it’s a 50 million budget movie when it opened on Thursday/Friday with a total so far of 19 million, not bad but with those numbers in comparison I can honestly say that those reviews are indeed botted. It’s one of those movies that really isn’t on a lot of people radars (besides the shitposting) and a score like that just doesn’t look convincing at all. I’m sure it’ll do well in African nations for certain like black panther did because it’s not often you’ll see movies exploring this period and it’s based on a (loose) telling of a historical event in Africa. I honestly don’t think it’s a bad movie but I think giving it that high of a score is a bit overdone, especially for a movie not a lot of people are talking about

>>174381730>oh, so you thought all that industrial metal and smog was ugly, guailo?>well look at it in the golden hour! feel stupid yet?

>>174375834>Woman King>action/history

>>174387362They have the highest serum estrogen levels of any race, by a standard deviation.

>>174379556>Remember the same happened when black panther made over a billion dollars. Chuds were convinced Disney was buying their own tickets to inflate their numbers.That's exactly what they did and every afrocentric movie that doesn't make a billion dollars at the box office supports this.BP was an exercise in fraud brought too far. Its main purpose was to support globohomo initiatives by showing an afrocentric movie making a lot of money at the box office instead of quietly flopping and eventually breaking even on video, as most black movies do. This allows other entertainment companies to legally lie to investors and claim anti-whiteness is profitable.But whatever mechanisms Yidsne tried out with BP were too heavy and they inflated the numbers way too high for what was an interstitial MCU story.

Best movie of all time imo and I'm racist

>>174375308When will moviefags will stop rely on shitty reviews and use their fucking taste and brain to figure out what movie they should see next

>>174374691Nae one has even seen this shit showHaven't heard hype from anyone

>>174378210Theatrically released movies (AKA films airing in theaters) are locked exclusively behind "Verified" ratings as of February 2019. Doesn't count for anything on streaming services.

>>174388097Because thinking for yourself is the hardest thing for some people to do.

>>174378907Meant that the process of making the mentally ill incel endlessly seethe was super easy and fast. Seethe.

>>174378692So that means from now on every audience review in rotten will be from shills? There goes the last ounce of rotten tomatoes integrity. This idea wont backfire at all lmao

>>174388281that happened after tlj nigga, the site never had any credibility.

>>174388097Wow imagine that this whole thread is about NOT following reviews.

>>174388268>Meant that the process of making the mentally ill incel endlessly seethe was super easy and fast. Seethe.

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Guarantee 100% the national black caucus got ahold of the site owners.

>>174387945believe me it shows

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>>174375834Why the hell is The Northman's audience score so low?

>>174374691be honest, its Holla Forums who reviewbombs it with positive ratings because they are racists

>>174381783look at all that fucking wasted tarmac. and your brown starfish looks like shit

>>174381783German efficiency vs Chinese vanity

>>174378692>>174378907if the another user is correct then I'm guessing they're leaving reviews for the process of buying a ticket

>>174374745We will burn it into ashes until even the memory of it leads to scorn!

>>174386729imagine writing the scripts and telling yourself you're not raycis

>>174374874>this movie sucks>that 1/10 review was poorly made and couldn't be considered a real review so we deleted it>wowza!!!!!!>perfectly crafted 10/10 review it stays

>>174387945>>174388601> post some random ethnic chimp group from probably East Africa to represent all Blacks despite their extemine diverse genetics,skin tones, phenotypes etcncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3850289/"Estradiol concentration was lower in non-Hispanic blacks (P=0.11) and Mexican-Americans (P=0.033) compared with non-Hispanic whites. After multivariable adjustment, in the 16–19 year-old males, testosterone, estradiol, and SHBG concentrations did not differ between non-Hispanic blacks and whites. Mexican-Americans had the highest testosterone concentration (versus non-Hispanic white: P=0.08), but did not differ from the other groups on estradiol and SHBG concentrations. In both age groups, these patterns were generally present, but less pronounced after adjusting for age and Tanner stage only.">I


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>>174381783The German one has nearly as many gates and isn't an enormous unwalkable eyesore. Also you know you're comparing a generic utilitarian short range airport for mostly freight use with something that was built as a propaganda piece, right?

>>174390817On the plus side this movie will be the shit test to end all shit tests in terms of fake reviewing

>>174390906And I found it odd consider Hispanics are the highest number lgbt in country with Asians

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>>174391566I'm shocked Asians are that high. They're usually the most secure group on the planet.

>>174376753>Fuck you. How will humanity ever reach the stars like this.We won't. The children of the devil temporarily have full control, we've entered into a new period of dark ages that will last until the next massive solar flare disables certain systems.

>>174391611Same, I thought they be at least below us but they literally about to pass us despite being vast minority.

>>174390906t. gay nigger storage

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>>174381783I had a nightmare a couple weeks ago I was lost in an airport trying to find my gate and that chinese airport looks exactly like the airport i was lost in only there were way more levels

>>17437530842% is massively inflated.It's like... 5%. I'm not exaggerating.

>>174391775a few of these could pass for black women if they got boobjobs

>>174391961>being a bro is le bad

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>>174391635>The children of the devil temporarily have full controlAnd who fault is that? Who voted for reagan and tachter, who voted for Bush, who allowed jews to control the media and education, who allow open borders and cuck shit, who allow ariel to Black? At some point whites need to accept their just as bad if not worse than the Jews they hate.

>>174392283You seem pretty faggy to me

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>>174392335>Posting more AfricansYawn.

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>>174392335Also I don't obsess over whites meat like this board does with Black americans daily.

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>>174376753Fun fact: Blacks were against the Space Race because it took away gibs from them

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>>174392283>a-ah only saved 15 terrabyte of gayporn to troll people

>>174392220keep your hate for the welsh descendents of the phoenicians out of my history lesson please and thank you, that's what you mean yeah? That words that originally was used to describe the Llewish Welsh before it was repurposed?

>>174379556Everything in westoid society is fake, fake currency, fake government, fake history, fake relationships, fake internet, fake happiness, fake wars, fake genders, fake ideology

>>174392423>>174392499now kith

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>>174392615That's way less than the average Holla Forumspol user then.Also you started the gay posting and you're projecting that shit to me?


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>>174381783I had the misfortune to have a 3-hour layover in a chinese airport once on a particularly polluted day. The pollution was so bad even indoors that it was difficult to breathe, even though I am rather fit.The closest runway and parts of the terminal I was in were the only things visible outside the windows. Everything else was a uniform brownish grey in every direction you could possibly look. All I could see and taste was dust.0/10 would not recommend

>>174392736Cope Liz Triss is an ugly mutt anglo bitch who's tory and will gladly ignore the rapes and crime of those nafari apes and monkey africans for profit. Like many cuckservatives who are neo-libs will

>>174379556The left can't meme. The fucking second china picture still looks like dogshit you fucking faggot. Goddamn it just kill yourself already.

>>174393028>We live in times whne this shit is normal and they argue that its normal in front of kids.

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>>174392900I don't like it cause it alt history about group of traitors that sold each other out, you might as well make a film about Vikings selling English to Arabs/Moors.

>>174393028That's just your average democrat run city, you can see a diverse range of peoples there

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>>174374874>"Wowza!"We need to make this a term for when studios manipulate stats.>the woman king is full of wowza reviews>deleting the youtube dislike button helps them fake wowzas


>>174393141It's been normal since the people voted for Reagan, so thank republicans.>>174393152>That's just your average democrat run city>Ignores Black belt in the South.Diversity kills Black Americans moreso than whites again blame the immigrate bill of 64 pass by both republican/democrat senate.

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>>174393291You're oversimplifying it. Just "wowza"Kind of like 'government cheese'

When are some anons gonna post some 4chan reviews?

>>174393313blacks Americans kill black Americans

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>>174393104nice selfie

>>174393402white americans kill white americans.

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>>174374691what is this movie?

>>174386729Here's a black name generator fantasynamegenerators.com/african-american-names.php

>>174374691It has A+ Cinema score (most accurate score when it comes to audience reception). Same as Top Gun and Spider-Man.

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>>174393453>graph for ants

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>>174374691>movie set in a kingdom that enslaved its own people to sell them to euroshow do they address this in the movie?

>>174393578>nigerian gay posting>He still thinks I care about africans.

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>>174393634Viola Davis says she doesn't like it

>>174393664Oh you care

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>>174393810I really don't.

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>>174389138Marketing misleading people into thinking it was a vikangs action film when it was actually Hamlet Kino.

>>174387362Under the knee, under the knee,Down in the gutter, oh how I flutter,I cannot breath,


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reviews I agree with: legitimatereviews I disagree with: fake


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>>174374691who cam up whit the fucking title. The woman king soo a queen?


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>>174394053>avoid it thinking its annoying vikings action film>It's actually hamlet kinoGuess it's time to watch the northman.

>>174374745>close your eyes, goyWhy do you come into these threads on a television/film forum and tell people to stop talking about that stuff? Do you think you are smarter than anyone? Because you're not.


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>>174375282Yeah, this movie is literally about nogs getting uppity because white Europeans wanted to shut down the slave trade that made them rich.

>>174376753N I G G E R

>>174381783German chudcels btfo

>>174379556still looks like dogshit


>>174391611>>174391756asians is a big approximation of SEA, east asians and pajeets, if you look at the place with most trannies, is SEA and they are brown asians, so you have the same melanin factor in there

I'm really getting sick of the flood of third worlders and third world bots all over the internet.It's not even subtle at this point, do people genuinely believe these reviews anymore? It feels like every positive review is written by "Bob S" in broken English. Even here the amount of obvious ESLs has risen dramatically in the past few years. I can't even play video games anymore without half the server spewing broken English at me mixed with Portuguese.

>>174379556like if pol even cares about collectivismthe future is noggers vs non noggers

>>174397951well the web is open, you don't have a firewalled USA internet, but some countries really need their own internet, like indians for example, they are too many and when you search something now you have indian english articles or answers, even worse is that they have to say their nationality in the comments or looking for other indians.The problem is that a lot of people know english now and the communities of their original language is not so interesting or they go on both sides. You can't really do nothing about it and it will become worse as the time goes on, imagine when africa will really get a good connection and you will have 1b niggers that know english, shitting every comment section. Some countries are able to keep themselves isolated, like japan or china, mostly due to their language and a lot of media production, but english countries doesn't have this luxury (and is mostly their fault either way).I'm ESL too (italian)


>>174398378>a lot of people know english nowSaying Brazilians or Indians "know english" is a stretch. A toddler can string together a more coherent sentence and has better reading comprehension than them. It's like they learn how to say colors in English then think they have the English vocabulary of Shakespeare. It must be a cultural thing regarding how confident they are speaking English at a sub-preschool level.

>>174381783And in true Chinese fashion only 10% of the gates are functional, the rest have non-opening outer doors, dummy tv's, empty elevator shafts and "bathrooms" without fixtures.

>>174374691>Verified RatingsBasically they can pick what reviews they want now from the audience, not only the critics.

>>174392753As opposed to fake food, fake jobs, fake medicine, fake housing and fake countries.

>stop changing characters to black>make your own movies!!!>Hollywood makes a movie about africans >NOOOOOOOO REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!wtf do you want /poltv/ stop whining. This movie isn't even making that much money yet every day there are 20 threads about it.

>>174396051>efficiency vs aestheticsChinese airport looks like the Evangelion angel that asteroid'd itself to try and destroy Nerv's HQ.

Stop using that website. Stop advertising them for free here by posting screenshots. Stop clicking on their fucking links etc.The reason this shit is happening is because the outrage it generates on 4chan alone is priceless, they are saving fucking millions on advertising.

>>174399609four channel pirates movies

Lol cope do you think their box office 18m is fake too user? Do you think they paid people to watch the movie to fake box office number alright?


Attached: 1629478446686.jpg (861x869, 201.46K)

>>174375076You al'ight white boy.

>>174374935He misspelled shart

>>174399750Did YT ever actually enslave a single nigga? It seems they would go to coast and buy them for cheap liquor.

>>174399703maybe but they work for free on promoting any modern movie by talking about it 24/7

>>174398978verified just means they bought the ticket online

>>174381783>Wasting land Is a good thingSo much for saving the environment, huh leftoid?

So what happens at the end?The french show up with 50 men, do a bayonette charge and literally wipe out the whole country?

>>174400762The french show up with 50 men carrying 1000 shitty old muskets and arm the opposing tribes and wait while they literally wipe out the whole country, as will repeat hundreds of time.

>>174399362Dude the are glorifying a literally empire that made billions of the slave trade lmao.

>>174401163Technically every movie glorifying early America is doing the samething.

>>174400762Movie doesn't have them fight the French or British. Their enemy is the Oyo Empire, also a slaver nation.The narrative that white people went over to Africa to enslave them is shredded as people learn the obvious truth that Africans enslaved each other and sold them to westerners.

>>174401816Well that's one way to become a permanent resident in the US.

so is the movie good or not? has anyone here actually seen it or are we just waiting for a rip to hit the net


>>174374691Funny, I've seen blacks asking to boycott this movie because the tribe in the movie are slave traders, which is weird because according to them Africa never gave out/traded slaves. I've even had an African from Sierra Leone say Africans didn't give out slaves.

Attached: cp2gstn3zb581.jpg (624x629, 58.94K)

>>174375834The Northman was shit tho

>>174375969That’s sexist. Women suck inherently so using female-gendered titles is like an insult

So if The Woman King wasn't review bombed by Russians or racists then why is RoP still so low? Could it be that those are genuine reviews?

So what would be the correct way for white powers to have handled Africa as a whole?

Attached: Documentary.gif (260x170, 2.73M)

>>174391775Not gonna lie, I'd fuck the guy with the cute smile in the center. Nohomo.

>>174402843actual genocide

SO was the movie good

>>174402501>implying it already hasn'tStill ain't watching it.

Attached: niggermovie.png (1045x951, 492.71K)

I am literally the only person in the theater rn

Attached: C4115EC7-CDA8-4465-B5A8-BAECF9ADB774.jpg (3024x3024, 2.41M)

Metacritic has user reviews that sound like a real person wrote it. Even if it is a reviewbomb at least the people behind doing so on metacritic aren't bots like on RT.

Attached: Capture.jpg (690x596, 38.27K)

>>174376559>still pretending the last jedi wasn't the worst star wars piece of media ever made

>>174376559When is the last time you watched one of the most successful movies of our era? How many times do you revist everyone's favorite Star Wars a year?

>>174376753We ain't reaching the stars with black people hanging from our necks like an albatross. I would have been interested in a more historical accurate film rather than some fanfic written by black and brown zoomers. Is your history not good enough to talk about? Have you even been to Africa? You think we hate you but you have no idea how much they hate you.


>>174404400The movie deals with one african slaver nation (Dahomey) getting fucked over by another african slaver nation (Oyo). The whites don't seem to be part of it at all.

>>174404409>damn they lost that badly? it must be because the french firearms and cannons are superior>"The Fon staged several fierce charges over two to three hours that all failed against the 20-inch (50 cm) bayonets of the French.[5] "Literally mogged by bigger pointy sticks.

>>174404127>lights still on>monday at 7pm>ads playing is it because you are really early for the starting time of the movie?

>>174401704No, not technically, semantically, you fallacious jerk. Nice disingenuous leftist whataboutism post.

>>174404565This article works SO hard to paint the Dahome Amazonians as some kind of X factor despite getting mogged every step of the way>However, Dahomey remained a potent force in the area and quickly re-armed with modern weapons in anticipation of a second, decisive conflict.>The Dahomey army left the field in defeat losing some 200 soldiers.[9] The French carried the day with only 42 casualties.[9] The Dahomey Amazons were also conspicuous in the battle.> The battle was also significant in that much of Dahomey's Amazon corps was lost.> From the French arrival until 14 October, Dahomey's Amazons were absent. On 15 October, some women were noted to have been present on the front lines of the Dahomean forces which were defeated after a bayonet charge by a Legion battalion.>The Amazons are reported by the French to have fought the hardest, charging out of their trenches but to no avail.>Amazons seemed to have made up much of the force. After four hours of desperate combat, the Fon army withdrew.>The last engagement at Cana, which took place at the village of Diokoué, site of a royal palace, was the last time Amazons were used.[12] Special units of the Amazons were assigned specifically to target French officers.[12] After a full day of fighting, the French overran the Dahomey army with another bayonet charge.Every other paragraph in this 3 page long article keeps shoehorning in "There were women there, and they fought fiercely!" before footnoting the paragraph with "And then the French butchered them with knives"

>>174381422Reminds me of the massive Columbus monument in Portugal.

>>174381783 You probably have a hard time understanding "made in China" is more than just a meme.

>>174381783But the German one won't randomly collapse and kill hundreds of "people".

>>174404224Kek. Try harder, Mauler.

>>174404769It seems to be trying to spin "charged into a bayonet line" positively.There's a fine line between bravery and stupidity.

Them fight scenes tho that was on some John woo shit

>>174374691>Woman King has fake audience reviews lmfaoThey all do. Every single one. The marketing approach for film and TV shows today includes hiring bots, human or otherwise, to shill their products on socialist media and the review sites. They also bribe review sites to filter bad reviews for them.The only viable source of criticism today comes from amateur sources that you have identified as consistently posting their honest opinions on the various sources still availabe to everyday people, like YouTube, Twitch or whatever. The rest of the net has been bought off by corporate interests.The internet died long ago, and what's left is nothing more than 45% corporate manipulation, 45% political manipulation, and 5% normal people trying to counter both. The internet is basically poison.

>>174376753>make propaganda based on own racist world view>you are so racist

>>174379556>lefty punchs west leftylol


Attached: 1662682730658187.jpg (2771x3464, 1.22M)

>>174402843Name of the documentary?

>>174374745I don't want to ignore it. I want people to be aware that they are gaming the system.

Attached: 360-3609340_sexy-hitler-hd-png-download.png (860x1711, 307.66K)

does no one remember the Captain Wagegap fiasco?why are RT even considered here to begin with?are you all retarded?

>>174407589Wow, they weren't being sarcastic.


Attached: 1606454199440.png (900x1117, 217.62K)

>resorting to dumping folder of gays and gay sex to ‘btfo’ the person they’re arguing with Holla Forumscels are mentally ill and need to be euthanized

Attached: 8EE35B99-3152-4278-A833-44F46E58B7DB.jpg (1284x959, 497.99K)

>>174410684/pol/ acts retarded but they are literally correct on everything except for the vaxxaids. Thats a shill campaign by leftist to make gop look stupid.

>>174394798Counterfeit twenty, drugs I took plentyNow I can't breathe

What did she mean by this?

Attached: Capture.png (762x131, 8.19K)

>>174374745>>174374874Assuming this is true, that they’re bots; how does this help them? People who don’t want to watch it still won’t watch it regardless of praise

>>174413089I dunno, I don't watch movies with them because there was way too many African Americans in London when I was growing up.

>>174374874Those are just black people, user.

>>174374691Nah. I'm pretty sure people who would hate this movie don't care enough to see it.

>>174375620>>174375825YouTube has an AI that deletes nearly all comments, leaving only the most NPC trash. I've had YouTube delete my comments that didn't use any slurs, nothing negative at all, just objective observations, BOOM deleted.

Attached: 1632394161752.jpg (250x232, 7.59K)

>>174379556>t. doesn't realize the second picture is just as bad but with a light filterKek.

>>174381783>>174379556>celebrating China as a communist success storynigga China abandoned communism in the 90s. it's much closer to fascism now.

>>174415135that's a good thing btw

Why are Hollywood Liberals so fucking cringe?

>>174378907Sirs do not redeem the process

>>174381783>be China>build coronavirus shaped airport as a fuck you to every foreigner that flies into your country.They're rubbing it in our faces.

>>174394053>misleading people into thinking it was a vikangs action filmI fell for it and loved what I got.I only regret not watching it on a better screen.

Attached: 1596465085375.jpg (889x889, 221.18K)

all jokes aside, is there any leaked of funny or bad cgi scenes yet?

>>174385927>Wow you hate it when companies manipulate people by deleting critical reviews and making up stories about how it's all the fault of the reptoid illuminati targetting them, but also dislike when companies manipulate you with thousands of positive bot reviews?!>It's almost like you don't like being lied to and treated like cattle by multibillionaires!

>>174416109But you are cattle?

>>174386177You will never be a woman and your cock is never coming back.

>>174393453source on the numbers on that made up graph?

>>174374691How does a woman become a king? Don’t they mean queen?

>>174395071>look just because nobody rating it a five has ever reviewed any other movie doesn't mean it's a bot!

>>174401704Your cock is never coming back

>>174376559The world will lose nothing of value when you die.

>>174416150That's you, you limp wristed projecting cuckboi

>>174413673/thread Moral of the story is, nobody fucking cares. I’m pretty sure angry Holla Forums posters know more about this movie than anyone else.

>>174413673well it can help them in some ways, like you go to thereview site and see it highly rankend and in the most viewed, it can pickup your interest. Or the high score might earn you one or 2 articles written byse "journalist" and might reach more people. Or when you search it in google you see an high score, just increasing its visibility but ultimately this >>174416736 Some bots that praise it and some shills that say how the movie is good and if you don't want to watch it you are a racist, it will not bring in viewership, a genuine good show won't need it and people will organically talk aboutit and "shill" to friends and socials themselves, even if the company might have bots and shills in there to talk well about the movie/series

>>174401704>Bro, cotton pickers built this country.>Not the tobacco, furs, skins, salt meat, flaxseed, rice, tar, turpentine, and pitch we also exported.Sanctimonious fuck.

>>174384396I love these third world countries where foreign investment gets embezzled into making these abomination plazas with literally nothing else around.

>>174391566>AsianMostly Brownoid in SEA. For example, most lady boys in Thailand are brownoid.

>>174390627that airport was a waste of billions, completion has been delayed for a decade and it still is an architectural nightmare you dumbfuckt. German

>>174393728>she doesn't like itWell that makes it all okay!

>>174375428>nonono let me enjoy my anger

Why are there like 10 reviwers whose name is just "Google" on the first few pages? Is this the default name when you log in via Google or whats going on?

>>174375308It's been like this for a while now. Every recent film I've seen because of online recommendations has turned out to be shockingly bad. This incredibly bad piece of shit was touted as film of the year by a few forums.I sat there for 20 minutes with my mouth open not able to believe that there was anyone dumb enough to like such a shit film until I realized it was me who was dumb for thinking the comments were genuine. It is now not possible to watch a good film because of recommendations from the internet.

Attached: Palm_Springs_poster.jpg (220x322, 131.18K)

>>174391775I am awoken.NKGPNR

>>174399542wtf I love chinese architecture now

Nonstop bitching about slavery and then now they celebrate it?

Attached: 78678888.jpg (239x211, 7.19K)

>>174399711Nowadays, movie studios buy tickets to their own films to try to astroturf interest in a movie. You're a literally retarded subhuman low IQ dumbass worthless piece of shit.

Attached: 1662082145802.png (438x638, 535.59K)

>>174420301I think the point is to deify blacks to such an extent that you can put them in literally any context and portray them all as little black christ figures. The idea that you can straight up lie about history is also an important feature of what's happening, but is probably secondary to deifying blacks.

>>174402843"Nuke the entire site from orbit--it's the only way to be sure"

>>174407210Based and truth-pilled.

Attached: 1656601797529.gif (320x135, 824.28K)

>>174383407so something they claim is verified cant even be verified?! Anyone who uses Rottentomatoes is a fucking idiot. I never did. It was always stupid

>>174374745The retards here love being outraged. Most will die of heart failure in their early fifties due to constantly being angry at something or someone.

>>174419612>whats going on?Lies, that's "whats going on". The psychotic subhuman billionaires are lying and trying to destroy America.

Attached: 1652802183370.jpg (600x375, 25.94K)

>>174374874>cheritha d>giselle gLoooooooool

>>174383444>But also we’re telling a part of the story which is about overcoming and fighting for what’s right. And I think we got it right.”Ok, so slavery is right, and fighting against it is wrong? Got it

>>174420716The movie isn't having them fight the British or the French. They're fighting another nigger empire that is also built on slavery and human sacrifice.You can say that Africa was a real shithole even before whites went there.

>>174374745>Just stop thinking about it broWe aren't fucking Russians or Chinamen you absolutely cretinous ape why do you think our society is more advanced than those exploding drunken mongs could ever dream of: because we can see when we are being manipulated by ((them)) and we fight to stop it

>>174376559Last Jedi is shit

>>174419694I unironically think Holla Forums is the only platform that I can trust for an honest review. Its probably the last place where people actually give their opinion without a filter.

>>174422168You still need to keep your wits about you, though. We get a lot of shilling for the latest tv shows. If the discussion is about movies from 5+ years ago then yeah I agree with you.

never even heard of this flick before today

Attached: 1649993373204.jpg (800x1000, 189.73K)

>>174374691i'm going to watch this movie just to jack it to this Nubian rage goddess. Take my white seed, she-devil.

>>174422499i'm going to plaster my baby batter inside your barren vampire womb, you unholy harlot! Take my wooden stake through your cunt and into your heart, you undead temptress!FORIAMVANHELSING!!!!RAAAAAAAAAAAA

>>174423196Vampires don't poop.

>>174387226Finally!!! True rating. Been sick of seeing this fake bullshit 99%. Movie was A-mae-ZING!I didn't see it yet but it was great! 21 stars out if 7!

Attached: 1645143139867.gif (840x488, 510.73K)

>>174375834The votes are in, people want slavery again.

>>174404769This sounds like fairly run of the mill, European power in Africa, sequence of events, except 'with added women who actually fought'.I'm sure for the Dahome this was a major historical event, for the French this was Tuesday.

>>174392900dont whitewash xer!, you racist

Attached: the chud king.jpg (366x517, 29.32K)

>>174404769I beleive you can look at the version changes of articles and follow up the conversations between editors as to why they've made changes. I recall some spastic who went through every article they could about WW2 and erased any hint at the Germans having anyone that wasn't a jew killing death machine. I specifically remember them going crazy on the article about Guderian.

>>174405764"Randomly". Chinks do this shit intentionally to keep their numbers down.