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New thread.

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Abbos pls go and stay go.

Do you think that lizard girl can taste the sent of my boy hole ?


You kind of gross me out when you type at all to be honest.


do you think i can

Now that you amended it, yes.

You kind of gross me out because you fuck dogs.

No, probably not.

Dogs fuck me.
Gosh, Gilligan. We've been friends for like 3 years and you still can't remember. I even showed you pics.


Best friends.

I'm a baka cis as gaigin come at me bro

I have FOUND something

I'm too lazy to shoop even more question marks on the autistic girl.

Post your face.
It's pretty questionable.


Not sure if I want those free smells.

HERE! this is where the Trail leads!

But its free ! what do you have to lose ?

Are you happy with your find ?

anime is nazi recruitment propaganda

Sometimes you just get what you pay for. I think I'd go for more expensive smells.


I get ya


Not Muslim enough for Mordin.

what means "happy"

*rubs spoon on you*

This is happy

I swear to god I puke every day I need meds to get rid of the nausea that my meds give me

why aren't you doing that to me ban


its probably cancer

finally the sweet release of death


Its probably because you're most likely some loser I have no interest in.

are we....s..spooning in front of everybody....

2 cute

Does it feel as good for you as it does for me ?

i don't have any good crying images


Y-you too



i don't get off on getting insulted like most self-hating trannies. i just cry.

it tickles....

That's redundant.
It's impossible to be a tranny and not self loathing since it literally comes from loathing your biological sex.

Do not save any crying images, ever.

I'm going to keep abusing you until you tell me who you really are.

I think that means we should stop.

he finally says something accurate about trannies


i TOLD you and don't do that to bard

you bent all my best spoons



I want to get a fighting game for the PS4 but they all seem so generic

I miss Soul Calibur

you promise not to share all my nudes?

Yeah sure

that is very reassuring

You've never said anything accurate about trannies.

just ignore it and it goes away

I fell the same way about your file names.


Are you gonna add me or not ?

after i'm done with this match

If you ignore him, he still spams endlessly.



maybe then someone might finally kick him out

Match of what ?


probably dota
i'm willing to bet they play dota

I get this joke!


I have an excessive need to bully u


Don't worry. He's just trying to do the Soto.

good job

I'm an animal in bed

Bard nigga you a dead fish in bed

April 25, 2017!y4gBiJqD!ySVPH17h4SJoYb87ZwCLESepHRiR4_-yWmOzaCdDjpo

(Geinoujin wa Card ga Inochi! 7) [107e (Juu, Naeto)] Does Kazesawa Sora Dream of Natsuki Mikuru {there’s something wonderful about terrible people.} (Aikatsu!) [Sexy Akiba Detectives]

NoWaYu Ch.10 (RAW)

Just had to carry my little sisters drunk friend down the stairs and into my sisters car while she was freaking out and drooling all over the place.

Damn that's hot.

She kept grabbing at everything she could to stay in the house because she thought she was gonna die if she went down the stairs and she also thought she was gonna die if she went outside.

did she get drunk on LSD?

Ian did once. Haven't been the same since.

weed I think

and like a whole bottle of tequila

itd be better if she was drooling on your cock LOL


I hope she didn't OD on marijuanas.

I'm a pro tard wrangler

She kept screaming and begging me to stay but I tossed her into a car.

Kids don't know their own limits

It's all the muscle you got from wrangling people at your old job, being useful once more.


This is what happens when I leave my room to get a drink of water.

I'm gonna go wash myself

but have you fucked your sister?

might take it down soon
I just thought I looked cute in this pic

I cabn be your sister for tonight user

you cabn kill yourself for tonight too


3 hours in to my last run of KH1 and I have 3 worlds left and 12 hours to do them.
I am happy with my progress.

Don't worry i'm back.

I didn't mean to link that buuuut it works out.

Welcome back.

I learned who that Japanese user is but they denied its them.

And who did that turn out to be?

Chara !TD26RUSSiA

A chubby girl once got too drunk at one of our house parties and puked in the upstairs bathroom so I chilled out with her for an hour while she was worshipping the throne and played harmonica to cheer her up.

She thanked me when she felt better and said she had a pretty good night thanks to that.

Never saw her again.

Rings a bell.

Ban you missed it I was just in Costa Mesa these past two days

That Triangle plaza is pretty neat

h-he linked me...

Didn't for me.

Thank god I didn't go to the movies this weekend.

I mean't Mon and Tues you fag

I've heard that name before but i cant put it to any personality

They're like that one person you never remember.

Wendy-kun is kawaii

I'm a neet now so the days all blend into one.

Which name ?

You're just saying that because you're jealous.


maybe it was that baka person
from lewd

What is there to be jealous of?

I was extremely mean to baka.

You're right, nothing at all.


My friend does tattoos at Newport Tattoo off Newport blvd and 18th by some bar

Some white chick I know went to get a piece done and it took like 2 sessions so we got high af and drank at some bar that was right beside it lol

What happened to your swimming job?

working at kfc taco bell this really gets my goose

Me if I was a catgirl and also a bartender

I quit.

wendy likes to get her kitty got.

The only person I know of who went by Chara was someone from the waifu threads.

Speech +1

How come?

Just decided to pull a Luka?

Wendy is a smug fast food chain that likes to bully

I found this some how

My boss threatened me so I quit.

the waifu threads

Threatened to pound dat boipussy amirite?

I see you are a man of culture as well

I'd pound Ban's boi butt anyday tbh

I know for a fact waifu thread Chara is a tranny.

It seems they know Swedish Fish.


Wendy is probably a tranny

this is all very strange.

No wonder it's so good

Shit had me dying

I kind of like the new Wendy's logo from far away, it looks cute. I mean, whoever drew it gave her a nice smile.

did wendy's embrace the whole waifu thing or are people just memeing it hard


prove it batr

People are memeing it pretty hard

Originally it started from Wendy's official twitter account and how sassy they are towards other fast food chains and people

They're straight up savage

hi soto. shouldnt you be sleeping like an old man cuz ur job

Oh hey look, I found Ghostie in there too.

I remember vividly in my years growing up how amazing fucking chef boyardee ravioli, and cheese ravioli mini bites, would get me into a frenzy.. I loved the shit out of that shit.

I basically ate nothing but kraft dinner and canned ravioli in my late teens, it sucked. That's when I gained a lot of weight, but I lost it all in my 20's and I haven't had a can of ravioli for over ten years or more now.

The last thing I ate was a garden salad, and I gave some of it to my snails.

Yeah, I should be in bed already

help me

Ghostie is autistic


Aren't we all

I didn't eat it often but chef boyardee ravioli was really good when I was young

I tried it a couple years ago, it was fucking garbage

listen to og anime songs to make urself sleepy

not that fucking bad good lord

At least my stalker looks cute.

If thats what they really look like at least.

Sheen is my favorite.




Yeah mac and cheese and beefaroni was my shit as a kid

And chunky's steak and potato

Im watching a documentary on Chernobyl

Oh shit I found Minami too

that's what I'm afraid of now.

I think if I buy a can, and microwave it, it's going to taste like dog food and ruin my childhood.

Take everything with a big heaping spoonful of salt.

The listmaker probably is friends with Ghostie or some shit.



Yo IS that Minami tho?

that sounds like a good way to procrastinate your sleep away.


You got my fuckin money nigga?

List memes again
It's great

I have been.

A different one I'm sure.

Alright time for bed

Nini everyone

Night, man.

it's not inedible but for ravioli, a food that's normally really good, it's pretty fucking lousy


yeah to be honest, I had some restaurant gnocchi (pronounced nyo-kki with that hard italian ch) and was blown away and rekindled my love for italian pasta-based foods if they're done right.

I doubt I'll ever pick up a can again, it's probably literally cat food anyway.

Why is every picture taken from a specific angle to obscure their jawlines and Adam's apples?


the trapshot

Also, is Sheen Minami?

Rhetorical question


Sheen is 10/10

Should've went with the bologna sandwich pic.


Good night.


I still eat canned soup though because some of the campbell's is pretty good


Small picture

that's not the only thing that's smalll

But what did he mean by this ?


euthanasia plx

cream of mushroom. mm.


never had that happen before

His penis.
It's sub-Nezi.

Would you say dropping a zerg with a medivac filled with one tank and marines on two base production is a cheese?


If you're on two base? No. If they just put down hatch and you memed that out as fast as possible, maybe. The tank moving thing was really fucking cheesy but I think they removed it.

That quality is disgusting

Yes, you can no longer pick up tanks when they are in siege mode. Okay, thanks.



this episode wasn't very good and spend too much time reminding me of how pedophilic the thing is. came here to steal this image tho

Ask DP for better images, I think he posted as the blonde thing a bunch.




What if its at 4 minutes in a custom game against someone two leagues below you?

I havevnt seen him in ages
hopefully hes doing allright


Timing doesn't mean anything to me, I'd have to 'feel' it. Two leagues below is going to be a murder regardless of build.

He's online on bnet a lot I think, but I don't play any blizz games right now.

Is she funny or something?

my favorite is chicken and sausage gumbo ^^

no the show is so cute but ugh

if you think my dress is big and thick
just wait til you see whats under it


who are u



worst poster 2k17



you need a gif of the wooden practice sword fight from ep1 when the mc is on the bridge



this exceeds all expectations

pardon not accepted



What the fuck is that animatoin

I'm bored
What do

also having this problem please send help

This seasons most popular anime ?

Gas the Jews.

Bard you wanna spoon again ?

The animation is fucking horrid
Jesus christ

How does one go about starting that?

wait nvm it was a winter anime

M-my hair doesn't bother you...?

And it's getting a second season.


s h o e b i l l


It smells nice.

imagine it being 2007 again

i should become a hard-drinking detective but i'd probably go completely insane

u got any serval?

My folder is still really small at the moment.
Have a meme.

Arma 3 or CK2?


Arma Crusader IV

I would totally play a fucking crusader mod for arma
gib link

Super cheesy

All I could find was this:

It's like taking way too many opiates and playing M&B.

Ibis is my favorite

Oh stop it yew ~ :3c ~ ~~~

I just wanna play with your hair and then rub my hands all over a big black controller.

I wouldn't know that feel.


what can i say
I'm an artist



You speak moonrunes, right?

A bit.


How did you go about learning?



My mother decided to invest in private classes so I would have something to do after school when I was a kid.

It's so much fucking harder than German

back in the dinosaur days

Who'da thunk it?


I should have kept going. I could have been fluent, but there was no further need once we moved to Phoenix.


Where did you live beforehand where it would've been needed?

oh I love mumford and sons

Well, it was not needed because I had to use the language; it was just a pain for my mom to drive me everywhere because of work, so it was easier to do that.

Hope ya saved your results fam

Beats going to a shitty daycare like me.


Browser history gave me this

It is what I got

wat is this

A shitty political test I took

You're the first person I've seen to get Conservative.


I'm glad you liked it.

What is the alternative on the right? I do not have other friends with differing viewpoints aside from rather standard left perspectives I think.

me next
wat do u think? :3

Wow I had it in a tab minimized
I searched through my history for nothing

Most conservatives became leftist populists to adapt.

Not that bad for a social liberal at least you are somewhat central on everything
And that was fucking fast

What does the bottom axis even mean
The only question I can remember that relates to it is gov't vs private funding of research, which isn't actually related

I'm not familiar, googling.

how about yours?

That sounds fucking so far off from what I believe, I do not see how one could convert

I think things like "A better world will come from automation, science, and technology." and "Children should be educated in religious or traditional values." affected that bar. Not sure though.

Oh. Those are both shit questions though, a lot of which I hit neutral on because the phrasing made them impossible.



haha alright you capitalist dog pig


I wanted him.

Fuck you Darwin

I don't know any

This still means nothing to me

he wants me

you're a slut bitch



This one time when I was a we lad

I was playing runescape

and this one guy asked me if I thought Ino or Sakura was hotter

He said all his friends thought Ino was hotter

I said I liked Sakura

I hope you liked my story.

I hate the phrasing on most of them too. Too many situations are far too vague, and the principles they should be approached with can't adequately be measured with agree or disagree.

Listen here you little socialist shit.

Spec is always here

Always user

He never leaves

I could go through the thing again and point out every question that invalidated the test, but it was more than half, which makes such a task a lot of work.

People only use free will to degrade themselves and society can't have that

I did tho, its necessary to get the working masses on our side

I hate Trevor.

Hell yeah edgeboi




Who's Trevor?

I don't follow at all. Concepts like social justice and pacifism are so fargone (?) from reason to me. How could you accept such ideas?

She got bullied way too much in the series
Shit was unfair

And hes such a


I can't say I'm surprised

I need to learn the post formatting for this site.
idk how to even italics or header text

She deserved every second of it.

Click the options thing in the top right and them look at formatting

This is gonna be a good one

If its not america

I don't even careica

You have a Tohru folder yet?

Fuck both of those. I think you were reading about the wrong kind of leftist populism
Its like Trump but with brains

Why would you say that
She didn du nuffin


Explain, wikipedia disagrees with you. Or link me to something else to read.


I hate myself.

Whoa. It's so obvious now I look like an idiot

Jesus fuck these are cancer images Darwin
Who made them

Oh fuck

That guy from lolg who wants to go swimming in Lulu.

I can show the secrets of the world.

How strong are you ?

it's a containment board
you're not supposed to take things out

You mean they should only go... in?

I need to get out of the house more. This isn't healthy.


Yeah, wikipedia tends to do that the cunts
Guess they identify it as this

Did you ever consider reading poems and e-books for money?


just like 10 imaes i capped when i watched through it

Maybe back in the day I would but I just cant be assed to make a folder anymore


Why are you so strong ?


its relative

Yes, and stay in
Make your meme now

Okay, I understand the basic viewpoint. Disagree with the anti-elitism bit, but understand how one could transition.

how strong am I ?

I"m deep frying shit for weeks for lunch dinner breakfast make me an honorary american

Didn't see any avatarfag posting her on Holla Forums either
Kids these days are TASTELESS

You should give it a shot more neetbux can't hurt

and I'm off to deep fry for a while

Disagree with anti-elitism? Why tho? I agree that working class retards shouldn't run the world and there might not be a reasonable alternative for the ruling elite yet but still
Those fucks are such obviously heartless greedy bastards you can't just not hate them

Anyway, I'll proly be back soon so give an answer I wonder

You choose.

I do not hate people for taking action to better their own position. Even if that comes at the cost of worsening another's, or many others'.

I hate people for no good reason.

let go of ur hate

But is there a bad reason?

Shut the fuck up, Trevor. I hate YOU the most.


I hope not.

Darwin can Trevor please come over ?

Over whom?

[ S A M E ]

Someone play some kind of vidya with me
Or find something for me to do

you can play persona 5 with me

Over whomst'd've'ly'yaint'nt'ed'ies's'y'es

If he cleans up after himself, I guess.

That was NOT meant to be LINKED.

I like sweet things

whomst'd've'ly'yaint'nt'ed'ies's'y'es'nt'ed'ies's'y'es'nt't're'ing'able'ric'ive'al'nt'ne'm'll'ble'al'ny'less'w'ck'k'ly'py'nd'idy'ety'st'ged'ful'ish'ng'my'ous'else would clean up after him?

I thought that was a single player game




I'll take you up on that ARMA offer I suppose. Still don't have the APEX DLC though, so... whatever scenarios you'd like to do, or something.

you mean it I can keep him? :3