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Gas the kikes.

Race war now


Do I go to sleep
or stay up

Actually wait include me when it comes to this place
I'm animus nao

Lappy in bed.


the fuck do I do then ?

lmao kill me people now complain about my mod not supporting their shitty controllers while I changed the api i used like fucking over a year ago and now i need to cram old code into my already bloated mod

Please address my penis with her proper pronouns.

That is my current situation

You mean if I go to sleep?

Find the addresses and of the people who installed your mod and shoot up their place.

wait i thought the rabbi takes the cut foreskin then deep fries it before eating it

I didn't read that right.

I just got out of bed.

The health benefits for eating it fresh are amazing though.

No they just suck baby dicks "to keep the blood flowing" or something.

Its called cereal in your country

Are you comfyhome or at nofap place?

solid plan


Comf. Already got that done though!
Will sleep.


ah yes

the singular intensity that is huffington post




They only have one journalist.

Damn, now I have nothing to do.


xer name is huffington

henlo stinkies

I don't even know anyone anywhere o the political spectrum that even looks at Huffington Post.
It's the same as Breitbart where the majority of people only ever mention it to call it retarded.


This tbh fam

Hey, loser.

There is an entire video of articles like this from CNN and others too
Its hilarious


Once again.

That's two different people.


opinion pieces having different opinions





That justifies the very same press contradicting itself
Professionalism at highest standards.

Guess that makes it okay to shit on your own porch,


well yeah the point of an opinion piece is to like express your opinion. not the uhhh overall ideally more objective news

The "press" isn't unified in any way and that's kind of its whole point. Each publication is meant as an avenue towards what is happening, leaving it up to the editors of whichever to decide what's relevant and what they wish to publish, what's referred to as the "framing" of the news, not the news itself.

Also may I point out that those titles don't contradict each other.


Kinda states as a fact that russians hacked the election tho
How is that an opinion anyway?

couldnt say i would ask them seeing as it says cnn opinion like right there

B-but Russia, China, North Korea!


At this point it kinda makes it obvious that they are pushing their own agenda tho
I gotta agree with what you are saying but if nothing else it shows that CNN and the others are about as objective and reliable as breitbart or huffpost.


Guess that gives them a legit excuse.

to express their opinion? yeah

'kay, here then.

Man commies right?

hello friend

probably not

Oh well, looks exactly the same.

People dying in the latest sub-Saharan ethnic conflict.
A lady farting in Topeka, Kansas.
Government spending and policy.
A dog pees on a bush.

All of which is "news" as it something that happened.
News outlets filters out what they feel is most relevant and what people are interested in. That is nothing new and has been par for the course since "news" came about.

It's kind of the "slippery slope" set up by Fox News labeling itself "entertainment" and the rest of the industry following suit and switching to personality driven news, rather than direct content. It's the issue with financially motivated news. If the main news agencies didn't change to the Fox format ages ago, they would've been replaced by someone who did.

Murder rates can be increasing, but not necessarily in a way that can be described as 'terribly'.

Thank goodness al-jazeera git that news on lock

which one has a poll

Al-Jazeera is more close to propaganda than news.

Qatari news network

Nah like
More reliable sources
Cut through that bs


The BBC is far more reliable than Al-Jazeera on any topic that isn't Britain.

Once upon a time.
I mean.
They alright.
If they weren't theresa may's puppets

Korean Central News Agency

Thats the thing. Guess honest direct information without bias wouldn't get any sponsors.
I didn't know Fox news did that altho I don't follow 'em at all. But I get ya, not fake news just biased bastards. Its just pissing me off that all mainstream media channels are following the leftist liberal point of view, its unfair against us, unfair as hell.

Oooh, I thought you meant the first one. Well, that is indeed true for the second one.

Fuck those qatari bastards

No idea they probably fixed it by now.

No news is neutral or impartial

That's why I said "on any topic that isn't Britain".
The BBC will criticize the government but always with a way too apologetic tone.
Anything outside the UK they're probably the most reliable major news outlets since they just sort of have that passive approval or disapproval at most.

Bloody shameful that

so what if the dates are apart and cnn went off of comments to their website before empirical data was available showing an apparent contradiction

De Gelderlander :ok_hand:

I get all my news from a 10 year old street urchin who gives me updates for 5 cents on global events.

Fox News got sued in the 90s and its defense in court for flagrantly presenting misinformation as fact was "we're entertainment, not news" and it kind of was the pivoting point for news dropping the pretense of being impartial since it was upheld in court.
Most news sources has an obvious slant on topics but it's fairly apparent and the factual accuracy of the reporting is usually decent. Funnily. current "mainstream media" is more based in actual metrics and facts than any news era in the past.

My news network is honest and yours isn't.

My new network said so.

Alex jones is a fraud

a god*


the only true news there is and is worth following consists of grocery discounts

i get my news exclusively from RT comments sections because the videos are too long

The only real news is Pravda.

Finally, I thought I'm the only one who reads RT
Glorious ruski propaganda

One day away only tho

Whoah thats pretty sad. I sometimes go out of my way and research some articles of the mainstream media to check if its fake but nope, never. I just miss reading news without foaming at the mouth from rage at all the obvious liberal influence in literally every damned article I see. And the occasional "this transgender/woman/black/gay/etc. did something completely casual and boring but its completely newsworthy because it was not done by a white male"
Like, seriously, what the fuck.

so it was exactly what i thought lol

Shit I wanted to check out house of cards and now I don't have time for it
Damn you all


Im cummin

anime is propaganda

the earth is flat and elvis walks it

Ur ass flat


i have an unusually meaty ass

That's kind of how the US works, though.
Court cases are far more influential in paradigm shifts than people think.
If something was never illegal but people had disdain for it, companies/industries/people would avoid doing it until a court case came along and outright ruled it legal to do so.
Then everyone jumps on board, no matter the detriments to doing so.

The US's mentality is kind of the biggest culprit for this and leading to incredible shortsightedness on almost all fronts, for all political ideologies.

There's nothing to stop sweeping changes between power switches and has eroded any sense of moderation.

hot coco and anime time


Lol gay


That would explain why you have the most lawyers in the world without being really litigious. Unlike us.
That legal sheep mentality is terrible but the damage is already done
Gonna go too been fun


comfy cuddles with Subtle





N-Nani sore..


Subtle x Soto is still OTP.



Imagine the horror of the EMTs who arrive on the scene to find Soto's dick tumor stuck between Subtle's misaligned teeth.


my jalapeno cornbread is so fucking good

i just want to stick my dick in it

do it

Go for it.




I heard putting your dick in habanero will make you cum quick.

Arm cumen

What's the attraction behind big tits anyways? Is not a smaller chest more desirable?


should I go for biru or cocktails






Isn't Vin Diesel gay?

He's also 50 years old this year.


Why is Asuka the best NGE waifu?

Asuna is better.


Anyone know when the next ep of worldend comes out?


got my old laptop back from my cousin
doesn't much work any more
might uninstall windows and mess around with linux
gibbe suggestions pls

let's use my real tripcode though

April 24, 2017


Catulus Syndrome - Chapter 4
Yuzumori-san Chapter 17
Zounose - Babanbabanki (touhou)

(C67) [ひなだまり(片桐雛太)] 初恋の住むところ (マリア様がみてる)

zorin os





They about destroy the female lion. Don't get in the way of their tantric homosexual intercourse.

Carl looks smug as fuck.

No girls allowed.

not sure who that is.


I'm fucked up daaaaaawg

Tobight was a fun night

Rip animoos

itt grim claims thread is dead becuz no one will invite him to their disc


Is that exclusive footage from Alien Covenant???

come with the DVD extras.


That movie hasn't even hit theaters yet you goof

I finally beat Sephiroth in KH1, and now all that's left is super easy clean up shit for my 100% save.
Kind of bummed that there aren't anymore massive challenges to beat in the game.

In North Korea.

I don't remember him being that hard in 1 but I didn't get around to beating him in the second one.
Too much quick time event in that fight.

Oh congrats tho kyle good job you're a good boy -pat pat-

I never beat him when I was a kid.
I leveled up to 100, got the ultima keyblade, and then threw on 3 Cosmic Arts for max stats because DEF does nothing after 55, and STR does nothing against normal shit after 55, and 61 with Sephiroth.

I only used 2 Elixers.

*Wags Tail*

Boy that sounds like it was difficult.

I can taste the sarcasm.
It was kind of just one sided. Though utterly stomping him was satisfying enough. I needed the achevo and shit anyhow.
I want to do everything I can before I move to the next game.

Tasting things is lewd.

Yeah I was about to say, I remember beating him around 60 or 80 or something and he wasn't that bad.
There's too many Offshoot KH games about nothing. Killed the franchise if you ask me.

He's easy if you just take a second to know what's going on.
Same with any of the other fights in the game.

And they all fill in shit pretty well.
DDD was the only one I think was dumb as far as story.
The rest do help to fill in all the holes.

I don't remember there being that many holes but I was a dumb teenager who liked KH so maybe I'm just retarded and didn't notice.
Seems like bad storytelling if there's too many holes though.

They didn't know how well the game would do so they made a bunch of loose ends to generate interest in a continuation.

Kyle that's tarded sounding.

It's literally what they said in an interview.

Yan did you play the dawn of war 3 beta ?

I imagine far after the fact of it's release and after a fair amount of criticism.

N-no... my net was out because my unemployed roommate left town without paying his half of the bill...

It was actually shortly after release.
I think about a year.

Anyway I have to go to bed.
I have an early shift tomorrow and I can't miss training.


Well its more like the first one than the second one.

I'm gonna get it.

Pretty sure they released that shitty card came for GBA in that time.
nini kyle here's your kiss

I saw you and Goggles playing and I was pretty jealous/salty.

We played a lot.

I only play Eldar though so i'm scum.


I've been a heretic since the original.

I have little Dark Eldar models on my desk right now.

Sometimes I confuse Total War Warhammer with Dawn of War III

How do you do that ?

I like Dark Eldar too.
Especially because they fucked really hard with the Tao.

They have similar names, same IP, both titles I've been following for a long time before their release.
I know the actual difference between the games to be perfectly clear, it's just the titles I get mixed up.

wataaa~shi waa~ Tooooooookiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

What do you mean they fuck with tau ?



is that the annoying arkada guy


So in the closing years of M41, the Tau were pretty ascared of the Tyrannids because they had just BARELY repelled a Hive Fleet and were seeking new allies.

So the Dark Eldar approached them with a large shit-eating grin and proposed an alliance to help them fight off the Tyrannids in trade for what they called a "cultural exchange".

The Tau, being the naive and overtly stupid race that they are, eagerly agreed and the Haemonculi of the Dark Eldar unleashed their warped, grotesque creations upon the Tyrannids, turning the tides of battle on over a dozen fronts.
However, soon after the Dark Eldar made their demands known; seventy-seven Tau in exchange for their continued support, including seven of their Etherals. The Tau, being dumb, naive, and enslaved to the notion of the Greater Good reluctantly agreed to this although kept their etherals.
The next phase of the war against the Nids, the Eldar unleashed their new weapons to fight alongside the Tau, the fearsome Grotesques. These flesh-made abominations moaned in despair as they slashed through enemy Tyrannids. But these Grotesques were a very familiar blue-grey.
Naturally outraged at their own foolishness, the Tau vowed to inflict 'Justice' upon the Dark Eldar, who were demanding 7,077 Tau for their exchange or the seven Etherals. The Tau attacked the Dark Eldar Fleet in response only to find out they were tricked and the Dark Eldar had actually been ransacking the Tau world of Rubikon the entire fucking time, and had neatly made off like bandits, leaving the entire world barren and the Tau humiliated.

yan bants w/me


All they need are slaves and space rum.

They are pretty much space pirates.


Well that and they just love fucking with people and doing generally fucked up frankenstein meets patrick bateman shit.

I want to watch no spoilers pls

The Haemonculus always did cool things in the games.


Yeah they're pretty edgy dudes. Gotta like Dark Eldar. Don't give a shit about Chaos or conquest or the Galaxy, literally only care about satisfying themselves.


I hope they get added into DOW 3 as dlc or something.



Hiiiiiiiiii yan

Seems fairly unlikely if they don't even include Chaos as a base faction. A good WH40k game would ideally have Space Marines, Orks, Eldar, and Chaos as base factions with DLC factions being Nids, Tau, Dark Eldar, and Necron. But the Tau one is gay and nobody actually gets it except weeaboos.

Hey Bardo is your donk still YUGE? Do you still have babs on your tum?

Wanna see me turn this meat into an anime gril?

pic related its me

also show me more meat

Okay, here I go....

It's ready click it open

I'm pretty sure that Chaos is gonna be added at some point.

what is this black magic


i wanna fuck 9s

I already got the race I wanna play tho so its K

When I was little I had Alice in Wonderland syndrome and my vision and mind would distort my perception of things and made me feel like my room was growing around me or I was shrinking. I was a dumb little shit and just yelled "I'M SEEING SMALL" in a terrified shriek. I couldn't comprehend what was going on but the overt sense of wrongness and terror flooded my mind every time it happened.

Now I'm just scared of windows at night and tiny humanoid creatures that want to hurt me or live in my house.

What are you fucking gay

Same tbh

pic related






They play cool music when you WAAAGH





No u.

Hey Ban who would win in a fight entire ancient super advanced races through out a fucking galaxy or a couple of mushrooms they created mostly for fun

Say you're sorry



The mushrooms that have weapons that just werk because they think they werk.

Uh, no, obviously they work because they're the best and not because their psychic cabilities never had a cap put on them because they're an unfinished monstrosity.

No. It just werks.

What the FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is my favorite jojo.

Why is that picture so large

My heart and actions are utterly unclouded...!
They are all those of 『in』.

Because why not?


large picture meme




If I could save time in a bottle
The first thing that I'd like to do
Is to save every day
til Eternity passes away
Just to spend them with you


I want to go swimming in Lulu.




Kinda nervous there's been no part 5 announcement or anything.

Swim at Lulu




Fake/fan-made/the work of an enemy stand-o

Its fun to pretend.

Fagboy isn't even best gang star.
Mista is.



going to bed but gonna be on my phone

or steam or w/e if you're a pedophile who still uses that old shit

Dude looks like a lady.


Go to bed.


ur not my dad

Its only 1am.

I'm your best friend.

Yeah. You to get up to be a neet early tomorrow :3

I'm not going to sleep tonight.

My friends don't tell me to go to bed either
Except when I'm drunk

Do NOT go to bed.

What are you going to do instead?

I'm drunk. I'm telling you to go to bed when you're not.

How drunk are you ?

but im tired

I can no longer walk or speak words. That's how much.

You can sleep.

Post a shinobu sucks a dick.


I'm already posting this one.

Which is exactly the problem.

Also I'm going to go and totally pass out now.

will you tuck me in?

I have received conflicting information
wat do

You're free to go.




Sounds too hard
Just gonna keep playing BDO


Excellent choice.

It is for your own good.

and why is that

This way you will be prepared to sleep without any aid, for when I am dead.

Fuck which armor set is gonna be best

what if I don't want to live in a world without you

You are young; you will get over it.


Do I trust the Korean guide's pictures or the English guide's words?

Do the two wildly conflict?

Not wildly
Just one armor piece, but I went with Korea

What's it for anyway?

My armor in BDO

This is a good thread


What makes it so great ?





lel u nigs ded

Stealing Luka's name scheme.



hey fekbae is online


im always online i have nothing else to do. also not bae!

while you're free pls sort out my mess!

depends what mess and will i be comped

No hangover

Fuck yeah

my music could use a little organizing into somewhat-socially-acceptable music, somewhat-normal-weeb music and what-the-fuck-ikt-you-weeb-lolicon music.

You obviously didnt drink enough,.

ill look into it. although i dont have the most common sense of whats socially acceptable. i also might mix up normal weeb music with lolicon music

I got turnt the fuck up scoots

Tried ghost pepper sauce, it was like 7th Circle of hell hot


I can't share my login actually :(


k ill still listen to most of your music and maybe make a playlist

.////. bae

i listen to most of these things anyways

I read the attack on titan manga in about a day and a half.

It gets lame

i already made a playlist with somethings youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzABtvXgttjT7hNAroKX25kePFuH3wpym

/pets feku

why is it brain things

where do you read your manga?

because hyperactive weebfuns

I read all of it here.


I forgot the link


need snuggles

jesus fuck how slow is this thread?

hows nezi?



good luck dealing with the non weeb playlist when im done its a mess

arigatou ohio masu

nani sore i just want weeb music to listen to

I'm okey

how are you?

well shit i need to throw the normie shit somewhere

i have weird bugs in my final year project i cant account for
send help ;_;

been up to much?

somewhat stressed about uni things, looking forward to it all being over




isnt that a C++ thing?

Linux executables.

its a freeze in a prolog script

also stressed about college things

idk been existing pretty well

ur such a normie lol. that playlist is like 10 times bigger than all the other ones

yay my keycaps arrived from Finland!

Show me ur weeblist

whats up with them?

same tbh, spent the last week working on my FYP but its still fucking buggy as shit and not in its final form yet

pics fgt

i dont have a playlist

Wikipedia have set up a news wing


literally why?

They're just black Anne Pro caps im putting on my cm storm thing



sounds hella gay

i just use the watch again bar on my youtube page

its not all my stuufs but it gives me what i like

Pft, normal OP music.

because FAKE news

theres only like FOUR anime opeds

because wikipedia totally have the solution, right?


gabriel dropout
kuzu no honkai
renai circulation