Blu pilll !

blu pilll !

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yuri ! ♥



Fucking finally. 300 questions later and 5 years of job history.

Yeah, when you focus it to the ones who are more vocal about it it becomes more understandable.


We haven't even had dinner yet.


Woo! Good luck

i'll make something.
what do you want?


I'll accept that compliment. Adorkable. That sums me up pretty well.

I still remain on the side that they are mostly all unstable and kind of bitches.

You're ok though.

moar new cute pics plzz



Top 10 Anime Betrayals

Right next to Dumbnut


Does the blue pill make you feel good ?

Wonder if you can fit an pineapple in a anus


Donut steel.


Your best pasta or rice bowl.

Mmh, I don't want to debate either side of that point lest risk upsetting someone.

Thank you.

ask kyle

Yes. We should take it together.

Stream it

okay, though it will take a few to make fresh pasta.
gimme a sec.


hi to you too.

Refraining from voicing an opinion because you might hurt someones feelings is the death of independent thought.

Do not.


i want a dougnut!


Why ?



Well go get one! If you can find one and afford one. Make sure it's nice!

Soru, i really like emi now
You are too brown


I was thinking about either or a stream directly from my pc.

Going to test the one a little because honestly its way easier to use and a lot of people can join

the issue is their servers often can't keep up with the stream and there are obnoxious hiccups

You used to like the brown

It made the cum on my tummy stand out

if loco is too brown
I can't imagine what I am


You said you wouldn't tell people about it.

It better be fresh when it gets into Canada or I'mma be rill sour.

It's more that I'd rather not hurt someone's feelings in a situation where it doesn't super matter.

Deliciously dark.


I had a jelly donut today

you said you wouldnt tell people you sucked on me

well, my butt will be fresh, at least.

Kyle pls


If we're talking about how hormones make people unstable then it's on them for getting upset over it.

If we were specifically talking shit on someone specific arbitrarily then yes. That would be mean.

sounds like it might be a real clownshow then

Daddy loves you.

nice meme

ill figure something out tho

my father never loved me

hmm... maybe actually tim bits once i finish cleaning a few things.


hmm... i want something flaky... had to much jelly in past


There you go! It's sorted. Now I just count down the days till I turn 20. 15 days left now.

Yes, I suppose that's a fair point.

you rang?

No but in all honesty white skin looks unhealthy and transparent like squid flesh. There's a reason tanning is a thing.

we should go donut touring or something :3

theres a special french kind of donut called beignet

might fit your bill


really pale girls are cute

If its brown
Flush it down
If its black
Send it back

Good meme friend



jeez, that is quite some projection there.
is that the reason white people are universally regarded as the most attractive?

i-i'm a pale girl!

audibly chuckled

show me


white people are universally regarded as the most attractive

Well I can be your new dad.

Bad joke.

Yeah. Just have to be objective about it I guess.

If things go poorly, at least we have company.

What Grim said

only in private.

Arab bears or otters are best though.

I mean look at how many white models there are
Cant be coincidence


By white people.

And as far as I know whites are the only ones who have a market for changing their skin tone. To a darker shade, mind you. A huuuuge market.


I prefer girls as pale as, if not paler, than myself.

Guys have to have a bit more colour, though.

It's all or nothing with you, huh?

W-what about me, M A S T E R

happy b day!
mine in sept

yummy soft fresh moist Doughnuts!
with delicious latte glaze and stuffs and dif bakery mixtures of dough stuffs...

in canada i love what's called a: "Honey glazed Creuler"

thanks dad

In 15 days, don't say it now! It's bad luck. :c

You're not even gonna eat it though.

You're just gonna let me od

It's a glazed honey cruller not a honey glazed cruller.


Pending judgement :3

I will choke on your puke.

because white people are universally in power

I'll take you up on that offer

woa, fancy..

Time to book tickets to Japan



Rip emi was a good girl

shes a tranny btw try not to fall in love


huh? ._.
wat joke...?

bad luck how?

toe may toe
to maah too
w/e lmao

Yeah! it's sooo perfect~ the structure of it inside of it is unlike anything else i've ever seen before!


show me your boy pussy too

I will do my best uncles

Take away the u in the thing you said and it spells dog nuts.
A thing I like.
Because dog testicles.

Bad joke.

You better not waste a drop.

Probably gonna aim for a cheap ticket some time this summer or whatever depending on circumstances otherwise kurisumasu or next year :3

I guess I have to show you the full deal before you can make a judgement call.

take me with you

they are by far not the only ones, first of all.
second, why do most beauty magazines or any sort of publications lighten the skins of niggers?
also, plenty of studies where black men and women get universally the lowest response rate on any dating website by ALL other races. white people get the highest response.

well aren't you just mean.

i didn't give Gaben shekels so i can't add people.
might be without the underscores.

also no nudes unless we're dating, which we're not.

i technically don't take hormones anymore.

no i wasn't ever either good or a girl.

I don't know, it just is!

You think this because you are shy an inexperienced. White and skinny is visual language for inanimate. Literally close to death. China dolls, things to be regarded. As you get older you'll come to like the active and present in women. Assertiveness and actual real personality that isn't just anime imouto acquiescence. Then you'll start liking darker women, with harder features in the face an more pronounced bodies that seem to exist more in space. You'll love little plays of shadow that delineate sharp edges, and the tucks of skin or fat at the armpits that say "this is a solid object. It exists in space, here, beside you." Because you'll understand that what you want isn't something to look at. It's someone to actually be there with you.

Mark this it's fucking true

ewww >_<

what r u gonna do?

you better hit Akihabara



you called yourself a tranny so...

Sorry, I did not mean it like that.

It makes you think you're a 15 year old lesbian anime girl instead of a 30 year old dude.
I don't know how that would feel good to anyone.

I thought this submitted while I cooked something for lunch but I needed to fill out a captcha.

Do you fit in my luggage?

idk where in Tokyo I'll stay!

Absolutely nothing. Not sure what I can do to be honest.

Kanra never got me my candy when he was in Ikebukuro.

Bad boys are the best.

I'm 300lbs so probably not

Good boys are better.

Nothing came up

just send me the url for your account page ?

Fail whale


Loco is just a shitskin and is mad


idk either

do you have any contacts in japan

r u rich yet? :3

eat a cake and post on Holla Forums like i did on my b-day!

Live fast, die young, bad girls do it well.

I don't like cake, so I guess it'll be posting here and drinking.

oh are we using anecdotes?

Most women prefer blacks.

I am unemployed at the moment, so no.
I can't recall a time I had more than a grand and a half to my name save for student loans.

Aint that the truths


Leave your other half at home

In July I will lmao

I like dark girls too

oh shit

snag a qt japanese girl with your firm western confidence


u don't like tasty things?

but your new job will pay you lots?

Incredibly pale isn't attractive. Somewhere within the realm of "averagely white" is better. -literal palest, whitest person here

~16 an hour if I actually get it.

excuse me

I like tasty things, just not cake. Not my type of thing.


oh wow, okay thank :D

You don't have to quote yourself like that.
You can just say it.

Is Western Confidence its name

M.I.A. told me so.



its name is loli hammer

Ha. Spicer actually took my invite.
Love that guy.

trap now.
used to be a tranny tho.

i'll forgive you if you give me a hug.


i-i'll be a good boy!



blatantly wrong.

what will you buy with it? :O

Who is your type?

She tha girl

But I'm Asian.

My cousin is gonna live there for a while for work.

i am genius!

Plot of land and a house I hope.

You mean who as in what I like, or what? I'm confused with the question you're asking me!

makes it easier tbh

that's cool
take pics

with you in them

Good is boring. Bad is sugoi.

You're blatantly wrong

whats the difference if youve been on hrt and say youre a girl

:O meetup at squashes house

Hey hey.

True that.


are you reading yuzuloli-san

Its done

When you said without the underscores I thought you meant put spaces instead.


I'm pretty sure I'm whiter/paler than you.


What? No.
God no.

Wait how can you used to be a tranny



No, what is that? :3

Just me and grim then?

You sneeze too hard and it pops back out.


Hey, I'm pretty much the same tone as you.

any small things you gonna pick up along the way? baby steps?

i'm asking u! :3

Shit manga

probs just me and moogs :L


You're asking me what type I like? As in what type of tasty things, or other things?

Wow ride


A dog maybe.

Mine was in actual sunlight from the window. Show something that's not in the dark. I'm not saying you're not, just something that's more similar in lighting.

You're in goddamn Britain with no sunlight. I'm in Texas and outside constantly and that's as tan as it gets.

That spoiler image still weirds me out.


what kind ? :O

whos on the left :o

I don't go outside even when there is a little bit of sun peaking out of the clouds, I burn.

I like Pastries, pastries are the best! Nice and yummy.

squashies call not mine

G shep.

remind me to shave my legs. you win this round

but i wanna be a housewife

i'm not on hormones anymore and will in five years look like a man in drag.

it's weird. displays it differently wherever i look.

don't take hormones anymore.

i can't add people.

Being outside is great.
Burning while being outside in the 100 degrees F summers isn't.

I don't really want to see anything like that, just artificial light makes everything whiter and natural light just makes it more yellow.
You also don't go outside either, do you?


With a naughty streak. Eesh

Housewives stay at home to raise kids. Otherwise you're just being a lazy shit, refusing to work, and wanting someone to support your laziness.
How does a dude accomplish that?


sometimes on the weekend.


Being outside is great, I'll agree.

But I burn with the slightest bit of sun about, auburn hair and what not. Just end me.


show me good ones

do u have kewl names for it?

Oscar maybe.

If it's a girl then Seraphine.

Uhh, I don't know what to show you, also movie time! I'll be back later!

you like it, you know you do.

cook, clean, keep the house in check and take care of my husband.


also causes annoyances like this.

Its an appealing thought

Honestly, being outside just makes you feel so much better than being cooped up inside.
Even in the summer when you're sweating incessantly, it just feels somehow rejuvenating.

Same but blonde hair and blue eyes.
Unfortunately, even my facial hair is pale blonde.

That's just being a lazy NEET.



This is cute.

You could try changing your name or something.


y-you're an appealing thought.

ehh, i won't deny being lazy.

too dumb.

O-oh, you think?

oh my

is it vy

Just click your little icon on the bottom right of the steam client and then hit "edit profile" in the top right.

nah vy can't play OW on her computer ;~;

I think she's gay.

Yeah, she's gay


lol fag



Are Theseius and Vy still a thing?


Sssssh, you obviously enjoy it.


Oh wow, LEWD.

I guess you just don't wanna change it then ?

Her eyes are mouths


lol grouchy old dog test on soldier!

Then why aren't you doing it in private. :3


quite likely

That thing is honestly creepy.

Test is old and angry but also a young and cute girl

It hurts.


Also I'm gay


ask him.

i like poppy, she has ideas.

you'll also never be white.

If you pretend for long enough, it'll surely come true.


Emi is savage.


Poppy is cute.
A tad eccentric.


When Lithuania gets retaken by Russian like the Crimea, he'll thankfully be purged at least.

wow nice

That's gay not nice ;;

wew, sorry for triggering your spic waifu.


Thats not even the worst. I heard Luka was into Handholding.


I don't like him in the slightest.
Trannies deserve to be purged.

knife in bear
stuffing pouring out

Dont stab bears

Emi is pretty cute

grim is trap lover

RIP teddy bear


This is your Final betrayal

I just called them cute..that's all

You're nice!


yeah but darwin spam-you'd me

so it's basically confirmed



darwin spam has the same weight as scispam.

What else is new

I think they are very feminine and cute

that is all


i do like your dubs though.

why cant traps be cute??? fuck nigga
I can recognize handsome niggas are handsome without being gay


I mean I am also pretty gay but you get what I'm saying

sequentials in a one-active-thread board are meaningless

they can
these guys are just bozos


Also I'm feminine you never call me cute

I'm suck at osu

How you doin' gurl?

Yeah, they're both pretty fat.

are those fucking beans in the rifle

You're massive pp.

i still like dubs.

I cant believe guro is gay

I called you handsome a couple of times I think

are you trying to be feminine
I think you have a young boys charm if that means anything

I like to imagine darwin as a lanky man with greying hair

an i coot grim kun

EMi's cuteness confirmed

send me a kawaii picture

right now

I have a massive pp

am i kyuute

Does the thought set your loins aflame?


but you didn't even see me.

No complaints. I am watching nerd shit. How about you?

George I just ate.

Don't do this to me.


an i coot



I like to imagine Darwin as Robert Oppenheimer in his later years.

All touching me with those bony fingers while reciting the Gita in my ear.

I'd have more trouble believing Guero is straight tbh.

nani the fuck?



Fucking hate when I'm watching a movie and one of the dudes doesn't speak english and theres subtitles, cause then I just sit there wondering if the subtitles actually match what he is saying.


If I sent you 3 asses and made you fap to one of them would you do it ?


1 of them is a guy

you're gay if you pick wrong

no take backs

Is it bigger than the average me

they're mostly accurate

I've seen some movies where they speak hindi or punjabi and its subbed in that scene
matches about 90%

how would you make me fap to an ass is the real q

I really hope this is a copypasta

But they tend to speak the language in a terrible accent when they are supposed to be proficient at it.


You speak those languages or something?

Also I had to fuckin google what punjabi was

It really wets my paper towel

I played so osu and maked a good choke

I wanna kill myself

Yeah like 4x

All you need now is a male feminist haircut.

I got a job just telling puns once.

I guess you could say.

I had a pun jobby.

Kill me.

I do.

Punjabi is great man.

I know someone close that usually speaks in Hindi but when he gets upset he starts cursing in Punjabi. The sheer dialect change is beautiful.

oh my fucking god im dying

gl getting a gun to my head when I'm all the way up here

dubs are arousing.
i want master's big dubs to slap against my buttcheeks



I might install it soon, but I will not tell you what my account is to avoid being bullied.

Wouldn't be that hard.

Bullets are the secret to your sexuality.

pls stay safe :c

Wait, actually?

Why do you hate me? ;;

I am joking. My wrist would probably break.


control lewdness

you'd need to drive all the way up here
hardest part tbh
I'd be happy to meet you if you stopped by here

I'm choking on a wet paper towel

Did you grow up around those languages or did you just decide to learn them?

Also that shit is hilarious, every once in a while I play with a friend who's first language is german, half way through the game he starts filling the all-chat with german and I ask him what'd you say
Dude responds in broken english "Fuck your mother in the ass"


I'll probably go to New York one day.

I grew up around hindi at home with a little punjabi, and my babysitter used to try to teach me arabic.

I learned Punjabi and Hindi through just speaking with relatives.

Never tried to learn Arabic. I might have, had I married this one Syrian girl I dated for a long while.

It's great lol

hit me up boi

found the video but it's an upload site that charges. Top one:

I'm female on the left side

Grim if I fly to New York can I stay with you for like

6 weeks


Damn, only time I "learned" a different language was when I barely passed spanish in high school.

Speak some punjabi for me

When did you become so suicidal?


also I did for like a week
my hair grows back too fast

you are a god mff

hit me up girl

when do you plan on coming up here

kya haal hai beta?

"how are you son?"


np. if you check out either user-v or, they got a bunch of stuff. one of them two had an 18 minute clip but it was private. Someone uploaded it and have to be "befriended" I guess.


The right half of me is male

An even smaller box

since this is a recent broadcast itll be uploaded freely soon enough

appreciate your efforts man

ok, thing im going to stream tonight

oh shit they shipped my second dildo to you by accident.



such implications

Why would you do this?

no prob. it helps me to remember names of places so i can find things easier in the future.

I have no plans. I was joking. You'd actually consider that?


Thank god

I would lock up anything of high value but yes

hell yeah
keep an eye out

that you would have my address by now
and that you'd be ordering sex toys from a website where you saved my address in
possibly sending me sex toys in the past



middle one is godly
left one is from lilo and stitch
right one...not so sure


Why do you think I would steal from you pu bear

Emi is pretty cute tbh fam

"don't spend all your money on band merch"

The same reason I'd think any stranger that walks into my house would steal from me.

Because I don't know them irl.

What the fuck is wrong with you. Don't ever call me that again.

I paid $3 for each of these.

a jape


Do not steal Grim's toys.

I dont understand

i'm not anyone's toy currently.


Google exactly what I said and hit images.


I've done nothing productive all day and I want to die ❤️

Which one would you miss the most?


finish this sentence

I was hungover for the first half of the day. it sucked.

You already know which one.
My baby.