❤️ Official Scootalooo Thread ❤️

❤️ Official Scootalooo Thread ❤️


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I am a library
And I read my books several times

Fuck you you're not my real mom

Slooooooooow morning

I'm horny but I'm not turned on


post more so i can be horny 2

That's an awful blowjob
I was better than that at sucking dick when I was eight

It doesn't look like it's really supposed to be a blowjob

it is hot as fuck tbh

No it isn't

You convinced me.

Good thing your awful taste isn't unsalvageable

I was lying.

Tell me your fetishes so I can berate you.

I'm really into rope bondage and light BDSM, in particular electricity play
I've hyperventilated and nearly passed out several times when people were playing with my breasts
I enjoy it when someone knows how to pull hair just right

Electricity play sounds a bit too scary for me, what if you had a heart attack or something? The rest I like though.

You just gotta use stuff that's proven nonlethal on humans
Like dog collars and stun guns



that was dirty ball licking, not a bj

Well it wasn't very sexy


Good morning, dears.

good morning


hey, the spoiler image changed.

It's time for


reply to this post with ONE question PER person and Chiri the genie will answer your question honestly.

Be fucking amazed.

I mean chiri the medium.


too late

Why are you awake?

sleep is for the weak.

The strong tend to sleep pretty healthily.

This is the era of supplements.
Consciousness can be indefinitely sustained if the body has no need to shut down.

What good is minimal consciousness?

What good is -your- consciousness?

i want love! where is soulmate found?

New mew

What good's yours.


how do i make my dick more sensitive again


lower mainlands in the city? okay.

Providing a sense of closure to an unstoppable universal chaos; providing others a quick answer to questions that could hold potentially deeper meanings but choosing the one at hand because it was within wit's grasp and ultimately provides a closed answer.

rubber bands, lotion, and go slowly.


That's all I could gather, I could have falsified the answer by changing what I felt intitially, so I have to go with mainland. Sorry if that's vague, but it's the answer that came to me.

do the rubber bands go above or below the balls

*snuggles warmly*

it's ok

don't restrict the balls.

limit the blood flow to your general length and provide lubricant, and start slowly, you'll feel sensitive for sure, so build it up instead of going all the way, stop yourself when you have contractions, then keep going.

red light, green light, until you've worked yourself up so much you can't bear it anymore.


I used to have a knack for predictions so that's just what I got for the answer.

It shouldn't mean anything, because spoiler alert predictions are bogus, I just always had a thing, can't really explain it. so you can take it as face value.

it's also why I asked the question game.
I wanted to see what answers I'd get.

Sorry late reply.

Providing a sense of closure to an unstoppable universal chaos doesn't seem like something anyone can do. Perhaps small chaoses. Someone asks a question that could potentially hold deeper meaning, as opposed to one that leads to more questions? One would assume you ask a genie things not so you can debate it, otherwise it's just a Chiri.

Only if you're the type who isn't satisfied with easy answers and small bits of closure in a chaotic universe; but should you posit Chiri a question, does one debate the answer if your and everyone elses' lives are merely dust in the scope of time and that trivial interactions such as these ought to be meaningless?

Perhaps you have another question you can ask.

Chiri how do I acquire dick from my best friend

Appreciate him as a friend first.

Acknowledge whether or not you or they are in / out of relationships that could be lingering with the heart- it would be unwise to approach someone if not at the right time.
If so- find out when the right time is. Hang out, get their mind off an ex.

Also, find out if they want to put their dick in you.
If it's difficult to ascertain whether or not they want their dick in you, then you will have troubles acquiring dick.

Small bits of closure are all we can obtain. We know answers that were held with certainty throughout history are were mere detours. Yet people lived and died not knowing what we know now. If a genie could give us an answer, what are the odds we could even understand it, or how would it know how to explain it?

Ipso facto, positing the Chiri genie a question about the universe is likely to yield some very un-useful information, given our shortcomings as human beings to a supernatural being, or those of the insomniac pretending to be a genie.

I made an addendum quickly after the genie post correcting it so that it is not in fact genie magic, I updated it so it properly reflects nonscientific 'medium' data acquisition; please don't be hung up on the genie thing because I did correct it.
I understand that genies could be perceived as fake, or unfounded sources of information but you were incorrect to berate me or accuse me of using genie magic after I corrected my misusage immediately after posting, so I don't know why you would even bring this up.

So there's no magic gimmick whatsoever? A medium is even less legitimate than a genie, and I wouldn't trust the latter's answer anyways.

But mediums are more human and prone to bias than genies, but now with the updated context, are we supposed to assume this 'medium' has authority to answer universal questions?

I don't think so.

That's correct, I can answer questions.

A medium implies connection to something. Are you somehow connected to something that gives you your answers?

one question per person you fucking retard.

read the sign.

Why don't you post here very often?

....bogus :(

vidya gamz

sorry, it was bullshit. I don't know if you'll find true love. but I had you thinking.

And the answer you gave me to my question was:

So either you're a medium connected to something that spouts utter nonsense, or you're spouting utter nonsense, and there's no reason to suggest this is any more than an AMA, at least the attempt of one, wherin your answers are bound to be human and boring.

You sound like someone who dreams too much.

You didn't have a plan here, did you. Not like you should, but you acted like you did, and it barely stood up. As for Luka, you could have sent her searching the depths of the ocean for true love, but apparently you're not even imaginative enough for that.

I am. So I've had to balance that out by knowing how to keep grounded, probably moreso than you that pretends to be a medium in the middle of the night.

maybe someday....

The plan was behind the plan, it wasn't credible to begin with, it was a ruse.

I would never send Luka on such a chase, but even he is smart enough not to believe in magic.

I don't partake in this exhibition frequently if you assume I do so; I am a travelling comedian. I regret if I have gotten a rise out of you but I inevitably hoped some anal-retentive bastard would call me out so I could counter-paragraph for a while for the luls because that's how I roll.

Everyone deserves love, and they get it too, whether they know it or not.



now we all know that's not the truth

truth is veiled, nobody wants to know 'the truth'

it's a lot easier to be a storyteller

How could I not have seen this coming. Of course it was, safely shouted back in full retreat, having been called out for a blatant lack of forethought. Were there some intelligence you claim was there, you'd dedicated the smallest of how a medium would have answered ie. as a medium.

I've been rused before, Chiri. I am not rused. You will know when I am. Funnily enough, I'd probably do something like claim twas a ruse, but think better of it because I'm better. And as for being an anal-retentive bastard, either both anality or flexibility are marks of intelligence; both of which you've demonstrated a disappointing lack of tonight.

I don't have an emotional response for your words.
Your clinical application of directed grammar has hit your intended target but the desired effect of your deconstruction had no influence to my base emotional response.

Please don't contemplate suicide and write me more often, Chiri

I want to know the truth.

which truth
or what truth

or what is truth?

Do you know what neurological disorder is hallmarked by shallowness of emotional comprehension paired with absense of emotional response?



Autists can be narcissists.

But only really if they're smart.

I can be a functioning narcissist; if you have autism then I almost feel bad for you.

Narcissts can be very functional. Autistic individuals can be very functional. In fact, they actually call it 'high functioning' when it doesn't prove to be a hinderence. In fact, famous autist Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook. His narcissism is surely deserved, and chooses against it, or uses it to better the world.

You can't even pretend to be a medium, but you'd have us entrust you with answering hard questions. Perhaps you are a narcissist.

Provide citations.

Also, I am a narcissist.
Would you even care to ask a question, if you could have it answered?
If you could know the answer, would you ask the question? No, because you know the answer.

So I will answer your question.
It's not magical. But I have your answer.

Or perhaps the opposite is true. You had no confidence that you'd manage to pull off a medium routine, and decided to give it up before it got out of hand, admitting to a hopeful Luka that you do not actually have the answers they seek. Nor could you provide any words of wisdom or encouragement, because of your autism.

Do you still seek an answer?

If you want to challenge me, ask me something that I would not know.

The superior kind of narcissist uses their disproportionate sense of worth assume the world owes them greater, and are more driven to take their fates, or the fates of others into their own hands. The examples are countless and needn't be listed. Is this something you've lived by long enough to be diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder?

I don't have any more questions. I shouldn't be awake. But frankly, you don't seem to be completely incompetant. At least you give the off the air you could be competant at something. But a medium is not that thing. Not everyone has the patience to correct wayward nacissists like yourself, but I'm decent like that.

I'm out.

You both have autism.

You're fairly good at psychological diagnoses and to that end, motivations and reasons.

Pretty satisfied that you understood that and gtfo.

friggin news flash, chiri got diagnosed by a poster as having narcissism.

wooo big surprise.




banned for advertising ( hit and run clause )

I know this is selfish but I how do accept myself for the person I am?

I'm generally not a good person and I know that, but still. I know to accept myself.

The fuck is this 'tism

I put the questionmark in the wrong field somehow I might be retarded

Even bad people know they're bad.

If you aren't good, you don't have to be good.

Or you might be having an existential crisis.

Or am I having an existential crisis?!


But is that really Chiri though?

Has anyone ever eaten a whole pickled cucumber?

Wouldn't that be a huge pickle though?

no? arent they just the generic kinds you see on media and such?

I feel like that could get you in a pickle, and then you'd have to see a doctor.

It's okay I figured it out.

Are you sure?

I don't have to do good...? Is it really that simple?

Well, yes, I ate a whole pickled cucumber then.
We used to eat a lot of pickled stuff back in the day.

wait are eu pickles different compared to american pickles?

Well, some call em gherkins.

Yes they are actually. American pickles are a lot better


I also ate pickled onions, eggs and on occasion, pickled hotdogs.

Who else could be suck a fuckup?


is it?

I don't know why, but pickled anything sounds gross.

Well, that didn't take a long time.

Wow, Americans get all the cool stuff

Americans are food beasts.
I envy them.

I don't know; what if it isn't?
How would I live after being so cruelly lied to?

Well, it is an acquired taste, depends on how much you love vinegar.

If you wanna try some pickled foodstuffs, kimchi is a good place to start.

You can get them in cheap ramen form

what does an eu pickle taste like?

Not even the slightest.

Eh, teriyaki anything sounds a lot better.

Well, Chiri would likely lie to you cruelly, so, if it were really Chiri they would allow you to experience the possibility of being lied to cruelly if it seemed appropriate.

No! I don't believe you!
Chiri wouldn't lie to me!

A bigger version of those pickles you get on MacDonald's cheeseburgers, but better/worse depending how much you like em.

Makes more sense.

Plus, I like pickled stuff because I love long shelf life food.

I probably would if I didn't know who you were.

Yes, I.
I'm Rin.

*Yes, Hi

oh okay!

Never really liked vinegar or too much salt in foods.

How've you been?

idk if i can remember that taste. the only pickled product ive had recently were pickled daikon

Indeed, it's gross. I dislike salt and vinegar chips, like why do they make them???

about the same.

I have pet snails

all condiments for me pls

those are cool

Never had those chips at all, but I know for certain that cheese and onion chips are the best, also red bell pepper chips.

I only ever really avoid pickles.




oh, kanras here

non-woke bluepilled cuck shitlord detected



do snails have battles for the tablet of tums? or do they just merge together and dissolve it together in what might be mistaken for snail sex?

oh snail sex is a thing.

skip to 1:42 for the violent penile stabbing

Otherwise, the snails are pretty chill. They smell their own kind so they get along, which is why the hatchlings pretty much live in groups.

wai dey boff got boy names lol das gey

They're hermaphrodites so their names are based on human concepts of gender. I gave them their random names because of how I felt the name suited their character, I didn't expect Liz to become a lone wolf or for Gary and Bob to have sex.

But shit happens

fuck stop making me laugh while i watch something heartwarming

wait no Im not saying the snail sex is heartwarming. I meant the animu i was watching

I need to make a snail-shell version of this img now

The more you know;

What has Chiri been doing in the last few years?

Hey Keks.

hey hey

no offense or disregard to your greeting clock but

No worries. Have a good sleep if you're leaving.

Hey Clock :v

Subtle-san. Show me your girly muscles.

I wish subtoe would show me her girly muscles.


I'm kidding. How are you?

yo blondemeister. whats your opinion on that momoka girl from girlish no.

Muri muri muri!

Really great :3


I'm watching bruce lee clips on youtube until I can be bothered to launch siege.


E-Ehh? For real?
I could take pictures when I go to the gym later if you really want..

Ohh I'm a huge Bruce fan
Have a couple of t-shirts ^^'

Are you watching more for the fighting or philosophy?

I'm embarrassed to say that I don't know a lot about him. I remember last year I watched one of his movies and his fighting looked really amazing.. and I'm the type of person who find that stuff boring. So tonight I've been looking into how fast he can move and yeah a bit of his philosophy,

That one with the ping-pong and nunchuks is fake by the way :c

Yeah I just learned that an hour or so ago.. looked cool though.

Well, I'm not going to force you to, lol.

If you watch the films for the story you're gonna be disappointed..
But as a spectacle they're nice

Subtoe, what's this from?

Asking for a friend.

Gotsugou Soukan ^^


No the story didn't seem to look that interesting but his moves are so cool.

Can you do that?

Y-Yeah I asked my friend and he knew

Do what?!

Dwai, I won't tell anyone you're a baka hentai.

Punch me with your one inch.

No but I can knock you out :3

Six inch? oow woow.

Wth how'd you guess

Spidey senses.

Doing much today?

I had a 3-hour computer lab which went way better than expected, taekwondo cancelled later so I'll go to the gym instead
Also need to buy a present for my mum's birthday and I'm completely lost for ideas

i usually give my moms relaxation stuff for her birthday
tea, bath bomb, sleep mask, scented candles type gift basket

i see youre doing the ugly snapchat thing again

Something novel that she can use and have fun with. Unless she collects like glass animals or some thing.

every time I take a picture of my face it's an ugly snapchat thing

That or a box of chocolates.


yeah sweets are usually a good idea for most mums

:3 no

Ok those are good ideas, I'll do something like that

She sews cushion covers.. but I don't think I can add to that much, she already has enough
Ty too

New and improved kit, maybe. Unless her current kit is sentimental.
Maybe supplies.

My mum always appreciates me taking her for lunch or dinner.

Lol I don't know what to think

yeah no problem subby

Stop posting the pictures of my legs that I gave you in confidence!!!!!

Also, why haven't I seen Dad's gorgeous mug?


It's not ok how strong Orisa is.

Don't even know who that is.

wow idk 'bout gorgeous but cuz you never asked
if you have a snap you can add me 2


Ain't it a good day to be a liberal!

it ain't.

Eh, without a competent team its pretty useless.
And you don't get competent teams anyway

Especially if there's some specific taste.

First GitS and now that?
I just feel like this is appropriate.

What's a liberal?

that bad?
all I've seen is her damage being roadhog tier

New OW champ.

That could be said for any champ.
I don't know. I just felt OP when playing her. Makes me glad she's off rank for a bit. For sure helps with offense though.

a well meaning optimist with a really naive worldview

The fact she can reload while using literally all of her skills is kind of ridiculous.


ill beat the stobbit into your schweet pucker

I see. So like the super entitled bitch-tits of kiddos nowadays?



Dunno, her mini zarya ult is useless if not taken advantage of, other ability is just survival and shield doesn't really worth anything if nobody is standing behind it.
I think she is OP too and will be nerfed pretty soon and then she will be completely useless unless you play her in a premade

I mean, technically most games are mobas.

I like using it to pull snipers out of perches. That or keeping people out of cover. Her shield is good for dueling people like McCree where after the flash bang he has vastly less chance of taking you down.

what? is that a glitch
literally no other character other than reapy can reload during skills, right?

this post made me superglue my asshole shut

yeah, they're part of it. most people who have experienced no adversity at all in their lives tend to be either liberal or extremely far right
the latter is less common though


ill rip it open

Unless I was just mistaken, but I didn't find a time where I was reloading and not tossing shit out.

Hmm, nice. Today I learned something new.

shutup i hate you. dumb dog. go somewhere else no one wants you here omg. you're so useless no im kidding

I am effectively in tatters.

Have a good sleep.

I'm such a good dog.

I have cheeks of steel baby boy good luck

If that's the case, wew

The more you know!

I can already see people running away from her ult too
Ugh, OW is getting too much moba elements
Guess a decent player can get her useful alone too but she won't outdo solo tanks like roadhog
And she will be nerfed.
Did you instantly buy that overrated toaster a skin?

nini gog

Not really sure where I can use this new knowledge, but now I know.

Nah. I want the blue Kabuto skin.
The rest look like shit.

crush my head with them

both of them

she said she was 18

It's useful for making unfair assumptions about large groups of people
I love it


That seems bad.

That mouth sure as hell was.



i like these expanding mind memes

I instantly bought the most generic green and black stuff for her
I kept refering to a robot as "her"
I blame this place

People overuse it tho

I am not a good person.

best mind meme coming through

Oh. Sorry.




did you make this yourself

feku let me pat you


Oh my, I almost went full bigot there. Anyway, this convo makes me wanna play OW so I'll go and do that

oh u

Only 2 genders.

Later, Jack.

but my hair is wet

two gender




i just took a bath tho



fite me niggu


my dad wanted me to be an attack helicopter

does this mean i can finally get my hellfire missiles

o i thot u showered!

I will never be the doggo I wish to be.

Bad dog.

shut up dog

it was a hybrid! the water rained on me while the tub was plugged. it makes me feel like im in a rainy pond. except the water was hot cuz fuck cold bath/showers



With my rocket launcher?


*The rear appendage located at the base of my spinal column lacks the sufficient motion and emotion to constitute a happy or gleeful expression and instead has fallen in a manner befitting a lack of previously stated characteristics as if to denote sadness or displeasure*


It was a bitch to type.

Using all the grey matters.
You did aite.

why do i like my water hot but when spring begins my room is an oven

because you're a hot girl

Start NRT

no im a boy in a hot room. but only when its 10am to 6pm.

its k tho cuz thats usually when im asleep. being a neet is handy.

why's your room hot? don't all americans have airconditioning things

What kind of strange assumption is that?


muh sister and parents rooms gots them, but i chose the room without cuz i didnt want to be meiwaku. also i have functioning windows, but the neet life involves keeping your curtains shut


steal their arcos

Government sanction removed all AC units from our homes.
I have a midget that spins with his arms out now to cool my house.


The Gnomes model yells less.

I wish. I use to have one that looked like Gordon Ramsey, but I'm not sure what happened to him.

a bother
I dont want aircon. i have fans but im 2 lazy to move across the room to turn it on.

But that is out of stock.


It's always out of stock. Limited edition.

How's it been, Scoots?

Never mind.

Its alright, been the usual, you?

is it a cute midget?

wow how are you not fat

i need to evacuate my room when i start a game or ill literally melt

Ur a cote miget

maybe my calorie consumption is not at a healthy level.
is your pc like a heater? isnt netherlands cold tho



super hot!

brb food and watch news panic

Same. Had a fun St. Patty's weekend with the gf but I really gotta stop spending so much dosh, ya dig?

Dont wanna be broke

ikt, is windows 7 on 1GB of RAM viable?

lol 2late

sup bitch

but isnt that a good thing?
isnt it like -20 degrees there

not much, just attempting to get an old atom machine up and running in a useful state, and considering hopping in the shower before /g/ replies


Eating chips and salsa waiting for work.

I'm honestly getting kinda sick of the 2nd shift life.

gotta keep the cash flowing somehow tho, having nomoney is gay af

sup bitch

in summer it can be 35c!

gimme good russian music


what's hungarian like

lmao j"s"df youtube.com/watch?v=0F5k70xwGSk

its bad

but this is glorious

You britbongs see the news?

Scanner what did you do this time.

You guys got CUCKED again by another SANDNIGGER which BBC called and calls an ASIAN liberal hypocrisy and the slaughter of white men

This is how a modern Asian looks like
ikt can confirm

I mean, the beard is textbook japanese.


Oh god, they're learning

this dude aint azn

Jack, you are the cuck.

But BBC says he is and we all know that everything else is fake news
CNN says so

I eagerly await the next stunning mudslime asian terror stratagem
France? Germany? Sweden? Well, 9 mudslime asians just tried to rape a woman in the middle of the city square broad daylight so I guess we can cross Sweden out for the next
5 minutes.

Oh wait you are not in the EU anymore
: ^)

Did you order your nike hijab yet

Silly terrorists, not enough British to be Guy Fawkes.

Strikethrough text does not work in this shithole, there goes my fine tuned irony

I'm literally a nazi.

Erdogan said so.


There was no bomb.

Jack you are baby.

Nope, he didn't even did that.
He sped up down the bridge, ran over a few people and started to run at Parliament with a fucking kitchen knife.

Yeah, just remembered

It's not uncommon in britain to refer to indians as asians.

U bad

Considering India is in Asia

Gunpowder can't melt steel beams.

But was the knife explosive?

Hence why they didn't breach the fence.

Pretty poetic.

What do you think?
I don't think these dudes have their head screwed on straight. Even as brainwashed maniacs.

Why people are ever phased is beyond me, it isnt like there has been 0 terrorism on British soil, breddy regular since the 50s


Isn't that a fine badge of honor tho

Yeah, we all know blue eyed white men and hardline asians are committing this kind of shit all the time, 'tis a fact
Now give proof

That must have been a well thought contrivance being planned for probably half a decade
Holy shit these niggers can't even do killing right

Thats pretty retarded.


You know given the 40 years+ history of the IRA thats enough proof that white males are just as capable of terrorism in the UK as asians. If not EVEN more. There have been more bombs and deaths attributed to Irish than asians. So why not actually go read you mongoloid.

attack the place with the highest concentration of security and MPs*

I dunno what to feel. I just want this retardation to stop now. It's gotten past silly now.

You know your idea is fucked if I'm coming with better ideas.


I fukken knew it

Oh, im sorry, but you cannot handle facts. I forget you are someone who appreciates "alternate facts", aka making BS up to suit your babby brain.

If you want to tilt Britbongs, you don't bomb parliament.

You bomb the tea fields.

wow you monster

awaiting the keyboard warrior

Canadians = Most evil terrorists.

You never know when everything's a bomb.

Theyve cultivated a stereotype of being deep and sorry and kind... But... Soon...

Didn't they like... .burn the White House?

Nah, that was the IRA

FIRST: Fighting against an actual opression and fighting for a retarded book which promises 72 virgins after you kick the bucket kinda puts a moral difference there

SECOND: This also proves the FACT that mudslimes have been it at longer and harder. IRA didn't really bother anyone else for the same fact that they had a legit reason to do what they did.
These cunts bother the entire world.
And if you wanna blame the fact that they are constantly bombed back to the stone age (Which they never really left to start with) you can thank it to the warmongering kikes.

I think I already had this convo with scoots before I have deja vu

No that was the Brits.
Then in 1814 we took a little trip
Along with Colonel Jackson down the might Mississip'

Ty, I suck at History.

Those dudes are weird.
Compared to other terrorists, they're pretty chill.

god knows the middle east has never been oppressed by the west

If you become a martyr, you sins become absolved.

Therefore, you can do all sorts of heinous shit then do the nasty deed of terrorism.

Why the common working men have to pay the price for the kikes paranoia, weapon moguls greed and political leaders ego?
We didn't do shit with the middle east. Who is getting raped? Stabbed? Bombed, mugged and murdered?


Not too sure about west, but USSR had a blast.

The West deserves this.

It's pretty retarded for people to call the peoples of the asian part of their empire asians?

Because they are the common man.
We are meat for the grinder.

Not really oppressed, just relentlessly fucked with and every stable government systematically destabilized.

This. Given the amount of overt and covert meddling the Western nations have done for centuries.

Its disingenuous to the extent that even though they sit on the same continent, the groups are pretty well defined past the label "Asian".
But they all look the same, right Squiddy?

Thats half the reason the other is what moogs mentioned.
We are literally the only ones suffering from both sides. Badly.
For how long I wonder

Don't you go classic lib on me fam

We are not cogs in the machine

But that is not ethnically correct.
That is a grave sin these days around, careful with those words you might end up a bigot


It's been a habit since long before they had any real east or south-east asian migration though.

What should I call my "Yet another NativeSpeedo based speedometer"


Let's put it this way.

If you can't afford security, if you live and work in a hotbed of violence and clashing cultures, where maniacs run the streets, making minimum wage and can't climb a single rung of the career ladder...

Well... one's chances of getting stabbed, murdered, bombed to fuck and raped to ribbons are significantly higher; then again, that sort of shit can happen to anyone.

Gotta go.

Just give back the malvinas ffs Britain

Nah mate, you're not even a cog.
You're hydraulic fluid mate.

Try taking them.
Spic scum.

Vote me for Prime Minister then and I'll challenge any cunt for a rock. paper. scizzors for the fate of the Isle of Man.

I agree that its pointless to go on personal crusades but a few more quakes like this and the sea of people might wash away the corrupt coast with a mighty tsunami. And I'm riding in front line on the blessed day it happens
Bai bai

Everyone who works is. I wonder what would happen if we decide to stop.

No meme. I yearn for the day to sink Argie tonnage in the South Atlantic.
Balgrano was a mercy.

Gibraltar belongs to the monkeys.

Some other cunt will take your place.

Irrelevant, doesn't change the principle of the matter that it's disingenuous to do so.

Been years since I've heard that song.
This is the documentary for the earlier webm, it's at 24 mins.

Blood is Communism.

Why else would it be red?

Barcelona belongs to ETA.


What if they don't? You shouldn't allow the elite to beat you into utter submission. We should only play along for as long as its necessary.

You're saying one of two possible things here




Quick everyone, change your facebook profile picture to british flag and don't forget #PrayForLondon while pretending to be surprised at the ethnicity of the attacker, this works every time.



Please don't group my kind of people with those savages. Modern use of "Asian" refers to yellow people, not brown people.

A minority just got offended somebody call the court of human rights

No, I'm not saying one of either of the two you've tied to shoehorn me into.
What I am saying is that since the groups ethnically, culturally, and geographically are defined beyond the umbrella term of the continent of Asia, it is disingenuous to label them as "Asians" simply because it is more politically expedient than narrowing the focus down to where they are actually from.
And the common understand for why this is done is to avoid having to say they're from because it would mean admitting that there are issues with at least some of the sub-groups of people.

Or because the majority of the time the specificity of ethnicity is completely unnecessary.

Hello everyone!

Like, every time they commit mass murder.
You could be a fine mainstream media reporter.

That is only true if you wish to ignore pertinent facts to the matter. Which you obviously wish to, you just stated so, and the use of the umbrella term "Asian" blatantly tells us so also.

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Not really. The ethnicity is largely irrelevant here, especially compared to their cultural identity; i.e. their country or origin.

But really, I'm still pretty sure the cause of all this is "reee, people in a different part of the world use different terms to me"

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No, no the ethnicity and cultural background are not irrelevant here. There not even close to being irrelevant. You can't be at war with a specific group of people, in a specific region of the world, well defined and understood; then have people from those backgrounds come into your own nation, carry out attacks on the civilian population of your nation, and claim that the background of the attacker is irrelevant. I'm sorry, but that's beyond retarded Squiddy.
Their ethnicity isn't even "Asian" so that's beyond retarded too. Asia is simply the continent in which they reside on, and that's been my entire argument up to now.

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Ya liberal gits would be all dripping wet if the attacker was white
You were all waiting with anticipation, fists clenched so hard your nails drew blood, lips bitten to red, sweating and heart racing
But no. Again, you must be disappointed. Again we are right.
Now take it, take it like a bitch

Only right wingers care about race jack
only racists

Oh no. We wouldn't hear the end of this in case of a white attacker for years.
I mean shite, people still bring up IRA as a counterargument every time. We, on the other hand don't have to remember every terrorist because we get new ones every week.
And its facts and stastistics coming to reality.

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What is this New Ira and what happened with the old one?
Who created it and why

I wasn't claiming the background is irrelevant. I was claiming the country is from is more important than his genetic heritage. Ergo, by your own logic of the relevance of specificity, he should be labeled by country instead. E.g. him being "indian" or "pakistani" is more important than him being from somewhere on the indian subcontinent.

Oh, it was you who's been posting that lately. Sure, probably. I'll need something to keep me awake by then and I need my mechpoints.

Old IRA wanted to go straight, New IRA didn't. As the goal of the IRA meant agitating for a union of Rep/Noerthern ireland and forcing Brits out by force.

him ethnically being from somewhere on the indian subcontinent*

lel en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_Real_Irish_Republican_Army_actions

Did the old ones quit? The new ones are hitting drug dealers, other criminals, cops, looks like typical territorial mafia to me. For shame, they used to fight for something

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You claimed that it was common to call Indians "Asians" Squiddy. I was just saying that politically and in the news that's not the whole truth, and it's no the whole truth most often for politically motivated reasons.

Yeah, from time to time.
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this timeline shit is pretty cool

My point initially was that it's for historical linguistic reasons and NOT politically motivated reasons.

That is to say, that's just what they've always been referred to as there.

Its all pretty much ground/wound down. Ever since the old guard threw in their lot for politics it delegitimizes the violence.
I mean its been a tumultuous issue since the 1600s tbh, think you'd be a bit sick too heh

I think this would interest you.

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I'm pretty damn surprised they are still at it even if only by name, I'd proly be sick of it after a mere hundred years

Is Malmö the grenade capital of the world or what
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Malmö is known to be a bad neighborhood due to the amount of immigrants, pretty much the crime capital of Sweden.

Gas the Fenians

I guess you finns are safe. Fuckers gonna regret if they try to invade mongols

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We failed as species. Failed to achieve a utopia or anything even similar to it. Which reminds me, I'm off to watch some Man in the high castle