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game cube card?

in an arcade machine?

hi :)

at what?


That;s dope

it's important to remember that anime is for losers

there's a ps2 inside some game cabinets? ._.

Ben pls.

hey buddy ol pal

No, just the memory port.
It's all custom hardware for the machine.

fascinating... that they'd use PS1 memory card slots for arcade stuff... i wonder what else is inside the the game cabinent

Probably just a screen, speakers, and a box for each players mat and a mobo.

and you will learn how to care for all that unique components?

Repairs would boil down to just cleaning and rewiring shit.
Most machines I could probably just replace a part or something.

I can fix some small electronics, but I've never been formally taught. Just shit I pull out of the local dump and fix if I can for fun as a kid.

ive never done any tech stuff

have you done stuff like soldering?

Only a bit.
I don't have a solder gun any more so I have not done anything in ages.

why do people pronounce solder as sodder

what is something you made fixed that you are kinda proud to make work?

It was my moms old Atari.
It just needed a new capacitor was all. Nothing hard to fix.

I was pleased though.

did it have any fun games?

River Raid, Pac Man, DK, and a ton of others. She had over 50 games for it. Was fun to play with her.

wow! she played them with you?

She always took interest in what games we were playing as kids. Hell, I can talk to her about most games I play simply because she listens to me and the other brothers talk about the. She loves Frogger. Her favorite game.

And nothing really right now. Was considering getting piss drunk, but I'll save it for a long weekend.

i envy that. i've never had that myself.

yeah i'm feeling nothing right now too, not tired not awake, just average.

Not close with your mother?

You should do something to compensate your time.

not close with family in general cant find much common ground.
right now i'm just watching streamers, while thinking about subnautica and...
chaos, emotions, and thoughts with no meaning.
and hoow it's a slow sunday night.

Have you no relatives that you can relate to? If you are ok in answering such a personal question.

What has you thinking of such things tonight?
The calm of nights like this are a nice reprieve from the rather hectic going ons of daily life.

family's spread far and thin, very little to relate to when both sides of the family don't care about each other. and whilst they keep to themselfs mostly. especially when most of the important one's have passed on too.
thinking about how life is and imagination and letting my mind wander and philosophy.
just thinking how i'd build my base, paths to take while swimming on the map and which materials to get, and what else i can do to progress.
yeah, peaceful hours, allow your thoughts to settle and breathe. meditative and such.

I can't say I envy you.
I've always been close with my immediate family. It's something I'm afraid to move away from. Hopefully you have someone to at least rely on in some capacity. I take it you don't live with any of your family right now?

I use to watch Michael run around his base in Subnautica. It was relaxing to just watch him play while on the couch.

There aren't enough hours in a day to just relax anymore. One would think we should use the time like this to learn something, but I'm not one for that stuff.

oh well, i'm where i'm at now. and things are ok.
yeah i can't rely on either one. i'm all by myself here.

Who's michael? i feel the same way when i watch those twitch streamers. :)

makes you think about what are important things that can be learned... and how easy or difficult it would be to learn each thing, and how it would affect you. all while finding time inbetween for yourself to enjoy life too.

Eris pads her chest.

Got any friends to hang out with IRL?

Michael is Georges boyfriend. We all use to live there with Reid who was another fur poster back when I started.

I was going to use these late nights to try and learn Japanese. Would be nice to buy imported games for my old consoles. I usually just stay up after everyone is asleep for some reason. I don't even do much for the last 4 hours I'm awake.

Pads are fine with me.

not really. they've got their days all filled up, and have issues in their lives to tackle as well. some moving away, and others dealing with greif. while others hardly have time in their day for much else.
how would you start learning it? yeah the amount of new media you could enjoy and retro stuff you could play would expand dramatically once you knew how to read it all.

I feel ya.
After I moved from my home town I never see my old friends anymore. Partly because conflicting lives, and partly because I just don't go out. Should try to meet new people. Get a little circle of pals or something.

And just apps on my phone. Was going to order kids books and work sheets to print out and learn like that maybe.

Does anyone have 'legal' torrent links for the 2 john wick movies?

but there is only one

I thought there was 2?

Release date

January 30, 2017 (Arclight Hollywood)
February 10, 2017 (United States)



The second one is in theaters currently so it'll just be shaky cam shit.

why do all camrips look like dog shit
my phone can record stablized video at 1080p60fps or stabilized video at 4k30fps

how come these fuckers look like they took a potato into the cinema the least they could do is take a decent phone wtf

Video: AVC 2300kbps 720x288 29fps

like wtf

Mhm. you probably could find many more places to meet people. a circle of friends would be healthy for you. something to treasure and support each other.
public hangout spots in your citys. and whatnot.

ah, i didn't want to assume you had a smartphone. but yeah those learn japanese app would prolly make a good kickstarter in your pocket wherever you are to see the language.
and maybe they have the kids starter books online or a similar fashion that you could prolly keep on your phone or something.

but once you submit to the language daily it would prolly make sense and all become clear in time.
and then you will be able to play so many things.

Just the first one, then.

It might have something to do with the storage.

I usually make friends at work. 8 hours is far too much time to be around people for me, but I'll miss a good lot of them when I move like I always do.

I do, but it's just some crappy pay phone. I don't use it much so I never got an expensive one. It does what I need. And that's plenty. I wanted to get the Zorori books because they are made for kids and would be fun to read as a fan of the show.

I would guess so. It would take a while to actually learn it and be able to read it well enough to game with it.
But I have plenty of time for that.

just marry a japanese qt to learn the language


but i've also heard the thing about separating work and play, something something...

zorori books? hmm... interesting, i wonder if there is scans out there.

yeah it's not exactly english, more of a lines and strokes meaningful pictogram language of sorts from what i can tell.
prolly have to go in with the feeling you can't relate it to letters and numbers in any way.
as well as the spoken stuff being different and based around classes of older and juniors.
soo much to the language to understand.

Nah. Take your enjoyment when you can.
More just knowing when to work and when you can kind of horse around at work.

And I think there are. But I can't seem to get my hands on them. I'd prefer the real deal though. Something tangible.

As for learning I'm sure there's a place to start. My life is just moving in whatever direction right now and I want to focus on that for a while. Settle down and figure shit out.

ah... well yeah it's all up to your judgemental calls.

ebay/amazon .co .jp ?

what are you going to do in your month leading up to the move?

Work mostly.
Put in my 2 weeks come April and move around the last week.

But you've never worked.

all things prepared?

No idea really.
I'd like to think so.

Anyhow I've rambled all night about myself.
Tell me about you.


I'll just find it later.

Gosh you all have interesting live

i don't know about myself, not much to say.

Not sure if sarcasm.

Nothing at all? What are your aspirations?

There you have it Goggles.

Pirate and chill somewhere in May?

not sarcasm

He aspires to get $20000 a year from the government and for them to cover his HRT.


i'm not sure. just live long enough to see the future and what it holds. at my very core, i must see what could exist someday.
i dream of the future, or sometimes fantasy.

i don't know much else.

anyway am i dumb or why can't i figure out a pattern scan match filter for these instructions

GTA5.exe+ECE364 - F3 44 0F10 15 03319400
GTA5.exe+ECE36D - 45 84 ED
GTA5.exe+ECE370 - 0F84 D0010000
GTA5.exe+ECE376 - 0F28 4B 70
GTA5.exe+ECE37A - F3 0F10 25 92309400
GTA5.exe+ECE382 - F3 0F10 1D 6A309400


It doesn't make sense why can't it find this?

Fair enough.
Though there is always something new.
I can't imagine we'll live long enough to see everything we'd like.

I was looking for the first one. I haven't seen it.

It's good stuff.

Does tpb not work?[ETRG]

ISP blocked it.

Here, have a magnet link



also don't get caught or something btw way

but we will live long enough. to see something.
and at least that's something.

i mean look what has happened in other peoples life times, living through the 70's of hippie bell bottom jean up until now with touch screen computers in you pocket that can talk with anyone.

leaving decades of more things to come in our lives.

WOW do not encourage piracy.

Thanks, Emily.

yarr harr no problem

Use google's DNS and you can access it.

They can block it but don't have to report you for using it if you do.

Teach me this.

Literally stealing a car.

literally holding keanu reeves at gunpoint and shooting his doggo

network adapter properties
ipv4 settings
manual dns

I suppose. Considering how fast we're moving as a race I wouldn't be surprised if we see some really neat shit happen in the next 50 years.

btw way or

there are also freetard servers


especially since those scientists discover strange new things each day. brute force.

people just need to make it happen.

but for now i'm content and enjoy what i can that's around me.

Find your network adaptor properties
Right click whatever connection you're using, select IP v4, click properties, put and in there. Copy down what's already in there because you can fuck that up if it doesn't work for whatever reason.

Last time i played with dns settings I broke the windows xp.

Probably a good way to live.
Not enough people are content with their lives.


this is safe

unless google goes down

which is not very likely

Well I broke it and had to get it reformatted.

maybe it was the viruses..

some people have it tougher and worse off, and may not be able to deal with it all so easily.
they have only their perspective on things, and may not understand things we do in the same way.

Make note of anything you change, then, so you can change it back


Probably viruses.


I was untrained in the art of not clicking on porn popups and installing toolbars.

You're technologically illiterate.

I only got viruses because I downloaded 100kb NFSU2.exe files from Limewire and expected them to be the full game.

Also 100kb .mp3.exe stuff



Oh yes... Limewire was a mistake..

To each their own. I'd like to think I have it good considering how bad it can be for others.

Why are you up so late?

I mean I think I picked up a couple of minor ones here and there but I guess I've just always been good at picking out bullshit.

Or been lucky

1u stabs

because i felt like talking to you, while i jump from stream to stream.
and i ate food recently, so i've been digesting that as well.
also im comfortable not all that exhausted yet.

I'm surprised you even entertained conversation with me.

I suppose if you aren't tired there's no real reason to sleep yet. I should have been in bed hours ago.

I cleaned my stove instead.

it allows me to think in some small way.
you should rest when you can, i find it healthy.
busy hands are not bad. :)

that's 2 days outta my week be gone

Fair enough.

Sleep well, Luka.

Sleep well you peoples

too late to unwaste today?

i plan to make homework today!

Why would you create new homework instead of finishing what you have!


finish! i mean

good night thread

Wooooooow, being responsible

yeah but help me reverse this stuff first

I met someone tonight who goes by Squid IRL.

you weren't even here

what stuff

the ancient forces of chaos go where they please


...there's caffeinated ginger ale?

i wish



I know that since GTA V version 791.2 there's a something somewhere that causes vehicle wheels to automagically countersteer and stuff, for easy keyboard and controller driving. BUT! I wanna turn this off. Somebody already figured out the instruction for this and changed the opcode from a JE(JZ) to an unconditional jump

Thus so:
// InfamousSabre // "\x0F\x84\x00\x00\x00\x00\x0F\x28\x4B\x70\xF3\x0F\x10\x25\x00\x00\x00\x00\xF3\x0F\x10\x1D\x00\x00\x00\x00" is what I scan for.
And the instruction is 0F 84 C8010000

Right now I'm looking at the surrounding byte which are
// F3 44 0F10 15 03319400 // 45 84 ED // 0F84 D0010000 // 0F28 4B 70 // F3 0F10 25 92309400 // F3 0F10 1D 6A309400
I scan for "\x45\x84\xED\x0F\x84\xD0\x01\x00\x00\x0F\x28\x4B\x70\xF3\x0F\x10\x25\x00\x00\x00\x00\xF3\x0F\x10\x1D\x00\x00\x00\x00", with the mask "xx?xx????xxxxxxxx????xxxx????");

So like address = mem.FindPattern( "\x45\x84\xED\x0F\x84\xD0\x01\x00\x00\x0F\x28\x4B\x70\xF3\x0F\x10\x25\x00\x00\x00\x00\xF3\x0F\x10\x1D\x00\x00\x00\x00", "xx?xx????xxxxxxxx????xxxx????");

This is good and works from 791.2 to 1011.2 (latest update). I do wanna adapt this for 505.2 which FiveM uses, but it gives false positives. So I decided to add the instruction before the test (45 84 ED) which is F3 44 0F 10 15 03 31 94 00 and prepend x?xx????? in front of the existing mask to add that opcode to the pattern search.

However this just doesn't work.

Also how do I find out from an instruction which addresses it affects? Maybe I can backtrace it to the cVehicle/cWheel struct and figure out the instruction I need to patch from scratch.



that came across as way too aggressive


Aren't these fun?

Hey guys

I'm drunk

rip squid

I think you greatly overestimate my experience and/or competence with such stuff.

Oh, you're a basic bitch?


when u post on another board but forget to drop ur trip


where is hackerman when you need him


I've done little to no actual codingstuff. From what little I've done I've found I probably have some degree of aptitude and I suppose I have general competence with using computers, but yeah. I keep meaning to learn stuff but then don't because autism or something

this is why i just never use a trip

and i'm the only user aus poster so it still effectively works as a name

enjoy your shitty names, nerdlosers


autism is one day deciding gta v needs a manual transmission feature

You don't have a tripcode. You have a computer. You are a tripcode.

maybe selling your soul is like letting someone else have your trip

This also means I can impersonate you

you autismo

*inception gong noise*

my posts are their own entity

pretty much the only consequence of this is confusion for others, which is a gain for myself

I am currently reading up on my Satanic rituals.

reported 4 spam

uweeeeh ;;

fek u

i want to english as good as this guy


EVO 6 > *

it's fine
somebody needs to do the autisming

can ikt not english good?

I tried recording myself playing my mod yesterday.

It was bad.

My "s"es in English is lispy
There are an infinite amount of "um"s
Generally it's just weird.
It's a bit like Louis van Gaal but 100x more insecure and worse.

its bullshit you dont need rituals if you have a high CHA or SPR stat Ironically, INT seems to hinder this stuff.

Oh, rip

Talking to people seems to be the best way to fix that from what I've seen.

Yeah but Dutch pears.

What about your pears?

And I meant talk with people who can speak it properly.

i guess there's logic-based INT and non-logic based INT and the kind of INT you need for logic knows that science is mostly a con

*magic, not logic the third time. im not functioning well rn

Sunset, Socks. Sunset.

what about jewish INT



What's wrong here
uintptr_t PatchSteering() { uintptr_t address = NULL; if (SteeringTemp != NULL) { address = SteeringTemp; } else { address = mem.FindPattern( "\x45\x84\xED" "\x0F\x84\xD0\x01\x00\x00" //

You just said you recorded you using your mod!

That was with my phone pointing at the me and the wheel and the screen

DE JA VU!!!!!!

what do the x00's mean

0 represented in hex
you do \x


who writes the jankiest code?

me writes the jankiest code!

Crash :(


hex maniac?


Hi Subtle

Hi Subtle

Hi Subtle

Hi Subtle

Subtle killed thread

Hi Subtle

best maniac

im shakingjghfkldjhg

why tho


Test's shakes brings all the boys to the yard.

im so happy

it works

my janky code works


in another world, they can do what you do in 1/4th the lines

lmao if you jam it all in one line ye

What's wrong?

wow who knew clockwork was DUMB

you can do that? idk how that language or any language works :P

you're dumb

Who knew.

does this mean it's done?

It's over?


It was pretty clear test was referencing the post like two above his

you will eternally need to maintain it and do tech support for idiots

Also fix it when it breaks next update

also what is fivem

MP mod for GTA V.

Also yes maintenance but I don't need to worry about adding in features and stuff :3

I do plan to make the code a bit cleaner soon(TM).

I'm not paying attention



Hey Subs

Hey Subs

Hi ^^

And to you though idk if this is just a meme

whats that ID changing fuckery

My internet is fucked up rn

I need to get to bed. adios amigo.

G'night :3



so u arent out and about on your mobile?

Actually using my phone's hotspot right now because looks like I won't have any internet until Wednesday

Might go out a bit later ^^'

What happened ;;

Don't know, ISP hasn't said anything except that they know about it
Just gotta wait ^^

use your piece of paper that says you are pro and science your internet back

Happy Monday, morning crew~

They told me to stop wasting their time

tell them to stop wasting air

Now they're taking me to court for harassment

also take them to court for your dollars not matching their service

Great, my filthy beasts of weed dealers are in my house.

Do the deal

Quit the chit chat

Strictly business

Get them out of there.

Already both of them stoned, can't just send them away now; next time though,


what happens on the boat
stays on the boat.

What relevance does their stoned-ness have to them leaving your home?


Is the monday crew different to any other crew?


They live far off and I dunno, I'm an autist; they'll only loiter around the communial hall of my flats and I needed weed so...

I have no idea. I don't come around often enough to know.


tsk tsk

needs some eurobeat in the background tbh


Home alone now, and I got my weed and a joint made for me. Worth.

Can you not twist a doobie?

In any case, I am here now.

Serenade me with compliments.

Thus my idiocy.

I am truly a wastrel. Been learning how to roll myself though.

Who even are you?

Wow good job on being here, britanon.

How does one even manage such an amazing feat?

You got my interest and attention;
and that's hard to do.


Is that how population control works?

I know. It's so hard nowadays I've only managed it two or three times this year.

Yet, in spite of that, I have made it. I even completed the captcha.

It's hard, is it?

:( people are mean to me

I'm kidding!
I'm kidding!
love you really.

Look me in the eyes when you're speaking to me.

People are mean.
Get strong.


Well, giving an incentive to cut down the population is a thing, no?

I think it is a legit way of controlling the world's population.

You just have to like
click on the thread
then say thing

wow good job ur here gret job bru

Yeah, yeah. You're probably technically my pet or something anyway.
I don't keep track of all those things I've done to people here while drunk.

You damn shemale.

Thank you, I'll be here all week.
No, no I won't.


Are you me?
I used to be drunk and shitposting all the time!

I don't think I'm tamed yet;
I'm not gentle.

Yeah, yeah, sure. Whatever you say. I know it's wrong.


Make up your mind jesus christ

You're boring.


How be you, btw?

Do I look like I'm here to entertain everybody?

Go tell Non that.

Lazy. Don't want to move.


Well, you do seem to be a sorry excuse for a QB poster, so I'm not sure now.

Here, allow me to step up my avatar game.

Do I suck cocks like Darwin yet?

Wait, the horsefucker non, or some other non?

Non fucked horses?

The only non I've heard of was some fag in a different horsefucker thread to the ones I was ever in.

Same, and I need to get some food; or have to cook more shitty spicy noodles which will give me the shits.

Oh, you mean ponyfags.

I mean that one that moved to those ponyfagboards or whatever.


Then probably.
Oh well, I never really interacted with him

Gab's nee-chan inc next week

Make up and make out with them.

It's not like we had a falling out, I just never talked to the guy

I should watch.

thank you, based man of heavy metal recommendations

Don't care. Do it.

Why must I do this!


this isnt a lewd photo i just love the spoiler image

Metal is for high school edgelords and people who failed to grow up and single men having mid-life crises


and Scandinavians


wait Scandinavians are all one of the above


New bread