Whats the difference between Anarcho communism and libertarian socialism?

Whats the difference between Anarcho communism and libertarian socialism?

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Much like how OP (that's you, newfag) is a faggot, but not all faggots are OP, ancom is a form of libertarian socialism.


Libertarian socialism:
I agree with the premise of Marxism but its applications have lead to authoritarianism and we cannot repeat them. At the same time, we must differentiate ourselves from the lack of organization and irrationalism of the anarchist movement.

startpage.com/do/search?q=murray bookchin&lui=english

libertarian socialism is an umbrella term, and includes anarcho-communism

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Anarchists coined the term libertarian and Bookchin is repackaged ancom called something else. Stop googling and read a book.

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This. I personally describe myself as a libertarian socialism because I haven't read enough books yet to know more precisely what I want.

I also more or less agree with , even though I would add that Marxists aren't necessarily authoritarian (see Pannekoek and the Situationist International), and anarchist theory is definitely worth exploring.

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Libertarian socalism is a spectrum, anarcho communism is an ideology

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Libertarian socialism is an umbrella term that anarchist communism falls under

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Does De Leonism fall under Libertarian Socialism?

Depends on the individual, really. Anarcho syndicalism is generally the more libertarian of ideologies on the syndie spectrum, but I'd say many DeLeonists would classify as libertarian socialists, whereas a minority would not.

From what I've seen (very little) of DeLeon's writings, it seems as though traditional DeLeonism is more a means of establishing dictatorship of the proletariat than a minded attempt at libertarian socialism.

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Syndicalism is collectivism not communism

Libertarian Socialism is an all encompassing term that stretches from Anarcho Communism to even statist forms of Marxism. It can be pro-state (even if every communist ideology is explicitly anti-state by nature) but also anti-state in the nature of Anarchist thought. Marxism and Anarchism both fall under it (but tendencies that adopt the centralized top-down approach aren't) whereas Anarcho Communism is a specific ideology.

Basically Anarcho-Communism is a Libertarian Socialist form of thought, but not all forms of Libertarian Socialist thought are Anarcho-Communist, nor are they inherently Anarchist.

Syndicalism is a way of organising worker struggles, not a mode of production. It's literally just revolutionary unionism.