What is your opinion on pic related Holla Forums?

What is your opinion on pic related Holla Forums?

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Liberal trash.

tyt is garbage

Jimmy "arm the poor" Dore is the only good thing about TYT.



asking a question != endorsing the thing fag

TYT are the worse kind of liberals because they genuinely think they're left wing and that they're bland grassroots activism will make everything better.

This is now a Jimmy Dore thread

has jimmy dore left tyt?

Uphold anarcho-doreism at all costs.

No, but he has his own show.

Secular Talk and Jimmy Dore are decent, all the rest goes to trash.

So efficient at removing armenians and kurds that you couldn't even say they were there.

The kind of liberals that believe in easy solutions for complicated matters.



That's not a simple solution, retard.

The name is offencive and it should be banned.

Seriously, though. Ain't it funny how liberals use the name of a nationalistic group?

The Young Turks should change their name to The Young Cucks, they're liberal filth & cancerous class cucks

I am curious - what does Holla Forums think about Jimmy Dore spitting in the face of Alex Jones?


The rest of that TYT freakout was pretty fantastic as well.

I like Dore but that was a shitty thing to do.

all heros have a rock bottom

I didn't know Charlie Sheen became a reporter.

I don't think it was wise but I guess since "he's a comedian" he can do whatever he wants without worrying about professionalism.

Jones is a shitty conspiracy theorist. who cares if he gets spit on.

Cenk Uygur : First of all, communism only works on paper.

Ana kasparian: *Scoffs while she sets a paper aside on the desk* Dude, are these guys serious? Without capitalism you wouldn't even have anything.


Cenk Uygur is an Armenian genocide-denying chauvinist with anger issues.

Ana Kasparian is an Armenian wagecuck who's plain-looking but thinks she's hot and that's about the extent of her identity.

Everyone else is a no-name loser who treats Chunk as their daddy to the point that they creepily imitate his mannerisms.

Jimmy is an entryist-incrementalist though. He has a hard time keeping the mask from slipping but he does a good job shifting people to the left a step at a time, just like Wolff.

Newfags get the gulag first

It's not about the target. Spitting on someone and running away is a bitch move. Spitting on someone period is a tool move unless it's the only thing you have to spite them.

A Neo-l*beral, T*rkish propaganda machine that belongs in one place and one place only

The Trash

I think he reneged on that a while back now.

Yeah but he still did it and Ana was still his employee before he reneged.

They lost all credibility when they started shilling for Hillary. Jimmy is still cool though, hope he gets away from them eventually before they corrupt him.

Why live?

Justice Democrats are the vanguard of the working-class

I'm a card carrying TYT member and I NEVER leave the house without my little yellow book: Quotations from CEO Cenk Uygur.

My favourite quotes is "socialism is what we have today in this country, don't have your head explode" HILARIOUS

Oh, and the classic "Political power grows out of dynamic content and a high engagement rate"

Used to like 'em for being a bit critical of Obama and being big critics of Bush. Cenk is an entertaining loudmouth Turk.

Now it's 99% libshit idpol. Armenians retroactively deserved the genocide for spawning Anna Kasparian. Only good thing about it now is Commissar Dore.

uphold Marxist-Uygurist thought
wow most of those memes sound clunky but that one actually doesn't sound bad

They are a scam, literally.

They claim to be the most watched news program on the internet, yet most of their videos barely crack the 100k mark.

The reason why they get that many total monthly views a day is because they pump out 20 click-bait videos a day over a multi-year period and then go tell their new advertisers about how many views they get.

That was eerily on-pont…

Kulak deserved it. Jimmy is a fucking cobra of truth and justice

Jimmy "The People's Cobra" Dore


Faggot creating polemic got what was coming.
In fact, I think that was the best thing to do, Alex Jones would like to push to either someone actually hitting him or if that doesn't happen, spin it with a "spineless lefies" angle.
Just spitting on him and then ignoring him just makes him a fucking joke, making hypocrites on the faggot conservatives who cry about some saliva, but endorse real violence.

Yep, they are liberals.

Funny enough, Stefan Molyneux says his show is the most watched philosophy show on the internet and he barely cracks 100k as well.

Poor Trump, nobody will hold hands with him!

I started watching TYT during the Bush years, and perhaps this is just nostalgia or past naivete, but they seemed to be better back then.

Sure they still did the stupid pop-culture stories and stuff back then, but to some degree I can understand that YouTube had a very different culture and way of garnering attention back in the day.

Maybe I've just been able to watch them for long enough to see enough examples of them being disingenuous or hideously liberal. They VERY rarely mention class in any meaningful context, and then only when they're covering a Bernie story.

I'd still rather watch TYT than any cable news show, but that's a pretty fucking low bar.

That said, watching TYT long enough will expose people to Jimmy Dore, and that may help drag them to the left. At least that's what I hope.

I remeber watching TYT in 2008. Even when I was just a dumb socdem who liked Obama, I still had the sense to realize it was shit after a month or so

I only watch the jimmy dore show and he's mostly good. Haven't watched his recent Seth Rich cause I don't want to be disappointed (I presume he's endorsing the conspiracy theory?)

When the story re-broke and the family's investigator went to the media saying that he had a tie between Wikileaks and Seth Rich Jimmy covered it the way you are expecting.

Basically the next day he made two videos where he shows the family's investigator saying that he basically doesn't have shit for a connection. Jimmy never really apologized for covering it the way he did, at least not in so many words, but he did point out that the connection he thought was there turned out to be bullshit.