Which right-wing, or anti-union, anti-left, or racist groups are you currently undercover in?

Which right-wing, or anti-union, anti-left, or racist groups are you currently undercover in?

For me it's the Proud Boys. I found a local chapter and just had to parrot some stupid stuff to join. I don't see them dangerous enough of a threat to do my physical harm if things go bad down the road. I figured it was a good starter group to infiltrate. Mostly I'm collecting intel, but they don't seem to be up to much at the moment.

How about you?

Nice try Holla Forums, but we don't give a shit about your stupid sodomy clubs for goody good boys. We're too busy trying to keep our twelve person trotskyist sect from splitting.

look, if we all take a group and plant ourselves inside it over the summer, these things will fall apart

Holla Forums

I shitpost on Holla Forums.

we know

Federalist Society, but they're not too bad

Uh, you're missing a couple steps in between there. How exactly do you make that happen?
Also I would think that it's a much more realistic and easier goal to try and inject Leftist thought into the groups rather than aiming for destruction.

I used to be a good goy who attended BLM rallies. Really opened my eyes.(USER'S EYES WERE OPENED FOR THIS POST)

I can't even find a group I LIKE to join, let alone a group I don't like to infiltrate.

I joined the Klan and now I'm addicted to white women.

I bet the hood helps.

you don't bother injecting leftism to these ppl.

you break it apart in a few ways: delaying things, make arguments that you know will split the group, cancel on events, drop on the ball on your part of the project, suggest stupid stuff to do, sidetrack meetings etc

top kek

wow this was fucking stupid Holla Forums

excuse me, the feds are already doing plenty to infiltrate every group out there. we need to be worrying about keeping them out of ours.

injecting one trockist into any group will seal its fate


Please tell me this actually happened user.

fake and gay. none of the loberts ever said "NOT AN ARGUMENT"


I'm actually in deep cover trotskyist in the US going under the alias Donald Trump