Pro-Gun Leftists

Didn't seen any gun threads so, yeah.

Also why do rightists "love" guns but have a problem with Leftists owning them?

I see this "your side wants to take guns!" meme everytime I say i'm a Socialist that is pro-gun.

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Just when I thought you couldn't get more incompetent than "patriot" militias, these stupid faggots come along and not just fail tactically, but also insert white guilt into something supposedly designed to attract working class whites. Nice.

To the rightcuck a gun is a trophy like a sportscar or trophywife, a status symbol to be displayed but never used for a practical purpose. To the leftist the gun is a tool, rightcucks fear what the leftist aims to accomplish so they wish to see leftists without guns.

they don't

because the american left wants to ban guns.

why did they bring fake guns though?

huehuehue, there is a fucking history of conservatives being afraid of anyone actually left owning guns

what are you talking about? they use it all the time


Nice try Holla Forums

Everyone hates idpol here, act like a redditor on reddit only, thanks.

I agree, I think Leftist like guns more based on how we view them.

They do have a problem with Leftists owning guns. Holla Forums was having a fit about the Anti-Trump protests.

do you have any sources? Like measures trying to prohibit leftists from owning guns?

Isn't all the information in this image bullshit? Provide sources because I've seen it debunked before.

I'm fairly sure they identify with being rednecks, especially considering the term originally referred to organized coal miners.

you mean the ones where antifa brought fake guns?

Tfw Holla Forums knows more about guns than Holla Forums

It really, genuinely, is a penis thing at least half of the time. I can say right now that in my experience being a massive whore all over the place, what kind of guns and how big on guns a right-wing gun owner has depends foremost on their dicksize or their ability to see their dick when they look straight down.

In general it's a status symbol, but this specific stereotype really holds some validity in-and-of itself.

This really and truly is a bogeyman.
I'm not even talking about the "real" left. The American left - the mainstream liberals - by and large want gun reform but don't think a total gun ban would be viable. Some want a gun ban. But mostly, no. They realize it would be impossible to impose in the US and possibly do more harm than good.

They were real.

Thats why Holla Forums has a problem with leftists owning guns.

Wew lad. Not sure what the fuck he's on about it curving backwards though.

This is probably because it is a losing battle. The democrats are the party in america that tries to ban guns. That is where "your side wants to take guns" comes from. I don't see why its so hard to understand that.

except they weren't, and antifa made a fool of themselves and made us leftists look bad

another larp thread?

Liberals don't want to ban all guns. They want to introduce tighter regulations. Whether you agree with gun control or not, don't just make shit up.

Didn't read all of his poorly made propaganda AK-74s have drum mags too.

Right wingers a retards

The Mulford Act was a 1967 California bill that repealed a law allowing public carrying of loaded firearms. Named after Republican assemblyman Don Mulford, the bill was crafted in response to members of the Black Panther Party who were conducting armed patrols of Oakland neighborhoods while they were conducting what would later be termed copwatching.[1] They garnered national attention after the Black Panthers marched bearing arms upon the California State Capitol to protest the bill.[2][3][4]

AB-1591 was authored by Don Mulford (R) from Oakland, John T. Knox (D) from Richmond, Walter J. Karabian (D) from Monterey Park, Alan Sieroty (D) from Los Angeles, and William M. Ketchum (R) from Bakersfield,[5] it passed both Assembly (controlled by Democrats 42:38) and Senate (split 20:20) and was signed by Governor on July 28.

Both Republicans and Democrats in California supported increased gun control. Governor Ronald Reagan was present when the protesters arrived and later commented that he saw "no reason why on the street today a citizen should be carrying loaded weapons" and that guns were a "ridiculous way to solve problems that have to be solved among people of good will." In a later press conference, Reagan added that the Mulford Act "would work no hardship on the honest citizen."[6]

The bill was signed by Reagan and became California penal code 25850 and 171c.

Muliford act in California was drawn up by right wingers entirely because of the BPP.

Lesser gun rights come from the Democrats
More gun rights come from Republicans,

That is where "your side wants to take guns" comes from. I don't see why its so hard to understand that



law applies to rightists and leftists

do you have any sources? Like measures trying to prohibit leftists from owning guns?

You're probably saying this because you don't want to acknowledge that there are other factors to it.

Not even as a party. It's basically a strawman that exists to sell guns every time someone suggests increasing screening.

We aren't Democrats. This is not hard to understand.

Only some Democrats actually pursue gun grabbin'.

Hence, we aren't on the "side that wants to ban guns" and even the people we get confused with are mostly not on that side. It's like a strawman of a scarecrow.

Democrats are not Leftists.


Don't forget 'Saturday night specials'

I'm pretty sure they aren't rednecks at all. They're just LARPing hipsters.

The earliest instances of gun control legislation in the US were designed to disarm striking workers.

I didn't say they were genius

do you have any sources? Like measures trying to prohibit leftists from owning guns?

Again, not even true. See the Mulford Act. This is something both parties do - and if armed leftists are scaring sensitive conservatives, you can bet the Republicans will be there.

"Taking back 'redneck'" is stupid as fuck and I can chill with anyone who has a less dumb concept for their militia.

If they're white proles I don't see why the use of "redneck" is unwarranted. Appropriating liberal accusations to try and restore its initially radical content sounds like a good plan to me.

do you have any suggestions?

I didn't say you were. I was explaining where "your side wants to take guns" statement came from, since you were so baffled by it. The democrats are the party of gun control so anyone to the left of the republicans gets lumped into it. That is where "your side wants to take guns" comes from. I don't see why its so hard to understand that

Because that's not what that means, and you know it.
Yes, it sure seems like a good plan to a stupid motherfucker that would join this sort of group of morons that lack even basic marksmanship. Unfortunately reality disagrees. These groups are a joke.

Actually that is true. More legislation to prohibit guns comes from the democrats.

this one single act is the go to for this thread lol
A single act doesn't change the fact that the democrats in America is the gun legislation party.

dems do it more. That is where "your side wants to take guns" comes from. I don't see why its so hard to understand that

The law applies to both rightists and leftists

But the bill was still in reaction to the Black Panther Party you dipshit

the bill applies to both rights and leftists you dipshit


I used to know of an article that covered late 19th-century and early 20th-century strikes and how the workers felt their second amendment was being violated when they were disarmed, but I can't seem to find it anymore. Sorry. :(


Yes, but it doesn't change the fact it was reaction specifically to the Black Panther Party. Just because it applies to both sides doesn't change the fact it was targeting the Black Panthers and probably the groups they worked with. You have to be very fucking dense to not see this. In fact by your logic since cointel pro also targeted far right groups which by the way only 15% of the programs resources went to that then that means that leftist weren't the specific target despite the fact most of cointel pro focused on leftist and the program was originally founded to destroy the communist party of the United States.

You sound upset for no good reason, sharpshooter.

Smug liberals use "redneck" as an epithet to refer to lower-class, uneducated whites. It oozes class contempt, so I can see why a class-based group would to appropriate it.

I'm fairly sure the point of a gun club is at least in part to help those willing to join learn how to properly handle and make use of firearms.

Except these are the same smug liberals LARPing as revolutionaries. It's quite fucking obvious. Self-avowed rednecks don't hang with these people. I know, because I grew up with them, served with them, and lived the life they lived, unlike your candy ass.

Yeah, and they're doing a piss-poor job of it because none of them know what they're doing. It's the blind leading the blind.

Guns are for sub-90 Autism Level troglodytes.
You want to play with guns, join the army and fight the "War on terror"

Infograph related


"The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread."

So how do you propose we kill the bourgeoisie?

Isn't that obvious? Their "Day of the Rope" plans does not involve leftists fighting back.

they're like $300 too lol


glorious quote
is Anatole France worth a read?

You know how I know I'm not a liberal? Because I'm not sucking the cock of incompetent hipster faggots known as Redneck Revolt. Unlike you, I actually grew up poor, had to join the military to get an education, and actually like pussy. Strange, I know.

Until you can recognize that you aren't a revolutionary, that you aren't a steely-eyed killer, then you can begin to fix the problems with you and build an effective movement. 99.9% of leftypol has never seen a gun, much less been overseas. This is not you. Work on your strengths or continue being laughed at.

hi Holla Forums

wew lad


Everybody answer this and also post photos if you want


weeew, living american dream, i see
bet it's some shit law degree

where I live we have 2 year mandatory military service, you american cuck
I can drive a fucking t-72

oh, I forgot that for american proud marine overseas wars are like safari trips
literally real life call of duty experience for american kids
21th century Disneyland holidays

fuck you, I hate you so fucking much
one day you will get another Vietnam, you piece of shit

It's not fucking difficult. Learning to do a three point turn is harder on a European road not your fat fuck American roads.

This man is living the dream.

Everyone has seen a fucking gun

not even surprised

you and be both know that your comment was unusually charged with anger. based on redneck revolt being something they're not. you said the guns were fake and they're not. you also said they "made us look like idiots" and they didn't.

the fact that you keep pushing this and saying that people "shouldn't focus on using guns" because they're just "muh LARPing liberals" when they clearly fucking arent makes me think you're a Holla Forumsyp concern trolling

You'd be surprised.

Yeah, because you're going to get people killed because you're encouraging to act like fucking idiots while knowing nothing about combat. Why shouldn't I be pissed off?
They are LARPing liberals that would never fit in with actual rednecks, and their site pushes white guilt bullshit. That's exactly what they are and you know it.
I didn't say the guns were fake. I said they didn't know the first thing about marksmanship. Go look at their range day video if you don't believe me. In an effort to debunk the fake guns meme, they showed how retarded they were.
They do, and you just don't know this because you're just as much of an idiot, but that isn't really the problem with them. There are people on the other side just waiting for a confrontation, and when it comes, idiots like these will run and cower, won't be able to defend themselves, and idiot teens that bought into their bullshit are going to die because they don't know anything. This is the reality. These groups are not conductive to a learning environment because no one there knows shit. It's obvious at a glance.

I think that is what you should focus on instead of posing with them in public, but we know you won't do that because going out and learning is hard and you actually have to be fit to be in combat instead of just a skinny teenager with an SKS and no way to carry ammo.

They clearly are LARPing liberals, and you are so dumb, you bought their shit.

And I did 10 months and complain…

I fired a G3A3 in the army. … a couple of times… A4 is shit though. I've also seen M-60s. … Until I got bored of getting on, opening the hatches, getting of again, go pump oil, clean.. .. The army is the most boring thing in the world…

At least I learn one thing. In case of war, I break an arm and be fine.

You realize we're talking about Americans, right? You realize that none of those RR faggots know shit, right? And you realize that being a tanker doesn't exactly translate to being a grunt, right? Of course no, because you don't know shit about it either and also haven't been overseas. Congratulations, you drove a tank while I rucked up mountains in Afghanistan and shot at targets that actually shot back. The difference in experience is substantial. Call me when you get access to a personal T-72.

Yeah, if you hate Americans hard enough, maybe communism will come about. I'm sorry an American porked your sister or something. While you're being butthurt, I'll work on doing shit that matters instead of posing in pictures for social media like the retards you seem to want to defend. And my degree is in engineering, you retarded eurofaggot.

i like how an extreme christcuck is a figure of redneck revolt because he murdered whites on behalf of blacks. truly the first cuck.

dont emasculate men through their sisters please. its very uncivilized and makes people not want to have sisters or daughters, which will mean more aborting female fetuses

Yes, the military, and even war involves mostly boring shit. Combat is minimal and takes up seconds most of the time. It's certainly not the glamorous picture that militias of both types seem to want to portray. On the one hand you have retarded fatasses like the patriot movement, and on the other you have fucking RR and their ilk, who don't even have the advantage of knowing how to shoot. War sucks. Combat sucks, and the military sucks, which is why you should avoid it if you aren't the type, or work on yourself if that's what you want, but being a skinnyfaggot with a rifle doesn't make you a soldier, and posing in public like you're some kind of Red Army soldier, just makes you an idiot who is putting his life at risk for no gain.

I don't know if you mean you're dodging service or that you can deal working with a broken arm. Bravo, one way or another.

You're one of those guys that joins the army to tell everyone about it forever, aren't you?

It really seems like this guy knows whats up. Never been to America, but by the looks of it those people wouldn't fit in with my countrys "rednecks" either. Also, if you live in europe and can't join the army, how much training for actual shooting does hunting weapons give?

No, I actually don't tell anyone. I have buddies that were in, and we go drinking, but people just think we're friends.

No, my main problem with this is that these faggots are leading you to do dangerous things, things that you have no idea how to actually do. This isn't a game, and RR is not a good set of people that is actually ever going to be combat effective. It's that simple. If you're going out and parading about with a rifle, thinking that this is some kind of deterrent, like the open carry faggots, you have another thing coming. Go work on yourself, learn from people who actually know, then work quietly. What RR is doing is going to get people killed. You should not be among them.

How do you know none of them know how to shoot?

Don't focus too much on weapons past basic marksmanship and safety skills. Focus on organization and leadership. This is what builds effective fighting forces. There are tactics and techniques you can learn, of course, but nothing is secret and most don't require you to use live ammo all of the time. As long as you understand this, you can become somewhat proficient. Obviously you will never be as good as a unit formed and funded by the state, even guardsmen, but you'll certainly have a leg up on the American militia movement, who focus way too much on tacticool gear and posing on facebook instead of simply hitting the gym and working on basic skills.

Watch their range day video. It's embarrassing.

I'm not going to be among them, I'm a Eurofag. I fully support tension within the USA shooting through the roof. I do find it funny that the Americans are finally offended now somebody is mean and saying mean things and doing the same drone strikes around the world. Hell they're not even mad at the drone strikes, it's the mean words. That is why I don't particularly care much for any of the #liberalsresist fags.

What are the best books on this? Do you have pdfs?

Oh wow. That was something special.

Not at this moment. I have a box filled with the ranger handbook that I used to hand out to new guys, but that's not really 100%.

Let's start with the very basics. How fit are you? Can you run 5 miles? Can you do 80 push-ups? Can you do 85 sit-ups? Can you do 10 pull-ups? Can you ruck for 12 miles in under 3hrs with 35lbs?

That's where you really want to start. Look up your Warrior Skills Level I. That's what every soldier out of basic should know. Ranger handbook is also a good reference. You should read and learn the whole thing. Look up the infantry platoon FM, and so on. All these things link up. You should learn from someone who's been a senior NCO, so you can learn how to train soldiers, and you should learn how to lead them too. All those things can be learned freely. There are no secrets, just hard work.

I mean… It's gonna be WW3 before am needed, and I prefer to leave Russia, China and the US to fight it out anyway!

Now.. If it's an armed revolution.. that will never be, cause that's not how things work in the 21st century

Violence in the streets won't result in the collapse of the US, nor will that make others stop fucking with your country. What I suspect is that due to every "socialist" here being a liberal in practice, we're only going to get more tyranny out of it, along with gun control just to extra sure. These LARPing faggots are never going to get shit done, but I hope things are looking different on your side of the pond. There is hope in the US now, but people vastly overestimate how the typical American thinks. If Shillary somehow comes back, expect all this "revolutionary" "fervor" to die out.

you're talking as if you're some Stalingrad veteran
don't get full of yourself
you were just a military police in Afghanistan

also about military experience
I'm a tank driver
I can drive tank and follow orders
I don't need to be able to shoot like some cowboy to kill you with AKS-74U if you try to get into our tank

Rev up those bunkers.

I'm not sure if it's the language barrier or if you're genuinely being a funny guy, but I like this.

We have no idea how it will work. Prepare for anything, but don't expect it to happen in your lifetime.

No joke, you can't even buy a screwdriver in The UK without ID, much less carry one "without good reason" by law. I even used to walk past billboards that said you could go to prison for up to 4 years if caught with a blade by the police on my way to school.

Bongtain's cucked as fuck.

Tanks are worthless without skilled infantry support. Have you not been paying attention to the Syrian war at all?

Tell me the best way to hijack a tank, tankmaster.

But you could hurt somebody!!!

And this is what happens when you leave the "WON'T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN" crowd take over.

There's not a war going on. RR might never be a competent militia, but they're offering a choice to Southern whites that's not conservative or liberal; they show that Leftists aren't gun hating liberals and people won't stand by if minorities are attacked.
All public radical political groups are effectively just LARPers, but there's zero reason to call them liberals. Their site puts an emphasis on historical white supremacy but they're explicitly against white guilt.
Then maybe you or someone like you should teach them. It's easy to bitch but it's never helpful.
Unless civil war is going on, no one is going to get into a violent confrontation with someone carrying a loaded gun.
Having a growing and solid movement is harder than getting people who know shit. There's thousands of Leftists out there who know how to shoot, but there's not thousands of growing Leftists groups. Instead of pointlessly bitching you could go join them and show them how to not look like idiots and actually be useful if it comes to violence.

Oh, I don't have to be. I still have infinitely more experience than you, tanker.

The difference being that you won't have a tank and I'll still have my body and a rifle, the things I actually trained to use. But this isn't a dick measuring contest. The fact is that these faggots are LARPing, not as tankers, but as infantrymen, and that's my subject matter of expertise, not yours. Or maybe you can explain to me your need to defend fat Americans who shoot worse than you.

Gub'mnt keeps close tabs on us too. There's a CCTV camera on damn near every street lamp in London and now Theresa Mayhem's coming for our BDSM porn!

And that… Is only the begining…

Do you think it's worth it to enlist as infantry just to learn, or do you think the price would be too high for what you could get?

There doesn't have to be. The reactionary side is full of people looking for excuses to shoot at these faggots.
Yeah, all that white guilt on their website will certainly draw the country boys from all over the south.
They are very much liberals and you can't say you don't push white guilt when that's the first shit they talk about.
My whole point is that you shouldn't get involved with stupid groups. Why would I do that if that's exactly what I'm trying to get you people to avoid?
Yes, civil unrest never happens outside of civil wars. Shit will never go from punches to stabbings to shootings, no siree.
Or, you could focus on just the group, and not have everything be about your imaginary revolutionary fantasies. Avoid these groups like the plague. Worker organizations, and other groups are much better at fostering class consciousness, but I get that it's not as romantic and won't make you think of yourself as a badass.

Infa 100% after Monday's events they bring back the Ring of Steel like it's the IRA days again.

They don't want to ban all guns, that's what rightwing media tells you

You could always get your basic and fuck off to Kurdistan when you pass.

It all depends. I thought it was good enough to get an education, but I wouldn't join if all you want to learn is how to be a soldier. At best I might recommend the national guard. Those guys train at Benning school for boys just like the rest, but be aware that they were half of all deployed forces in Iraq and a lot of units are shit-tier, though good ones can definitely be found.

Do not sign your life away for things that you can learn from a veteran if you have enough discipline. I will say that I enjoyed my time there, though. The infantry has a special place in my heart.

Why don't burgers just ban handguns and *only* handguns? Can't imagine somebody pulling out an AR-15 in a heated, malt liquor-fueled argument on a street corner over a dice game to kill somebody like it's GTA. You can still take on a tyrannical gob'mnt with your shotguns and assault rifles when the time comes.

>they don't want to ban all the guns just most of them and any of the useful ones, along with registration and idiotic red tape
Never vote for a democrat that isn't explicitly pro-gun like Jim Webb, and if you vote for someone else, keep bitching until they pass good laws. Gun owners are freaking out because Trump (as expected) betrayed them and isn't going to do anything to liberalize gun laws.

Because handguns are all over the place and they're the only thing you can fit in a glove compartment.

Because handguns are protected by the second amendment, and I like to carry a handgun on my person every day.

Inner city crime is caused by material conditions, not because people have access to handguns. They already banned "Saturday night specials," and all that did is price handguns out of poor people's reach, making sure they can't defend themselves.


I don't think autistic kekistan flag wearers and bored middle-aged wagecucks are a significant danger to worry about.
You're conflating them talking about historical white supremacy with them actually thinking whites are at fault.
In what way are they liberals when they want to violently destroy capitalism? Racial issues might be the smartest thing for them to first talk about, but it doesn't mean what they say is wrong.
It's significantly easier to improve a shitty group than to start a decent group from scratch.
No, I honestly don't think it will on any significant scale, not with the current antifa and alt-right larpers. Again, it takes a very desperate or stupid person to attack someone with a loaded gun.
That's like calling military training "imaginary warfare fantasies". It's starting to sound less like you think RR are larpers and more like you think any militant group is.
It's not either/or.

True dat. Wouldn't be surprised if The IRA *was* behind the 🍀🍀🍀Islamist attack🍀🍀🍀 in Manchester to distract us while they annex Northern Island to make "Greater Éire".

I'm a nazi, am I a 'rightist'?, its just one more step into reality for you special snowflakes. Owning a gun is a responsibility, maybe next you'll take on the responsibility of owning land, and then even your own bank account.

Hey, we don't want to ban all guns!
Just semiautomatic rifles such as the AR-15 and similar models, the most popular firearm in the country, with "Assault Weapon" Bans!

And a good amount of pistols as well. And highly regulate ammunition to the point of uselessness of having the firearm in the first place. And a national registry of who has what and in which amounts.

Also sage, this thread has nothing to do with anything productive. If you have firearms, good. Stay out of the eye of porky, practice, don't countersignal gun rights, and work toward seizing the means of production.

I think your arrogance towards this group specifically how you keep bitching and acting like a new group that is just getting of the ground and trying to build itself is quite frankly just disgusting. If you really think that this group is so bad then do something about hell if you need to form your own group because bitching is solving nothing. I don't even like RR that much, but unlike you I can see that there is potential for it to be a revolutionary group and a potential for it to change. Not only that, but that's not even including the fact that there are basically no leftist gunclubs and miltias in the United States at this current moment. And I know that you think it's stupid, but really what alternative do you have? Nothing that's what you have. So you can either improve one of the few groups that even exist or create something new.

Leftist’s aren’t anti-gun, it’s the retarted liberals.

99.9% of Holla Forums would wet their pants if someone handed them a loaded gun. the only reason the other .1% own a gun is for posing in pictures with it

what is with the mongoloid in the middle holding a baseball bat?

Not to mention those fucking creepy eye posters everywhere. I don't know how you guys live without being in a constant state of paranoia. I tried asking a guy for directions and he nearly shit himself, he said he thought I was going to mug him. And whats with those bike paths that never get used, but go literally everywhere?

stop spweing garbage you cultureless american fag
you fucking people…

I rate this post 4/10 I reacted

Tbh I sometimes unironically think that the DPRK, Russia, China, and Iran should just nuke the USA and get it other with

Meant for

I thought the last of them Tyrone memes was posted after the Zimmerman trial ended…

He posted it again the madman.

Lmao if you're posting here then you're probably european, only three generations out from the rule of kings and you want to go back. You people are a riot.

I'm thinking of buying a gun any recommendations

The militia movement has enough assholes that are stupid enough to shoot you for freedumbs.
I don't see the need to talk about "historical white supremacy" when the people they are trying to appeal to have nothing to do with that.
Except they don't. They say they do, but all they want to do is post shit on facebook and get mad at Trump. They weren't doing shit before this. They're attention whores.
Saying that modern whites have some kind of "responsibility" is actually wrong. Straying from the economics is wrong, and posting shit on social media is stupid and wrong.
It's not, actually. We call this institutional inertia. It's the same reason why you're here and not on Holla Forums.
Not if you account for group mentality and consider that people are stupid enough right now to attack each other in large groups. Violence is going to happen and you shouldn't be trying to convince people to join these idiots.
The difference is that it's the military's job to go to war. It isn't and shouldn't be yours. There's no reason you should want that at this moment other than you thinking it's fun as shit, just like CoD.
Most of these militant groups are LARP-tier, just like the patriot movement. You're letting people be turned off from the economic message, because you just really like playing with guns. There's nothing wrong with training. I've even given some tips ITT to get a bit more out of it, but RR isn't it and you should avoid it to focus on shit that actually has a chance of succeeding. Instead of trying to be some socialist soldier, why not convince veterans to join you with economic arguments? Is it because that shit is hard and doesn't feel cool?

Do you want to buy a gun or do you want to learn to shoot?

AR-15, probably
.22 rifle. I'm not kidding.




Are you poor?
Maverick 88 or P83 Wanad
Are you less poor?
MP-15 or AR-556, or a police trade-in pistol
are you not poor?
Build a quality AR-15, and don't make it more than 8 lbs.

I used a .22 rifle in boy scouts. Ah the memories. Although, I probably don't have too much free time these days to practice marksmanship

Combat is not a game. This group is weak and stupid and you should stay away from it.
I do things right now, actually. Just that none of them involve posing with a rifle in public. It's mostly community service shit and promoting better practices among fellow workers, but that shit is boring, I know.
No, there likely isn't. This is just a group of faggots like the patriot movement. They will never do anything worthy of note because they are built on a shaky foundation. As soon as Trump is out of office, expect them to go away.
Do you really want to be in the same club as the militia movement? Did you not notice how they are also fucking retarded and fat?
If you want military training, get fit, read FMs and TMs, find a veteran or group of veterans that are sympathetic to you and train like an actual unit, weeding out the fatties and the weak ones, and likely women as well, since most can't cut it, but take what you can get, I guess. But if you mean just promoting class consciousness, then making the economic argument more common, focusing on helping workers, or just doing organization and charity work in poor neighborhoods will get you much farther. I have a lady friend who is a teacher and she suggested starting something like the Pioneer club in poor neighborhoods. That is effective if you can get enough support. Gun clubs are not.
Well, we just disproved that, so stop worrying about revolution. Be prepared, yes, but don't go out with guns to a protest. That isn't going to get you anywhere but a hole in the ground.

Buy yourself a handgun you can conceal. Learn to use it, and carry it every day, even at home. Failing that, an AR-15 should be the default rifle of choice.

I only got to use bb rifles… When did you drop scouts? I think I was first class or something, dropped it around 6th grade because it was getting way too religious for me. pic related.

It bums me out. I wish there were a secular organization like it, it was fun.

AR-15 is pretty soft-shooting. No problem learning on that other than the cost of ammo. Just make sure to do your dry-fire drills.

Get the fuck outta here.

They hate us user, its simple as that. They would kill us if given the chance, and they usually try to under the guise of "small government".

I hate them too, and that's just the way it is. Long ago I gave up on trying to 'level' and appease these types of folks. The right wingers with guns are usually just waiting for another Katrina so they can shoot "looters" (black people) without any consequences.

You can wave a flag, go to the same church, shoot at the same gun range, and even trade tips, but they'll never consider you a "patriot" like they see themselves. You'll never be "one of the guys".

i have family members that do this, jesus h christ its so fucking annoying. they are the #1 reason why i can't fucking stand veterans, and really could give a fuck about the whole 'support our troops' nonsense. they are the biggest fucking hypocrites and might as well be fascists with their delusional "yes man" attitude toward the government, god, and everything else

and even worse, they're in denial that this is the result of government brainwashing. they see themselves as 'enlightened' for shooting sand niggers in the desert for a couple months, always feeling the need to get in the last word on all things related to us foreign policy.

most veterans suffer from a delusional kind of dunning-kruger phenomenon where they think others should bow to them, and they're more qualified than anyone to talk about politics. they eat, shit, and breathe right wing ideology.

the only good vets i ever have met were the quiet ones that almost got killed, or had limbs blown off, because they legitimately understood the severity of their 'sacrifices' ..

all these other people that constantly talk about the military i don't take seriously at all. they might have shot their gun once or twice, i dunno, but they have a huge rambo complex…

the most powerful thing you can do is just disrespect them, because that's exactly what they demand from everyone 24/7. they love it when fellow 'americans' kiss their fucking asses and tongue their balls

and they they show their true fascist colors when you show them this disrespect. they are willing to get physical with you if you destroy the flag, even though it is a protected form of speech.

when you say things they disagree with, they immediately talk about how you should move to north korea or some other tin pot country, all the while espousing this rhetoric about how much they value 'free speech' (as long as its right wing speech).

in general, they fought for a vision of america that is completely distorted from reality. they were brainwashed into believing they were the 'good' guys and are usually the one shouting down anyone they disagree with at home, starting fights with "liberals" (even though that definition is always growing wider and wider), refusing to get off welfare, defending the militarization of the police (and the killing of unarmed blacks that inevitability results from it) and just about everything else. in some cases, they are worse than the 'black welfare' stereotype. they never accept responsibility for themselves, and bitch when people hold them accountable for their actions.

it makes me fucking sick that our country has memorials for them at every fucking sports game ever, that every corporation proudly has a "we hire veterans!" sign on the outside, that every place they go they get a "military discount", and generally, that nobody ever tells them their entire life was wasted in the military fighting for the most tyrannical organization in existence at this very moment: the us government.

fuck the military, fuck the police, and fuck the people who always shill for these fucked up institutions like they're on god's side, they can all get fucked

What is it about the pro-gun left that seems to break the minds of the right?

The idea that your enemies are just as interested in arming themselves as you are should be easily accepted common sense, but right-wingers will perform all sorts of mental gymnastics to avoid acknowledging this basic fact. What's the deal with this?

I don't care. 2nd amendment is for every legal citizen. I just worry about one those John Brown morons accidentally shooting someone.

Most mass shootings are right wing don't worry.

Three point turns are easy. I've done them in the middle of nowhere with a cliff edge on one side. Not every road in America is a broad highway or interstate road.

I heard about the knife laws. Some user said if you defend yourself against a home invader that you could be thrown into prison. Is that true?

Lmao! Niggers never buy guns legally. How would a ban stop them?

You are saying you wouldn't shoot someone invading your home? What is your address?

What have you done to improve the USA. I admit my works have been minor. Mostly trying to stem the flood of unwanted cats and dogs.

It's highly tied to masculinity. Bubba only buys big guns and big trucks to distract himself from his 60 hour work week in unsafe conditions. It's the same kind of elitism you see in any hobby, but magnified.

Most are from nogs and muslims that just shoot at everything in sight. Look up the stats. Just because one moron killed some churchgoers doesn't change anything. The largest mass killings in the USA outside of 9/11 were from an Asian and a Muslim.

My husband is into muzzleloaders and flintlocks. I like old rifles and shotguns. I wouldn't mind having an AR. I might get one soon. They have gotten cheaper. Tell me how big the dick I don't have is.

Maybe I'm a complete reactionary but I don't get the hatred of gun culture and car culture one bit, in fact I fucking love them (with the exception of the openly reactionary bits like rolling coal faggots for cars and the somewhat disturbing home defense fantasy types for guns). They are diverse, complex communities that can also serve as a hobby to improve your capabilities for the revolution.

I'm talking specifically about the people who use rifles as penis substitutes. If you don't use them as such, I'm not talking about you.

I've been considering buying a gun, any suggestions for a first time gun owner? I live in AZ so any and all suggestions are within legal boundaries here.

Glock, AR15, .22 rifle.

If just looking to get used to a gun, buy a bolt action or semi-auto .22, get used to working with it and then buy an ak-pattern rifle for the commie memes

Bolt-actions are pretty useless unless you're hunting or sniping. AKs are overpriced compared to an AR-15.

You are not going to use the .22 for any sort of actual combat, there's no reason to grab semi-auto other than if you really like the feel of a certain one. I'll give you the AK part, plus finding cheap non-corrosive slav rounds basically isn't a thing.


None of the people posted in this thread look like a serious threat. Walking around with a gun is one thing. Being able to use them is another thing. Pic related commie slut bitch getting corrected for being a communist. Even communist children need to be reprimanded with violence.

You do realize that you're on an imageboard, right? You're not going to shock people by being edgy. Go back to reddit if you want to get some actual reactions.

I didn't post that to cause asspain. I posted it to show that not everyone's soldier material. Whenever I point out that skinny trendy hipsters and overweight mystery meat women don't make good fighters I'm usually met with dumb ass responses saying you don't need to be fit and masculine to shoot a gun, but that's not the truth. People like this can't keep calm in a life threatening situation, just like those sluts.

I'd make the argument that a bunch of skinny-ass 14 year olds did not too bad over there in the spanish civil war, but of course they lost that one so who knows. War is tough emotionally and physically, you can't really know who's going to end up breaking until you get to that point and in the case of revolution people who stay calm are way more important than people who can heft a ~120lb set of gear for a multi-hour patrol since you're not going to be doing the same kind of efforts as you'd see in traditional, modern military operations.

My bad, I thought you meant a bolt-action rifle or a .22.


Hey, I'll agree that most people in the public leftist sphere are not going to be useful revolutionaries but luckily the revolution isn't happening tomorrow.



they want to ban all semi automatic longarms.

the ar15 is THE american gun, and democrats want it banned.

Leftists don't hate guns you idiot, liberals do.


not true. rightists are hugely interested in training and using guns for practical purposes. there's an entire industry of combat veterans, including specops veterans, training civilians to use guns practically. spend 5 minutes in any online gun community and you'll see rhetoric about killing "liberals" and the like

the right is heavily armed and highly motivated. failure to appreciate that is a potentially fatal mistake

I think its awesome that some lefties like guns.
I love all the red pilled lefties.

As long as they dont outnumber the righties im happy. Because we all know the dangers of collectivism when it comes to using force against individuals for the 'greater good'.

they want to ban guns in practical terms; they want to get rid of semi-auto rifles and abolish open & concealed carry. they want "the right to bear arms" to mean "you can own a bolt action rifle if you want to hunt game and you meet these requirements." they are resolutely opposed to the use of guns for personal defence

"tighter regulations" in their vernacular means "ban anything that scares us"

I know this would be maybe an abuse of power but can mods tell me if it's all one Holla Forums autist continuously making increasing manic defeatist posts in this thread, or a leftcom?

new manufacture, Non-corrosive 7.62x39 is easy as shit to find, and it's cheaper than basically all .223.

No? I'm saying i hate right wingers. Holy crap you're retarded. Can you read?

flawed question. no single individual 'improves' the country. the system is set up to fight against any lone individual trying to do any good and will never have any effect beyond random charitable acts.

I think you're just really butthurt for one reason or another. Most vets aren't like that. Sure, most are right-wing, but they aren't the caricatures you seem to want to portray them as. They're just people, like everyone else, and most get fat after service, so it's not like they're chasing that alpha male status.

I took my pet frog (called pepe) to see the Vet while I was wearing my maga hat and the vet didnt seem very right wing.

Damn, now I kind of want a pet frog called Pepe.

I forget sometimes, this is leftypol. It's not "right wing" they eat, shit and breath m8. It's "hero worship", where every 24 year old who spent 4 years swinging a broom on an army base in texas is a hero.

I blame non-milfags more than the actual milfags to be honest. They don't have to demand shit, the average person is tripping over themself to "thangs fer da serbice" whenever they find out someone was in.

The left's general aversion to masculinity and self improvement is AIDs

This needs to change if we're going to have a future. A lot of leftists have been duped by modern culture into self-destructive habits in the belief that they are somehow rebelling. You cannot rebel against your own body and mind. You can only build it up or tear it down. Clubs for young people like boy scouts are a good model to follow. That's a way to inculcate class consciousness while also providing services to the working-class community that are sorely needed.

butthurt? of course! my experiences with vets have pretty much all been like this.. the good ones are in such a minority its not worth mentioning, seriously.

and their being fatasses after getting out doesn't really help much, it makes it worse. you end up with some fat fuck on government assistance telling you how 'superior' he is to you and shit… they are the most condescending pieces of crap in this country

and of course, leftypol is one of the few places i can say this. every vet would sperg like a fucking autist if i told them any of this in real life, get all butthurt like a little bitch because i slightly bruised their ego and talked shit about america, even though most of it is obvious to anyone that's gotten fucked over enough times

Not potentially, absolutely. This cannot be emphasized enough.

* but absolutely

Well, I've had the opposite experience, and since I've been in the military, I guess I would know more of them than you. Have you ever considered that you might just be an asshole? I'm not denying those people exist, but you're deliberately trying to get others to believe that all vets are like that, and unironically using the notall meme is also ridiculous, since really only SJWs really use it.

More like having a laughing fit.