Are art degree's useless?

Are art degree's useless?
Should gender studies be banned?
Which area's of academia should be cut?

All disciplines of social sciences and humanities. Except law and economics, they actually generate profit.


Everything is useless.

It should remain open.

To filter the stupid and the weak from the clever and strong. Think of it as a trial by fire - those selecting the easier way out will find hardship, while those who endeavor against hardship will find wealth and glory.

Art degrees are useless under capitalism, since the almighty market decides whether what you specialize in is useless or not.

Depends on what Art degree it is and how good you are at it.
I wouldn't go to uni anyway if I was you, too bloody expensive


The very act of being alive is futile and useless under capitalism.

this. most degrees are just permission slips

only if education is means and not the end

Note that doesn't mean that art skills are useless. Unfortunately, the former does not imply the latter nowadays.

Of course not.
They should be forced to apply scientific rigor or get defunded, though.

None, academia should comprise the entirety of human skill and knowledge.
The caveats above about scientific rigor OR teaching useful skills applies.

4/10, I reacted.


Yes. You don't need to study art to become an artist. Just do your thing, experiment, experiment and do more experiment. Most academics in fine arts schools are absolutely retarded.
Unfortunately i only realized this after i graduated…wasted money and time. Although i have to say that the only thing useful in art degrees is that you get to know people with similar mindsets which problably i wouldn't met in a different way.
I'm so happy there's no such thing as "gender studies" in my country….although it will eventually arrive, fucking USA.

He says, posting a meme

he says, posting a Stirner meme

The military


No, on the contrary enabling the working class to work their way up in creative fields is the only viable route to cultural progress. One of the reasons for the present stagnation in general culture is the way neoliberal reforms tore up this route of advancement. (Not always as official as taking the degree route, of course, even a more generous welfare state makes it much easier to be unemployed while playing music…)
Should gender studies be banned?
No, but colleges and universities should generally be owned by the state and run at arms length, and funding priorities should be looked at.
Nearly every economics department should be bulldozed and the lecturers sent to collective wheat farms/iron mines built on Sraffa's example economy by day and subjected to actually reading Keynes General Theory by night.

Post Keynesians get to keep their offices and are given tenure. Marxians get a fruit basket and an extra week's holiday. The entire University of Chicago is to be bulldozed and turned into an alternative general-aviation airport for the Chicago area since Meigs Field was torn up illegally in 2003

Economics departments actively contribute to wrecking economies.

gender studies shouldn't be banned, but someone's gotta call out that feminist bullshit

If anything, being free from the treatment of university as an extension of high school would only benefit academia in terms of having appropriate candidates with genuine passion and interest in the subject, rather than the situation in the UK where you only crank out your 2.1. in literally anything from a decent uni to get a job.


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