Is anyone else glad Bernie "cuckmeister" Sanders didn't win so he wasn't the one tanking the economy and bombing the...

Is anyone else glad Bernie "cuckmeister" Sanders didn't win so he wasn't the one tanking the economy and bombing the middle east, tarnishing the reputation of the left?

And how many of you think he wouldn't have caved in and why? he wasn't really opposed to imperialism he alone wouldn't be able to stop an economic collapse with mild reforms.

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He was a cuck tho.

Social democracy don't work unless you have a population with very high labor power, and national control of capital. So yeah Bernie would have crashed and burned

Not even Holla Forums, but Bernie was pretty much a huge cuck.

Made me lose most of the respect I had for him.

He did seem a bit of a pushover tbqh

this. it was embarrassing

Who cares…We live in a world where Hilary Clinton is called radical left. Hell…i've seen people online calling bankers radical leftists.
Now that Trump is showing he's mroe of the same(no surprises there) i bet he's goign to to start to be called a leftist as well

hope to fuck you mean "left standing when the music stopped" and not "dude universal healthcare will literally destroy the USA lmao"

Considering who he was up against I have no reason to believe this isn't how it went down.

If your gonna degrade yourself with entryism into anything as vile as the Democratic Party, you might as well take one for the team.

I think it's a definite yes because the thing is with Bernie is that while his economic policy wasn't horrible I think there are so many factors that one he wouldn't able to do what he wants once he won even if the house was all democrats and two every fuck up he could and probably would this nation would of gotten more class cucked than it already is and all we would of heard about is how bad socialism is. It's one thing when a succdem fucks up in Europe because Europeans are not so class cucked that all of them go on about how socialism destroys everything as we can see with the Greek anarchist reaction to SYRIZA or the French anarchist reaction to the labor reforms pushed by the "socialist" party.

Considering half his appearances in the news are shittalking the democrats I think he's actually playing the 4d chess that people say Trump is playing.


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*we live in a country

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He wanted to increase corporate taxes, that would have probably stifled the economy and inhibit investment. Social Democracy doesn't work.

Bernie is too old to make another run for president in 2020 much less make another run. His current criticism of some aspects and figures of the democratic party is designed so that he will hand off the center-left of the party to the preferred candidate in 2020.

I'm leaning towards Zucc since shillary will run again and be just as unpopular.

If he really wanted to damage the dems and drive people towards socialism he would've hit Hil hard and refused to endorse her. Instead he's going to try to keep people involved in the two-party capitalist electoral slave-system of the US well until 2020 (assuming he's still alive) and probably past then.

Bernie's betrayal by Hillary was one of the major factors spurring renewed interest in socialist parties in the US. But, Bernie didn't do it himself but merely played off what was there, and in a way he legitimized the whole spectacle because in the land of McCarthy, Nixon, and Regan (PBUH) defenders of American bourgeois democracy could point to a "socialist" in the race as proof that the system allows different and non-hegemonic views to thrive.

A socialist, mind you, who considered himself "conservative" when compared to Eisenhower.

*much less win and govern

meanwhile in reality: consistently higher growth 1950-1971
neoliberalism doesn't work.