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how do you feel about this Holla Forums?

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It's fantastic. The free market of ideas motivate people to look up to the 1% and think that they can too be one of them.

if you post here you probably fit into the global 1% :^)

it's just the free exchange of ideas, pro-capitalist establishment figures get a ton of slush money from billionaires and corporations and rise to the top because their ideas are just better

It shows that rightcucks are the new sjws. Remember when Patreon was derided as hipster welfare during gaymurgay because high profile sjws used it to fund twitter rants? Now it's being used by autists like this guy, Sargon, and Jordan Pederson to make youtube videos.

Whilst I don't agree with most of his ideas and he is certainely misonformed about some topics.
He does some interesting content (although it has a strong right wing amerocan bias), at least he is not pure retarded ideology like prager u

1=17 to 20
Third worldist math is shittier than their ideas.


He really should go back to talking about games. His videos are boring as fuck. Other people do a better job on podcasts and youtube for less money.

what does that girl even represent?

who gives a shit? People give him money because they want to. If people want to go into their backyard and set their paychecks on fire, I don't really care.

his scripted videos are just hot dog shit. I actually like watching his stuff because (a) I'm not a insecure, closed minded ideologue who insists on never seeing anything that I don't already know I'm going to agree with and (b) because he tends to make at least competent, if not correct, points. He just needs to do it unscripted, he's a stiff wooden mannequin when he's reading off a script.

It represents 3rd wave feminists insistence on appropriating pre-existing establishments to push their agenda because they're unable to create anything themselves.

right, there's some big conspiracy to make sure this random nobody gets a moderately large audience to spout tame, overused pro-capitalist arguments. I mean, duh.

feminism or something idk

do they intend to regulate the stock market? good luck getting into office…

My point is that they took a statue that was already a part of the city, placed a gimmicky "muh feminism" sticker onto it and they're acting like they made something now.

Right wing thinktanks and front media organisations get literally billions in donations, I hardly see it as so unbelievable that the money is spread around to people on the internet too.

I think they've got a lot better outlets to spend their money on. If anything, it would be better to spend that kind of money buying out platforms.
the right wing doesn't operate that way, paying people to speak at the same volume as everyone else. They buy out platforms so that they can have a louder voice.

The right wing has trillions of dollars behind it. They fund street level activists in venzuela while colluding with their media subordinates to control messaging on the mass media level.

Why wouldn't a bunch of people willingly give money to a person who defends the worldview that is directly tied to their power?

I give $28 to leftwing patreons and I'm destitute.

This is your mind on pseudo-Christian idealism and moralism.

You literally sound like the Holla Forumsyps who think that everything is Soros funded.
They're retarded conspiracy theorists and so are you.

If you ever did you'd realize a lot more of it goes into the right-wing side of politics because more billionaires are right-wing and the right has a smaller social base. As for the comparison with Soros the right-wing conspiracy theories about him are nuts but he's real, he exists, he actively influences politics throughout the world.

Its pretty obvious that his aim is to fund a fake social-democratic and/or social liberal left in order to create more mass consent for capitalist policies and to marginalize the anti-capitalist left among its own social base. He's not some communist Jew as Holla Forumsyps imagine but actually a very active anti-communist who funded astroturf movements in the former Soviet Union such as the various color revolutions that were very much to the benefit of Western capital.

right. Well, if you've got evidence for literally any of that, I'd love to see it. Otherwise, Occam's Razor.


you're retarded if you think people don't give money to people because they parrot back what they want to hear.

that's not a conspiracy theory. That's people spending their money how they want to. Much more reasonable than "muh jews Koch Brothers fund every single protest and voice in the world that disagrees with me nobody actually thinks things I don't think"

Like private yachts? You are aware that you cannot pour millions upon millions into media outlets and not leave money trails, right? There are known ties between corporations and think tanks, like the Ayn Rand Institute being funded by the Koch brothers. It's not a grand plan, but merely animal instinct, the few being well aware that they will be torn apart by the many if they don't instil false consciousness in them.

No one is saying that. We just observe that certain classes have a lot more money to spend on the things that think and propagandize for them.

again, if anyone has any actual evidence, I'll take it seriously.

You're an idiot, there's already mountains of evidence that the rich control the media, and control more money than they can spend. You'd be gargling their balls even with hard evidence in this case.

I mean we, as a board gave 500 dollars to Richard Wolff just last year. It's not hard to imagine what a group of people with more money, a larger audience, and filled with pure ideology would be giving.

How much are the capitalists from Chapo Trap House milking from you comrades?

Literally just crack open a book sometime kid. Here the first one is free:
Here's a short interview with the article for you just in case you post that shitty meme bout "read hundreds of pages and get back to me":

Let me summarize Fred Koch was an oil engineer who couldn't hack it in America so he was hired on to help aid oil production in the Soviet Union, and paid a hefty sum for his services. He got pretty butthurt bc Uncle Joe really meant it when he said he wanted to destroy capitalism, so after working on oil facilities in the Soviet Union (which was what made him rich initially btw) he went to work in Nazi Germany. After WWII he was at work funding the John Birch society which was well-known for its hard-right politics and conspiratorial anti-communism. Fred himself saw desegregation as a communist plot.

Later his sons went to work by pushing a libertarian vision and founding conservative think tanks and liberally paying out hundreds of millions to their preferred conservative candidates and astroturf movements like the Tea Party.

If you checked the catalogue you'd know we literally have a thread up discussing the big money behind conservative "anti-establishment" politics right now.

The soros thing is just well-known.

Who the fuck is he anyway? How did he get so many subscribers in a couple of months, and how has he managed such a positive tweet:follower ratio? Even twitter celebs and journos struggle to get this.

*with the author
Top kek



Fuck I just realized OP is a lying cuntbag and his is monthly too.

The guy who defended Mass Effect 3's ending worked for hayek

Adding this to the thread on bourgeois support for the right-wing.

Fucking lmao.

They congratulate themselves for adding their own statue to the edifice, while it really should be torn down in its entirety, not added to.

Wew lad

Chapo's is split between six people.

I play a lot more video games than I should which is how I ended up listening to him to begin with. But, real talk he's the definition of a faux intellectual.

He says crap like leftist are incapable of debating and it's an inherent skill of conservatives etc and is generally disingenuous. Essentially he thinks right wing ideology is the only ideology with any logic to it and then claims to be a centrist. I've been a leftist for a long time and I honestly only listen to him to laugh at his political arguments. Yes, they're that bad.

In particular this guy should just be ignored. He claims he'd like to run for president or a political office at some point. However, any skilled leftist would annihilate him in a debate.

no one said that

but they mostly have proof

That is literally what right-wingers think when people from their side get liberally funded by the establishment or come into a large sum of money for retarded reasons like this case.

how fucking sad that this is a thing


I don't use twitter but I use it as a good way to gauge how completely schizophrenic someone is. If someone is at 200:1 they're fucking insane, 20:1 is average.

you mean for non celebrities?


what the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

That quartet of cucks he was a part of already made fucking 50k spread accross two Patreons despite being literally whos. I knew it was obvious they had corporate funding disguised in the mix, especially with Moriarty being a shameless corporate shill.

Now he gets kicked for a harmless sexist joke, and he's making 36k just for being a corporate shill?

For fuck's sake, Youtube is fucking deluged with happy-faced fascists and pinochetarians. The internet was the biggest mistake of all.