Why aren't there more drawings of this qt girl Stirner-chan?

Why aren't there more drawings of this qt girl Stirner-chan?
I feel like this is a huge issue that isn't being addressed.

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Because Holla Forums is kill, were all migrating to GETchan



Bunkerchan is the last bastion only to be used in the event of emergency

I want a SoL anime in which Stirner-chan despooks her classmates

Bunkerchan has no influence. GETchan still exists, but like the image says, it stopped being relevant in 2015.

Since Holla Forums carries the torch of sovietrussia, then in a way we are descendants of /z/, aren't we?

Stirner chan is a miracle of the universe

These quints are my property.

In light of this new acquisition, I demand more smug stirner loli.

so close

SoRu was an attention whoring piece of shit.
/z/ was kickass though.

here u go
a pretty eh drawing of the spooky smug loli


kein problem

This is really good, thanks user!

I prefer professor egoism

She a cute. CUTE!!!

Its litterally made and maintained as a backup for leftypol. Of course "it has no influence"


Is the age of consent a spoke?


sure, but its a spook that is I like.

here we go again
anyone got any good tutorials for drawing digitally? wanna make some proper OC

why the fuck do images flip when they are taken from a phone? its so stupid

You disgusting motherfucker. Now I can't unsee your depraved fetish.


Her chin's not pointy enough.

pointy chins aren't cute

is there a irl version of stirner chan?


post it

I'm still doing it

IRL is a spook.

wait really?

I am

Because you haven't drawn them yet, lazy stirnerfag.



If you're taking requests then do a smug version of this plz.

Here you go. Not to happy with this one, kind of fucked up the arms, but whatever. Hope this is what you wanted, cuz im not going to draw her naked with some occult tattoos.

thanks anyway

I know you never practised and are inexperienced in the arts, but that's some atrocious calligraphy.

I know

you all realize it's only a matter of time before r34 of Stirner-chan being gang-raped by SS soldiers will be drawn, right?




We are all degenerates here, fam.
All lewds are good.

dont let your dreams be dreams

tina lee

every comment she makes is cringe.

because she's 15. It's cute.

Pftha, alright I didn't know that. That is cute.

who tf is that


well thats just silly

really makes you think

That's pretty adorable.

A lot of her stuff looks like it was made by a typical 15 yo, but I like this one she made.



Surprise surprise.

I've finally finished my ms paint artwork I spent so much hours on! Special edition incoming summer stirner chan


spooks lmao

Bumpin for more Stirner-chan


My kokoro goes doki-doki for Stirner-chan!

dont get your hopes up, I actually suck
after finals imma learn how to draw digitaly so get ready for slightly more ok stuff then

I want to be Stirner-chan's property!


very cute

goodluck, we need more content creators and the stuff you did draw was good

Live damnit!

How sure are we Stirner wasn't actually a cat?