Be me, 1889

What do I say to convince these communists they are wrong?

tell them it won't work due to hueman nature

post shit threads on their boards incessantly and say other men sleep with their wife, that will win anybody over instantly

Build them rollercoasters.

You fund economists to say that value means how much people pay for shit on a market and how goods are made is irrelevant based on autistic graphs.

Two words: Yoghurt Day

fam, I got you covered
The Smartest liberals and monarchists of the day all stand by this method.

At that time, communism had yet to be established as a separate political force helping agitate and guide workers. Workers back then all just started fighting against capital by themselves, because surprise surprise: capitalism's workings are disgusting.

It still hasn't, unfortunately, because a communist society has yet to exist.

Marx wasn't an economist, and he trashed economics as the discipline of capital's myopic subjects (his magnum opus, Capital, is subtitled "Critique of Political Economy").

You should have screamed harder at their species-being.

These are what actually happened in two separate narratives (finance capital backing early Austrians such as Jevons, productive capital such as Texaco backing fascists like Franco), two narratives which are only now reuniting on Holla Forums (ancaps and alt-right neo-nazis) and revealing themselves to have been the same all along because the only real dichotomy is that of domination (capitalists of all stripes) and domination's elimination (communists, anarchists, and other socialists).

Trick them into wanting a capitalist welfare state instead of communism

Correction: a modern communist society has yet to exist
If we're taking time existed (and, by corollary, long-term feasibility) as a criterion of a mode of production's success, primitive communism in the forms of hunter-gatherer societies and peasant communes (eg Russia's "mir", which existed up until Stalin's collectivization), then communism has been the most successful mode of production in human history. The goal is to, in a modern, developed context, return to its abolition of "work" as a separate category of life by reintegrated labor into daily life and community.
Already, we see its beginnings in the most advanced exploitation of modern capitalism - the gig economy. If the means of subsistence in daily life were to be given freely to all by abolishing property so as to unleash productive capacities and produce according to what people actually need as directed through modern data science and cybernetic economic planning, what today is the concept of the gig economy could cease to be a cruel joke and instead be expanded to the rest of society as both a means of organizing production efficiently and determing who gets scarce goods (you do the necessary work which no one else wants to do, you have the muh privilege of eating gold-plated caviar). A parallel transition from capitalist development to communist fruition has happened already in the digital world, with free software and piracy constituting communism (all is for all; from each what they can and want to give, to each according to what they want) because property cannot be protected on the web. We're already part of the way there.
tl;dr: this pic, but unironically

this tbh

reading this made me realise how scared porkies in the 19th century must have been.
All of those 'gotcha!' arguments against socialism simply didn't exist at all so they must have had nothing to fall back on other than their authority.


Socialism should be a porky too.

You made me want to play Victoria 2 and make a hardcore Stalinist Austria as if there are other forms of socialism in the game except Social Democracy and Stalinism for some reason.

Back to >>>/reddit/ faggot

tell them that Anarchists are the real authoritarians, then call everything you don't like Anarchism

Which is pretty much 19th century vision of anarchists irl.

autistically screech from your window and hire large irish men to protect you, also spread anti semitic myths in your city to scare people about judeo-bolshevism. buy people in the neighborhood goods and services on your own dollar. Then say, "you can be generous too if you embrace HARD WORK and Capitalism"

You still go to gulag, but will get cigarettes.