Test's a lumberjack and he's okay

test's a lumberjack and he's okay

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kinda early cuppers



I sleep all night and I work all day.

Gay as hell.

Still have the beard in fact. It's nice, cuts the number of times I have to show my ID for alcohol in half.

That is still a bottom and STOP

I'm not even that drunk tho.

I would emote facepalming here.

Test's a lumberjack and he's okay.

He cuts down trees, he wear high heels, suspenders and a bra.
He wishes he'd been a girlie, just like his dear papa.

fucking pussy

Fight me, tubby.

I want to buy the drunk lumberjack Test skin when it's half price.

Also I live in the suburbs so if I went outside I'd just be a bit cold.

why do people repost?

people can actually read after the early thread is posted by grim or cuppers

They can but some don't.

I want to play more but my body is telling me no.

Should I caffeinate and play more instead



ok so let me get your take on this

if a dog was in the back of a pickup in this weather in front of you while you were about to get on the expressway

what would you think?


"Rednecks at it again".

grim stop playing games your body is telling you no

The Subway menu too much for you?

I had ny pizza and a taro boba milkshake today. Who needs subway.

L shapes sound like the best.
but i don't think i've ever heard of an "on rails" type of chair before.


thats the joke


Link to it?
i'd like to see this.



It was like 20 minutes tho


you're too tired.



i'mma do other stuff now anyways :P

I have another monster

i was really triggered but then i was watching the dog

it was a german shepherd and he/she really seemed to like it and be used to it

like once we got on the expressway she laid down,

then perked up once we bottlenecked

i just have not seen that around here. we used to ride in the back of trucks in the country

but i'm pretty sure it's not legal in the greater chicago area


Put up your dukes.

Man, you got so roasted... how can you live.

Do we have a second poster named Luka?


I never saved it.

It was basically a rail on the underside and the chair was on the rail. Not much to it.

yeah shes a hungry canada too


This image perfectly describes me in my job lol

hi xoxolbert

hot damn that deep v

are you sure?

like 10 seconds beforehand

Its only worth it if you enjoy with me

fukken gay

Is that a Gossip Girl reference?

My eyes are up HERE!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

grim i love you dude but why are still trying to fuck luka?

pretty sure that will never happen

and besides you tried to dox him several times

not a healthy relationship all and all

sometimes I think
what if colbear was a girl?

he's make such a good mother


maybe.... since u got monster?

sounds complicated! like it could be prone to breaking down... i dunno

i'll enjoy it / i enjoy it.

Don't you literally suck dick, though?

Flight of fancy I suppose.

-s +d

inb4 d jokes

what are you talking about my dear boy

Why would you think "what if colbear was a girl?"

if there's any chance of the poster being a girl he's on it like a fly on shit.

awww yeee

imma crack a can open
gimme 20mins to let the caffeine kick in and ill start

I'll take that as "He's a good mentor"

Yeah but YOU literally suck dick

you moved recently too?

i'll sip on my lesser code reds and reopen stream then.

if theres any chance of dick you're on it like a fly on shit tho?


oh my that was fierce

I already won.

Next month.

I was totally on sinni like a fly on shit right

Yeah but I mean to be fair what Grim said.

wow good job goggles nice and edgy


grim we don't all know the difference between towl heads

i know sunni and shiite

what is a sinni

Yeah but I mean to be fair.

that wasn't very fair
it wasn't very fair at all

the first one
not the one aimed at goggles


Thanks. I told Test I was edger than Clint.


a real grill

who here would punch goggles in the base of the skull

I know I would

By the time you first met her didn't you already have a girlfriend though?

Yeah but I mean, to be fair, honestly.

tbh the comma between mean and to is important

you got a girl? nice dude

is the place nice?

Who here would murder someone at the sight of a penis?

I know Grim would.

I had a girlfriend when I met wish too

My old room with Snuffles back in Alabama.
Loved it there.

Come on.


not sinni
but ye

Such surprising

Yeah but honestly to be fair, nobody would care.


Grim would literally murder if he saw the penis

has she met your parents

Lol theyre in indochina xD

grim is not that closeted guys

she will, this summer, ill meet hers too

He stated that he is.

oh you reckon it's another arranged one?

oh wait I mean next summer


He's in the closet almost always dressed as superman.

oh so a place you've lived before?

sounds like it will be pleasant like a returning from homesickness kind of feeling to a comfortable place you've known.

it's nice that your snuffles friend is letting you back in with them :)

If you're going to meme, you better meme right

stop being such a rude boy, geeze


have you met this "woman" before

The if I see a penis I'll murder a tranny thing.

Then her e-vagina should be completely irrelevant.

Can't stop, won't stop.

you said that you were supposed to have one

but you backed out

It is xD some ceylon thing

It will be good to go back.

chick looked hella cute too i don't see why i would arrange smashed that

I'm not going to entertain your bait any longer

that was me just introspecting deep
back then I was pretty unsteady in my sexuality
I'm confident that I'm straight now though

wasn't arranged

Grim still angry ag darbear over being cucked bh wish??? Wow man brutally

in english

back then I was pretty unsteady in my sexuality


any plans? or just going to settle in that place for a while, and live comfortably.

Hung up
On emma
O boi mister krabs


yeah i guess it is bretty baity


I am saving for a small plot of land hopefully.


who here would commit violence against another poster because they had the audacity to not be someone you liked? I know I would.

I changed my mind
im making ramen instead

felt some deep dread of a heart attack or something


man if I ever catch someone irl doing something that I don't approve of holy shit I'm gonna fuck them up so good tho


Hey man, how else are you supposed to make people online afraid of you.

Same, if they told me "this was me" and revealed the hidden penis.
I think id have to skin them

i would like send poop overseas to ikt cause his dong threatens my masculinity

also i would probably spit in an envelope and send it to eva



I'm fucking terrified rn. I just hope no one digs up old dirt on me from my pony days...those dark dark days...

what's a good acreage? 100 sqft?
with a house already built on it? 100k+ ?
i wonder how land tax works out, or how you will get internet or electricity or water supply plumbed out to the house on the plot.
soo many things to do...

stay alive!

I don't like you but I still laughed.

When buying online girlfriends, remember, brown is bargain bin. Good deals.

i want her

ill just ask your ex if I want that info and more


Just imagine if some posted the pictures of yourself that you posted to talk shit about you.

100 feet is like, a room.
I think it's like 6 acres.

Remember that time, in pony, when you made that obnoxious long souble response because so many replies?

thanks :3

it's funny because you definitely know who both of them are and how to contact them

that would be fucking horrific.

p-please stop bringing this up holy shit scoots ;-;

Its almost like he is threatening you, gj your ex died in the car crash


whacha up to now? still wondering if you should FF or OW

I cooked food and am watching Bob's Burgers.

in fact
is kinda what i go for generally in life


yeah jokes on him. the dead tell no tales.


ecks dee

I mean, he'd have to talk to a real gay person... think he is bluffing

grim like there's no shame in fapping to traps

well there is

but i would argue that the shame makes it better

my point was meant to be that there is no gay or straight

you love traps and have tons of "gay" tendencies

are you gay?


so is everyone

i cooked eggs & hash browns with chiken in it. oh and spinach and white cheese.
and then i watched grim stream "Horizen Zero dawn: Zelda 2.0/monster hunter: the game."
for a few hours while threading.

how rough is your internet anyways? mines just 15 down and 5 up 70 ping avg

Stop tp
He gets angery if you suggest cirzen has cawk

Which traps have you fapped to?

I boiled and spiced some potatoes and then marinated them in some dressing, cheese, and bacon bits.

I would have to look later.

you know how old this banter is right

Casey kisses has a nice female dick

what is the dressing? some kinda sauce similar to mayo? or?

Tbh grim nearly fucked ghostie

is it worth responding to shots in the dark


mine is new

i just wrote it


Answer the question, PHIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After that ine coke line he was wild with the cocklust.


more accurately

colbert DID fuck ghostie

what was the question

sounds like an interesting mix of things.

Grim was cucked for the last time

its like 3y


It's pretty good.
One of the few things my mother use to cook that I can replicate.

My exes are under my patio. GOOD LUCK HOMBRE


not if i can help it

what i typed was like off my dome bro

all jokes aside, there's like three people around who even remember who my ex is, and literally no one has any contact with him anymore, because his only method of talking to people was steam and I have his old account.

but hey, if someone wants to be an internet tough guy and imply that they can figure that shit out to get all the non dirt on me, that's for them to have a party with. it's totally not creepy or why no one trusts him at all.

oh like probably all of them besides fish

It is a shame I could not meet him before he died in that car crash.

the fiery explosion was p cool tho

I dont care enough cup

sorry I guess

even that paige person?
damn man
low expectations

but u get what im saying?
the theme is mad old

shotgun cocking in the distance

i never fapped to the old traps like lexi or luka

You cock guns

Fish is the best one, though.


fraid so

"if I wanted to I could totally find out any and all information about you in a heartbeat.

heh. you're lucky I don't care enough, kid."

Grim just mad he isn't one if cupcakes evil exes

please stop making me vomit

it is fucking lit

mhg+g rank


What brand of autism is this? This rocks!

oh the arranged marriage thing?

yes it is

but at the same time what you are describing is the precursors of an arranged marriage so...

Your past will ketchup with you

who gets married at all without meeting parents tho

and no its not the arranged marriage thing

are you going to stick around for more than 10 posts this time

anyone who is smart

this was good.

Escape while you can.

Are you going to stick around for more than ten brain cells this time?

If they were smart, then why are they getting married?

Oh, hey. Whats up Spooky.

darwin do you think you will ever get married or have kids?

how are you feeling now?


Though I took in a lot of carbs so that won't be fun later.


bad juju


What aggros me most about grim is the incessant grand standing, which degenerates into aggression when it doesn't go his way. A special brand of autism.

yeah i just can't see it happening either. i'm way too much of an independent person and i don't really like kids at all

why not?

I usually don't get much fruit or dairy in me.
It's part of why I'm so unhealthy.

Also listening to this.

Nico nico niiiiiiiiiiii

that just amuses me. he's a constant source of entertainment that never has enough self reflection and insight to understand why everyone is laughing.

lactose intolerance?

seen that bird in a few zelda streams. :)

i have a ton of rod in this folder

cuppers will you get pissed if i post your dong with spoiler?

No, milk is just something I don't drink a lot of so it goes to waste.
I got use to eating so much shit food that I don't get it a lot. I think it's why I can't stay awake very well.

A domestic partnership would be tolerable, but that is still unlikely given how I am not good at keeping people around.

nah man. that picture has been leaked. it's public domain.

you'll find someone eventually

i don't even want to post it anymore

funny how that works

I love the memes

urge came back

prime cuppers dong

you don't know the memes. you never will know them.

nnnf. even I get turned on by this one.

He posted it
What a madman

it is the only one i have

hmm... come to think of it, i haven't drank milk in a long while either.
i've gotten my calcium intake from other food though.
i actually prefer the taste of soy now too.
yet i don't have sleep issues. i guess everyones different.

what 'bad food' have you been eating anyways?

ya know that bird guy in new zelda kinda reminds me or the owl from the older games.

remember this dude

i will give someone 10 bucks if they say his handle

yeah well, it was leaked. that picture has never been posted here by me, nor will it ever be. someone let it slip and now it's for all to enjoy. the risks are known when anything is shared online.

Time to get out of bed
Cupcake penis
I mean
Breakfast time

Holy shit its stevAn

My sleep issues are from a lot of shit. Doc says I'll die by 40 at this rate with how bad I keep care of myself and how much I work. Can't say it bothers me though.
I usually just eat at BK or something.

And you mean Kaepora Gaebora?
I think he's suppose to be more like the birds from Wind Waker.
Seems the Zora took the same route as them too.

Though it's odd 'cause the birds are evolved Zoras or something.

Was that Mizore?

bangers and mash you limey tosser

His mouth is so oddly small.

I feel like I recognize this but no name is coming to me.

Sorry for being a dick, by the way.

A sausage in the mouth

actually here in the states we just call it a sausage.


it's kinda how it goes

the rules of pictures are cut throat

i used to post a ton of irl shit

so i expected backlash when i stopped caring and started camming


you don't even need the money

i will send it to you though

Eh. There is probably a good reason for it.

Good. I want more video game shit that I will not use.

it's a decent way to learn who you can trust and who you can't. there's honestly only a few people scummy enough to post pictures that the person themselves hasn't given permission to post and that have only been shared in private. it's pretty slimy but hey, if that's what gets their jollies off far be it from me to judge.

Eh, not most days.
Sometimes what you say just hurts. Intentional or not. I am not sure being friends is really what I want right now, but there was no reason for my hostility.

who was this?

no money involved

it's more of a lets really appreciate how based this poster was

Thankfully squash hasn't publicly posted my ass pics

those fucking lips tho

yes. very VERY thankfully.

I would not want to torture the people here with such vile imagery.

Do not bully

I have not said anything about you outside of reacting to things Dom has posted.

Dazel was not based in the least.

you're the bully for even bringing my thought process down that path

It's more the duration of our relationship as friends.
The other night was just me being upset and on edge after grandpa passed.

I was not exactly ok with it.

Yeah the owl did advice kind of stuff in the old game right? like how this new Zora bird tell you advice in song riddles?
i havent wind waker.
wait... things evolved from that zora guy?

you don't eat enough for how much you work yourself? or is it you eat greasy is whats slowing you down? :\

You assed for this

scoots do not do this. I won't turn a brown eye to this. no ifs ands or butts.

how bout i just do your nefarious bidding or something

oh for sure as "creepy" as my saving and posting irl shit was

i always followed the rule that in thread is fair game

You hate us because you anus

From what I gathered the Rito tribe evolved after the sea flooded and the Zora were no more. That is why the ancestor of the bird girl is a Zora, much like Mikar has a Kokori like from OoT.

The owl was the tutorial character kind of. He mostly was used to give the player directions.

I eat greasy food a lot. I'm trying to eat better, but money and energy is hard to come by.

hell, I have a folder of irl pictures of posters from all over the place as well, but I sure as fuck wouldn't share or post them without permission or without seeing that they have been posted before by the person in question.

there's also people who save like, every chat log they ever have, just in case they need to use something against someone else in the future. it's pretty pathetic but that just makes it even more hilarious.

these jokes are getting refarted.

I have never been a good friend in general, so it was a good reason.

When I pretend to be a girl and start my own cult, I will be sure to ask you.

I shart'nt be doing that if I was you

Regardless, it was unneeded.

I'm too drunk to be assed to think of more butt puns.

I better get woke brb

yeah get out of here you fucking FAGGOT

yeah i would just cap logs when i would try to ironically cyber kamoo


fascinating how deep all this biology goes

hmm... diet change is tough... but there are good food out there that can be made to taste good to you, i'm sure.
more of a balanced complete daily intake or even weekly it it were to ever get that tough of all the healthy stuff.

shut up i have a thing where i like to ironically cyber the biggest sluts


Yeah. Pretty much any creature in Zelda games has an ancestry that can be traced back.

And it's not about taste, but more the energy I have to put into cooking and buying food. I eat salads now and then though so that's something. Hopefully once I move I'll be eating better because one of my room mates loves to cook.


don't think you get it

I'm not really sure how you can ironically cyber someone long enough to get a decent log. I've ironically rp'd dozens of times but it's like, a single post or maybe two. there was ONE time I ironically had that super edgy rp with ooble, but that was something we were both in on and laughing about the whole time.

what is that island?

you seems to eat a lot of red meats such as burgers and beef and such...
but do you eat much white meats... such as the nice and lean chickens and fish? i find these to be a healthier but still tasty option.
especially caesar salad-like.

rip limes and lemon

Thank goodness.

i will find you my kamoo log

can't for the life of me right now

it will change your life

Crater Lake I think.
Where Mt.Saint Helen erupted. The crater was formed and the small island left in the hole. It is located in Oregon. I suppose the person in the image lives near by.

And yeah, but it is processed to hell so it's not relatively good for you. As for chicken, no. I have never been a big fan of white meats. I should learn to eat them more though. Perhaps grilled chicken would be a good addition to my salads.

that's quite alright my dude

who is this guy

looks like a sideways ian

well it did

now it looks like a more confident nezi

remember this classic?


Kinda looks like Sneaky.

lol that wig

this guy ruled

post 2012 don't even know

oh cool a volcano lake with an island in the middle. :)

yeah processed red stuff sounds like it could be slowing you down.
grilled chicken in sauce works better than you imagine i'm guessing, because it's almost as if you are marinating the chicken in flavour.
also chicken can be made to taste good, and not dry and tasteless... just needs a little love and cooking the right way to keep the juiciness in ...spice too.
it's not that tough as it may sound. once you know the good ways to do it, i'm sure you'll love it.

Post that picture of your cock that you sent to Echo.

that's whats her face from the alice threads

MJ ? was that guys name in threads back then?

Yeah. I don't know how it formed exactly though.

I'm not big on marinated meats though. The texture just feels odd to me. I enjoy chicken that is thing, but not really wet. Not dry though. Kind of like a chicken strip.
I don't cook enough meat to know what to do with chicken if I had to cook it. I will probably learn to grill chicken for salads, or get a searing pan.



for sure

mj was a lesbian god


Nice job.


Oh, I thought it was Emma.

I was interested

I am so sorry. I only set you up for disappointment.

"It is estimated that about 720 years was required to fill the lake to its present depth"
neat. :)

maybe try experimenting with chicken and ways of grilling it at certain speeds and such. before slicing it into your salads?
there might be a good combination you might make in there someday for you.

If that thing that was posted after is it, I am no longer, and it is okay

Be glad it was not the cancer dick.

Was the lake there prior to the eruption?

I'm sure my room mate can help me cook it how I need. I trust him with that. I would just mess it up right now.

That sounds hilarious

Ask Anthony for it when he is around.

this is widely accepted as emma

well, theres my weekend ruined.

p cute. but I doubt very much that's emma.

That IS her, though.

Why would people lie on the internet?

this whole situation has left me much more strongly pro-test and it almost makes me feel dirty


pretty sure it is actually

Strongly in protest of what?

this is revy btw

i was gonna make that joke you jerk

Somebody raped this?



not kawaii desu ne enough tbh

Posting squash irl

Who spergs out hardest? Who is the most desperate for attention?

im really doubling down on the text avatar schtick.

can't be. the wish i fap to is a cat gril

Speaking. My problem is that I don't actually need attention, I just go regardless.

remember when garbear trapped?

this is a pinnacle moment

Well. later guys. Someone at work is being a pussyfuck and now I have to work my weekend off. I want to kill myself.

HE!!!!!!!!! IS NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

looks like it used to be a big tall volcano that collapsed in on itself

"Its caldera was created by an eruption 42 times greater than the one of Mount St. Helens in 1980."

"that was formed around 7,700 years ago"

looks like it predates mt st helens?

yeah that sounds nice. roomates are sometimes good.

that fucking sucks. see ya man.

im somewhat horrified that I actually like you degenerates

I don't know much about geography so I never learned much about the mountain or its development into a lake.

And they are. I miss living with others. If not for my cats I would not be able to cope.

honestly you think kanra derails threads well

i've still yet to see someone completely disrupt threads the way as effortlessly as garee did

You know, I hope they realize how retarded it is to tell people that only AFTER friday night.

I miss those good old days. he was a fucking riot.

garee could make one comment about final fantasy and people would bitch about it for the next three threads

he was good at what he did

I didn't mean to link luka
what the fug

clearly luka linked you

he has a kid now

here this should be pretty simple:

i used to like living with others myself. but now i value this privacy i get to enjoy these days.
it was fun back in in highschool era though. partys and fun times with friends and such.

but i can see how'd you want that nice social life.

finally settled down with yogurt, yeah.

meow :) ?

Huh. Interesting.
I wonder where all the water came from.

I just don't do well on my own. I'm not exactly stable as a person. Having someone to keep my grounded helps. I was never social and I don't think I ever will be. I honestly prefer just sleeping all day and having someone close by.

man at least gar updated us

yoghurt just disappeared

This is the life. Also, this is going to be the folder to end all folders as far as elitist smugposting goes.

disappearing is the only way to leave though

hope him and his misshapen dong is doing well in whatever back alley in singapore he's at


it was accident

he remains in your minds which means he isnt gone at all


okay... so in geology you might have learned, that... sun evaporates the ocean right?
then those clouds pushed by winds travel inland towards mountains eh?
and when it rains and snows, all that usually would roll back down the mountains back into the rivers leading back into the ocean right?

but what if that mountain turned into a bowl :) ?
it would start catching and accumulating all that water and eventually...... become a lake!

ah... i think i can see where you're coming from.
i feel blessed to have grown up with few issues that others must struggle with.
but yeah... sometimes it sucks.
but you've found things that work for you and you made it work.

it wouldnt become a lake tho. it would become ground water


emma sorry about that

distract yourself by reading luka's paragragh

the volcano made the ground not as porous tho?
so the water doesn't escape as easily. the ash and lava must have made the ground in the area less leaky.

I know about that. I was just wondering if there was a tributary or an underground source of water feeding the lake. The reason for my wondering is you said it would have taken around 700 years to fill, but I assume that would be from rain, because that lake was formed within the last hundred years. It's not that old.

And yeah. We did alright growing up. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Just, growing up and getting out there is so different. Kind of hard staying on my feet. I feel blessed and thank my stars I have friends that help me as much as they do. I do not deserve them most days. Lord knows I test their love for me.

wait wut volcano. this was a part of the equation?

Go to bed.

Mountain lakes dude

I just woke up though.


Oh. Wish.

oh well... just reading the gist of the articles. lead me to see that, that was how it was.

hopefully you will be able to make them proud someday?

it was a volcano.

Nice sleep schedule.

are like kyle and luka arguing about who knows less about geology?

this is like i don't even know

wait are we talking about something specifically or just how water cycles on earth

Maybe I might read up on it.

And I hope.

How are you, Luka?

Mount Saint Helen.

Thanks I made it myself. It's not to far off a normal one.

I think they're just having a civil discussion or something.


It is not normal to wake me up at 6 a.m.

it's just weird

emma you have darbear's number?

Yeah, but you're a degen.

I think it's pretty cute tbh.

In other news, I got a pretty solid answer to life, the universe, and everything recently:

It's all just a trick of the light.

Yeah, it's 3


something else.

Yeah it's very interesting reading material. how it all comes together to create something like that scenario.

I'malright slightly jittery slightly shivering, and shifting uncomfortably while sitting here.
but otherwise alright having ate a nice meal and watched good thigns while chatting here in thread.
and zoning out occasionally in my imagination.
not really tired.


What are you making me for breakfast?

hi darwin

Protoss cheese. Or poutine.


I would say get a blanket if being cold has you uneasy. What did you have to eat?
I'm kind of zoned out as well. The music I have been listening to is very dream like and is probably why I am in such a docile mood.



lol you picked the wrong dude to suck up to

eat shit

i kinda use my two thin blankets as my arm rest while typing, occasionally taking them off me, then back on, whenever i get too hot or too cold.

just some spiced fried eggs in hash and chicken with spinach and white cheese. and fruit punch.

i've just been sitting here in silence half the time even though my headphones on. sometimes focusing on my breathing and such.
musics good for the soul tho~

I can't do that as I only have one thick blanket.

Eggs sound good though. I take it you had canned spinach?

Music is bliss and very comforting.

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