Best book to convert a Holla Forumsack?

Hello gomardes X–D

I have a friend who is a Holla Forumsack, as in the 'radical centrist' and 'we must preserve our traditions' type.
He's somewhat racist, but not nearly to the Nazi level.

His arguments against communism are 'Human nature' 'Works in theory' 'USSR failed' 'Capitalism has brought us so many great things, why should we change it' etc.
He really has no idea what communism and socialism are. He thinks that socialism is the government controlling everything, no freedom of speech, everyone is equally poor etc.

He's agreed to start a 'book club' with me. He's willing to read a book about Marxism (or communism/socialism in general). What should I pick?
Nothing more than 600-700 pages please.

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I have this 217 page abridged version of Capital if you want?

Mutual Aid.

Chock full of muh tradtions

The first 15 bages of Gommunist manidvesto

Perhaps this. Not strictly Marxist, but a real spookbuster.

Thanks. But it doesn't really address the spooks.

Manifesto a shit, especially if you already have a dog in the race.


It depends really, for someone new to leftism I would recommend something like ABCs of Socialism or Capitalism Must Die. But if they want to get actual redpills about capitalism they should look into stuff like The Origin of Capitalism: A Longer View, Debt: The First 5000 Years, World Accumulation 1492-1789, Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism, etc and obviously Capital.
And about the spooky stuff I'd recommend The Ego and its Own, The Reactionary Mind, The Mass Psychology of Fascism, etc.

This or "Debt: The First 5000 Years" (500 pages, but Graeber makes it compelling - you want to read more)

All these suggestions are doodoo. Tell him to read this, which barely qualifies as a book, and you'll get him into the basics with bare ease:

No man with a functioning brain would become a leftist after waking up to right wing politics.

Hes right


Either The Soul of Man Under Socialism or The State and Revolution.

If that's what you want, then the answer is obvious.


why did you even come here to say that? you think anyone here hasn't heard that kind of stuff before? i mean why bother?

don't bother

"Anarchist Morality" by Kropotkin
If he can't get past the title because 'muh anarchists muh antifa', it's not worth your time.

on that chart, where is "ancap that actually doesn't care about jews/blacks/idpol?"
Because I switched over from that (it was my edgy phase) to leftism pretty easily.

Probably treading the grey line.

A bullet (not a book but more effective)

nah, those are for sure opposed but not active.
Active opponents include active fascists (not someone with gross views but someone who's actually acting on them) and "our targets" includes capitalists and governments. Ancaps are really easy to turn into Market Socialists tbh

man I sure wish the left actually did this and didn't just label literally every non-leftist a fascist and try and bash them. We isolate ourselves more often than we isolate the fascists.

i'm sure you'll win people over by treating them as statistics. arrogance is why the left will never win

The Manga version of Das Kapital

Probably not a bad suggestion actually.

they still sell those manga bibles, can't be a terrible idea.

AYY. Non ironic (You).