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well it's true and it really makes you think


Already a thread.

Why is it impossible for newfags to learn how to use the catalog?

Social Democracy is shit


Good post.

Does this count?


si seulement

Does anybody else remember that whole "Obummer's a communist Muslim who gon take yer money and give it to the inner city people" thing from 2008-2012 or was that all just a weird dream?

I just remember the "wow Obama eat his steak with Dijon mustard, he is such an elitist" episode, and it still makes me laugh to this day since a pot of Dijon mustard cost less than 1€ in France.
I wish I could eat some of that American sugary yellow mustard more often though

they're all just idiots aren't they?

Even worse, it wasn't even about a steak but a fucking burger. It isn't even remotely close to being a fancy choice, I know regular burgers from the Belgian fast food chain Quick have mustard in addition to ketchup by default.

i wish i could lose millionaires

No. They are at the top because they strive in the spectacle. They are smart

Quick has been bought by Burger King last year btw and a lot of their restaurants switched brands because BK is a novelty in France and unsurprisingly, their patties taste almost like pure sugar

shit i didn't mean to sage (since I've posted a Debord quote :^)

Lucky French

Does everything not French taste like sugar to the advanced French palette?

It's just that Americans tend to put sugar into everything, in the same way Asians are into salty and spicy foods.
But dude, you should eat a mille-feuille one of these days, it's one of the best sugary food ever.

Sorry for off topic, but here's some max level pseudo intellectual /r9k/-tier cringe right here. Bonus points to anybody that actually refutes this argument.

French cuisine is bastardized Italian cuisine anyway. We were as terrible as the Anglos before our monarchy hired Italian cooks for their kitchens.


/r9k/'s userbase really does need to be sent to gulag as soon as fucking possible.

They'll realize they how wrong they were once they've spent a week or two in the gulag.

Like the time Glenn Beck "proved" Obama was a Maoist.

This is actually a leftist argument.


Leave him alone, he's a presenter not a spelling scientist.

it's like their a parody of themselves

I almost miss that time Glenn Beck had a meltdown about Obama on a regular basis. I am bordeline nostalgic for the unique brand of retardation associated with the early 2010s.

This episode ( youtube.com/watch?v=7I0GfLh4SGU ) in particular should be selected for preservation in the US National Film Registry.

Also on fire!


we're reaching levels of pathetic of before not thought possible


Who makes these far right black and white comics and originally drew le happy merchant

a. wyatt mann

A. Wyatt Mann.

i will fight you


Believe it, or not they were made by a Jewish Rock&Roll musician who was actually involved in satanism, and the occult.

if im not mistaken a w. man was believed to be some celebrity satanist in hollywoods alt scene

That's the original pic? Holy shit.

Top kek


muh anifesto

and they say Stalinists have never read Marx!

Oh my god I just got it

Same, ashamed to say it took me over ten years.




We should edit the content from this page


Gotta sleep now, will be back tomorrow with plenty more cringe.


the manifesto is outdated garbage, read critique of the gotha programme instead

This is actually true a lot of the time.

These two knuckleheads:


What the fuck, I just walked into bizarro world.

Wow, what a revelation!

In that picture on the right does the english "after" guy look like a white guy with a tan to you? He does to me.

reoid weings r juice

The fourth one is obviously a parody.

Oh I remember it well. The 2008 elections were a circus and I loved every minute. I'll dig some stuff up.

We're though the looking glass here, user.


do really reactionary women think like that pic?

Oh man I wish I had this picture I took of one of their posters, they literally made the arguement that 2 day shipping from Amazon is a reason capitalism is superior and should not be questioned.

Feels bad man

If I recall I actually saved that image in a thread where someone went even further and compared it to the policies of the democratic party.


I've said this before but the funny thing about Emily Youcis is that she could be classified as a degenerate herself, it's funny seeing her turn into a WN, it's like those reborn again Christian woman.

She always was a few fries short of a Happy Meal.


Google her name and tell me which side of the pic she looks like.

She made videos with troma, I think she's satirizing or something.

jesus christ
fox is actually demented

attitutes like this are a major discouragement for immigrants to integrate btw. If being brown means you're always gonna be foreigner in people's eyes, you might just as well behave like it and cling on to your "ancestral" culure/religion

Nah, she's pretty to the right.

It's not like if you do shit with Troma you are a comrade.

go away nazbol




Quelle baise j'aime la France maintenant

He reminds me of a character, I just can't place who…

swear to god, can't understand what's so weird to people about liking watermelon
it's the tastiest fruit in the world

Oh boy, found one of my gems.

does the fucking poster have a typo on it?

Yep, when writing his site's URL, no less. It's a nice little addition to the cringe, isn't it?

*inhales deeply*

*blocks nose*

Here you go: twitter.com/jengriffinfnc/status/850735582192041984?lang=en

That flag is supposed to say 'MOLON LAVE'.
It says 'MOLOP LAVS'.

Why do people keep conflating Neoliberalism with Marxism?


Youtube "intellectuals" are fucking retarded.
And to answer your question, because marxism/communism is a bogeyman.




Jesus fucking Christ.

The comic summed up neatly.

The truth is often pain DaShawna

mmm thats some good autism



The first second is instant cringe

Rocking Mr E is baffingly stupid

In his video defining Socialism, Communism, and Marxism, he defines Marxism as the most popular "version" of communism (which means he was literally too stupid to do any actual research) and the generic socialism=government doing shit and communism=government owning everything

These fucks are already at "looking at women is literally rape" levels of ideology. I wonder what it'll be like in a few years

this pic is definitive proof that Anglos and Jews are the same strain of goblin people


if you want me to hate obama you shouldn't be making him look so badass

A classic for all you uninformed normies out there



Okay, that last one is a parody. I mean, it has to be a parody. It IS a parody, right?

I unironically want to try those rainbow Doritos.

Well shit, you're right. I think I found that pic around the time of Tea Party rallies, so you'll have to excuse me if I assumed the worst.

These, however, are real.

They think this is funny.



But that's scientism, facts aren't real.
Do you think elephants would've embarked on Noah's ark if they lived by commie standards? Yeah, I don't think so.

That actually is a little funny.

well it's true and it's a good thing

Reminder that everyone gets a KGF after the revolution.

Thanks but no thanks.


>>>Holla Forums12646627
how about this entire thread

It's absurdist humor, it's not supposed to be funny in the traditional sense

There are legitimate, pure Capitalists posting on Holla Forums. Not just misguided Nazis, but people who hate both us and Holla Forumsyps and find the current system to be good, well and fine.

all they do is bitch about how the stuff the system produces is shit, but you try and tell them that the problem is the shit-machine that keeps pumping out garbage and not the purple-haired idiot running it and they immediately shit themselves in confused rage

Thanks for proving my point.

That has nothing to do with it. Just look into one of the threads where Holla Forums and Holla Forums get brought up. There's always a few people there who call both Nazism and Communism failed ideologies and insist that Capitalism is the way forward.

t. rejected by korean goddess

theres all sorts on Holla Forums. you dont go there for politics.

You might not go there for the politics but there's no way to escape the politics there or any other 8ch board. The shills just can't shut up about their politics.

oh boy, dont rub it in.
but in the meantime you can laugh in their face at the doublethink they constantly smear all over the board.


this what youre talkin about?

you may not go there for politics, but that won't stop them from doing it even when it has no place.


someone change that not to an a please

Daily reminder that Emily is a fat, sexually frustrated white girl who is a 5/10 at best.

imagine him actually jumping over them with a slide whistle like in that james bond film

you could say it's a case of sam hyde syndrome, Youcis was probably so invested in edgelord/internet culture she took the only logical step forward and became a literal nazi.

You'd think that someone who admires the old masters would draw a little less shitty. This shit looks worse than your average tumblr drawings.



Female sexual hysteria manifests itself in strange ways.

I wish Obama was a socialist like the republicans were trying to make him out to be.

He was a pure conservative and he made the porkies happy for 8 years.

Jesus H Christ

I laughed.

Also the rest reeks of burger political ignorance.

Truly a cultured and dedicated member of the Aryan movement.


to be fair before the purges in the USSR a lot of churches (especially Anglican) were sympathetic to Stalin. That was before people knew that the bolsheviks were going to persecute the churches of russia

Ben Garrison can be cringeworthy.


>Conservative Crime Squad: The Comic

I've always wondered were these just shock comics made by some edgy guy or are these legitimately made by a neo nazi ?

Apparently the guy that made it is Jewish. A. Wyatt Mann more like Jew Guy.

Is this real?

is that last one charlie?

Yes it was really published in the early 2000s. Never finished though.

there is so much wrong with how that comic is drawn its giving me a stroke

Climate change is a lie
are you kidding me


libgen.io/comics0/_0DAY2/Alpha Publishers A - Z/ACC Studios/


The fact it has AnCap ball in the 2nd picture made it funnier.


ancaps in a nutshell

But user, don't you know children are property?

I know Destiny is not well regarded here, but this one is worth it to hear a Holla Forumsack sperg out like crazy. I think the guy legitimately is mentally unstable.

The debate lasts for about 20 minutes, here is a link:

The Holla Forumsack made a thread saying he was going to destroy Destiny:

After sperging out everyone turns on him saying he was a massive retard:

Link to first pic: twitter.com/MemeAlertNews/status/867510728072286208
Second pic he later deleted.
Third pic is a picture of him which shows he is Black. This is ironic considering he called Destiny a nigger multiple times and is from Holla Forums.

Destiny is a total class cuck but I think he could be convinced if someone non-spergy debated him seriously on socialism vs capitalism.

He'll never be convinced by Holla Forums because all they have are emotional spergs

it's all about imagine

Obama using fancy Dijon mustard suggests he's out-of-touch, non-American, elitist, and probably gay.

Trump demanding two scoops shows he's a man, and liberals are scared because they're intimidated by manliness.

Wew lad.

At this point I'm starting to think whites are a minority on Holla Forums.

It's possible, but that person would really have to know what they are talking about when it comes to the economic workings of socialism. But even then I don't think he would accept it because every economist says capitalism is the best and Destiny doesn't question any type of consensus.


further proof that the cultural marxists are winning

So that's why she's called a baka

Chad terror please come soon

Are we /story time of pain/ now?

Oh fuck, I remember that one. Notice how Ali is breaking Liberty.

Someone post that survey showing that Holla Forums is more racially diverse than all r/socialism and r/anarchism

This one?

what's wrong with sandwiches?

a black guy is eating it

Damn I'm amazed and scared that there is people out there that think in this way.


ah yes of course


I genuinely wish to inflict harm on William S. Lind.

Uh, has Garrison gone full white supremacist?

they got fast food in europe? since when?

No one else noticed it so I feel you deserve a (You)

Sargon is so fucking pseud it's almost impressive


Amerians are this stupid….


with what feet?





There really is absolutely nothing worth saving from capitalism, is there? It really will be a case of burning it all to ashes and salting the earth.

Honestly I gotta give it to her that was pretty funny.

can't even tell if this is ironic or not, most of those images are joke images or parodies, and one of them is a debunked conspiracy theory.

Also I know that Obama did awful shit like all the stuff with predator drones, but why do they keep saying he is a communist or a fascist? Is there something in particular or is it the same thing when they called trump hitler?


where else can i go? i doubt theres a single video game board that can avoid that nowadays unless its restricted by moderation. it sure isnt on Holla Forums, even though derailments are supposed to be against the rules.
i wonder how the mods would react if you guys were the ones to derail a thread for once.

Take a guess.

Well, that's 3 minutes of my life I can never get back


Public discourse isn't good anywhere in the world, but in America it has been reduced to impactful soundbytes, eye-catching images and clever slogans. The sign has become more important than the meaning. Or rather, it's sign without real meaning, because it doesn't transmit information, but evokes vague ideals and emotions, but no actual new information.

jews and trannies are making faces at you. this is supposed to make you afraid

Why does the right harp so much on marxism? We don't even live under it yet somehow we have its "culture". It makes more sense to attack capitalism and its culture due to it being the dominate system. I guess its because it triggers libertarian nationalists.

Like this?

I feel you, but I don't think you're looking hard if you don't think the current shit is just as crazy or even crazier. Most of it is on social media though

Change it to "Arguments" - it makes no sense like that.

hey remember when emily youcis made "comedic videos" of her fucking dogs on newgrounds?

Wait, as in being involved in sexual relations with her dogs?

i don't have the link but her old stuff is up
there is some pretty sick shit in them and yeah it's like shitty 3D animation of her character doing something with a dog character

Kek, hunt them down fam and let's terrorise her with them. Probably not me though I'm British and Mommy May won't approve.

wait is this real? looks like a million dollar extreme dystopian parody


that IS funny, you goon

This map is from The Economist too, but I can't for the life of me remember what the fuck it is about.

Very real. The 2008 election was a glorious circus (but then again, consider all the liberals now crying about fascism). That particular pic inspired this (yeah, I know it's SA, but this is a good one): somethingawful.com/comedy-goldmine/capitalism-last-days/1/




I did a quick search on google and the article is a shitpost that is so bad and so obnoxious I won't even bother linking it here. It is cringe in every way and something I'd expect imageboard autists to shit out in one of the many map-painting threads.



That's the point.


plate techtonics, obviously

If you are not fucking working people left, right and center it is socialist and makes baby jeezus cry.

this is physically making me ill


yeah buddy

Isn't that just a copypasta? I saw it around before. It is funny though.

This picture is so goddamn stupid. My god, how far gone does one have to be to actually make this?


Aynclaps do seem like the kind of autist that runs "Common Sense 2017" on their gaming PCs and end up with malware after a major Windows exploit is released.

emily youcis' stuff, as (intentionally) awful as it is, achieves a certain outsider art quality. like Sam Hyde's content, it's actually a great source of information on the psychology of 21st century fascism. We can't keep trying to understand modern developments through the lens of 20th century Classical fascism. The corrosive irony facilitated by 50 years of consumer nihilism and the addictive pavlovian feedback mechanisms of the internet are definitely playing a role in the radicalisation process.


Man capitalism is a pretty fragile fucking system if that's all it took to topple it


cartographyfag here, wtf am I looking at in pic #4


truly the most cucked ideology


The Medicare thing is the main reason I dislike the GOP more than usual for a porky political establishment. It's a little insulting how completely unabashed they are about being hypocrites.

i didnt know autists could draw this well.

They're rightwing and they're cringe, so what's the problem?

Like another user said, it's from an unbelievably retarded shitpost published in the most influential economics magazine in the world.


implying the Economist publishes anything that isn't an unbelievably retarded shitpost


Imageboards were a mistake.

Is the old woman in that second pic supposed to be CHS?
Imagine devoting your entire career to being the token feminist lady for the right wing and this is how you're rewarded.

Uh, that's not Le Pen?

If that's Le Pen than that pic is even more embarrassing.


I-Is that women tied down to a cock tree?



He wants to pork him.


I believe that coin is supposed to make fun of Africans. It's literally saying women are slaves to the BBC. fucking hell

Aw hell yeah

Jesus christ those people have absolutely no idea what they are talking about, seriously how can a state that just created a welfare system based on taxes on company and worker wages called socialist ? and even if it was for state ownership of some industries, guess what ? They were all sold during the 80's/90's (funnily ennough it was during the mandate of a soc-dem president) of course they relocated shortly after so in the end France is in shite because of private ownership and just because their is a struggling welfare state this is the fault of "ebin socilism" those peoples are utterly stupid or very high on ideology.

Right-wing meme unintentionally advocating communism; I love it.

Holla Forums is as much Asians and mongrels with an inferiority complex as whites.

Got a weak batch this time.

It's mocking not just blacks but France itself, which recruited them in great numbers from their colonies for WW1. It should come as no surprise that their presence in European soil was followed by a moral panic, and the sin most often attributed to them by far was rape. Cue reactionaries having sexual pathologies and a fearful obsession with BBC.


It could still have looked like the picture below, if it wasn't for the Purge. Tukhachevsky would have led the siege of Lisbon.

Has the look of a sociopath to me to be honest, but then again I'm not an unbiased judge.

This bitch is just mentally insane tbh youtube.com/watch?v=MEyHREbEPxQ

Fucking weird, I was just introduced to this video like two hours before seeing this.

See just uploaded a video today and after watching it, I have to agree that there is something wrong with her:

Also this video is fucked up too:

honestly, besides the nazi shit she just seems like someone who's spent to much time in weird parts of the internet. i see lots of influences from early newgrounds and adult swim, randy prozac, underground rap and goregrind etc. in her stuff. it's the kind of thing i might even find compelling if it wasn't associated with some weirdo nazi bitch.

Portland nonsense delivers a fresh batch of absurdity. This is beyond parody at this point.



We are Clown World



Truly the masterrace


i thought we were better than this, really a fucking cringe thread?
What is this , Holla Forums?

what the fuck is Spinoza doing on that second pic


These alt-right gatherings are becoming undistinguishable from juggalo gatherings.



garrison is always cringeworthy


I think I'm becoming a third-worldist from looking at these American autism gatherings.

Holy fuck. Is that what inbreeding looks like?

I just feel a need to talk to these guys. Why are so many people who are not white, white supremacists?

Because muh SJWs. Also a lot of them come from wealthy backgrounds and are anti-communist ideologues.


How is this not a description of capitalism?

How is the 2nd image not a perfect depiction of capitalism

I think we need to … correct them…

seriously the first image is the most succinct definition of capitalism i've ever seen


What the fuck is wrong with you.

I know we're mocking them, but everything has a limit

There was a time when I thought you were better than Holla Forums, not so much now though.

Comic sans is an insult to the eyes of the bourgeoisie. It is a great honour to use comic sans, it stands for all things proletarian.

Whenever I need to write something for work, I make sure it is written in glorious worker's comic sans. It is a great big middle-finger to my boss.

unironically though I was just trying to imitate the soft rounded font used in the original pic

You were greatly misinformed.

Can you give an ideological critique on this?

why would I want to? Look at the front page posts, two of them are on that autistic flag simulator, there's this "let's laugh at our opponents and dehumanize them" thread. Maybe making "what's to be done" threads gets tiring after a while, but his board should be more dedicated to out reach for leftism, not shitposting.


Mods are a combination of fucking useless and offline at these times, not that they ever convince people to stop making shit threads by doing anything but anchoring them.

Yes, just like shit is an insult to the nose of the bourgeoisie.

Unless you can actually track down the exact font it would be better to use a font that connotes a kind of crushing oppressiveness. Something that makes the reader associate "capitalism" with Porky's shoe stepping on their face over and over again.

is your body ready?

Gonna be honest here man, these posts crying about silly threads and lamenting the lack of MOAR THEORY are really old and tiresome. This board was never meant to be the Fifth International. You want more serious discussion threads, use the catalogue, you'll find plenty because the board has 20 fucking pages. Just don't get asspained that comedy and shitposting threads get more posts than Zizek thread #78347. And last but not least:
Cut the drama, faggot.

Oh shit guys, the jig is up!

There are several tools for finding out a font's name, just google for "discover the font" or something.

They're not entirely wrong, Chomsky spoke of the Marxists vulgar conception of human nature as being just a sum of historical and socioeconomic forces.



Marxist noob here. Is not the Manifesto an over arching outline of Marxism?

The right wing hated Kennedy as much as this guy hates Obama

It's less of an over arching outline of Marxism and more of the first paragraph of Marxism's wikipedia page.

It's basically Early Marx's thoughts, it has a lot less to do with Marx's later works.

I've come to the conclusion that retard gatherings are a natural byproduct of the internet.

where did the other millionaires move from?

I have to agree, I dislike Marxism's complete dismissal of human nature as being a factor in itself.

Marxism attempts to explain human nature, not accept it as magical.

I know, and that's a an amazing idea. Human nature, like any institution (not sure if the word applies here but anyway), should be questioned, but like said, it pretty much considers historical and socioeconomic forces as the only ones. It ignores psychological and, let's face it, possibly genetic, influences in human nature.

The biggest example: Stalin. I don't think anyone can deny that he imprinted his psychological profile on ML for good, with his paranoid tendencies, and his habit to deal with people with love-hate relationships. Cue Sartre's The Spectre of Stalin.

What are you two talking abo— ooooh, got it.


So . . . comic sans?

That's not real, fam.
This is a thread to post real retarded stuff.


If you're implying that Zwarte Piet is some kind of right-wing Dutch racist joke you're absolutely fucking retarded

The problem is 99.9% of the idiots American postsecondary turns out are so fucking feebleminded that yes, even fucking Molyneux and McInnes could run circles around them. Most college kids and "antifa" LARPers are fucking RETARDS.

I know you're just being a shit but I'm thinking something very heavy and serifed with a minimum of curved lines.

Can't refute something that is correct. Starving Africans are actual people and not some mystical beings of Christ-like victim-hood and suffering that liberals imagine them to be.

That one was on purpose.


Dear lord, that's such an uncivilized, plebeian thing to do, and people call it "elitist" because the name of the condiment is French?
Don't I feel fancy, then, getting shitfaced on three dollar sauvignon blanc

Okay maybe not rightwing, but it is a racist joke. Sorry.

This entire page is golden. My advice: spam it with images of YPJ women.


not real but this is pretty funny

wew lad

It's still funny because it's exactly what we would have expected from reddit/anarcho_capitalism

What genetic hellhole is that bitch from?

I never understood the deal with that. Now he's basically doing his comics in ways that adding jews to it would be redundant. He's no longer the "libertarian" being trolled by nazis, he joined their ranks.

Lauren's looking fine, though.

Libertarians are closeted nazis 90% of the time.


It's funny because many of them are so alienated that they think porn is real life. Also deep down they enjoy IR porn (especially IR cuck porn.)

My problem with Destiny is he doesn't let anyone speak, he monopolizes the conversation and only has to debunk impetus that kids have. He doesn't listen, he always interrupts people and is basically just annoying in that sense. But a good youtuber in the all.

Is no one going to talk about the brown kid trying and failing to make that stupid white pride symbol?

She looks like a porn star. Hopefully she gives up on being a shitty political psuedo-journalist and find her true calling in life: taking it up the ass on camera.



I see your cringe and raise you one

what the fuck
is this like cheering on a sports team or something

Asians can be some of the most obnoxiously ethnocentric people on the planet, even more so than pol's picture of jews, so it kind of makes sense in a weird way

we actually care about free speech here, back to >>>Holla Forums

cringed hard

see? told ya

I too am a fan of New Vegas

O-oh? I see, you must have a Legion outlook on things

funny how when I was a Holla Forumstard I was going Legion, in the middle of that I read the Ego & It's Own, de-spooked my shit killed Caesar & did the independent Vegas ending.

No gods, no masters.

That's dialogue you get when Cass hits on you and you use confirmed bachelor lel

Side note, how is Caesar Holla Forums? He literally chides the player for not reading theory

dumb Fascist retard trying to "fix" the world by enslaving humanity, thinks like Varg Virkenes, women are trash only fit to be cumdumpsters, fanboy of ancient Roman culture but also very ignorant of it, he cherrypicked just the parts he liked & made a bastardized version edgy of it.

So very.
Caesar very very retarded. A dangerous retard. Arcade Gannon shits on his ideology & exposes it for the failure it is. Hard. Lots of characters do too the line Mr. House gives you when you tell him you're killing him for Caesar is strong. He basically sees you as the most retarded human being he has ever met in his whole life & he is right.

also i wrote that shit really fast so if the grammar is wrong in some of the parts of that text idc.

Yeah, his "ideology" is a schizophrenic mess that doesn't make any kind of sense or actually account for social contradictions in the post-apocalyptic world beyond "lol the NCR is necessarily a temporary thing so let's go smash it up for some reason," and it's absolutely impossible to take seriously as a contending strain of thought motivated by the real social conditions of the wasteland, but he doesn't really line up with the Holla Forums personality type, I don't think. He himself is pretty erudite

Thats the way I see it.

Caesar = Retard
NCR = Lesser retards
Mr. House = Very smart but Autocrat Porkypig, he is good for the most part
Yes Man = Whatever your character is

Have fun knowing Vegas will get to be the official BoS doormat when they have no one around to keep them in check. Helios One? Theirs. The Gun Runners' factories? Also theirs. You want Freeside's economy to be less shitty? Too bad, the Brotherhood doesn't want normies in the energy weapons trade. They'd probably even weasel their way into Vegas to get ahold of the securitrons and fucking slot machines for being too advanced for the wasteland plebs.

Even if you blew them up, Vegas would probably erode into a husk of its former self without House keeping the three families on a short leash.

The yes man ending is only marginally better than siding with the Legion tbh.

The robots. Don't be stupid. There is a way to do the ending with security around the land & without.

Doing what Caesar tells you is 100% always the most retarded option for the Mojave.

Come on

To be honest, imagining the BoS hoarding a bunch of slot machines sounds really funny and worth adding as some type of lore tidbit

I'm sad there's no option to expand The Kings to the entire area. They're dedicated to helping the poor people of freeside, preserving liberty and fighting all forms of imperialism including by NCR liberals.

Uphold Marxism-Kingism!

Yeah the King is a mutualist. Parcer is a fuckboy through but thats easily fixed.

Followers of the apocalyps and the Kings are the only /ourguys/ in FNV tbqhwyf

Don't you need to work with him if you want to kick the NCR out of freeside?

Just blow up The Brotherhood. Mr. House was absolutely right, they are a threat and they do deserve to be wiped out. They're basically cyberpunk ISIS.

Just annihilate the families as well.
It's not like the wasteland is any better with those porkies in it.

And the co-op.

Why not both?

nah you know what. If I was in that world I would actually be a Follower of The Apocalypse. I really care about the human condition in a world such as that since it's a fucking mess.

I would work my hardest to hold onto the scarce life that remains in the planet.

Of course, but considering how quickly they'd fall apart after Ceasar's death, it's pretty much just
but with more slavery

blow up the bunker and use the securitrons to defend against stragglers
That's the whole plot point for how the NCR gets kicked out, and is the brotherhood is already in hiding against them, you know it's gonna be fine


Why would she put herself on the cover of a book titled Barbarians?

I think I'm noticing something here

not surprising

Huh, maybe you're on to something. The xbox kids always seemed to care more about how super badass a game was, rather than how good it was. That definitely comes across in his choice of reading material, too.
Maybe it has to do with how the competing consoles tried to market and differentiate themselves. I remember the xbox was more "for older, more mature kids" or something, and that image made it much more appealing to shitheads of various stripes.

Those fucking shelves though
This is the male version of the fake gamer girl

jesus fucking christ

I genuinely wonder how many chad fratbros have been planning to attend one of these, saw the crowd and spun on their heel to leave like "eeugh I will not be seen with these losers"

History will vindicate the Dreamcast and on the day of Sega's glorious return I will sit at their right hand and laugh as you're lead off to the gamer gulags you vile Sonycorp swine.

I'm a commie and I like halo. Whatcha gonna do about it?


Destiny is annoying, but I support him btfo Holla Forums when ever possible.
He does it quite often, too.
Here's a video of him debating a girl from Holla Forums.


she's still buttblasted from it too, btw.
We actually sent a Trot to talk to him one time, and he was snarky, but wasn't Sargon level of retarded where he would straight-up screech nonsense and wouldn't listen.

Hey, I saw that live

yeah, he was pretty out of his depth and was silent most of the time.

People actually use that as a rather insidious argumentation tactic, though.
>This is a trick which may be used only when you are quite sure that the audience thinks much better of you that of your opponent. A professor, for instance may try it on a student. Strictly, it is a case of the preceding trick: it is a particularly malicious assertion of one’s own authority, instead of giving reasons. The counter-trick is to say: “I beg your pardon; but, with your penetrating intellect, it must be very easy for you to understand anything; and it can only be my poor statement of the matter that is at fault”; and then go on to rub it into him until he understands it nolens volens, and sees for himself that it was really his own fault alone. In this way you parry his attack. With the greatest politeness he wanted to insinuate that you were talking nonsense; and you, with equal courtesy, prove to him that he is a fool.
-Schopenhauer, The Art of Controversy

Oh, I definitely believe this happens.

Sargon does this all the time.
pic related
I'm not sure if this is destiny's thing, since I didn't get the sense he was trying to lord his authority over him. If that was his tactic,


Well, it's not always an overt tactic. Many people follow these "strategems" out of instinct
God, that sargon quote, though

Literally just go to Deviantart and go to the page Mike-the-cat. Or just type anarcho-capitalism in the search bar. Or just simply go to deviantart.

Between sargie and reddit_obesity, I'm gonna go with the sargie tbh

A peasant AND a pleb. Figures. And Southern totally isn't a camgirl pundit. And none of the books has even been opened. And "Essays on embracing masculinity" gloats that "THIS BOOK WAS BANNED FROM TELEVISION".

But most important of all, why are there two copies of Gorilla Mindset?

jesus christ how horrifying

Because that's the gorilla mindset thing to do, duh.

Yeah but when he is out of his depth he doesn't get argumentative he just asks for clarification and it no longer becomes a debate. He does this with a lot of people more knowledgable about a subject than him and sometimes quotes them in future debates so I don't get the feeling it's a nefarious tactic

Was King actually a fan of Huey Long?


Well they didn't know who Elvis actually was so I highly doubt they knew who Huey Long was.

Literally describing capitalism. This can't be an accident

Someone should shoop some wholesome looking USSR, and trashy looking neo-nazi women onto the fourth one.

there's a difference between saying "I really don't know anything about that" and what you're talking about
not everything has some sinister meaning hidden between the lines

shit taste

I'm fairly sure I've seen old pasta pics like that.

There is a right-wing cringe guy in my apt building, he's soft, receding hair, obese, & drives some huge monstrous truck/jeep covered in hilarious car stickers. No joke, he actually has the stickers "IMPEACH HILLARY" (did she win!?) and one that says "Are You Offended? GOOD" right under his Trump/Pence sticker. The "GOOD" is in huge letters that look like dripping blood. It's beyond absurd.

That third pic didn't age well.

dear god

Who even are most of these people

Is it a good sign or a bad sign that I know who every single person in that picture is?

i recognize thunderfoot, sargon, armored skeptic, TL;DR, and i guess the naked guy is milo for some reason.

everyone's retarded in case you were wondering. thunderfoot is an engineer or some shit and he's retarded too, which goes to show that you can be smart and retarded at the same time.

Christina Hoff Sommers. Thunderf00t. Sargon. ShoeOnHead. Armored "Skeptic". A blue deer. Lauren. And the faggot is Milo.

Why does it look like lauren is standing in a puddle of piss and why are two porcupines with her?

holy shit, this is going to give me an aneurysm

She's too retarded to use a toilet.



Even though I obviously disagree with right wing polities and parties I like to think I at least know what each one stands for and what their terminology means whereas these people simply do not seem to.

She got piss dumped on her by some feminists that couldn't handle her upsetting them. I don't like her, but I cringed at it. I think Gavin might have even dumped piss on himself out of protest afterwards.


Even Holla Forums makes fun of then now



thats a famous vietnamese ladyboy

Is this the same guy?

As he said


Why did the blonde one with the bangs piss herself?

in that thread
what did he mean with this?
I also watched alot of 90s anime I dont see where it "red pilled him"
I mean isnt the matrix a fucking 2000s movie

wtf im a feminist now!


Look up Angel Cop (iirc) on youtube