He released another one


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Not enough labels


kimdotcom looks like he has an egg for a skull.

Nothing about daddy trump and his trip to Saudi Arabia?
I'm disappointed tbh.

What will the edit this time be?

Wait i'm confused, who are the unlabeled people and the donkey supposed to represent?

If any of his comics needed labels this would be one of them. Some of this shit doesn't make any sense.

donkey is democrats
woman is Shillary
guy in glasses is Podesta i think
no idea who the last guy is

why are the chips evidence? shouldn't the cards be evidence? why is Kim making a bet when everyone else has already shown their cards? Why do the democrats have a hand that spells Russia, when the Dealer has dealt Seth R? What is Assange's role supposed to be?

he should at least mention how bad his trip to Israel is pissing off the gnatzis

It was a joke user

I'm honestly surprised he didn't labeled the shoe of Hilary Clinton I guess we can't consider is as a positive progress.

why does hillary have her shoes off?

Wouldn't evidence be his hand, not his bet?

What did he mean by this?

Does anybody have the original?

I don't know what the fuck is happening here

The Donkey has 3 or a kind, he should bet.

more of Ben's dere side toward Shrillary-chan seeping through?

Also who is Ryan O.?

Why is Seth Rich alive again?

Despite all the labels I still have absolutely no idea what is going on.

none of it makes any seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeense

Kim Dotcom claims Seth Rich was the DNC leakier and that he has evidence to that effect.


This one is particularly bad.

This image in a nutshell.

Why does Kim Dotcom have this evidence, why is Assange watching Kim confidental sourcecuck him, and why is Kim Dotcom placing such a huge bet when he has such a vast majority of the chips?

I vaguely wonder if Banny G has ever played poker

Why is Kim drawn as fucking Humpty Dumpty?


Vitiligo Oprah.
Eddie Murphy in Shrek.
30 years old David Letterman
Kiefer Sutherland

He ran Megaupload.

No clue.

What the fuck does Kim Dotcom have to do with a supposed murder?

He made a tweet.

Kim said he was releasing a statement today after consulting with his lawyers yesterday. He released this on Kim.com earlier.

It seems like this statement has since been taken down off his site, presumably at the request of Seth's parents but Lib twitter is in an uproar to call it a crazy conspiracy, etc. etc.


I wouldn't be surprised. There was no trends surrounding the initial release but once Sean Hannity talked about it, it blew up and he's being attacked. Twitter is even promoting a 'moment' that's about it.

This bitch is dead, he is so fucking dead and dumb.

These are a high octane brand of Boomer autism

He thinks his porkie status makes him above poor people like Hillary that don't even own a island.

Why would he almost literally paint a bullseye on his back like this?

Okay, serious question here:
Will there still be badass hedge mazes in communism?

People are saying they can't access his statement in America, but it's apparently viewable on TOR. Fox has retracted the story, BUT-

Attention whoring is what comes into my mind.
He could be trying to pretend he is a bad ass hacker.
But I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up dead.

yes but they shall be for the enjoyment of all, hedge maze collectivization is a focal point of any true communist ideology

HOLY FUCK. I just used a VPN and tried accessing the site from a non-US country and now I can see the statement again.

Is this intentional?

why live?

Not sure if Kim has blocked it in the US for legal reasons, but I just checked and it's definitely there outside of the US. Liberals are shitting themselves all over twitter because they can't see it.
Kim and Hannity are adamant they have the trufax. How the fuck will the dems cover this up?

Here are the twitters for them both if anyone wants to have a poke around. People are managing to find some fucky shit if you can avoid the liberal establishment raging and having a tantrum. One guy from the guardian was even swearing at everyone calling them fake news.

same as always.

Kill a porkie that is in New Zealand?

I would be in stitches if it was Kim that took down the dems after they cucked him out of his living and millions.

Porky class-traitors are worth their (very large) weight in gold.

Is he for real, bullshitting?
I've been falling this Seth Rich story, and feel like I got burned by trusting that Rod Wheeler guy.


a tl;dr about this would be nice.

I have hard time believing anyone who plays sycophant to sewer sludge like Hannity.
Fat bitch better deliver.

Wheeler doesn't wanna die.


That fat fuck has bluffed before. I no trust.

So Ben doesn't know how to play poker

He wants Trump to sign a legally binding contract stating the US Government will provide safe passage to and from the US for his testimony and that nothing he testifies about will ever be used against him in a US court of law.

In short he wants the ability for his estate to sue the US goverment for damages if anything happens to him while testifying.

He says that his contact with Rich was in relation to Rich's interest in Kim's Internet Party.

This. I would love if Kim were in the level, but that fat grandstanding fuck talked a big game during the American elections and completely failed to do anything substantial.

Worth a read. Including a lot of background on Dot Com and the decade long slander campaign directed at him (Kim is still a lying, opportunistic lard ass but anything said against him needs close scrutiny to say the least).


Has wikileaks made a statement about this yet? Considering Seth Rich is dead and they already don't care about mostly unrelated people, like his family, getting in the crossfire they could just come out and say Seth Rich was the leaker.

Until then I don't give a shit about what a bougie opportunist and stupid neocon think.

Assange tweeted that wikileaks would never reveal a source, but that they couldn't stop sources from talking to each other :v)

Wow she's cute

Either WikiLeaks are a bunch of respectability morons or the fat fuck is full of shit.

Wow the russiagate is a conspiracy theory but the Seth Rich one is not…

Considering the fat fuck is wanted on racketeering charges, I'd say the latter.

You still wouldn't want to revel sources if they are dead as if the CIA killed the wrong person Wikileaks wouldn't want to tell the CIA that information.

You wouldn't want to do it because you'd be giving information to the agencies about their weaknesses. From the identity of a leaker you can improve your opsec. People calling for them to reveal the leaker are asking for immediate gratification in exchange for giving away valuable intel.

You don't want to give it because you don't want them to get confirmation, Wikileaks wants the alphabet soup of spooks to still be worried that the mole is still there. This is basic shit the KGB was doing during WWII.

All good points. Thank you, friends.


This is getting fuckier and fuckier

But who is Pepe Silvia?

It's going to turn out to be nothing.

Sigh… well…. good luck to you. i hope you will be proud.