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I'm trying to into twitter

What are the best twitter accounts by people from Holla Forums? Has anyone made a follow list?

Alternatively, are there any general leftist accounts that aren't Holla Forums-related but good to follow anyway?

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Batko is the only one I really follow, i'm sure there are others

What's his username?


Follow all the Chapo guys

Matt (@cushbomb) and Felix (@ByYourLogic) are some of the best follows on that god forsaken website.

Thanks, and thanks

Twitter is absolutely proprietary. Use Twister or Gnusocial

post your accounts and follow others


There is a twitterlist of all the leftypol users

How about you go yell your shitposts into the void while you're at it using platforms with insignificant user bases?

Is it a copypasta?

Muke has a pretty good twitter

You think you're going to find no one to talk to or are you expecting hordes of followers and a massive cultural influence?

Check out shitposter.club

follow me lads

Follow me



I miss senpai so much he was cute in a skirt it wasn't gay at all.

@PhilGreaves01, hit me up



oh sweet child

@Damn_Jehu is an interesting guy, he knows his theory and is quite into Nick Land, Postone, and Marx of course. Nick Land actually follows him.
He also respond to Holla Forums threads from times to times on twitter.
He loves to shit on Left Accelerationism for some reason. I hope to better understand why after reading "Inventing the Future, Postcapitalism and a World without Work", since so far Srnicek & Williams made a spot-on criticism of 'folk politics' / the Invisible Committee (which I was reading before) in the first chapter.
Of course, he calls Trump a fascist like a redditor the moment I talk about him here, but anyway, it's refreshing to see someone on the internet who knows that accelerationism isn't about voting for right-wing populists.

best tankie

I have no idea how people manage a ttwitter stream when they follow more than 20 people.