Restore power of the soviets

Would the USSR have survived if he didn't die? Only few of the reforms were introduced before he died, but all of them greatly increased productivity until Gorbachev nuked it all.

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Why is history so cruel? Gorbachev was literally the worst that could happen. The fact that he didn't even consider to save the USSR or built on the reforms of Andropov proves that he was nothing but a traitor, he didn't just not give a fuck about socialism, he didn't even give a flying fuck about the welfare of the Russian people.

Yes, he was in favour of creating some kind of nework(years before internet), to control the production letting the workers more control over it, started a push to eliminate the ultra-burocratization and corruption and he started to eliminate the capitalistic reforms of the Jrushev era.

Yes he would purge the Yeltsinites

I just wonder how nobody tried taking him out. Someone must have seen that this wasn't going to end well for most people, even those working in government at the time.

Regan would have messed everything up anyway, whatever had happened.

I know very little about the Andropov/Chernenko era, any suggested reading?



That was one giant SNAFU, the army rumbled through Moscow then sat on their ass letting the people build barricades. It is like the coup leaders forgot to give the army actual orders.,_1991

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Gorbachev was too busy being in Pizza Hut commercials than giving a shit about the workers or The Soviet Union.

The USSR was doomed from Stalin.


Oh fuck you. I never heard of this guy and now I feel bad I never did until now. Capitalism was a mistake…

If what you say is true, very likely.

This book talks about it


wonder what the baltic states would've voted for

Putin likes Yuri so eh, kinda on the fence with him.

Brez on the other hand…

You mean like that thing they're talking about in the cybernetics thread?

Doesn't he just go by "muh strong leader"? I mean how can he hate Lenin and like Stalin.

Sauce? Not trying to "XD ML BTFO XDD" you, I've just never heard anything of the sort from info about Yuri.