Was Napoléon /ourguy/?

Was Napoléon Bonaparte the finest specimen of a bourgeois revolutionary taking on foreign reactionaries with an iron will or an opportunistic imperialist bent on submitting as much of Europe as he could to French hegemony?

Basically, did he carry the torch of the French Revolution or did he betray it?

What would Robespierre think of it? What did Marx think of it?

Marx wrote about "bonapartism"

Fuck no. That asshole rebuilt the aristocracy that Robespierre guillotined.

The French Revolution had only one true hero

But Bonapartism has nothing to do with Napoleon Bonaparte. It's a term to describe an aggressive foreign policy to divert from interior problems. Term was coined when Napoleon III. had a bonapartistic foreign policy.

He betrayed the French revolution (it had already long been betrayed though) but he was pretty great at eliminating feudalism and forcing the emergence of the modern nation state in much of europe.

If Napoleon hadn't taken power, the republic would have fallen apart. Unfortunately if it wasn't him, it would be someone else. I think he was a historical necessity, and a pretty cool guy overall.

Napoleon was the first tankie.

he used it to describe a situation where the bourgeois class can no longer govern so they resort to a strongman authoritarian figure to keep the system afloat

The contemporary socdem.

Ushering in the age of highly efficient imperialism. Thanks Napoleon!

Which would have allowed the radicals to operate freely, and improve the conditions for Communism.

he brought back the jews into european society

anglo detected

Napoleon didn't do anything wrong except stand up to an actual Anglo conspiracy, then fight off 7 coalitions of degenerate monarchies that oppressed their own peoples

He rightly fought the eternal anglo but ultimately failed… sad

No, which would have allowed foreign powers to invade and put them under the rule of monarchs once again. Don't be retarded, Napoleon isn't Lenin, but he was one more step in the progress of humanity.

Monarchs like this one?

another proof that monarchies were invented by reptilians

You mean, like they were under Napoléon and so remained under the Bourbon restoration and July monarchy, then again after Napoléon's nephew staged a coup during the short-lived second republic (of which he was the only president) to restore the house of Bonaparte to power until 1870 — when they lost the war with Prussia?

what the fuck are you talking about? there are exactly zero masonic symbols in this portrait

Yes, he became a dictator, but he didn't eliminate the republican ideals on which the revolution was founded. He established pensions for the needy, standardized measures, among other things. Napoleon was actually best case scenario for France under the circumstances. Without industrialization, you couldn't really expect him to be a commie. Don't be obtuse.

Dude, he kept them at bay for years before they got to him, and they weren't just single nations. They were whole coalitions of them, multiple coalitions. Napoleon did the best he could. There is a reason the soldiers refused to shoot the guy when he came ashore after his first exile and joined him instead. Napoleon was pretty good for France, much better than if he wasn't there.

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