Why is Holla Forums so concerned about Muslims?

When the East is overtaking the west economically whilst "perfecting" capitalism. If you say the west is safe because whites are creative, then I would like to remind you that most whites consume multi media made by east Asians, especially on Holla Forums.

Because everything awful they see in them, they are themselves.
It triggers them

The chinks aren't blowing us up and raping our women.

For now.



Because the right cant stand other rightwingers with a different group of spooks.

Why does Holla Forums and right wingers love cuckold porn?

Tbh I don't get how they don't Asians as basically Jews with slanted since a lot of the Asians specifically those in China fit as well as those outside the orient such as the Royal Family in Saudi Arabia pretty damn well

yea a thousand years of European history resisting Islamic invasion was simply because European right wingers were triggered by Muslim spooks taking over. Charles Martel for example was just a triggered right winger cuck who probably had a small dick

The muslims are going to have to get used to Islamophophia and RWDS and mosque burnings. It's simply the price they must pay for living in a multicultural society

muslims are not peaceful atm, left should talk about "muslim question" more honestly tbh. Destruction of IS as their main source of radicalization could be quite helpful.


because they're more spooked than a coney island funhouse

t. buttblasted burger

because they're not jews or some shit
also they make animu

17 trillion vs 10 trillion GDP

china is better at capitalism than burgerland


oh wow I'm so BTFO

The common man does not benefit from GDP numbers, we are affected by people moving in. I would actually prefer a world globally dominated by Asia

17 trillion + 16 trillion for the EU if you want to talk about "the west"

socialism btfo

The only way for west to stay dominant power is to discard capitalism and embrace socialism - similarly how it discarded feudalism in favour of capitalism

Because muslims are invading the fatherland. Turn the music down and pay attention, you may hear one of them blowing up a crowd right now. You probably love islam because it fights the big boys, but just because the guy you're fighting is an asshole doesn't means you're any better.
They still have a long way to go, but yeah companies are making a lot of cash in China and I hear their people even get to eat now. Good for them, and hopefully they won't fuck over the entire country with automation.
Hardly any. The media with the farthest reach is made by Jews in the US. Anons do watch animu, but normalfags not so much.

Also animu and Japan are pretty much honorary Western. There is no "East" since Japan will never get along with China but will always be best friends with America and the West.


well they are hated by both China and Korea and there's pretty much nobody else in that neighbourhood so they have to be friends with us

Was Deng an unappreciated genius of history?

I don't know much about Europe but in America, Muslims most likely increase the GDP of the country and act like middle class jews. A lot of Muslims in America take jobs in STEM and help the economy.

What's worse, a bunch of Muslims who occasionally blow up Europe once a year or a powerful eastern force that will cause the west to fall out of favor. With a system like capitalism, there can't be multiple winners; as in, there must be someone who is being abused.

That's just to counteract the argument that Asians aren't creative.

Japan only gets along with America because America offers it military protection, that will end soon when America can no longer sustain it.


The Glorious Nipponese master race is friends with no one.

Deng probably understood Marx better than 99% of Marxists.

you don't have any proofs

Because they don't want to be a victim of a suicide bombing.

*When America can no longer sustain it

America will always sustain it

Read Marx

Because the Asians will be subsumed by Hispanics and Jews and won't have hegemony over white european nations. There's no reason to believe China will rule the world